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Talking about the Reasonable Growth Routes and Ways of Choosing Qi and Power Equipment

That said, the landlord is a like to see the scenery to buy clothes and do not like to hit (not charging money) disaster-level players, playing a small Qigong 8. In order to keep up with the version of a little footsteps. Someone may ask, are you still a victim? Just kidding. In fact, my equipment is to fight the face up (in fact, what the odds can make a death I will play ha), as to how much the defeat of the gold, I do not remember. Played for so long Jianling, I have only one sentence cartier love necklace price knock off to tell you: Why did you come from, please keep your pursuit, even if that pursuit seems silly to others, but as long as you are happy, it is worth Meng new level : The main line finished running brush every day to grow coins, the sky 1 paragraph 5 ancient God 1 is still very easy, gossip, then you can use a white earth on it, why not use turtles? Achievements brush brand actually more waste of time, are used in transition, in fact, the earth is also available. Wait a little bit of money, you can buy a destruction of Heavenly Soul 1 paragraph first use, and then it first to upgrade the belt to 4, keep the life order to better output. This new set of Meng equipment addition to the stove and above, the basic brush youla entry-level: Mo Meng new stage, it is necessary to get gossip friends, play for so long, a turtle should be a set of it, maybe face is already 5 Limit At this time can be based on their bracelets to replace the cemetery rage bracelet or prison black dragon bracelet, so the purpose is to improve crit damage. (I can not help it) Then it's time to get the weapon. Personal does not recommend rising space-time series of weapons, and why? Income is not high and the growth cycle and cost less than the candle magic weapons, does not rise to 15 sections of space or time is not very easy to use, but seemingly copy cartier diamond necklace cheap benefits. So now you can open a small vault to buy a candle magic weapons and then rose to 3 or go to take a trumpet team to take a box, by the way take a look at the jewelry. This time there is a big increase in output, hit this level and a. (That is, heartache coffers ah) Brush 6 stove can go through these 2 stages, in the daily bricks continue to move bricks, then the way to the victims. Gossip recommended choice of black wind gossip 3 sets of 5 sets of ordinary stoves. Someone asked again how good cartier gold chain necklace knock off a turtle can be. In fact, now it is the trend of popularity of the Black Wind, a variety of activities have to send for the exchange of materials. And then with the stove you can burst out without changing the money for ordinary stoves card, not only the basic properties (blood, hits, crit, etc.) and skills plus protection, no limits out of the tortoise sets fast. Now pets are not good to get more blood Ye Hao. In fact, I recommend the jewelry jewelry rose to 5 when the re-change, get a Yan magic bracelets rose to 2, a piece of jewelry broken days (rose to paragraph 2 best, a green word effect). Well, equipment to do this, the basic shape, and then is a long move to move brick output options, the fire artillery flow: you need to give priority to about Yan magic bracelet, why? Jade left the point

The basic 8 seconds a Ssangyong, bracelets BUFF continue to enhance the entire process of injury, think about it turned. Accelerated Dragon Stream: Need some equipment support (in fact, see the face) Destroy the spirit of nuclear less than 9 segments, the ring less than 8 segments, it is not recommended to play to speed up the dragon flow, because the demand for internal forces is quite large ah

(An internal force of 3), you want to push the dragon, the general situation on the following: First, the nuclear phase C (lotus means), the second is the candle BUFF5 layer C (basic can push it), the third is super God status. In addition, the Dragon can also do not use cartier necklace price copy magic Devil magic bracelet, Black Dragon bracelet directly with high damage left button, but also a more economical mix (bangs expensive diamond wow) Finally talk about the magic card and the secret magic card, in fact I have not done, disaster-level thing. Really want to do, then the 20-story Victory Tower of the Soviet Union jump that double jade God magic card
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