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So the transfer negotiations of players are revised. According to EA, there will be real-time negotiations on transfers and contract renewals, which you will apparently come across via a new Transfer Mode Main Menu Transfer Center coin master free spins cheats. So you choose a player from the candidate list and you start the negotiations.

FIFA 18 : New contract negotiations in the game

After two steps a transfer should come about. First, you meet with a representative of the donating club and negotiate a sum for the player. A decision maker chooses their offer and also clauses, such as a resale fee. Your conversation partner can only accept, reject or counter your offer.

After you have set the transfer fee, you negotiate with the player and his advisor. Here you set about salary, contract duration, but also the role of the player in the team.

Image result for FIFA 18FIFA 18: News videos in Career mode

When the negotiations are over, the player switches to your team. EA wants to present this solemnly already in the main menu and shows you "News-Videos". In small videos, you will probably see advertising posters, photos with the new teammates and press conferences with the coach.

But it's not just completed transfers that you can watch. Images are also displayed when a footballer is voted player of the month, or when a team wins a league or tournament.

FIFA 18 : quick change, team styles, training, stadiumsFIFA 18will also offer a quick-change feature for substitutions. This will allow you to decide who should come into play later for the match before kick-off. We have already tried the function in the Free fifa 18 coins for you.

Furthermore EA should offer you FIFA 18 ultimate team coin generator new team styles in FIFA 18. EA claims that you will recognize the most famous tactics during a game. Team styles are authentically modeled on all defensive and attacking teams

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