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The issue of the working style of organs and organs and cadres has always been a major issue in the building of the party's style of work as well as the proper meaning of the topic in building a clean and honest government. To a certain extent, the work of one place, as a cadre, Cadres; the image of an organ, good style, bad style; a cadre's reputation, excellent style of work, inferior style, therefore, organs and organs cadres and children's style of construction relates to the overall situation of reform and development, related to social harmony and stability , The success or failure of the cause of the success or failure of a comprehensive city cadre team work style is good, there are seven aspects: First, do not learn, some people do not seek political motivated, business do not seek growth, usually do not learn, stand still, Utilitarian attitude towards the study of political theory; some serious personal affairs, not good at crowded time learning, not good at improving themselves from theory, contentment at a half-know; some people learn to learn, not good at targeting, with the problem of learning, not Good at combining theory with practice and learn to apply; some young party members and cadres put the academic education as a promotion Door brick, mix a diploma as a grandstanding capital. Second, quit, some people work enthusiasm is not high, professionalism is not strong, the style of drag procrastination, promiscuous; some people work standards are not high, not strict, not seeking meritorious, but no; there Some people do not ask officers, but they seek fame and fortune; some people are in Caoxing heart, occupying their own place in politics. Third, it is not true. Some people do not go deep into the actual investigation and study and grasps the habit of doing work on a superficial article. Some people do not grasp enough about the implementation of the work. They are just ordinary calls but do not have specific guidance. They are only satisfied with the arrangement of meetings without supervision Some people treat the superior's decisions and directives not in accordance with the actual conditions of the local department but in a creative and creative manner. They copy and copy the photos and do the trickery. Some are good at speaking hard and boasting about anything but not solving any problems Practical problems. Fourth, it is unfair. Some people engage in vulgar relations. They meet neither comrades as their buddy, nor do they speak the principle of doing things. They even often use corruption in the Party and promote the quality of cadres continually

It is non-obvious in learning that corrupt practices are upright. From the entire city, the province and the whole country, some corrupt people find that the crux of the crime committed by many people and many people is that they have relaxed the necklace van cleef arpels fake transformation of their world outlook, resulting in the loss of self-discipline and power Believers, money slaves, women's prisoners and sins of the people. From this, we can see that no matter who is a leader, no matter how high a job or not, there are multiple powers of non-respect. Once the world outlook, values ​​and outlook on life have seen problems, private expansion and evil will rise. Color is obscene, see on the name; will be a step by step into the quagmire of crime can not extricate themselves. In this sense, temptation is the test, resistance to temptation is the ability, and how many temptations are there to test. Whether the leading cadres can withstand the temptation depends on the strict self-discipline. Therefore, every leading cadre should take the lead in setting examples and strict self-discipline in order to maintain the purity of the party, consolidate the party's governing foundation, and further enhance its ability to resist corruption and prevent change. Table of contents, the example of hard work. So, how can we do these three models? That is, we should handle four relations and do four things. First, we must deal with the four relations first, we must unify the work and the government, and the correct World outlook on life and values. How to behave as an official is an uniformed measure of the ideological realm of leading cadres. As a leading cadre, he should fulfill his duties as a leading cadre, effectively handle the power for the people, exercise his right and really work hard. privilege. I suggest that our Party members and cadres should regularly look and think in four places: Take a look at the Holy Land of Revolution, think how hard our regime is and how the blood of 30 million revolutionary martyrs has changed; The family will have a look and think about the multiple tasks of the people in our shoulders. We should do more work and solve more difficulties and sorrows for more people because the purpose of our party is to serve the people. When we look at the jail and think about the taste and pain of those who promote freedom, we should even more cherish and uphold the seriousness of our van cleef and arpels necklace sale replica party's discipline because Skynet has not lost its sparseness; we have to take a look at the funeral home , Think of how short-lived life, like a fleeting, fleeting, thus, we should double the fame and fortune for the party for the country to do more useful things for the people, because people can not resurrection. Therefore, we must cherish the