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Mother's Day gold jewelry is still selling a lot of businesses are still eyeing

China Ningbo Newspaper 'Mother's Day Economy' is getting hotter and hotter. Today is Mother's Day, and from Friday onwards, Ningbo businesses have launched all kinds of promotions this year's Mother's Day, as usual, gold jewelry is a major consumer hot spot. Reporter learned from Ningbo Second Department Store, Yintai Tianyi shop around the Mother's Day, all brands have introduced to the discount, the sales love bracelets for couples copy of goods is also very impressive yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited Tianyi district, found that a number of shopping malls introduced Yingjing products And activities. The reporter learned from Intime Department Store Tianyi shop, the store all the brand gold jewelry have introduced the relevant benefits, in addition, the gold jewelry on the basis of the brand discount and then hit 9.7 fold, mosaic replica the love bracelet by cartier jewelery in the brand discount on the basis of 9.6 fold. Ningbo Second Department Store not far away also launched more concessions, 'our Mothers Day theme promotion from Friday until Sunday. Gold jewelry category is one of the more obvious growth in this weekend average daily sales of 2 million yuan, up last year An increase of about 50% .In the past week, sales growth of gold rings, bracelets are more obvious. 'Ningbo Second Department Store Planning Department official in charge Yong told reporters in addition to these traditional hot products, with Mother's Day is no longer just middle-aged women Festivals, young hot mom because of the group has a strong spending power, but also become the mall's target customer base, 'My son was only 1 year old, Mother's Day intends to reward yourself.' Song Qian, who lives in Haishu District side Yintai Tianyi store a cosmetics Counter trial emulsion, while told reporters. The industry said that after 80, 90 women gradually become mothers, this part of the customer base has a certain spending power, there is a more fresh demand, so shopping malls activities in the motherland, will be particularly inclined to meet this part of the customer group addition, a lot of Some shopping malls to increase the fashion brand, shoe bag brand promotion efforts. There are some supermarkets launched the promotion of pregnant and infant products to meet the purchasing needs of novice mothers At the same time, to enhance customer engagement and experience the theme of the activities of the scene, but also become a way to attract business customers 'In recent years, shopping malls Pay more and more attention to consumer participation, in addition to some necessary discount activities, more will design a warmth of mothers-themed experience, or creative class activities. 'Yong told reporters in the industry that the mother from the business design Festival activities can be seen on the changes, Ningbo mall is bidding farewell to a simple love bracelet screw copy discount promotions, activities closer to the theme of copy love bracelet with screwdriver 'mothers' • If you have any questions or comments on the manuscript processing, please contact Xinmin Network, Quickly respond to you and deal with it.
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