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Three experts held talks to deceive 230,000 80 elderly people

January 7, Shunyi District People's Court is being released for the recovery of 80 old deceived money. Beijing News reporter Li Fei photo

On the afternoon of the 7th, 83 elders reclaimed the money they had been cheated at the 'Health Talk', totaling 230,000 yuan. After they attended the lecture organized by a local hotel in Yangzheng, Shunyi, they were fooled by three confessors selling pollen from pine pollen. 'When the government sent people to take care of the elderly, they sent us something 'On the afternoon of the 7th, nearly a hundred elderly people and their families were crowded into Shunyi court to wait for their money and brought cheating experiences. The elderly people were indignant. They said that in October 2013, they received an advertisement leaflet saying' Huichun court town area has a lecture, listen to an hour every morning, there are gifts to take care of the elderly. The old people rushed to lectures before seven every morning. This is 20 days to go every day, the elderly go, not only heard the knowledge of health care, but also received eggs, noodles, bracelets and other small gifts until twenty days, these 'teachers' began to sell pine pollen. Old people also saw the experiment at the scene, a chicken was slaughtered in front of everyone's face, rushed bloody, but sprinkled with pollen, wake up. 'The wings are still thumping, and they're taken imitation cartier ring women away by an audience below, and now think of it as a nursery! And who knows how they got the chicken out of action.' The single Grandma who had been lied to say that everyone looked at the magic of pine pollen , Usually have high cartier replica ring with diamonds blood pressure and other geriatric diseases, and quickly bought the fake drugs to buy back promised to return after the run

A set of 2610 yuan pine pollen, did not expect to buy, these people ran. 'Say can speak for a month, the next day also returned to us, the result, run it!' 'Still health, after buying this I was hospitalized.' An old surnamed Zhang said the defendants Xue Bing, Li Yanlong, Zhang Xinjie three people are controlled, they are not educated peasants status, not with the old people say The 'cardiovascular experts.' The court held that the defendants Xue Bing, Li Yanlong and Zhang Xinjie were premeditated. In October 2013, in the Huichunting Hotel in Yangzheng District, Shunyi District, they took the fictional identity and deliberately exaggerated the effectiveness of false testimonies Way to cheat the trust of more than 80 old people, after concealing the fact that the product does not have the legal approval formalities, in order to collect taxes and fees in the name of 'natural pine pollen,' a total of more than 80 copies (24 bottles each), total sales of 230,000 yuan The court concluded that the three persons were convicted of fraud and were sentenced to three years and three years imprisonment and three years imprisonment respectively. After the recovery, January 7 afternoon, 230,000 money to the case. The 83 victims of the elderly have got their own money back. After the first pay to make a double commitment to return money

These money, products and gifts are Xue Bing out. In August 2013, he rented a 9,000-dollar venue in the well-respected Huichunting Hotel in Yangzhen for Li Yilong and Zhang Xinjie to give lectures and told them 'Lecture leaflets can only be sent to the elderly.' They negotiated not to sell their products . At the beginning by Li Yanlong posing as 'Nutrition Association of China,' experts, breath held in the hotel a dozen days of lectures, a small gift every day, and the elderly fraudulent Zhang aunt said the three people from time to time to give everyone Sell ​​a product, do not buy it, but can buy double back money. For example, spend 40 yuan to buy a chain, go to the next day you can get 80 yuan a dozen days later, the time is ripe, Li Yanlong 'grand launch' selling pine pollen Zhang Xinjie. Zhang Xinjie graduated from secondary school became a cardiovascular disease expert, began to introduce cardiovascular disease prevention lectures, Li Yanlong one by one 'Zhang total,' said he graduated from Union Medical University, studying abroad, founded the company. Let the old people admire endless. Subsequently, Zhang began to sell 'pine pollen.' 'Dead chicken revival' is actually stunned chicken

The 'pollen' in Zhang Xinjie's mouth is 'magic medicine', allegedly can improve immunity, life expectancy, anti-aging, prevent diabetes, but in fact, all three of them know that pine pollen does not have any effect, is ' Three no 'product that chicken experiment, Zhang Xinjie said that the chicken dizzy, the pollen washed with water to the chicken drank, the chicken woke up, but the chicken woke up and pine pollen did not matter much, this trick is Xue Bing taught Xue Bing said that he had seen this move done in Sichuan, but in fact, the chicken did not die. Wang Xiaoli, a court judge who runs a court in Shunyi District, said that fraudsters are all guilty of preempting middle-aged and elderly people knock off cartier ring band under the guise of free cartier love imitation ring diamonds lecture auditions and free gifts. Because the general health of middle-aged and elderly, want to enhance physical fitness through lectures, to achieve longevity, is more likely to cheat the group to remind the elderly to face health lectures, marketing health care products, do not believe, pinned on the 'Shen medicine' , To check the regular health care products manufacturers and legal approval procedures, sick to the hospital for medical treatment In addition, the business rental venues should also increase awareness of prevention. For the current chaos of health care products, I hope the relevant departments to strengthen supervision, not to illegal criminals have an opportunity.
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