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DNF player analysis Shura dress change to teach you to achieve the maximum output

DNF player analysis Shura dress up to teach you to reach the maximum output guide to play a strong case of evil light can be stacked alone strong, you can also pile all the strong, and even Antute strong strong returns. Ice heap can be strong alone, to crystal contract, evil light is to eat the property attack first of all to say that the ultimate evil light, down all the versatility of the output skills The basic equipment of this cradle: Wang tear sets (70SS plate), Shadow 3 (Zuo Cao, rings, bracelets), the necklace is the soul chain, magic stone 65 SS independent, the weapon desert ancient blunt, the title 15% yellow, this equipment is not bad, but only with this set of equipment, the output It is not ideal. (This post only conclusion basic I have tested)

Then I studied the dressup: a skills release hit the strange before (hit before the injury) to dress up, the fixed upgrade will remain above the skills, follow-up upgrade will change because of equipment changes, which is the basic dressup Idea so to say, before opening a skill with a fixed upgrade to open the skills, released after the release switch to enhance the equipment, this skill will be added to enhance the steady increase of 2 sets of equipment to enhance the equipment bonus ?! (Millions Do not be the opposite, in turn the two sets of equipment are not hurt!)

Fixed upgrade are: independence (percentage invalid), ignoring the attack (solid injury invalid), is a strong, intelligence / strength, crit, skill damage (skill level calculation into skills damage) with the following enhancements: direct word damage, Crit damage, add damage according to the landlord's equipment with more than the basic equipment and weapons cut (25% crit damage plus 15% addition) necklace Che An map achievements necklace (add 9% damage) in Antu Cut the yellow dragon bracelet (explained above is the yellow word hurt the actual bracelet is an additional 7% damage to the tribe) so everything installed the same van cleef lucky alhambra necklace knock off skill in the original basis more 63.75% bonus!

This is the charm of dress up, here to talk about the ideal of the ultimate evil light dress What is the concept? On my body the same equipment (title replaced Witch), arms cut clouds, Antu necklace upgrade 25% Magic stone cut empty city tears 15%, bracelets 7% (now the highest difficulty is Antu, this bracelet can be more to say.And similar to the specific addition of this bracelet snow honor 10% of the Dragon, Devourer Ring 30% of the devil, Everyone knows it like)

This dressup is based on the original, the improvement of skills fake van cleef black onyx necklace is 220%! A key dressup can be counted as dressup delay, the more ideal 2 times the upgrade is based on the basic damage increased by 2 times, if the original Skill is 1E damage, dress up is 3E !!! (In fact, do not cloud + 50% of the yellow characters in the basic equipment after the white, armor, pets, pet equipment and multiplication and addition, 3 times the damage is really conservative, if Armor sets are mixed 60% bonus, dress 4 times damage is not impossible!)

Armor can be for other SS sets, there is no set of SS sets can be changed for the outside world, we have more advice on the barren (Spray said: decomposition of weapons to speak again), which is not surprising, because the barren ancient is indeed the best dressup output Basic weapon. Disadvantages are there: That BUFF is played 34 under the magic can be opened for 20 seconds, 34 played if you do not open the BUFF, 5 seconds after the magic will be reduced to re-play a few count magic, that BUFF if you open in advance, you may play BOSS, not to the highest output explosion in advance, so that your skills only 35%, plus 20% of BUFF imitation van cleef lucky alhambra necklace no longer proficient can not be said that this weapon is perfect, count the shortcomings It In basic weapons, many occupations have very good basic weapons, such as Shura's Heaven Shura (where only Shura is used as a metaphor, and many other similar occupations are too much and too much.) Here the evil light dress is just an example, We can use this routine to play their own profession among them to dress up is also very important: such as dress up weapons are small (low-level weapon output is low), after you finish this dressup skills also need to continue to map , Then this 10 seconds to replace the CD with a small picture, and then the highest output skills have been 30% increase, but if the latter 10 seconds too pit, it is worth the candle so dress best situation is: The basic equipment and equipment output is about the same, which sets can be used to figure out what skills to dress up: that is also coincidental, Shura skills can be a lot of dress really, evil light, beads, a bomb, Second, and so on, here are just four examples of skills to do the first two dragon nightmare nightmare level (I was studying a set of take away) a little bit small, video I deleted this picture put the order of skills is to open two eyes, beads Save Put evil light cut dress (just to cut weapons, upgrade weapons and the largest, a key cut a good facelift computer without pressure). This is the meaning of evil light, two felt explosion, the day the eye exploded, close at the same time cut equipment at this time, these skills have Cut installation!

Let me suppose that we have to equip three times the skills to add, three times the evil light, three times the two sleep, three times the eye of the day explosion, what is this concept? Skills can also study the charm of this combination of skills dress, we feel no? This is what I devote themselves to studying anything is two sides here said the cut equipment defects: hard to find equipment, operating requirements and so on. These local Tyrant technology emperor can be solved, some still can not solve: some skills do not apply cutting equipment, such as instantaneous skills blood burst, explosion of blood burst from the body to hit strange, it takes 0.1 seconds? If you are confident A man who can grasp this 0.1 seconds, well when I did not say unlimited class or ultra-short CD skills (may have to once, behind the incredible.) Raging anger, force Z, Shoulder White Ghost, etc., there is no Strong only the most suitable, before considering trying to look at the combined use of basic equipment, equipment, can change a variety of seconds? The answer is: not necessarily. Also need (or for example evil light, other skills can reference)

Skills and skills:

1, the top of the old post said the basic operation, evil light to 0 open, 100% damage bonus

2, play a strong case, then the light can be a bunch of strong light alone, you can also pile all is strong, and even the Antu ice strong returns the best. Heap ice can be strong, to crystal contract, evil light is to eat the property attack

3, the best light of the landlord to study the evil light shooting distance is 350PX to 400PX, standing in the strange stand is to fight the past can push a long way, some strange will teleport, to grasp the opportunity (skills and skills think of will continue to improve)

Worthy of special mention is the ghost Indian bead skills of this type of attack: the monster in the open when the beads hit and sticky This is the whole process of breaking the attack, the damage is very impressive.

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