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There is NO benefit to the American people at all if they don't get their heads thinking clearly. I am just bewildered at the reports of the REP ticket gaining on the DNC. Then I have to remind myself that still in 2008 less than 25% of our population has bothered to become college educated which enables one to be able to distill information that is spouted off, dig for clarification of what is said, and to be more inquisitive about their world to a depth which is more than what they hear on the nano second attention span news that our media provides.

WOMEN WAKE UP! Can you seriously believe in a women, mother who thinks that handing off her new born special needs child so that she can satisfy her own egocentric self is the type of person you want to lead copy cartier ring white gold the nation?

The same woman who talked about supporting the special needs families of America when she reduced Alaska's budget for single mom's and special needs programs from 10M down to 3+M? Is this her? Is this the woman you have been waiting your life time to vote for?

My question is this. What is different about Sarah Palin saying we are on a mission from God in Iraq, and me saying I woke up this morning after having a vision from my God, and my God said she is the devil incarnate, and she should be killed? The crazed christion far right thinks they're better than everyone else, but guess what, I'm a christain too, and I have some conservative views and some liberal ones. Unfortunately anyone with a different point of view is crazed or a pure liberal. They just don't get it when it comes to a bloody war where 100,000 innocent Iraq children, women and men who had nothing to do with 9 11 01 have died, after the coward ex alcoholic George Bush unleashed his beliefs on the middle east where he thinks man's final battles will be fought before the "rapture", when the skies will open and only Palin, Bush and their followers will be saved. How sick. They are the crazy ones who were brainwashed as children or coerced later on in life by some self serving evangelist with a scam to run. Religion is the greatest scam in the history of mankind.

I cannot believe how gullable the media is and how dumb the people of the United States are. The Republicans have a staff of all these educated people working for them but not enough brains between them to come up with their own campaign. They have to steal everything from Obama. I don't have enough time to write all the things they have taken from them and who is running for President, Palin or McSame. And for the polls, who cares. The Republicans can stick that 1/8 of 1% of the population poll you know where. Wake up imitation cartier wedding rings for men people. Do the Republicans have more than one speech on their campaign trail. I am so tired of hearing that agitating voice of Sarah Palin and her dumb bridge and ebay jet. Wake up people. The Republicans aren't saying anything and I'm still waiting for McSame to finish a sentence without going taking a nap. Read between the lines. They are saying, " We don't know what the hell we are doing". This is Obama vs. McSame not the bored woman from Alaska.

I would like to know who is going to hold the ceo's and other mgmt people at Fannie Mae Freddie Mac accountable for their actions or lack thereof? We confiscate the belongings of drug dealers, why not them? They have done horrific damage to the taxpayers, and yet we may give them a severance package? Hell, I would take their salaries they have "earned" while in their positions since they clearly did not do their jobs. I am a single professional who pays school taxes willingly. I do not have a mortgage, nor do I think I should shoulder any financial reponsibilitiy for this failure.

She is not hiding her family, if she did, they would say she has something to hide, she has her own little group of young people helping her out .

Sarah, we in Canada are also into an election, if they do not treat you well in the USA, we would welcome you anytime here at home, hope you do get to come to visit our country, we understand, and we do not judge and put anyone into the wringer like they do elsewhere.

Have a good campaign, I am watching . This was one of two possibilities, the other was retirement was imminent, due to failing health and he would spend one yr. in office to help his running mate sarah palin, get her feet on the ground, and then retire. Any information to validate or prove this rumor to be correct will be very important to this country's immediate future.

If we want to illimnate the problem we have to look at the cause of the problem. Then we can decide on the solution by illiminating the cause.

If women want to be equal with men then they have to play by the same rules that men have to play by.

Why are we not asking the very same questions that we would ask of a male vice presidential candidate. The real questions that will help us decide who is ready and qualified to be president.

When we go for a job interview, we are interviewed base of the job we are seeking.

The American people are too driven by their emotions that's why the country is is a mess. When we start making decisions by analizing what the consequencesof our choices will be then we will have a strong, secure country for ourselves and our children. The people of this country have are cartier style knock off ring partly to be blamed for the last eight years. The majority of the people voted for a president they wanted to ahve a beer with. Well I hope the experience was great!!!!!!! Did you enjoy the beer?

STOP!!! ask yourself what type of country do I want to see for the next 8 years, A devisive,negative, with no infrastruture,no money, no health care, our neighbourhoods in a slum beacause of foreclosure,Crime. Sounds interesting!!!!!! Who can bring the change we need!! The person who recognized a long time ago that we neeed change!! Or the person who just copied from the oponents script and say Hey sounds like a good idea. The person who has a real plan for change or the person who says maybe we can do the same thing we have done for the last 8 years and still get change. The person who realize that if we really want change we will have to change our habits or the person who believe that the American people are very emotional, if we have good personality and lots of excitement maybe we can trick them once again because they really won't know the difference. they would rather be out shopping or watching a soap opera anyway. Americans be wise this time your future, your children's future, your grandchildren's future depend on it. They went on to say that they have no evidence to show that any of the comments they were reporting on had any link to the Obama campaign. Here is the link.

Even before our national convention, the Obama campaign dispatched what The Wall Street Journal called a "mini army of 30 lawyers, investigators and opposition researchers" to Alaska to dig up dirt for their personal attacks on Governor Palin and her family.
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