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Legend 3 weapons upgrade

May Day is coming, first of all, I wish you all a happy holiday. My Tianfu District 2 44 soldiers. Character name is burning soul Tianfu still maintain today, my heart panic. Ready to put this thing out to share and share. In fact, I even made countless ideological struggles and ended up with the collective interest of expecting Chinese compatriots to unite and not so selfish. Take it out for everyone to share. Broke the fortunes of a few people, a lot of dreams, please include a lot of practice: despise light, a group of money to know the white fire food (idiot). The book is written in rubbish. Do what you know about the earth. Also sold hundreds of thousands of books, liar!

Nonsense finished, cut into the question. I rose a total of 4 weapons. The first is the fate of the blade. This is for a small test chopper. Only got 11, fire +9. At this time I have 35, so cheap for a kitchen knife sold. Kitchen knife practiced three. Respectively, 2 +13.1 +14. Because even think chopper best to make. And good bidding. The first for a pair of black leather + magic bracelets. Sold 43 million. The second directly sold 45 million. +14 even left. There is currently a hell of ascension. Because there is no PK knife experience as early as some time ago already had a piece of information on the outflow of Korean game developers. (Hereinafter referred to as 'South Korea') After so many experiences, this article is absolutely correct. So 'Han' article, I changed a bit. Add some players after the completion of certain rules to upgrade weapons can achieve the desired results. But regular upgrades of weapons. I can only use luck to describe the main impact of weapons upgrades are the following five elements: (Each accounted for 20% of the total success rate, a single one is 100. Combined if more than 50% success, less than It failed)

1, the level of the weapon itself. (Such as a kitchen knife can take 35, which is the level of weapons) and the level of practice is cumulative. For example, a chopper that has risen 5 times is 35 + 5. The level of this knife is 40. Although in use will not affect. But this level is related to the success and failure of cultivation. 'South Korea' is described in the text is the highest server level for the current server cap (personally think it should be 60), minus 20, is the weapon's full grade, less than this level of weapons have full score greater than this number for each increase of Level, the success rate will be reduced by 0.5 points 'so the higher the level of success of the weapon will be relatively lower. Such as meteor knife, Flying Soul and other weapons. (This effect is not too big)

2, the stage of the weapons level. For example, 1 MAX level. 'The first 10 are high success state of 80. From the beginning of the score is 50. The score for each additional minus 5 points and so on the 15 weapons only 30 points.' (Greater impact)

3, the value of the weapon attached to the lucky, that is, simple luck + X. Many people just think + luck is the biggest weapon to enhance the attack. This is true. But this is also related to the success rate of weapons. 'The starting point van cleef arpel necklace copy is 50; 2 points below the lucky invalid, 2 curse the following is invalid, starting from 3, for each additional fortune, plus 10 points, filled or buckle date.' This class is difficult to grasp, although it looks very simple. But people around the world know that weapons should be lucky +3 and what are the concepts. But in the best of respects, as long as the one without curse is equal to giving away half. (Affect the general)

1, purity. As long as the black iron gives 50 points, the other half is taken from the purity of black iron random point. (Personally think it should be the total purity of black iron) such as 3 10's. The system should randomly select a point in 130. However, it is possible to select only 1. Then the score is 51 points. Although there are many players that black iron as possible. But after so many experiments. In my opinion. No matter how many pieces of black iron you have. The system were randomly selected 3 and then take its purity 2, arranged. Currently popular is such as 4,5,6 or 5,5,6. This type. In fact, the use of weapons before the 10th black iron does not matter. However, the purity of black iron must not be too big difference. Be careful from the 11th grade. Try to use very high purity and the same 3 to refining. For example, three 20's. The system will pick one out of 160. The probability is much higher At present, we all have a misunderstanding. That is, as the level of weapons increases. The purity needs to be higher. It is fart Programmers will never spend so much to record the number of black iron used last time. If so, you will not be able to get it right away after the knife is handed over to the Shahin man. Because the system must be processed. Besides the server is responsible for so many game player game quality problems. Spend so much system resources to deal with this stuff is time-consuming and laborious 1, l attack (Department of Nature, Department of Soul) for each additional point, +10 points. Such as attacking a dragon, a score of 60; Attack 5 dragon score 100;

2, Elemental: attack element. +20 points for every +1 point. Fill up Such as the sacred +3 dragon, when the weapons upgrade sacred. This score is 100 out of 100.

(+ Offensive is only effective for escalated weapons, + Elemental is only effective for escalated weapons.)

3, jewelry quality: the so-called quality is lasting. Jewelry should be repaired. The first 11 generals can. Behind the best special repair. This thing I did not practice before. But the lasting end of jewelry is also the upper and lower limits. The best guarantee is new, can not afford anything 4, the grade of jewelry: (the same level of weapons, not to say). The letter just out of the book, said the level of weapons and not more than or less van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra copy than 23 levels. In view of the light pass such a wolf people point of view. It is very likely that CET is a maximum probability 'Han' book is described as long as the white name is 50 points. Ash deduction 10 points. Yellow buckle 20 points. Red name button 50 points. (This is very simple, I believe you can do it)

I hope you do not say I am lucky, then I 3 knife in 13 and above how to explain. Why do I buy a sports lottery again why not. Ha ha ha ha, what do you think after reading? Now understand why there are always some players have been buying high-purity black iron and a small need it. You think the rubbish is actually treasure 1 10 level. Black iron 3 10's. Jewelry 5 ordinary ghost necklace. (General)

11 14 levels. 3 15 black iron. Jewelry 5 Diablo +1 ghost necklace. (Brand new, special repair)

15 16 levels. 3 20 black iron. Jewelry 5 Diablo +2 ghost necklace. (Brand new, special repair)

The last one I want to use Diablo +3 ghost, the results of the entire server I have seen only one, no one to buy for a long time to sell If you are a particularly rich player, you can use the last super-5 Rise. And drink N 10 bottles of blessing oil. The hope of the last success is still great. There is the time to raise the knife is more critical, because the success rate of high-grade weapons later than the chopper much lower. Try to improve each stage of the items are a grade. There is also one of the most stupid way to ensure full success. That is. . Just master this method. Make sure every time around +13. You can lift the knife back with magic spar once again. If you do not fail. The knife at +13 leaves at least 1 additional attribute. Full class full success is very easy. Ha ha. But spent too much time and legendary coins. If you have any questions, welcome to Tianfu 2 come to me. welcome. Even the most like to thank the wind chat 2006 Happy snowman Ling Yu Qingxin Long Shaojie these few special thanks to the friends of the party: Diankui fast network service center, I do not like leveling only like to chat. Without them I do not have such a high level. Advertise here for them. van cleef arpel necklace replica Search all characters with Yahoo can find them their service is really good, I can also raise a knife also sent a short message to inform me. Thanks again. I will always support you.

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