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For most new players, one of the most perplexing things in exile is undoubtedly the monetary system. This game is considered to be one of the best (if not the best) Diablo II clones out there and while it incorporates many elements from similar hack-and-slash games, the whole economy and currency system is completely unique. While nearly every other game has a standardized currency (typically gold), Path of Exile uses numerous different orbs as the basis of trading. Of course, if you need to buy POE currency, U4gm POE currency is your best choice.A great shortcut is to buy orbs. U4gm, a trustworthy PoE orbs supplier.

Paired with the fact that every item in the game has a certain value, it’s understandable how new players can feel overwhelmed with the system. Even seemingly useless white item drops can be turned into one of the best items in game with the use of Orbs, so make sure you understand the value of all items in the game. Today, will share with you the basics of what to pick up during the Wraeclast adventure.

Items to pick up

1) Currency Items – Obviously, path of exile is being run by currency. These are what you’ll need when trading path of exile items. Pick all the currency items that you’ll encounter.

2) All Quality Flasks – you’ll need to upgrade your flasks eventually, so picking these things are worth the investment in the late game. Pick all the flasks that have a prefix, like “bubbling sacred mana flask.”

3) Skills Gems – Pick all the skill gems that you think you’ll need for your build and pretty much skill gems have its own value depending on the server’s population. The demand for skill gems go higher if the server has many people on it, skill gems are affected by the population overtime.

4) Support Gems – These gems are quite rare and you wouldn’t know when you’re going to need it so pick it up.

5) Quality Gems – It’s rare but it pretty much doesn’t have trade potential. Since it’s rare, you have to pick it. You wouldn’t know when the community is going to ask for it.

6) Magic Quality Equipments – Blue items only work in the early game. You won’t be able to sell it in the market in during your high level stage because people need rare items on their higher levels.

7) Rare Quality equipments – The principle in every MMORPG is that you have to pick every rare item.

Items that are not worth picking up

1) Low Stat White Accessories – pretty much useless, although, white accessories that have high stat bonus tend to be more valuable than blue accessories that have low stat bonus.

2) Scrolls – In the early game, scrolls have their values. As you level up scrolls lose its value.

I do hope my loot guide helped you understand what to do with all those drops you keep getting. If you have any questions or suggestions you’re welcome to drop them in the comments just below. https://www.u4gm.com/path-of-exile

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