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Ghost Story Mobile game player shooter Raiders

Therefore, in the replica yellow gold love bracelet magic and equipment, the preferred strength, deputy agile, high enough injury, the greatest significance of physical and physical hits can be reflected. Do not ignite to follow the wind reactor agile. Always remember that he is an output, click on the enemy, do not seek every hit, at least scratch on the fat Second talk about broken shield this attribute, the first broken shield from the impact of hit, because the hit and dodge is calculated after breaking the shield, but Broken shield will not ignore the avoidance, broken shield this attribute, popular point is to ignore each other block, love bracelet with screwdriver copy as a chance, for example, if your broken shield and the other parry the same words, 4 attacks, trigger a broken shield, you Ignore the block probability 25%, if you attack 5 times, triggering a broken shield, ignore the chance of 20%, if you have 2 times the attack has a broken shield, then ignore the probability is 50% Now all occupations, in addition to shooters, knives Knight, knight, turtle, doctor, alchemist, are all offensive hand armor, strangers will slowly turn into one hand, so for both deputy armor, but also the pursuit of substantial circumstances, imagine your broken shield, This sour cool. The figure below is a bow for which I really long for, but as a monthly card party, we have to endure the perils of using it. After using it for a long time, its own defense has been greatly increased, control resistance has been raised, its moving speed has increased, Time fake cartier new love bracelet to talk about 60 repair as a talent, really, I feel very tasteless, first of all, LingBo micro-step dodge, really no practical effect, fake love bracelet screw dodge in hand tour in a bit weak. Retaliation, release thousands of miles, have the chance to make the enemy fixed body, feeling no chance of survival of every role in life, after all, passive in every corner, the release of people thousands of miles away, at least their own acceleration and resistance do not need to increase the probability is relatively large Role. In addition, in every corner of the gift of talent after release thousands of miles to resist defensive increase, this time to establish a tower, the tower will add defense and resistance, and no time limit, so the group war or hang up, you can Consider stamping a tower by this method, the effect is good to say that 80 repair, personal advice Bow Yin Yu, deadly and shooter more ride Oh, as to hide from the seven injuries, and drastic for Sagittarius two-handed weapons, unless you are Local tyrants in the fighter, or group war you will second black screen itself is relatively low resistance defense, but if you want to win the soul attack, slaughter can choose to take the first output, first talk about weapons, shooter as two remote output A physical output, there is no alchemist's skills to hurt the explosion, there is no alchemist Escape, so I think hand travel or travel, shooter is the only one must use his hands weapons of occupation, you must use both hands, you must use both hands, 300 bought a single hand 109 ghost, once a mountain and river to Gaochang, I am a 12 sets of 6 turtles chasing after playing, really cry dizzy in the toilet, and later to do experimental investment A 89 hands ghost bow, the basic chasing playing that 6 sets of turtle (to discuss a good study to be a test, the mountains and rivers are pacifism) found his hands more than an attack, mainly broken shield this property, as I said above , Broken shield this property, practical beyond your imagination Armor, after all, we are small card on the monthly card R, so I do not recommend the pursuit of high-grade ghost, blue treasures, or Guards more economical, if your area Blue Guards more expensive, you can also buy a 89 ghost wearing 109, after all, the level is too high equipment, drilling, cleaning is a fee for living, or can carry strange like, the sword go Pifeng, the main The pursuit of output necklaces and bracelets is also true, the color quality does not matter, there are dual fatal or fatal, or double strength can be used, do not compete with others, to adapt to their best, had a friend gave a blue necklace, mine +4 Spell double fatal +8, Intellect 17, agile 11. For the alchemist, simply Need for good Necklace can emancipate the character of all skills plus 2, or +1, but is a lucky month, month card students do not over-pursuit, do not blindly believe that their character In addition to weapons, is the ring Add attack, purple ring to match their own level, does not require ghosts, strength, fatal, agile these attributes like, the rest is a high attack introduced in front of mountains and rivers, the shooter is a strong output, but Their more crispy, so give priority to the root bone baby, you can help share their own injuries.
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