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dnf70 mad war brush map equipment

DNF70 big gun brush equipment recommended In short, this article is actually a brief introduction to the 70 equipment system, after all, the equipment is a property ah skills ah this hard index no need to say more really need to say ancient match, but still a Can not say too much gadgets and equipment choice In fact, I do not have to teach you, which ah on which election you can also because of this reason, I will not detail ss Part.1 Armor Armor choice is nothing more than ancient X / cc / career sets still have

DNF70 judo PK equipment To say judo pk, let's explain the judo's advantages and disadvantages. Civilians choose occupational sets + various

DNF70 Qigong PK equipment because the electricity is crabs, the former White Dragon stick is not so fierce. However, as the opening has a very long period of qigong vacuum, it is still a good hands-on weapon. However, because the attack is too low, you can also consider using 60 purple stick or 62 purple stick instead, stick properties are very general, no need to bring. Even the recruitment of weapons, there is nature is the best Tyra, because of the knock off van cleef arpels alhambra necklace two qigong surround reason, the effect will trigger faster. If not, choose higher

DNF70 mechanic PK equipment recommended transmission sleeve is a must. Jewelry are respectively Tyra bracelet, the star of the king, 65 purple ring necklace can be replaced Mani necklace. Because the dress is not yet out of the 65 purple ring, the first sage it. (In fact, I also feel that 65 heritage jewelry sets are also very good, when out can be compared). The best weapon is Tara auto. Sub-personal preferences, you can also change anything else. Title selected white tiger (wisdom) or death (blood) or so 5.1,10.1, New Year activities

DNF70 Devil May Cry PK equipment recommended 70 version of the Devil May Cry with the 60 version of the version of the first, the meteor is still an essential weapon. If you can not afford to buy meteor, you can consider with 5CC too knife, anyway, are the properties of fire. Equipment is not recommended before the commonly used pure shift sets, after all, the defense is too low. Civilians may consider wearing a professional suit. Local tyrants are naturally inherited sets, this is beyond doubt. Jewelry on the Sage / Insect Ring, Terra bracelets, the king of stars / Mani animal on the line. Civilians still

DNF70 Qigong brush equipment gloves almost do not want to think, this version is still the best gloves 狰 狞. No shy can choose 62 true purple. SS gloves can not ask nor do not say it. The best equipment is still Xilin 6 + 2, if not you can choose 62 true purple and even heritage. Jewelry, Elvin ring, sad necklace, sad bracelet is also very good use. If not, replace it with a purple ring. The title is still the best girl hero, if not, with other titles

Intuitive analysis DNF70 level: red equipment and CC equipment Some see the recent post, roughly speaking, red equipment and CC equipment comparison, the basic argument is to brush the figure of the party's equipment trends, in this regard, I also said that the next personal opinion. Magic card van cleef diamond necklace replica attached to the power and attack cards, very good. Of course, a CC equipment, basically about 8000W (50CC light armor), upgrade to 55CC at

DNF70 class Sword Spirit to make money and equipment experience On this revision, many people complain that many people left the job, many, many people write articles to encourage white-handed players to persevere. I personally feel that no need, really unnecessary. If you really like this profession, it will not give up because of any change. I like the white hands because there is a broken army, there are two skills Raptors. As long as the military can sprint forward, the top; the Raptors can move quickly, people will be caught by surprise I will insist on playing. Pa body to take no cancel nothing

DNF70 level big girl big gun brush map equipment with conjecture DNF70 level is coming, you are full of class brush for a long time should have set their sights on the 70 version of the new equipment, then 70 full level Female guns and equipment should be how to configure it, I talk about my thoughts. This is the equipment to hurt the stream. Speed ​​Flow: Tyra Bracelet, Star of the King, Insect Ring with 55 or 60CC sets. Fast, hurt is not bad. Tour long network (uuu9

DNF70 mechanic brushed equipment recommended There are also about the current version of the brush map equipment, local tyrant anti-Ling shoes ancient 2 three (recommended G1), the transmission sleeve also think good. The official name has not yet decided to dress up complementary equipment and magic stone must complete a variety of tasks. Ren

DNF70 version of how to rationalize the occupation and equipment did not want to send this post, but too many black businessmen, I really can not stand, no way to knock off van cleef and arpels necklace sale clarify the next 70 version. DNF70 level will not say, anyway, this year must be open, when asked XXX. 70 version of the most anticipated is that EX skills and MAX level upgrade, means that our SP and attributes have greatly improved. At the same time, new equipment will appear, but now there is speculation to strengthen the like, so let's talk one by one

DNF70 class is about to come Red Cross equipment necessary tutorial Ten chapters of the same dimension crack, LV55 above rare, inheritance, artifact, epic, brave equipment which can get the equipment containing outsider atmosphere of equipment. Odd equipment, due to the red font marked, so collectively referred to as red equipment, and enchant results do not conflict, red equipment must be more than 55 rare equipment is possible, what is the advantage of red equipment, red equipment can be extra Increase intelligence, strength, blood

DNF70-level version of forward-looking deputy equipment and magic stone slot with the following words will be finally explained. 1, open the deputy equipment slot (left), you need to level up to 60, the main task will have the following task description: Lv60: (1/3) Tianjie, clearance new urban Gent evening assault, killing the magician brothers 10 times, KING level of difficulty. (2/3) requires game currency 100W, a large golden box, black and blue large squares for the 5, 40 virtual stone. (3/3) Open the deputy

Equipment choice is not distressed Talk about DNF70 Soul Left slot to choose the underground city and the Warriors opened a new version of 70, a variety of new games new map new equipment by all players favorite, especially to open the left and right trough ancillary equipment, it is Welcomed by the players, a variety of auxiliary equipment to make your warriors even more powerful, here I will say a few of Juggernaut's preferred aids, here only to say the right slot, I hope you play Juggernaut players have Help! Let's talk about the choice of brush map below: First, the choice of brush map: Awakening of the Austrian

. About DNF70 version of the flowers and equipment selection add a lot of flowers are spent in the last few points and equipment problems distressed, I am here to give you a few suggestions, plus some of the most important or add according to their own habits, the most suitable point Is the best. First of all, say a few schools in recent days: 1. Magic explosion stream + lion roar, this addition must have been more popular recently, LIP God is such a plus. Indeed lion and EX lion are very awesome, but this plus will have to give up some, such as Brontosaurus

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