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Functional machine to smart machine from the details of cell phone design to see the evolution of mobile phones

Although the straight-touch touch-screen phone represented by fake love bracelets for couples Apple's iPhone has so far been popular, it is believed that with the popularization of 3G and even higher-rate networks and the continuous emergence of related network applications, mobile phones will gradually merge with the network , The appearance of the phone will also have the corresponding changes, and now we may wish to predict the future direction of the development of cell phone appearance How will the future development of the model?

Will be deformed cell phone: I believe after reading the 'minority report' copy love bracelet screwdriver friends, we will not forget inside the roll up of the electronic newspaper, so we boldly predict that in the future shape of the phone, you will see the product can be bent, Can roll at your fingertips, and even can instantly transform into a watch or bracelet deformable phone

Transparent mobile phone: In fact, the transparent material on the phone, LG GD900e transparent keyboard mobile phone, Lenovo S800 transparent screen mobile phone has been verified, but due to technical and material constraints, so the full transparency of the phone has not yet been designed . I believe that with the development of science and technology, this futuristic mobile phone is full of transparency. Products that can be seen in science fiction movies will also be transparent to the market.

Summary: Straight touch is not the future development of mobile phones in all directions, as the 2G era on the external antenna function machine, T9 keyboard, large touch screen will gradually change with copy cartier new love bracelet the development of the times, because people for the phone There are differences in demand, and mobile phone shape design is precisely to meet this demand and produce, so in the future direction of mobile phone appearance, there is no best, only the most appropriate, 'people-oriented' is the essence of product design Prev 1234 Read the full article

Page navigation 1. Changes in the shape of the fuselage 2. The evolution of functional machine to smart machine 3. The homogenization issue brought by the cartier new love bracelet replica smart era 4. How will the future of the model?
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