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51 Immortal grayscale version of the update notice

Sansheng stone on the margin, Xianlv love color line pull. Everyother vows are all 缱 绻, only envy Yuanyang not van cleef between the finger ring knock off envy cents!

Love System, the second is now fully open it! Xiann You can apply for marriage to the angel of angels 'Yao Ji' (Jade City 55,63), and become the official god immortal with the favorite TA, more luxurious weddings, fantastic cloud parade, beautiful wedding fashion waiting for you To experience, love TA, let TA become the happiest person in the world!

wedding March

Immortal lovers who have been exchanging rings for a fixed lifetime can hold weddings for TA and hold different weddings to obtain the permanent title of 'immortal', 'eternity bracelet' wedding equipment, and 'Allure Love' wedding fashion. Rare props

1, after the game player can go to love replica van cleef and arpels diamond ring messenger 'Yao Ji' (Jade City 55,63) make an appointment to hold a wedding, each grade of the wedding can be held only once a period of love

2, wedding type:

Prosperous Weddings: Prosperous Weddings include royal rituals and royal weddings. Both parties holding weddings are entitled to 'Turquoise Exclusive Appellation,' 'Allure Love,' Dream Permanent Wedding Fashion and 30 Royal Wedding Wedding Invitations, and those with wedding invitations can sign in to the wedding Get rich sign in reward. In addition to the plethora of appeals, there are also royal rituals that will make your life unforgettable, including the fun wedding interactive wedding invitations such as the immortal lover and the drapery hydrangea. The giants 'weddings include high-level ceremonies and giants' weddings, and both parties holding weddings receive ' Romantic purple exclusive title ',' eternity bracelet 'romantic permanent wedding equipment and 20 giants wedding invitations, wedding invitations players can sign in the wedding get rich sign in reward. In addition to the plethora of appeals, there are sweet weddings to make you remember the giants ceremony: sweet weddings include ordinary ceremonies and sweet weddings, and both parties holding weddings are entitled 'sweet blue' and 'sweetheart' Title and 10 sweet wedding invitations, wedding invitations players can sign in the wedding get a wealth of sign-in reward. In addition to appealing plentiful rewards, there are also common sweet and economical rituals 3, inviting to the wedding:

1, the wedding of the couple can in the invitation list, invite friends to the wedding, wedding invitations will be emailed to the invited players 2, if you want to invite participants in the buddy list, you can deal with the excess Invitations to invite players to the wedding, invitational players can find the waiter at the wedding sign in to receive awards banquet

1, married players can hold a royal banquet and a sweet banquet every day (the number of daily 24:00 reset) 2, holding a banquet can invite friends to attend the banquet can be fun interactive (toast, playful, red envelopes), Royal wedding invitations guests can also be extra to receive dinner reward Oh!

3, participate in the banquet players can van cleef wedding ring knock off collect banquet, collecting the corresponding number of banquet can get rich rewards for parade

1, married players can hold a Royal Parade and a luxury cruise (cruise number 24 daily reset 24 hours) 2, the parade opens, the Royal Cloud car will take a three-minute cruise (luxury cloud car parade time is 1 minute) , After the start of the parade, we can all trace the cloud car. During the parade, there may be single dogs trying to sabotage cruising wedding car and killing single dog monsters to get rich wedding candy reward.

1, the new 'eternity bracelet' married couple to buy and equipment, the two sides share the attributes Note: once the immortal bracelet equipped with immortal, on behalf of this unswervingly, Xianlv will not be manually removed He Tuluoshu Platinum Card Set attributes

Heituluoshu added platinum properties, collect Qi 3,6,9,12,14,17 platinum illustrations, respectively, activate the corresponding package attributes. 1, optimize the siege of team leader 2, cross-border team open! Friends of the world is a family, under this Daguai regardless of home! Xian friends from different countries will be able to team friends 3, cross-border love, friends of different countries can also become attached to it! The farthest distance in the world is not life or death, but you are in thunder country, but I am in fire country. International marriage officially opened, different countries can become a sweet!

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