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Man put his foot into the wheel take the owner back look 捋 take the gold chain

Take advantage of the owners look back 捋 leave gold chain

Yesterday, a man on the Pik Wan Road, even with the car 'bitter meat dollars,' put his foot into the bicycle rear wheel, and take advantage of the occasion robbery robbery aunt bracelet on the wrist, the two sell cartier love bracelet seven districts police have been involved in the investigation Zhengzhou Evening News Reporter Wang Yongsen text / map

Some people do not enter the wheel, look back when the gold bracelet disappeared

Yesterday at about 10 o'clock in the navigation Road and Pik Wan intersection about 100 meters to the north side of love bracelet screw replica the temporary vegetable market, the public Ms. Que buy vegetables ready to go home, I feel the bike wheel does not move She turned and saw his bike The right rear stood a man, a man's foot caught in the bicycle rear wheel, a hand grabbed her car, keep 'Oh my God' called pain Que woman see man facial expression pain, hurriedly stop both hands 掂Swinging from side to side, the man's foot was still pinched between the spokes of the wheel, and she rushed over and leaned forward to check that when she straightened up, the man pulled the foot out of the spoke and neither Instead of asking for medical treatment and compensation, she turned and walked straight away, 'I do not know if he was stealing it, I do not know what happened.' She said eternal love bracelet replica she was lucky enough to meet Good man, but I feel the wrist of the gold chain disappeared feet do not disappear inside the wheel of the man, Ms. Que gold bracelet worth more than 6,000 yuan, while another Aunt came tearing her gold wrist worn on the wrist Mysteriously love bracelets for couples copy disappeared outside market 'desperate measure' repeatedly staged

Aim specifically for aunt

'More than 50 grams, almost 20000.' The aunt is very self-blame, before the disappearance of the bracelet, a man shouts and was rolling over the wheel after the electric car, she just adjust the handlebars, turned and said the other a few words , Until the other party left the bracelet found no money nearby Merchants believe that the two Aunt wearing a gold chain has been robbed of the wrist, although this is not the first time there was a fresh fruit wholesale market in Central China before there had been similar things Occurred, it should be more people together to implement the robbery This knowledgeable merchants believe that robbing two aunt gold chain certainly more than a man, while playing 'bitter meat' of the man is 'really good, otherwise the car is not This person acting is really not bad, '' They are mainly looking for a lady to start, looking for there is no place to monitor, with the opportunity to steal Aunt gold jewelry reminder, aunt guard awareness is poor, usually very beautiful, the weather After the heat to wear jewelry revealed, gave the thieves an opportunity to suggest Aunt who entered the food market and other staff intensive Department, try not to wear gold and silver.
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