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Simao this hotel is not small, the room was too clean. In the past few days in Yunnan, live in the hotel are very clean. My wife is tired, I went to the hotel hall to buy Poole tea. The tea cakes here are cheap, from 60 how much is a cartier love ring replica yuan to 600 yuan, than in the 'Colorful Yunnan' shop in the much higher price / performance ratio. Chatting with the owner of the tea shop, Zhang Sister led several tour groups came to the lobby. They asked Simao downtown to take a look. Haha, that's great, I also go along with everyone go, in a central street park, there is a Zhuge Liang statue. Call it 'Kong Ming Hing Tea.' Ok? Is Zhuge Liang commemorating this kind of tea plantation? It seems that Kong Ming is also popular in Yunnan ah, good things are put to him. Later, listen to the tour guide said that this hole chaos Kongming chaos, illness after drinking a branch of the buds, cure the disease. The tree was named 'tea tree', and invented the word 'tea'. And 'Simao' this place, but also because Zhuge miss hometown, miss the fledgling. Haha, I hope the legend is really gone a long way, in a corner there is a tree covered in giant trees. On the huge trunk, there are countless root bends. Giant tree called 'rebellious root big tree,' one is the real trunk, the other seven roots are hanging down from the branches of the 'root' gradually become thick, and eventually became a huge tree roots, the number of Unclear root beard. A little girl gave me numbers according to the number written on the root of the tree: 1,2,3, ... No. 7 roots. This tall banyan tree, the local people give it many nicknames: 'Inverted roots', 'a tree Spring and Autumn,' 'Tree alone' Afforestation Tree next to a group of 'Ancient Tea Horse Road,' called 'caravan rest '. There are several groups Simao urban 'Tea Horse Road Bronze Statue', we have just entered the city when they saw a group. The group of people more than this group. Simao is the source of the 'Ancient Tea Horse Road'. Since the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the five commercial routes that started from Pu'er passed through the mountains and valleys, the Gaotang Valley, north to Kunming, west Tibet, India, Nepal, South Daruma, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, will Simao closely linked with neighboring countries and regions to the Qing Dynasty, Pu-Erh tea production and sales for a time, 'into the tea mountain dozens of people,' with an annual output of more than 90,000 teas, each year more than 50,000 Mule stream in the way, the sound of the rangless ears. Twenty-three years Guangxu (1897) the Qing government set up customs in Simao, Britain, France and other countries has set up consuls, specializing in the export of tea. Pu'er tea is a famous export product in our country. The Ancient Tea Horse Road and the caravan are speedy, resolute, courageous and cynical brave people and pioneers to speed up the pace to Simao Century Plaza. Someone flying a kite in the square square, dancing, sitting around the rest of the citizens. Several groups of bronze sculptures were on one side of the square. The theme is to portray the daily life of Simao people. Among them, a group called 'Women's Tea' shows cartier love ring gold imitation the industrious image of women picking tea, making tea and selling tea. Simao fake how much is a cartier love ring is the birthplace of the world's tea culture and the origin of tea trees. Simao people were the first to domesticate tea trees, grow tea, make tea and drink tea. The tea culture is rich and profound, and the tea art is colorful and colorful. Tea from the world tea village clouds, the elaborate production, hits the history of Chen Xiang, revealed the true nature of glycol, has a unique aesthetic taste and permanent spiritual charm Square is surrounded by pedestrian street. Here is the town's commercial center. We visit a few shops, take a look at the dark back back to the hotel room, my wife is well off, said to go buy Pu'er tea. We came to the hotel side of the open market. There are many stalls to buy fresh Pu'er tea here. We are afraid of being fooled, spent 25 yuan to buy 2 pounds of tea. Haha, the stallholder said it was a three-leaf bud, low grade. Low low, low is not worth the fraud. Turn around the night market in the farmers market. Go back to sleep myself 2009.5.24. After breakfast everyone on the train, we have to run all the way back to Kunming. Enjoy the landscape of Yunnan along the way, and some reluctant to leave. Car more than an hour, stopped in a hillside car. We each find a place to pee freely. Haha, this is what tourists ah. Taking advantage of rest, take a look at Yunnan's ecology. There are mango trees in the fields below the slopes, the twigs are packed with fruit cars, and stopped short at a specialty store. The main shop mainly Pu'er tea. The owner still boasted the goodness of its tea. I slipped into the store's backyard. A young man is loading sacks of fresh Pu'er tea. In the past, when I approached the establishment, he said that the pu-erh tea in the sacks should be shipped to retailers in the Mainland. I said I want to buy something right? Finally, I spent 600 yuan to buy 2 pounds of fresh Poole. What 'clover a bud', 'two leaves a bud', 'a leaf a bud', I bought this, all are bud, a leaf is not. Back to the car, my wife see me and buy tea, and asked how much a pound ah busy? I said: Will tell you, the driver driving it, pay close attention to Kunming ah car on the National Road, I told my wife: '100 pounds of tea, bought two pounds.' Everyone came to see, say good, buy the value. Of course, I added 400 myself. Well at this time to tell you, if the car did not move just said the price, I'm afraid you also buy, then exposed the stuffed lunch to Kunming, the tour guide took us into a jewelry shop. Tour guides won this time, a group of friends spent 6,000 to his wife bought a jade bracelet. Haha, or how are you willing to be a tour guide do not know which piece of cloud it rains. The wife kept trying to complain about her husband, but his face revealed happiness and contentment. The man said: expensive? Not expensive at all, if you listen to ah, do not buy this life in Yunnan tourism last stop is to Kunming flower market. My God, the market is too big, the price of flowers is much cheaper than Tianjin. Most of the group members bought some to go back to Kunming Railway Station at four o'clock in the afternoon. Guided tours to complete the task, and we say goodbye. We all thank her, indeed very responsible. Sister Zhang assigned the train ticket, take us onto the train, back to Tianjin, myself and the couple that bought jade bracelets in a sleeper box. Chatting process, I know they are people in Tianjin Hongqiao District. Men like to cook, women do not like. Men are cooking women eat. After I heard, secretly crying in my heart, alas, how are they in a box, ah, this 36 hours how ah?

