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Woman Taobao to buy silver found fade to bad after the seller threatened his mother

Counsel said that the seller harassed the buyer, threats and other acts, violating the buyer's rights, the buyer can sue, requiring the other party fake love bracelets for couples for civil compensation; if the harassment, threatening behavior caused more serious consequences, the threat of Will be criminally responsible for this, the Taobao sellers said that the threat of those words in the case of Ms. Chung can not communicate the rhetoric, and will not really threaten each other's family members. Taobao side said love bracelet screwdriver fake it would investigate such acts seriously hurt buyers February 8, Ms. Chung spent 110 yuan on Taobao, bought a set of baby sterling silver bracelet kit, including two silver bracelets and a long life lock , And some gifts from sellers such as silver rings. 'At that time, I just heard that a friend gave birth to a child, because he was going to give gifts, so he did not have time to go shopping and buy online.' Ms Chung said she chose a reputation specifically to prevent buying counterfeit goods Better, the price is more affordable shop online two days later, Ms. Chung bought the bracelet kit was delivered, 'At that time I have some doubts, because this silverware is too hard, not like silver.' Ms. Chung said, but because Hurry to give as gifts, and see the shop below a lot of praise, she did not mind, the bracelet gave a friend awkward to Ms. Chung is, a few days later, Ms. Chung's friend accidentally talking about that bracelet kit Already faded 'The real silver will not fade, think about it, I gave my friend something, is actually a fake, which makes me more embarrassed?' Ms. Chung then took out the purchase of the kit to send the silver ring to the mall for sale Silver counter to help identify, 'the other said is fake, up to a layer of silver plated on the surface.'

Ms. Chung said sellers even cartier love bracelet vintage threatened her family's safety. '

Ms. Chung was angry at the seller's threats to her family: 'It was simply a lawless act to threaten the buyer. I bought counterfeit goods. I have not complained to him. He threatened me. No god? '

Yesterday afternoon, Chengdu Commercial Daily reporter contacted Mrs. Chung Taobao shop to buy silver jewelry, a customer service staff admitted that there is indeed this matter, but Ms. Chung's threat is just an exasperating tone, 'can not be regarded as a threat, nor Will do that. '

Ms. Chung's bad comment, the staff member said the negative feedback to his Taobao shop has a very large negative impact, 'a bad review, it means the entire Taobao shop gone, we see the bad reviews, but also Will you buy your stuff? '

The staff member said that on several occasions unsuccessful communication with Ms. Chung, on the morning of March 9, he contacted Ms. Chung via Ali Wangwang, tried to communicate again and hoped that Ms. Chung amended the negative feedback and was rejected. After that Ms. Chung was said to be threatening his family's words. 'It's all over your head, who's boring copy cartier new love bracelet to really do it.'

Ms Chung had complained to Taobao about the quality of the goods sold by the seller after she was deemed threatened by the seller. 'I was told by the shop owner that after I bought the product for 15 days, I could not complain here.'
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