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How to buy jade bracelets it? This is a challenge for inexperienced young women. When buying bracelets not only the price is fake love bracelet with screwdriver appropriate, more importantly, suitable for their own wear. Young women are unassuming and eclectic in their pursuit of distinctive personalities. At the same time, they have their own unique viewpoints on fashion and aesthetics. Therefore, young women should not wear thick, jade bracelets but rather lightweight, Flexible jade bracelets, such as flat jade bracelets or bracelets In addition, the young ladies are economically unattainable, so wearing jade bracelets do not have to be noble and incomparable. Water is not necessarily good, but not bad signs, emerald flesh should be neat, clean, pure; jade bracelet color should be fresh, elegant, lively, full of youthful vitality, so as to meet the modern young women wear Dai Jade Many advantages of bracelets, wearing jade bracelet is not only common sense of life is also a knowledge. For example, which hand to wear bracelets, you can wear a few and so on. For the first time wearing a jade bracelet will inevitably be a little uncomfortable, so wearing a jade bracelet diameter can not be too large nor too small, if the inner diameter is too large will not only affect the appearance and easy to fall off, too small will oppress the arm affect the blood circulation is not caused comfortability. In general, when wearing jade bracelets on the eternity bracelet cartier number of rules and there is no strict rules, the number of rules generally less good, in some cases you can not wear a jewelry, if you intend to wear multiple jewelry at the same time, its The upper limit should not exceed three, in addition to jade bracelets and earrings Therefore, people wearing jade bracelets can not consider when it will because of the inappropriate amount of wear was made fun of. However, the traditional concept should not exceed three, and the method of wearing it is some stress. There are many ways to wear jade bracelets, a brief introduction to several commonly used methods. If the number of bracelets for one, then most people are generally worn on the left hand, because the right hand will often collide easily injured jade bracelets; If you want to wear two jade bracelets at the same time, you can either right hand or two bracelets are worn On the left hand, however, if the number of jade bracelets worn is three, they should not be worn by both the left and the right hand, but all worn on the left hand will have a strong visual effect and attract people's attention to the beautiful effect of displaying the bracelet. But in modern society, many people are not just the defenders of traditional customs, but the ones who break. So when they love bracelets for couples fake wear jade bracelet will not follow the traditional concept, as long as it does not affect the overall personal aesthetic effect can be as you like how love bracelets for couples replica to wear how to wear, to show their unique personality and fashion pursuit of bracelet maintenance a lot Women easily overlooked problems. The more precious things the more we must be careful to maintain long-term possession, bracelets are no exception. Want to achieve excellent maintenance effect must be aware of its characteristics on the basis of love. First of all, the bracelet is not the invincible diamond, it has its own hardness tolerance, once the collision, sometimes produce dark cracks, the naked eye is not easy to detect, but under the magnifying glass will be revealed, its perfection and value will be large By its damage, wear as far as possible with the building or contact with objects with strong friction so as not to wear jade bracelets. Secondly, the internal structure of the bracelet has a rough texture and delicate texture so that it can penetrate corrosive materials such as sweat, perfume and laundry detergent. Therefore, when wearing a bracelet, it should be avoided to avoid touching the jade material Its beautiful, if you accidentally stick to these chemicals should be promptly erased. Moreover, the bracelet can withstand the sudden changes in temperature suddenly fragile, and prolonged exposure to high temperature can lead to loss of moisture without permeability without spirituality, so wearing a bracelet should avoid high temperature radiation, such as Into the sauna or sun exposure, etc. should remove the bracelet.
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