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Russian Customs seized 800 kilograms of smuggled amber for shipment to China

Further reading China's largest land crossings to Russia seized large gold smuggling case worth about 7 million yuan

The new site Manchuria January 29 (Lu Huanxin) On the 29th, the reporter learned from Manchuria Customs, China's largest land crossings in Manchuria, the highway cross-border seized a large folder gold ingot smuggling cases of smuggling. 137 bullion seized, totaling 29.9 kilograms. The initial estimate of the case was about 7 million yuan (RMB) on the day of the incident at about 10 am. An incoming Russian passenger car entered the customs inspection area at the Manchurian highway crossings and the driver did not declare any article. After the manual inspection found no abnormalities, customs officers decided to escort the car to the passenger car testing system for inspection. Through the seizure of images, the guan officer found a large number of high-density massive shadows in the rear seat area of ​​the car, initially judged as heavy metals. After adjusting the guide rail of the dismantling seat knock off van cleef diamond necklace and removing the rear seat as a whole, 137 pieces of gold pieces wrapped with gray tape were seized between the felt and the metal body of the vehicle for a total of 29.9 kilograms. The initial estimated value is about 7 million The car also take a Russian woman, after a preliminary hearing, confirmed that the driver of the car involved in the case for the husband and wife relationship. At present, the relevant anti-smuggling bureau has investigated the case for criminal investigation. The detainees have been held in criminal detention under the current control of Manchuria Customs. This is the largest amount of gold smuggled and the highest value ever smuggled by China so far at the land border crossings Smuggling case. (Finish)

(2016 01 29 19:45:01)

Further reading Russian men arrested for smuggling ivory products inside China

Suifenhe Customs seized 287 ivory bracelets, 76 ivory cylinders, 22 ivory beads, 26 ivory seal materials and 39.11 kg of ivory products. QIAN Zhuang Yun Yun photo

BEIJING, January 28, Harbin (Wang Feng reporter Liu Xiju) On the 28th, the reporter learned from the Harbin Customs that a Russian man was arrested on the suspicion of smuggling ivory products in China. Suifenhe Customs seized a total of 39.11 kilograms of ivory products, the case value of about 160 million yuan According to Suifenhe Customs disclosed that on July 30, 2015, a Russian male passenger carrying two heavy Shen bags woven Suifenhe highway port entry, Put the woven bag into the customs X-ray machine belt and lift it up again in an attempt to evade the customs inspection immediately following the passage of an earlier passer-by. The man's move was promptly discovered by the customs officers at the scene, the customs officers asked to accept X-ray inspection. Through X-ray scanning of images, Customs officers found a large number of regular ring items and conducted manual inspection on them. They found that there were a large number of suspected ivory products sealed in black plastic bags in the woven bags and the suspects were immediately controlled by van cleef arpels alhambra necklace fake the scene officers. The case was transferred to Suifenhe Customs Anti-smuggling Branch to handle 287 ivory bracelets, 76 ivory cylinders, 22 ivory beads, 26 ivory seal materials and 39.11 kg of ivory products. The case value is about 1.6 million yuan. After China's State Forestry Administration testing center DNA identification, the suspects carry items are ivory products in Africa, according to Suifenhe Customs staff, the smuggling case van cleef and arpels diamond necklace copy is by far the Suifenhe Customs at the highway crossings inspection site cracked the largest ivory products smuggling case. Suifenhe customs anti-smuggling branch in mid-December 2015 to complete the relevant investigation and evidence collection According to reports, Suifenhe Customs has for a long time strictly enforced the entry and exit of passenger luggage inspection and unpacking manual inspection of the relevant provisions of the continuous improvement of scientific and technological equipment in the field application , Have successively cracked down smuggling cases such as imitation guns, shotgun cartridges, ivory products, upscale cosmetics, harmful substances such as dodder, amber, cigarettes, red wine, highly toxic chemical materials, bear teeth and bear's paw, effectively deter smugglers and purified ports Customs clearance Customs reminds that ivory and its products are listed in the appendix to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. According to the Convention and the relevant laws of China, no matter what the method, whether large or small, carrying ivory and / Its products are prohibited from entering or leaving the country. (Finish)

(2016 01 28 14:40:01)

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