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Hunter colleagues I am dizzy Mermaid love the wind

'Fish demon Wang love !!!' Ares also looked surprised looked at holding the right hand that simple, shimmering bracelet, that he did not see the bracelet, but more than the waters near the shipwreck, west Na also likes to hunt for something in the human sunken ship, and he also replica cartier love bracelet vintage thinks that the jewelry in his hand is what Sienna has collected. How can be, how would have been lost for thousands of years of relics - the fish demon king of love, this holy things only the high priest inherited from the ancestral heritage, and he just cartier love bracelet pink fake heard the high priest said, lost For six thousand years! How cartier bangle with diamonds is it possible, but looking at the expression of the high priest is not like a fake!

'Here, how did you get this thing ?!' Achar asked some trembling petite bracelet from Sna's right hand, his face incredible!

Su Yunyun heart Yiyi: 'This, I do not know, I woke up in the palace ruins when it has been with the body!' Does this high priest know that there are things about the bracelet, looked at her weird look! Heart suddenly hope!

Bracelets and bracelets, she did not pamper before, bracelet can be in the sea of ​​plenty, how she dangling, and only occasionally sporadic sporadic noise, but also forced the old portraits that what a mess Goddess Imprint, made her even connected to the sea to test what those chances of soul-stirring no chance! And that broken bracelet, leaving her speechless, originally also expected to take her back, but that bracelet, no matter how she get it, or shouting what 'sesame seeds,' such a mess of spells is useless, and finally ruthlessly beat, Mermaid may not be the same with the human body, body strong down the body, the hands smashed the stone, and that even a scratch bracelet did not, still shimmering!

Su Yunyun's head flash a lot of thoughts momentarily, is preparing to speak to ask. The opposite of Aicheer grandmother and made a strange move, just the beautiful fish heard Eichel's shout when they have already quickly let go of her hand, but now Acer Cervolta is low head, Hands holding a beautiful crystal scepter, the mouth singing a sentence unknown meaning spell, a pair of cartier love bracelet 4 diamonds wine red eyes devout almost fanatical look at the hands of the Sinaa bracelets, I saw the scepter with singing Voice gradually emit a colorful light, and the hands of the bracelet actually reacted to the flow of milky white light, and gradually surrounded by her body, like a warm winter sun woke her every sleeping cell, so that her body every A cell is full of freshmen's power! And her sense of consciousness is gradually wandering into an vast expanse of the sky, everything is like time and space in general, the center of space actually suspended the shiny silver bracelet, and her sense of freedom are flying! Her forgetfulness felt this wonderful moment, until the singing stopped, the light gradually dissipated, her consciousness retreated from space and looked at the bracelet in her hands, the bracelet has shrunk the glimmer of the whole body into a seemingly Dim ordinary bracelets. But Su Yunyun felt somewhere in her head had a close connection with the bracelet. Gee, did not expect that this bracelet actually has a vast storage space! Su Yunyun heart while burst of love Aier Er across the opposite has been calmed down, but his eyes still seem very excited, she bent body, even the beautiful fish next to the pious worship knees loudly congratulate the princess through the crown of Catherine Ceremony, has become a mermaid after thousands of years the real fish demon king!
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