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dnf gunner laser soldiers how to develop

As the name suggests, the main laser van cleef and arpels necklace sale replica output skills are laser guns, laser guns to play the most basic equipment needs to have at least ghost soul lock soul equipment 6. Devils soul lock 6 sets of attributes that much, you can see on the map. Laser soldiers are mainly using the devil 6 with a variety of equipment to match, laser fan firearm is a must have alhambra necklace van cleef fake no objection to the weapon, the necessary weapons are laser enthusiasts, with this weapon can be called a laser soldier. It is also because of this weapon, only laser soldiers such a genre. You can see this weapon for the laser gun bonus is very large, 5 level upgrade and 30% increase in skill attack is very scary, as well as thickness and range addition. In addition there are 35 light intensity and 10% light property white damage, in short, you want to play laser soldiers, which is a must have weapons Although this equipment is a little difficult, but for the laser soldiers To enhance a very large, perfect laser soldiers must have this equipment. 60 points increase in power, and 20% of the accumulation of laser artillery skills attack is indispensable, want to play a good laser brigade to brush the total, there will always be burst out of the jewelry choice can be based on individual Situation, to meet the yellow and white explosion three kinds of injuries. If the bracelet bracelet has 10% of the yellow word damage, is a relatively good choice. In addition, after the revision of the refined bracelet is also good, 5% increase in attack skills, although the upgrade is not, but the advantage is that there will be no conflict. van cleef and arpels diamond necklace imitation Ring can choose to crit ring, but need to be reminded that because the devil need to occupy 6 positions, plus blue total jacket 1 position, so the jewelry part must have a devil 6 position. Under the premise of the devils 6, to meet the yellow and white explosion three kinds of injuries on the line, so the choice of jewelry with no fixed with the main lack of what the lack of what to make up what. If the missing yellow word damage can choose the title of this year's National Day or the Three Heroes, the lack of crit damage can choose the top of the temple like the crit title, there is no fixed match for the skills plus points Need to explain the BBQ skills and Anti-tank gun. BBQ point 10 points only for the point of TP, because the point after the TP can grab the tyrant body monster, in the role of Antient very large. Some anti-tank guns may feel that this skill is better, I chose not to add here, because anti-tank guns for the laser soldiers to enhance really not. The rest is no more controversial, and here is just a plus template, you do not have to completely copy, choose your favorite skills point can also be full, after all, laser guns mainly rely on laser output.

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