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Luk Fook jewelery 2015 囍 love marry gold jewelry series

In the important big day in life, his beloved daughter wore a brilliant red dress, wearing a sparkling gold wedding dress, full of parents and friends, the infinite blessing and favor, so that the bride emits a bright light, set off She is like a hundred flowers bloom like charming smile, witnessed a happy life. Luk Fook Jewelery launched a new series of love 囍 囍 gold ornaments, the traditional wedding culture into the perfect gold among them, as a courtship 送 love to send the most pure wedding gold cartier ring knock off box as a dowry, contains love than Jin Jian's good Italy, not only can make the wedding icing on the cake, leaving the love from generation to generation. In the traditional marriage customs, dragon and phoenix is ​​a symbol of auspicious happy event, symbolizing the wealth of newlywed couples life, harmony and contentment. The sparkling golden fusion of various craft to create vivid dragon and phoenix style, with round and full of pearls which luster, and the traditional auspicious cloud pattern embraced each other, full of more than one child blessing, good luck and good omen. With a heart-shaped pendant embossed with the word love heart embellished in the Central Committee, placed on the daughters of parents love, send Xianglong Phoenix, happy event of good wishes again and again. Dragon turn around, look back to the Phoenix; Xiang Feng Alice tail, lift the eyes of the Dragon. Ruiyu blossoming outside, a pacifist atmosphere. Dragon and Phoenix, crafted in gold, fly in the air with clouds, exquisite carvings, lifelike, under the clouds hanging over the smart, for the traditional dragon and double happiness pattern add dynamic, so that the bride show a distinctive extravagance. The central location is more transparent clouds surrounded by the word pattern, and love the word heart-shaped pendant with perfect match, bearing the dragon and the Ching Cheung, wishful good fortune deep blessing. On the wedding day, a happy bride is blooming with peonies as flowers and flowers bloom. The Flower Wedding Joy Suit is a perfect show of peony blossom in full bloom. Each petal is superposed with noble and elegant taste and sets the bride Child's smile, while expressing the wishes of a happy new life after marriage. A colorful bouquet of peonies, also known as rich flowers, a symbol of wealth, consummation and passion. Blossom full of happiness capture the pure beauty of the peony bloom, rich full of peony flowers, elegant gorgeous and cartier love ring gold fake gold distinguished style perfect combination. With gold to create a never-ending peony flower gold set, accompany the bride into a new chapter in life, I wish a happy couple have a happy life. Happy married life is like being in a paradise in the sky, the bride's smile shows a intoxicating beauty, the embodiment of pretty flower Fairy, and the bride is like a gentle breeze with the bride's pace, as a result of accompanying Love affection envy others. Fantastically articulate suit perfect interpretation of flowers blooming flowers, the lower part of the hanging will be with the bride's light pace of swing, full of flowers, happiness often accompanied by the good expectations. With exquisite smooth lines outlines the different sizes, beautiful and moving heart-shaped pattern, on behalf of the endless love, lasting glory. To send this package for the couple, embracing the heart-shaped pattern connected to witness this unshaken love, look forward to the heart of the sweetheart longing new, sweet life. Every parent wishes to send his best wishes to his beloved daughter, wishing her daughter a happy marriage. Happy love gold bracelet will take the dragon and Phoenix come from the clouds, with the central engraved with the love or the blessing of the word, silhouetted by the dragon and the dragon flying agile, bring happiness to the newcomer, blessing overflowing good omen. Will be the cologne and Naruto phoenix patterns and full of auspicious meaning of the word, engraved on the bracelet full of joy, to express the most sincere wishes to newcomers. With modern design techniques into the traditional double happiness elements, the new smile will be the perfect capture of the moment, against the background of the beauty of the dragon and phoenix, colorful line message godsend, will be the best of times together, the eternal unity of the best wishes to implement consistently gorgeous coronation of gold After the crown

Every daughter in the eyes of their parents is a beautiful and kind little princess, people darling of life's pearl. Gorgeous crowns after the crown for the design concept, the use of three-dimensional technology and a variety of superb craftsmanship to create a glittering gold crown, from different angles are gorgeous bloom, the lower part of the drape will be swaying with the pace of the bride posture. On the day of her daughter's marriage, the glory and happiness that my parents crowned my beloved life will make the bride more graceful and glorious, to meet the glittering future. Dragon and Phoenix Gold Ring 囍 代 代 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将Double, double happiness (Quotes 603008, consulting) the best wishes. The designer uses the originality cartier love copy ring diamonds of craftsmanship, the lines of two Dragonscale shapes through a pair of rings, so that the noble qualities of gold exposed, but also combines the romance between two couples concentric, the heart of the same romantic. Love the same gold on the ring in different angles can be flashing a brilliant glory, always witness each other's love affair lifetime vow Centennial good gold bullion

As a witness to a couple promise to stay together for a lifetime of the Covenant, parents and friends replica cartier love ring gold are overjoyed, for love to send the extraordinary style of gold bullion as a gift, contains a love affair than Jin Jian's good. Luk Fook Jewelery is a new century-old alloy strip that is made of gold. The gold bars are engraved with the words 'Blessings of Love, Love, Love and Happiness'. Mind, full of style. Gold bars not only full of auspicious meaning, more investment value. Let the couple work together for the best after the marriage wealth, is the wedding gift of newlywed couples preferred for the Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited (stock code: 00590)

Luk Fook Group is principally engaged in the procurement, design, wholesale, trademark licensing and retail business of various types of yellow platinum jewelery and jewelery products. The Group currently has about 1,400 Luk Fook Jewelery retail outlets in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, Canada and Australia. The Group will continue to seek new business opportunities in the international market to cater for the development of Hong Kong-based international brands.
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