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The Alternative Mechanic

Imagine your body is a car. Instead of your liver, you have an engine block. Instead of your thyroid, you have a fuel pump. Your immune system has been replaced by a steering rack and your digestive system is now a catalytic converter. And so on.

For the first few years, ownership of your shiney new Honda is a rewarding experience. It's smooth, reliable and a joy to own. Then, imagine your joy when you find out that a new grade of petrol has been invented. Unlike the petrol your car has been designed to use, this one has been refined and altered and blended with new chemicals so it only costs a fraction of the normal amount to produce. Its then shipped thousands of miles and is now on sale at a supermarket near you. Sure, you here muttering about how this cheap fuel damages your car and you have concerns as to how it's processed, but the mainstream media say its OK and it saves you every month.

After a short while, the car starts to falter. However, you can still make it through the day and gradually adjust to this reduced level of performance. However, slowly but surely, these issues cannot be ignored and the car really falls into a state of disrepair. Whereas the human body equivalent may be an immune system that is prone to inflammation or problematic digestive function, in this van cleef arpel bracelet copy scenario your Honda is now badly misfiring and is regularly failing to start. You need to get a mechanic. However, you make mandatory contributions from fake van cleef vintage alhambra bracelet your salary to pay for the National Honda Service scheme, and are therefore entitled to use one of these own mechanics.

So you call out the NHS mechanic. You don't get a choice who you see and the guy turns up in a tired looking clapped out van that sounds like it may break at any point. The breaks squeal as he pulls into your forecourt and the exhaust lets out a cloud of thick black smoke. He glances at the car and, without opening the bonnet or getting the engine running, he says, Honda is misfiring. My manual tells me that this is Honda Misfiring Syndrome some cars just have it and that you'll need to add PetroSteroid to the fuel every time you fill up for the rest of the car's life.

When you question him on why the Toyota ran fine for several years without the cheap processed fuel and only recently became a problem, he gives you a disdainful look and dismisses your question. make any difference, its only fuel. When you tell him that your friend also had the same additive recommended and it damaged the engine, he shrugs. remember who the mechanic is here, OK? The manufacturer of PetroSteroid sent out a rep to me and he told me that this product is safe and that this is the best way to deal with every single case of Honda Misfiring Syndrome. He even showed me some studies to prove it. Before you can ask any more questions, he slaps a prescription for PetroSteroid in your hand, and you realise the consultation is over. Looks like you'll be paying the prescription fee of a month for your PetroSteroid for as long as you have the car.

Confused as to what to do, you add the PetroSteroid into your car's fuel system (in much the same way you'd add anti inflammatory medication into the body). You are relieved to see that this actually reduces the misfiring, although the starter motor is still playing up quite badly. You go back to the NHS mechanic, but he tells you to go away for a couple of months and keep using the new chemicals in the hope that the starter motor function will pick up. It does not. What's more, now the engine is making a funny noise and the electrics have stopped working totally. It's winter and driving along in the cold is becoming unbearable.

You call out the NHS mechanic again this time it's getting pretty desperate. He looks more tired that before and very annoyed that you are bothering him. As before, he gives the car a casual once over, and declares that the car is suffering from a new condition, on top of the first condition. and Electrical Dysfunction Disorder (EEDD) its become really popular in the last two years but luckily I've got another fuel additive. It does cause some side effects but there's another additive I will prescribe you to deal with those. He slaps another prescription for PetroStatin and You ask the mechanic if he will run any tests on the car at all, but he sidesteps the issue. You wonder why EEDD has only become a popular diagnosis since the new additive, PetroStatin, was released onto the market and ask the mechanic what he used to do before this new additive was available. You mention that you are concerned how many chemicals you will have to add every time you fill up and that you would like to really find out what the root of the problem is. He takes this very personally and your consultation is once again over.

The new additives do seem to create a bit of heat in the fans, but you still have to drive with your gloves on. On top of this, it's not long before the car steadfastly refuses to start. By this stage, the electrics are totally vca bracelet knock off screwed, the ECU does not function and it is an undriveable mess.

Desperate, you call a different mechanic. You thought about doing this before, but this mechanic isn't covered on the NHS so you have to pay out of your own pocket now. You've heard the mainstream mechanics call him an 'alternative practitioner', so you don't know what to expect. When he turns up, his car is clean and purrs effortlessly. When he gets out, he talks to you and asks you what the problems appear to be, when you first noticed them and whether they were worse at some times and not at others. You are very surprised when he actually asks you what type of fuel you are putting into the car. He then spends some time underneath the car, exploring various sites of possible imbalance and carefully assessing the tuning of the car from several angles. You're just thinking of how logical this approach actually is when he then crawls out from underneath the car to tell you that, underneath all the problems, your car is still a well made machine that can be restored to optimal function. Sounds great!

he adds, will need to cut out all those toxic chemicals that are messing up your car and you should stop using that low grade fuel. I'll change the ECU and reconnect some of the loose wires, that should restore the power and all the electrical functions. But that won't do it all you'll also need to change all the filters, and start checking the oil and fluid levels on a regular basis, get the tyres changed when they get low. Give the car a weekly check up. Hang on a second the other mechanic didn't ask you to take responsibility for the health of your car! Surely theres an easier way? Is it really realistic to do all these things this mechanic is suggesting? And what about the cost? This guy is asking to you buy the quality fuel does he realise that will cost you 30% more every time you fill up?

Accepting that you are decidely short on options, you do what the mechanic suggests and, in return, you rediscover the joy of driving. Your car is responsive and nippy once more, it starts first time every time and the electrics are faultless. It drives the way it was built to drive. And what's more, it was really rather simple.

The concept of maintaining a healthy body is simple, too. It is the current system of mass food production and drug dominated crisis medicine that make things more complicated. Set up for profit rather than health, these multi national corporations' interests are served by distorting our values on food quality, dietary balance and healthcare expectations. The pharmaceutical giants' interests are served by creating disease and consolidating the sale of drugs.

Humans are the most adaptable species on the planet but do not have the ability to adapt this fast. The growing incidence of obesity, CVD and cancer provides an alarming demonstration. The time has come for individuals to think for themselves and question the quality of their food sources, question the the mythology that has been accepted in the mainstream media and doctors' surgeries. Do we really get high cholesterol because we are statin deficient? Or suffer from chronic pain because our blood levels of paracetamol are low? Should we be satisfied with a so called healthcare system that papers over multiple nutrient deficiencies and their related disorders with man made drugs?

We all see how absurd the example above is yet, when it comes to the way we think about healthcare, Western society has truly gone to sleep behind the wheel. We entrust our bodies to a system run by pharmaceutical corporations, whose very profitability is dependent on selling drugs, not making us well. Only by waking from our slumber and taking responsibility for our health and our food will we be able to avoid the maladies of a modern agrochemical culture and a distorted heathcare system, and the burden of chronic disease that comes with it. On a basic level, if we provide our bodies with quality, uncontaminated fuel and the generous level of nutrients that nature intented, then we will look and feel like nature intended. Its really rather simple.

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