organization and the people to give play to the talent of the stage, founding merits, efforts for the county economy to make more contribution to the development of more. To do more practical and good deeds for the masses of the people, we should constantly enrich ourselves and improve ourselves. We should establish a clear concept of evil and positive and progressive struggle, the concept of interests our ancestors have, the concept of interpersonalism with integrity and honesty, Be a honest, diligent and pragmatic cadres. Second, it is necessary to keep self-discipline and other laws open to the future, and exercise the power, money and beauty. Self-discipline is self-restraint, self-regulation, self-restraint and self-restraint. The law of self is the supervision and supervision from the outside and emphasizes the combination of the two This is determined by the nature of power. Power is a double-edged sword, with strict self-discipline and the correct right of use, alhambra necklace replica which will benefit the people and benefit the society. To evade supervision and abuse power for personal gains will corrupt and degenerate and destroy the future. Therefore, every member of our party and government should make proper use of the power in our hands, be able to endure poverty, resist the temptation to live on human resources and manage the bar. At the same time, we must also learn to supervise ourselves. We must profoundly realize that supervision is a kind of restraint and more a kind of protection. It restricts the desires of our own people and protects the power of our people's survival and development. Supervision is by no means an affair with anyone, not even the whole people, but to ensure the healthy growth of cadres. I hope all of you present here will be able to learn to supervise on their own. We must give correct opinions on opposing evidence. When we hear that, we should like to unify the management within eight hours and eight hours to make the alarm be sobering. Fourteen hours apart from eight hours of work, the rest of the time is at the discretion of the leading cadres. During the working hours, the supervision of the organizations and comrades is relatively more. Outside the eight hours, the management and supervision of the organizations are relatively weak. For example, Eight hours later, some hunters drank from the sea and used public funds for fun. Some pursued sensory stimulation and indulged themselves in the dance hall. These problems not only ruined the cadres themselves but also corrupted the party's image. Therefore, as leading cadres He said: We must enhance self-study and sense of responsibility so that people of the same class can look after their forerunners and look after the front desk. They are like a night during the day and an inside and outside of eight hours. They can set an example for cadres and workers within eight hours and make contributions to the public for eight hours. demonstration. Four major sections and sections should be unified, starting from their own, from now on, starting from a small thing. Large section refers to the issue of principle, subsection refers to bad behavior. As the saying goes, the Bank of China has become established, the name is subject to people, for the leading cadres, both major and minor sections, must be strict with the rules and regulations. Judging from the many major cases investigated and dealt with in recent years, some cadres who go to corruption often start by accepting an invitation, a gift, or even a bottle of wine. Former deputy director of Hunan Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, is a senior official, the heavy right in the grip of his crime was to accept a bracelet from others, and finally gradually degenerate, jail, jailed. Therefore, we must think twice before dealing with matters of importance. We must be sober-minded on major issues and take precautionary measures against the minor issues. Only by holding down the bars and blocking the temptations will we not be able to slip into the quagmire of law and discipline. Handan is a hot red earth and is also An investment hot spot, but no one of us also said that this is a Pure Land, in this hot land, every beat of a copper plate, will make a seductive voice, will have to Seductive attractive Phantom of the Opera. As party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, how to turn a deaf ear to this, turn a blind eye, self-defending, clean themselves, I think it is necessary to do seven tube live: First, to control their own minds do not fall spirit. Thought is the precursor of action. Corruption in action often begins with the relaxation of one's own mindset. And then slowly lead to the ideological evolution, then to political degeneration, economic greed, style erosion. Therefore, to manage their own minds, the leading cadres of Party members must firmly establish a scientific world outlook, outlook on life and values, and arm themselves with advanced, correct and sound theories and always keep a clear head. To grasp the ideal of faith as a lifeline, as the primary core of the problem to solve. Second, to control their own heart, do not psychological imbalance. There are poems said: life and death breath, come and go to a naked, but to mind nothing, no need to whisk. As long as we have a balanced mind and a clean mind, we will handle the relationship between fame and benefit,

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