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Men who do not give gifts are rogue

My husband once had a year who, I slept with each other may be twice, it sent a bunch of bracelets of red bean string, and then I do not know how later, anyway, that woman ignored him, so I will never worry about him How do you think you sweet talk can coax a woman has been with you? You think you are full of affection, she should understand you? Do you still think that girls who love gifts are vanity women, you do not deserve to love?

I know my husband when I was 18, we are poor, but my 19th birthday, he took the bus back and forth in the early morning more than 100 kilometers to buy that I saw the then could not afford the cloth dog doll . 20 years old, he went out to work, did not earn a penny, even the shoes on the train were extorted by others, he did not eat a day and night, but with the money to buy a box of fig dried fruit, I got When the dried fruit box filled with matches after the carbon black filled my name. I was not willing to eat, has been kept in the box I still put. And then, the computer camera I wanted met me when he was a little bit of money, and he tried to give it to me whenever I wanted. So after years of stormy weather, I always wanted to be with him because I knew he was It hurts me to love me. If he really hurts the woman, he van cleef emerald ring copy will not only buy her a bracelet of red bean, but 20 yuan you may laugh at those who like the gift of a woman, think she will find a woman who does not love vanity I deserve you Can not afford, I think I have a lot of things, and recently bought two Coach, a Chanel, there are two Lv, there are five pairs of shoes and a Gucci bag did not buy after the buy, I am now Late for a long time I can not remember where to put a dream I did not give me a Maserati I will not open, send me a villa and my house now feel almost no difference, love the house was warm, Not to decorate the luxury, live more spacious but I just care about whether you have a gift to me, there is no shopping for me, BB sent Jade I have kept, Sao show and I played in Yunnan silver bracelet I have been Save, save well, and occasionally take a look, I will use the cheek to suffer them, rub it, that is, after you leave me, I can really feel your only thing, I cherish a not powder The powder sent me a cell phone, I received I will be when he has been a friend, because he is not rich, but love me, cherish me what van cleef and arpels engagement ring price copy I want is not a gift, I want this cherished and loved heart, I like to receive flowers, feel the gift received Until you have the intention to come to me, I will cherish and return you look at the eyeful circle of friends, you see why so many girls sun? Because they both need this love and vanity, those who do not show off the heart secretly happy, not mind probably only know so please do not say the girls are now admire the vanity, but also you stay away from van cleef engagement ring price copy me, I think you are A liar, you fucking just want to get nothing, but also announced the best in the world. Do not give gifts and cherish a woman cherish you, love you, your fucking is a rogue, fortune-telling, but also take two sheets of paper when the next month, you count?

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