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Datang Glory 2 what time sowing pearl final outcome is what Datang glory 2 finale diversity plot introduction

Jianning Palace, Lin made a table meal, struggling waiting for Li Ying back. Li Kui stepped into the door, but also want to turn around, in fact, Lee Hsun or some mind Lin was framed, reduced to brothels experience, but he did not know. Linzhi Li Li came back, walked up and pulled Li Dao to the table for dinner, Li Kui asked Lin Chi did not recall who framed her, Lin asked Li Ying what can not forgive those framed himself Of people, or can not forgive myself, Li van cleef & arpels ring price knock off Kui did not hesitate to answer those who are framed her, they want to destroy those who died, Lin revenge. Lin Zhiju know Prince Edward is the real behindhand, but afraid of Li Zhi intertwined into misfortune, so do not want to mention, she wanted to go down Li Song, and myself to start again, but Li 倓 silent hesitation, and Linzhi know The answer, to get up and leave, Li Ying seized Linzhi's hand, but Lin was shocked bird, clutching his neck screamed. Li Kui walked up and saw Lin Zhi 'prostitution' on his neck, emotionally cried cried out and asked Lin why not remove the word, then, he overturned the table, regardless of the forest to stay, Chong Out of the forest Chi has been using a knife to disinfect the fire, want to go to the piece of meat on his neck, princess to visit Lin induced into the forest caused by the room, asking Lin Chi remember who in the end who framed himself Some insane spirit of Lin Zhigu only mutter, Princess repeatedly forced to ask, in the dispute, Lin Zhi stabbed his neck with a knife. Princess was shocked, but also let go of her heart, she returned to the East Palace, in front of Prince Edward exaggerated, said the city well, are talking about Jianning Princess displeased things Li Pei Pearl and Li An Anqing with people leave back to Hui, An Qingxu suddenly asked Pearl, her mother was left on the hands of her bracelet left no reason, and Pearl said may fall back to the Imperial Court. Li 俶 heard, immediately sent back to take the wind and the clothes, not a few meters, I heard the voice of Mochuan sip, Moyuan sip said he was to send pearl bracelets, but also to visit friends on the grounds to be with them back Changan. Anqing Xu heard the words look drastic change, he had laid an ambush on the roadside, to set Li 俶 died. And Moyuan sip is also aware of the ambush around, worried about the safety of Li Kui and Li Kui together to go to Jincheng County, Changan Lee Hom and pedestrians, where to rest, Anqing Xu is negotiating with Pearl to assassinate Li Kui, Just want to pearl Li Kui heard room, Li Ku scared, but first quietly observed the reaction of pearl back to the capital, porcelain see pearls back, excited tears, Cui Cai screen pretended to visit, deliberately Saying that Linzhi was found in a brothel. Pearls did not trust Linzhi, rushed to Jianning Wangfujing to visit, but saw Linzhi has been unconscious, very distressed Li Kui in the pub to find a drink to worry about Li Kui, van cleef arpels engagement ring knock off blame he should not put this thing downtown Uproar, to Li Gui go back and take care of Linzhi, Li Huan hate he did not protect the forest, also asked Li Pei Pearl was also kidnapped, what happened on the road, Li Huan may have mind. Li Kui said he did not allow anyone, including his own to hurt the pearl vest track porcelain, porcelain found a strange move, reported to Li Kui. The next day, Li Kui followed the quietly went to the pearl restaurant, heard the confrontation between pearl and An Lushan informants, An Lushan Li Cun in the hands of the cavalry soldier map, pearl did not agree, Li Kui breaking into , Pearl stunned van cleef and arpels frivole ring knock off 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142444546474849505152535455565758596061

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