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Once there were plenty of wild dogs living on Mombo Island in the center of the delta but competition from hyenas and lions decimated the dog packs. Today only one lonely female dog remains. Her name is Solo. Her two male companions disappeared three years ago, presumed killed by lions.

In the heart of Botswana's Okavango delta lies a gem of nature a place teeming with game and a huge abundance of predators lions, leopards, hyenas. Once there were plenty of wild dogs living here, but with such fierce competition from other predators their numbers decreased until only one small pack two males and a female remained. Then, the two male wild dogs disappeared most likely victims of the ever increasing population of lions. The female wild dog was left all alone to fend for herself in a hostile world. Her name is Solo. For the first six months, Solo wandered the park hunting by herself, avoiding the fearsome predators which would kill her given half a chance.

Wild dogs are team players, born to run with the pack, but now Solo was all by herself. Solo eventually gave up calling for her missing mates, and observers assumed she would wander away in search of new ones. But instead, Solo settled on the island of Mombo and started behaving in a very surprising way. She made friends with young spotted hyenas. As if thiswasn enough, Solo began associating with several families of black backed jackals. It seems her instinctive desire to be part of a pack was driving herbehavior.

It may appear improbable for a wild dog to form such a close bond with hyenas and jackals, but this relationship works and brings benefits to each of them. Solo is a superb hunter and regularly chases down impala. But now instead of hunting with a pack of dogs, Solo is accompanied on her hunts by her motley pack of hyenas and jackals. Her friends get a reliable supply of food courtesy of Solo. They in turn help warn Solo of approaching lions that would otherwise try to kill her. So close is Solo to her hyena friends that when she comes into estrous she even presents herself to them for mating.

But it's Solo's relationship with the jackals that is most surprising. Over the last few years, Solo has helped the jackals raise their pups, frequently regurgitating food to them just as she would her own pups. At first the adult jackals were wary of this strange interloper and tried to chase Solo off by biting and attacking her. But once she started feeding the pups, the jackals accepted her. Now Solo often spends the replica van cleef and arpels earrings day resting close together with the jackals and the pups have grown extremely close to her. Spending so much time with the jackals has its benefits for Solo'sfavoritefood, impala, do not seem to recognize the danger as long as she isamongher jackal friends. Often the impala venture unwittingly close, making it easier for Solo to catch them.

As the dry season sets in, rain pools on the island of Mombo dry out forcing the animals to wander away to the edge of the swamp. Solo is now forced to leave her jackal family and home and go in search of food. In doing so, she comes across a new family of jackals with tiny pups. So strong is her desire for her own offspring that Solo kidnaps the young pups, preventing the parents from getting near to them. The adult jackals may be traumatized, but the pups love Solo for she feeds, grooms, and protects them; even chasing away her old hyena friends that wander dangerously close. Living in a land of lions, Solo benefits from her friendships as the jackals are forever alert to approaching danger. But when a pack of wild dogs suddenly appear, Solo has to make a choice to stay with her adopted family or join her own kind.

Tune in to A Wild Dog Tale this Sunday at 9P on Nat Geo Wow van cleef and arpels alhambra earrings copy this is amazing that you have just done a piece on the single wild dog at Mombo. We have just returned to the UK having had a formal introduction to Solo and her eating habits! During our first day in camp we sat and watched Solo with her Jackal companion until her tummy rumbled. She sauntered off, on her own, with us in hot fake van cleef arpel earrings pursuit until she came across her favourite meal, impala. After a brief chase, which ended up in a water hole, she brought down a teenage impala. We watched as she ate first and then raced off to bring back her jackal friend. To watch the two of them eating together was a very special and unusual sight. The meal was interrupted by the arrival of two hyena who stole the remainder of the carcass and ran off. According to our guide Solo will now keep out of the way of any visiting wild dog packs. It seems she prefers the company of hyena jackal. This is all caught on film which we will upload. Not able to watch the NatGeo documentary as we don have sky so we will have to get someone to record it for us.

amazing how wild animal protect them young one esp at that crucial vulnerable stage state. Huge sums of cash humans spend to rid off them offsprings in the name of abortion!

Extra amazing how a different species would coexist find comfort in another species. I totally dunno why humans try eliminate its own species guns, bombs weapons. Arms race is race against humanity human kind.

I never doubt wild animals will reign afta the demise extinction of man no matter how the latter tries to defile mother nature.

24/10/13 Solo is alive and well, there are a few jackal dens that she has been seen at recently, but 1 den in particular is where she spends most of her time. There are 4 adult jackals, (the parents and 2 offspring from last year) and then 2 little pups. Solo never really leaves the den except to hunt. Her mange is gone and she is looking as healthy as ever. Solo is around 10 years old now, so still has a few years left.

We have recently seen a pack of 5 male dogs roaming around solo area, there sole purpose is to find a mate to join them. So far they haven come into contact with each other, that we know of.

Thanks for the three updates, and it is the same dog. The only white she has on her left side, besides her armpit, is the white patch on her shoulder. She has a notch in her left ear. On her right side she has a small white spot in the center of her rib cage behind her shoulder /humerus, and the tan from her neck extends to her shoulder. She also has a white patch on her back above her hips.

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