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Chapter 007 encountered Li Yun children

'In the end is which Diao people, even daring at the foot of the owner, brave, do something stolen chicken touch things.' I saw a beastly, bearded face of the Han, dressed in government Ya poor clothing, appeared In the crowd saw the Yamen butcher, his face suddenly showed a proud smile. Butcher hurried to the beard, the face bearded yamen next to the low: 'Brother Zhang, you come right, the old man, stole this shop decorated a bracelet, but why I was found, but Do not recognize life and death. '

Zhang Ming nodded: 'If this thing is exactly what you said, that the old man, right and wrong.' Then Zhang Ming looked to Wang loyal, paused: 'This matter In the end is not what you do. '

Wang loyally rub the tears on his face: 'Bad Lord, wronged it! Cao Min, even eating a bear heart leopard gall, will not do such a steal thing.'

The butcher's eyes widened: 'You old van cleef and arpels wedding ring copy thing, I see you are not seen the coffin does not shed tears.'

Hear butcher, so abusive his father. Wang Ain mind anger, how could not restrain, a long time holding the fist, all of a sudden hammer on the butcher's face. Perhaps it was because the fist hit too suddenly and too violently, butcher's foot stepped back a few steps, then suddenly fell to the ground and saw a butcher lying on the ground, his face suddenly became purple and eyelids turned upside down. When I saw this scene, I could frighten Wang Mian, Wang Zhong really whispered in my heart: 'Lu Zhishen just hit the town of Kansai punches, I punched the butcher to death. Do not scare me, just passed through to the ancient days only a few days, because of murder, was sentenced to death, it is not worth it!

Wang Mian rushed to the side of the butcher and put his hand on the tip of the butcher. He just noticed the butcher's nose still slightly risking his breath, and Wang Mian's hanging heart fell off at this moment. Zhang Known in the hands of the knife, once framed in Wang Mian's neck: 'You young man, see you young, did not think the strength is quite big.

Wang Mian frowned: 'Bad Lord, you can not talk nonsense, when do you see me, the people were killed.'

Zhang Ming contemptuously laughed: 'You are the man, see you gentle, did not expect to say it, it is so do not fly.'

'Bad Lord, I just stabbed the butcher on the ground, fell to the ground, you did not double-check, I said I killed people killed people, should pay for life.' Wang Mian pointed fell to the ground Butcher said: 'Bad Lord, you are so easy on the case, to van cleef and arpels alhambra ring copy make judgments is not too hasty.'

Just then, the butcher who fell to the ground coughed. Suddenly, an abscess blood, spit it out from the mouth. The butcher slowly opened his eyes and his voice was weak: 'Brother Zhang, quickly arrested both the father and son, and I can guarantee that the bracelet must have been in Zhong Zhong's baggage.

Zhang Ming went to the loyal side of Wang, a powerful hand, reached into the loyalty of Wang Zhong. Everyone looked at Zhang Ming to see if he could find out the stolen goods from Wang's loyal baggage. When Zhang saw his hand out of Wang's baggage, he brought out a jadeite jade Bracelet, Zhang Ming angrily looked at Wang Mian: 'Now people get everything, you have anything to say.'

Wang Mian drooped down, and then walked down to Wang loyal side: 'Father, how can you do this kind of thing? I always thought you were innocent.'

Wang Zhongshi is very serious and said: 'We are father and son, as the saying goes, battle the father and son soldier, your father is assured of tell you, this is definitely not your father to take, your father is poor, will not take others This is unjust money. '

Although Wang Dian this father to him, only to know a few days time, but from the loyal eyes of Wang, saw that Wang Zhong is innocent in this matter. 'Father, do not worry, I will not let them wronged you.'

The shop door was opened, and I saw a 18-year-old young girl wearing a white skirt. Although the girl is not very white skin, but this can not hide the beauty of the girl onlookers immediately exclaimed: 'This is not the owner of this van cleef and arpels ring price copy jewelry shop Li Yun children?

Li Yun children politely said to Zhang Ming: 'I just came back from the outside, my shopkeeper's clerk, but also the things here and I said.'

Zhang Ming Bao Quan said: 'Miss Li, now the matter has been set off the water.So I put Wang Zhongshi and Wang Mian father and son, arrested Yamen.Awaiting the adults ruling.'

Li Yun children smiled slightly, exposing the white teeth: 'Brother Zhang, you see in my face, let them go.'

'What?' Zhang Ming can not believe his ears: 'Miss Lee, you have to think twice! It is easy to release, in case, they do not change their nature, and then steal your things, how can this be good.'

Li Yun children: 'I see these two men kindly, do not want to be bad, which inevitably there will be some, we do not know the secret.'

Butcher hand dragging his face, went to Li Yun children beside, smiled and said: 'My good lady, in this world, how can someone write in the cheat on the face.You do not be deceived by their appearance.Even if you have adults Righteousness, but Wang Mian hit me this punch, I would never let him. '

Li Yun children looked at Wang Mian one, just feel the son in front of him though he was wearing very old clothes, but a kind of unspeakable handsome. Li Yun children crisp voice: 'What are you doing bad, why do you want to steal it!'

Wang loyal to the top: 'Miss Lee, something I stole .Not allowed you to say my son.'

Li Yun children almost laughed out, a pair of slender tender hand, quickly covered his mouth: 'Sorry, just my mouth wrong.' However, Li Yun children still made a giggle.

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