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Man Jumping Over Puddle

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I know this is probably heresy but. is this photo really that great? What IS great about it is that that Bresson caught the perfect moment where a guy was jumping over some water and framed it so that it looks like he is jumping into water.

It weird. The photo makes you wonder just what is going on. The reflection in the water is admittedly, pretty amazing.

But is this photo just an example of someone just being in the right place at the right time?

Change the guy jumping over the water to just a person standing on the pavement. This woudl appear to be an amateurish photo, wouldn it? People would say "what am I looking at here, why is the background so busy and distracting my eye". I also wonder. was the leica from that time period really bad at capturing detail in photos, because there is very little detail in this photo. Was this done on purpose? Are cameras today that much better?

What I find amazing about this photo is how he framed the shot so well, consider this was (apparently) not a set up shot. (did he see people do this over time at this site though, and wait for the best shot?)

I guess it just seems that this photo is famous because the person in it appears to be jumping into a pool of water, because the puddle is huge, so it is an illusion that makes you think it is also deep. Is this how to create good photos?

I sure I am wrong, I would like to learn why this is a great photo other than "he caught a guy at the right time, and it looks unique, so it great."Cartier Bresson was very much into the moment. He didn like orchestrated images. He wanted to capture everyday life as it was happening, not an interpretation or recreation.
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