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Women go out to buy food 1 hour at home stolen windows closed lock no skid marks

According to Mr. Hou, only one wife at home that day at noon, 12:10 or so, his wife went out to the vegetable market one kilometer to buy food, go back and forth about an hour. 'I was the key to open the door lock, just Twisted a bit, I feel wrong. Hou's wife told reporters that when she went out, she also specifically locked the lock for two laps locked the security door can be found when the door was locked twist in a circle on the open she quickly entered the house to see, first found Lateral desktop computer gone, and ran to the master bedroom, and even the jewelry box on the dresser necklace, bracelets and onyx also disappeared, 'We specifically read the district surveillance video, did not find someone hug Big things go out! 'Mr. Hou cartier 18k gold bracelet fake said, in addition to the thief is how to come in, so that they can not think of a couple of holes, the computer so big thing, how the thief shipped out?

Subsequently, the reporter learned from the police, the police site view and found that Hou's home window is tight, part of the lock has been pried marks, but does not rule out the thief to use keys and other tools to open. At present, the case is under further investigation. In addition, reporters visited many of the districts in the city today and found that many of the districts frequented by the thieves are many of them with their families or tenants. Nongxing Road, a hospital owner Joe aunt said that their family is living units of the hospital, most of the residents are the elderly, the rest is the tenant, the main entrance only one person, that is, to lock the door at night. A dozen days ago in the morning, Aunt Jo was cooking in the kitchen and glanced over to the platform on the second floor and found a huge pile of garments on it, one of which looked particularly familiar. 'I ran down and saw it really was something in my house.' Auntie Joe said that not only the tie, the coat on her platform, the pants and other clothing were all her own belongings, all of which were originally placed in the closet of the bedroom. Although not lost what valuables, Aunt Joe or not scared, 'Thieves Shashi time to come home, I do not know.'

Gao Shengli, head of the suburb of Nanjiao District, said that the old residential area was rented out due to poor living conditions. Many of the landlords rented out the houses. Some of the rented houses were also used as warehouses. He said that because of this, not only tenants feel insecure, they manage a headache Reporter found that in order to strengthen the access control, high-tech zones Maple Leaf metropolis, Ziwei Pierre products have been implemented 'credit card door' system, even for residential tenants, Did not bring the card, will be blocked at the door, and so verified identity before entering the police to remind the public, do not think the cold, the thief will 'hibernate', on the contrary, this season, but the high incidence of theft, Because of the long night in the winter, people sleep and sleep, the thief just can catch the people sleeping and the cold to get up and other conditions of bold burglary, they usually committing the crime between 2 am to 5 am, while others are asleep, bold pry Window, crowbar or even unlocked. Most of the thieves before committing the crime will 'check out' in the district fake cartier gold bracelet men even steal several households overnight, so in particular the public in this season should live in the apartment block entrance security door readily, do not pass the door to tell others the password or Lend the keys to others and find someone waiting for the door to open. It is best to 'stay alive.' Observe whether the other person is a resident or whether you can get cartier bracelet gold replica in touch with the inside person through an intercom system. Do not store large amounts of cash, passbooks, jewelery and other valuables at home Items, credit cards not with the ID card, booklet together, the bedroom off the clothes on the windows away from the place to pay attention to see their home installation of air-conditioning machine, water pipes and other will give the thief a chance to commit crimes before going out Check the doors and windows are closed, even with the anti-theft network of households should also be out before the door buckle to buy anti-theft door should choose those larger, better reputation and more standardized after-sales service of the products manufacturers, the security door Truly play the role of anti-theft In order to prevent thieves, many people have their gold bracelet cartier replica own tricks. Ms Zhu, a resident of Xuanwu Road Subdistrict, said she lives on the first floor. In order to prevent theft, she put a bottle or a chime near a door or window. People who live in Chang'an District, Liu Min as long as a business trip, they will greet neighbors and neighbors, ask them to pay more attention to help themselves in a timely manner to plug in the door, door handles on all types of advertisements, leaflets, so as not to be checked out The thief found no one in the house. Public Gao Wei said that if the security measures for the district do not trust, the best home to install their own electronic alarm, this device can be placed in the window, as long as someone from outside the window will be issued an alarm sound. When the copyright owner and / or right holder who can exercise the right of information network dissemination in accordance with the law finds that the uploaded content infringes upon the right of its information network dissemination, it shall send a notice of right to Huashang Network, and Huashang Network will take measures to delete the relevant content according to relevant laws and regulations. (See Chinese business network statement)
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