nowadays people Will be choose fake cartier leve ringwith diamonds on Fashion aspects from LLLOO6's blog

Ditches to play light replica eternity bracelet cartier striker fake pig light warriors equipped with equipment analysis

Dug play strong striker Pig Pig light warriors equipped with the most perfect analysis of Anten En Jewelry sets endless bulimia series, but that the basic will not use a fake pig, so do not discuss the equipment A perfect match

With the program 1: Fangtian painted halberds + Tian Yu Tops + Eclipse Japanese shoulder + false pork legs, waist, copy cartier bracelet gold shoes, left slot, bracelets, necklaces + blast ring + SS right slot (legend right slot) fake cartier bracelet gold The title is strong, pet white Strength Analysis: Set the maximum light intensity and reduce the resistance, weapons, yellow words, pigs are a strong attack on the white text + additional white words, ring blast, perfect to meet the ultimate light + yellow and white burst no conflict with With Option 2: , With dragon and soul release, then with the following:

Dragon / soul release + Tian Yu copy gold bracelet cartier Top + Eclipse Japanese shoulder + false pork leg, waist, shoes, left slot, ring, necklace + relic bracelet + SS right slot

Mainly the ring replaced with fake pigs, bracelets and then replaced by the relics Second, no Epic Armor Pogo 6+ Relics 3 series of pigs 6+ relics 3, not just a simple selection of relics jewelry set, but some changes

With reason: Remains three suit attributes plus HP plus hard straight plus strength, as well as passive defense effects, with the protection of fake pig light greatly improve the viability with the program 1: Fang Fangtian halberd, there are explosive ring

Fangtian painted halberd + relic top + relic necklace + relic shoulder + false pork leg, waist, shoes, left slot, right slot, bracelet + explosive ring + is a strong title

Program Highlights: High Yellow, High Blows, Remains Top High Panel (199 Strength), Enjoy Pogo 6 Set Properties \u0026 Ruins 3 Set Attributes With Scenario 2: Day Fang Hu Ji, No Blow Rings, No Blow-Up Title

Fangtian painted halberd + relic top + ruins shoulder + ruins necklace + fake pork leg, waist, shoes, right groove, bracelet, ring + bloody left sulcus (8% explosion) + is a strong title

Program highlights: Remains Tops and shoulders each plus 199 strength (normal legend shirt shoulder plus only 45 strength), super high panel, at the same time has a heritage three sets of attributes, pigs 6 sets of attributes, with 8% explosion damage, plus Feel the initiative and passive level 1 with the program 3: There Fangtian painted halberds, no explosive ring, a blast title

Fang Tian painted halberd + relics coat + relics shoulder + ruins necklace + fake pork leg, waist, shoes, left slot, bracelet, ring + is a strong right slot + blasting the title

Program Highlights: Retained the right channel is a super plus strong plus program 4: No Fangtian painted halberds, a blast injury ring, no yellow title

Interpretation of soul / dragon + relics coat + relics necklace + relics bracelets + fake pork legs, waist, shoulders, shoes, left slot, right slot + explosive ring + is a strong title
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