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Mystical discovery during the excavation of the Treasure Palace

Leifeng Tower, van cleef & arpels ring price knock off the underground palace was in the Republic of China because of the sudden collapse of the Pagoda was discovered, has been for decades. Discovering a lot of Buddhist gems in the excavation of the Lepong Pagoda. However, why there is Pagoda under the pagoda back to the underground palace it? Is it the treasure house of the monks?

Leifeng tower deep dig underground

On van cleef and arpels ring price knock off March 10, 2001, archaeological staff conducted a rigorous blockade of the site around the excavation site of the Leifeng Pagoda, and no one other than the staff members was allowed to break into it. Leifeng tower underground palace is located in the center of tower tower of Leifeng tower ruins, octagonal, the center distance of 40 meters Leifeng Tataki and the tower first remnants of more than ten thousand cubic meters of silt was cleared out, And covered with a rain-proof greenhouse for protection. Archeologists used chains and pots to lift boulders. This potter's wheel can withstand three tons of weight, seemingly simple archaeological work, in the implementation process everyone can not take it lightly, concentrate all the energy to deal with the upcoming may be unearthed precious relics, such as bronze, paper, silk and so on. The entire underground palace was a cube of length, width and height of one meter, the most striking of which was the iron relics located in the central area of ​​the underground palace. Re Lee letter width of 32 cm, 50 cm high, covered with rust. Between the iron letter and the wall stuck a statue of copper, scattered around a large number of ancient coins, underground palace of serious accumulation of sludge, which may have been flooded with the underground palace, which arduous work to archeology.

Leifeng tower underground palace

At 15:00, eight pieces of artifacts were unearthed from Leifeng Pagoda, including two bronze mirrors, a statue base and four copper square inlays. These artifacts exquisite appearance.

At 1516, the archeological team demolished a brick wall at the underground palace to ensure foolproof extraction of the iron letter. At this point, the archaeological team decided to implement a closed excavation to ensure the safety of the site. A beautiful bronze Buddha statue also will be unearthed, about 6070 cm high, a total of two base, seat has a dragon, there is a dragon lotus throne, belonging to the national level protection of cultural relics.

After 2200, more artifacts were unearthed in the following archaeological excavations, totaling about 34 pieces. One of the belt buckle and belt piece by the experts inferred that it should belong to the Wu Yue period with a decorative cortical belt on the parts. Belt buckle thickness of about 10 cm, while the belt piece is hollow, can be used as clothing worn over as a decoration. There are also four pieces of jade, including a bracelet.

The entire Iron Works bulky, accounting for 2/3 of Leifeng Tower Palace area, but also because of the bottom of the mud was buried, so take the iron letter work has become difficult. Archeologists first carefully peeled open the soil around the iron letters and introduced them with bronze mirrors wrapped in silk and paper products. But outside the package has been unbearable, which is not unrelated to the water inside the cave. However, we can still see the above printed designs from the paper products and the decorations on the arm of the ancients. The protection of unearthed cultural relics is the most important temperature and humidity stability, so relics, especially organic matter should first be wrapped with a wet towel placed in a dedicated container, and then sent to the laboratory for preservation. It is speculated that there should be a copper letter in the iron letter, and there will be a silver coffin inside the copper letter, which contains a relic filled with small glass bottles. In fact, the optical iron itself is already quite valuable artifacts, more than 100 kilograms of iron was carefully removed by the archaeologists, followed by iron works on the surface rust. As for the opening of the iron letter needs to be carried out after the next study of the iron letter to start, forcibly opened up is very likely to undermine the iron and iron letters possession of the treasure.

Leifeng tower excavated from the palace

After the archaeologists took out the iron replica van cleef butterfly ring letter carefully, they found that there was a cup of copper coins about 4 cm high under the iron letter and plenty of silk fabrics. As a result, the entire underground light copper coins will be nearly a thousand pieces.

More than 3 o'clock the next day, Pagoda archeological work has finally come to an end. The unearthed artifacts all sent to the Zhejiang Provincial Museum storehouse preservation. Only iron has not yet opened, so the mystery of the underground palace has not yet all untied.

The final unsolved mystery

On March 15, this mysterious iron letter was eventually opened with the joint efforts and testimony of all the staff of the Archeological team of the Pagoda in Pagoda. Open the work more smoothly, in the counterparts to deal with rust and other processes, the lid on the iron letter was raised to the side of the vertical lift, which appeared inside a corner of the silver 鎏 urn, very beautiful.

鎏 Jintao 鎏 gold and silver, the tower height of 35 cm, 12.6 cm side of the base square, the four sides of the tower is also carved with a Buddhist story as a bas-relief. Four corners of the tower there are four mountain flower banana leaves, the middle of the tower stands decorated with a five-phase wheel. The integrity of this tower is rare in our country, reflecting the highest level of Wu Yue technology. From the hollowed out part of it, you can see the golden container with buddha hair in the tower. According to the relevant literature analysis, the gold coffin should be the worship of the Buddha Buddha hair extension.

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