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Ethnic simple and subtle aquarium costumes map

The special tastes of the aquarium in the aesthetic sense of clothing, on the one hand, with their humble, emotional introverted ethical norms; the other hand, they enjoy the colors and their living green environment is harmonious. Because blue, blue is cool, often with the thick shade, fresh springs and other soft and consistent, in their psychological sense of peace and stability. Aquarists taboo in apparel replica love necklace gold red and yellow, especially taboo red, hot color of rhubarb, unique in the clothing color aesthetics, better fake love pendant follow the 'Bai Yue' national tradition Legacy Aquatic costumes roughly divided into daily wear And holiday costumes, men's daily clothing and the Han nationality costumes are generally consistent, mostly for the lapel casual wear, fabric for the homespun, cloth deduction for the singular, seven, nine, eleven range, length and hip, wearing waist trousers, The daily wear of women's clothing fabrics for the homespun or woven blue cloth, clothing and hip, right 衽 no collar, along the lapel to clothing decorated lace; winter gingham hood, wearing embroidered cloth shoes; older women 绾 updo top, young women绾 绾 bun, combed from knock off cartier necklace price the right with a wooden comb, inserted silver hairpin, wearing earrings, silver bracelets, silver collar. And every grand festival or imitation chain love marriage, the young women of the aquarium are filled with silver flowers on their heads, wearing silver plaques, silver pockets, and embroidered shoes with toes, dressed as a beautiful landscape.
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