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Chat Hainan Sanya wedding photography ranked the top ten which is good

Hainan Sanya wedding photography ranking Which is better? Sanya wedding photography which of the top 10 studio is worth the choice? Hainan wedding which shot is good? Sanya where the scenery for wedding photography? To go to Sanya to shoot wedding photos, in fact, not too tangled bride wedding photography Which is better, of course, to choose photography Professional wedding photography studio! Well, we do not Tucao Xiaoban said too casual, in fact, small series Today is to introduce you to Hainan better photography shop Oh, hey, let's have a look

Sanya wedding photography which technology is better? Liu Fang photography studio wedding photos taken on the emotional emotions are in place, especially knock off van cleef and arpels vintage alhambra necklace the female image is more profound research, the screen shot delicate, light and shade in place, the color soft, the basic 80's are Where the shooting, Sanya, a favorite among locals, of course, there are some of the top ten Sanya studio photography style beautifully romantic team Sanya Lanfei private custom, is well-known high-quality photography studio in Hainan, Very strong, but also 2015 2016 fashion cutting-edge photography team. There are SO LIN Lin, a photographer of fashion photography from Shanghai Station Photo Contest, who has been featured on the cover of photography magazine for many photography works. van cleef and arpels diamond necklace replica She is one of the top ten cutting-edge photographers in China. In the filming has its own creative thinking, good at various styles of wedding custom team, new ideas for the creation of their own liberal, aestheticism, romantic wedding series of these creative and powerful wedding photography studio , Praised by the young new people, the two directors are also frequent appearances in the Chinese portrait magazines In the wedding photography, the bride to show the most perfect, should be based on body choose jewelry. A jewelry style is good or bad, the effect is no less than a beautiful and perfect wedding, so jewelry is how it is particularly important. Here to worry about fat brides, take a quick look at how to choose the right accessories:

More fat bride features plump, bloated, short neck, wearing jewelry will visually weaken the width of both sides of the body. To this end, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. should choose dark colors, simple style models. Such as platinum matte jewelry, bracelets is a good choice. However, the necklace pendant shape should choose long and thin, large and multicolored kind of bright and charming jewelry, easy to attract the attention of others, so that others on the wearer's body is not so attentive. Like diamonds and polished platinum with a slender pendant and the material is very suitable for the shape of the wedding your fat man's arm and wrist must be relatively thick, so the bracelet or arm ring should be wide and wide, if worn thin and Small, but makes you feel your arms more thick. Fat people's hands are generally short and flat fingers, it is recommended to wear a narrow ring, this will make your fingers look longer. Fat is not a big problem, the key is how do you look at their own fat. Be a confident fat knock off van cleef and arpels necklace sale bride, you are also the most beautiful wedding. Guests will admire your gorgeous wedding, beautiful flowers and so on, and enjoy the sumptuous feast you have prepared for them. But in the end, everything is just a party. The wedding is of great importance, and it ties the two people who decide to spend their entire lives together. In this bustling day, try to remember one or two important moments. Find your bride or groom smile in the crowd, so that in the days to regain this beautiful memories. In addition, Xiao Bian reminds, at the wedding, the couple must remind attendants to pay attention to the safety of guests. At the same time let your best man attention to each guest, it is best not to let guests drunk.

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