I am the least willing to cook, and I care about everything in my life. Good meal to eat, new clothes to wear new, big house to live, etc., I think it does not matter. When I was a young man, I wanted to do a good job, even if I did, I did not do a big job. Older more emphasis on spiritual enjoyment, where is my home oil bottle I do not know. In short, our family is a wife cooking, I eat, my wife buy clothes, I wear, but I never picky so encounter such a pair of tourist neighbors, his wife should cattle up. The husband took out a 'bergamot', saying that cartier love diamond imitation ring he just bought it and prepared to go home to be a specialty. My wife's face an envious expression, not open, the other wife spoke. She said to her husband: I tell you ah, you do not blind ah curse, this broken vegetables who love to eat ... ... 'That's a very awkward man, my wife said:' Some people cook well, eat ready, more happy ah. I want someone to cook for me .... '

The woman a red and white face, said: 'You do not know, ah, if he had to do some rice, too curse people .On the ground, pots, hoods are oil ah .I have to finish the meal two hours, tired Dead ah ah there ah ah, ah do not eat the food is good, and sometimes he himself do not like to eat, throwing more waste ah sometimes do too much, just call a bunch of people come to eat at home, Home chaos ah. No longer give people to send, you say it is not a problem. If he does not cook, our family how good I begged him not to cook, he will not work ...... '

Listen, listen, I can not help but 'ha ha ha, ha ha ha ... ...' laughed. And then said to his wife: 'Heard it !? Heard it !? You always envy the man's wife who cooks. Well, this time let you know that each house has trouble!' I was facing The couple said: 'Thank you so much, thank you so much. I always thought it would be my weakness to cook. Now it seems that sister wants to have a husband who does not cook ah. Well, my wife has been deeply educated. Two couple live, there is a fondness there is a despicable 2009.5.29. This day in the box next to Hedong and Xue family chat. They are a family of five traveling. Two couples with their parents and a second-year little girl. Girls practicing dance every day, 抻 muscles pull very hard. Girls like to chat with me. I do not know why, children like to talk to me, frolic, maybe I too like to tease them. Little girl really sensible, quite like self-deprecating. Because there are two front teeth, claiming to be 'Xue Dali' home at night, wash and sleep. Of course, still comfortable at home. Good rest, tomorrow to start the 'Old House Battle' Travel Raiders Navigation hot season: Hong Kong Shanghai Shenzhen Chongqing Sanya Xi'an Xiamen Nanjing Wuhan Kunming Qingdao Tianjin Zhengzhou Shenyang Urumqi

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