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Fashion is a continuation of the old thing

Chanel Ms. Coco Chanel said, 'fashion is not just on the clothes, it is in the air, it is way of thinking, but also our way of life, what is happening around us.' Youth can not be permanent, but Trendy can be! Because fashion sense is not just what kind of clothes to wear, it is a way of thinking, is a way of life. This is why the fashion circle has a group of icons, to the age of grandparents, is still bright and beautiful, fresh and lively life, no less favorable to the newborn sun they live freehand, has always been in the fashion front. Years of precipitation of their fashion taste, the older, the more dazzling, they show themselves: fashion regardless of age, with a beautiful heart is the secret of keeping young. Anna today to give you an inventory of active in the fashion circle of 'grandparents,' over eighty days, proud to stand T station, which is still capable of inflating the 82-year-old supermodel Carmen. If you really have a 'model dictionary', then 'Carmen Dell'

Orefice 'must be the front entry in this dictionary, and the perfect interpretation of the' 60 years history of walking the bridge 'silver hair is the most dazzling sign of Carmen.It is hard to say what Carmen style, one-eight height And slender legs for any haute couture or ready-to-wear; her deterrent blue eyes and angular cartier love bracelet 10 diamonds facial contours create the desired effect for the photographer. She can be elegant, stylish, stunning, sexy , And can even be a little playful and it's hard to say what Carmen prefers and what it's like because the natural height advantage is enough to make it easy for her to navigate everything, the wisdom of pearls, the grace of fur coats, Leopard Sexy ... ... always be able to enlarge her gas field, such a woman is like a book, you need to read carefully reading her taste slowly and deep, so that women will become more and more with the time-honking match In fact, very simple, that is, you can show your heart, do not have fancy, do not have to install tender, not to pursue fashion, this elegant with a strong sense of always be easy Penetration of time barrier, slowly presented to you, you see to her age, but you can not feel her old private eyes always filled with a smile on her, T station is so cute And the demon horse, lets you take a glance deeply deeply falls into the exclusive Carmen elegance.After all, the joy is the final and final forever elegant aristocrat style: Queen Elizabeth II

Mentioned the fashionable grandparents, no one can bypass the most honorable woman of the Commonwealth. On April 21, just after her 90th birthday, she is still overbearing. The aristocratic lord, the longest-serving monarch in the history of Great Britain, is respected for her aristocratic demeanor and her fashion taste is also shared by most people Recognition Queen's clothing is really Queen, expensive extravagance, no one can perform more than her interpretation of aristocratic temperament and style. Fur may wear on other people may cartier love bracelet pink gold diamonds copy be sexy can be playful, wear on her only extravagance and extravagance, elegant grace Wuli Queen gives the impression is still very cute, so amazing red wear on the old lady body, even so Playful cute, this expression, is to see replica vintage cartier bracelet what interesting things yet?

Trendy weapon recommended: Launer handbags

Do not know if you have not found, in addition to the round hat, gloves such standard, Queen Street beat a bag appearance rate is very high. This handbag brand is the history of the United Kingdom handmade leather goods brand Launer, founded in 1941, but the Queen specializes in a 50-year-old handbag. 1968 supply for the British royal family. Classic logo is alpha symbol, simple and elegant design style, in particular, consistent with the noble and noble temperament of the Queen and the weird love style shopping: Iris Apfel

The old lady is simply a winner in life, an excellent interior designer in her youth, and has designed nine presidents, including Kennedy and Clinton. Love to buy a buy, the old did not stop, 80-year-old debut, 90-year-old fashion circles Reds, a unique clothing is very welcome at a glance she felt the old still exist in the vitality, weird. Home full of all kinds of collectibles, envious of her unique distinctive sign distinctive, retro round glasses, simply bigger than the face, as well as large necklaces and bracelets, are very exaggerated, mix and match the style of fusion Together is replica vintage cartier love bracelet showing the vitality of her with her life, 68 years to accompany her to buy buy her husband, grandparents love is the real tyrant trendy weapon Recommended: jewelry smart bracelet

The old woman who is weird to the old may think she is too ugly to wear an ordinary smart bracelet, so she and her tech company launch a smart bracelet of their own design. In addition to global positioning, step-by-step tracker and calorie calculator functions, and the recorded data can be transmitted to smart phones via Bluetooth, its exquisite jewelry style for many stylish beauty of people excited. The old lady told me with her own actions that technology should not be cold things, but should be combined with beauty and fashion; fashion is not necessarily just clothes, but also be able to straddle and keep up with the trend of technological trends. Punk Mother: Vivienne Westwood

The famous British designer, punk fashion mother, her fashion brand we must be very familiar with, but also impressive. And her own style is the same uninhibited like suits, summer suits + shorts, winter suit + hanging pants, leopard shoes can also see the uncle's bold there is always a catchy single product, and the color is very bright Even pink, a very good and important accessory to be considered as a girl's color, was his engineering tattoo worn on his feet and his favorite sunglasses, in addition to his tattoos.
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