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DC Universe Top 10 Core Heroes

As one of the largest and oldest comics companies in the United States, the DC comic logo has long been a guarantee of entertainment blockbuster. Although recent DC expansion films in the universe are often unsatisfactory, most fans and fans still believe this year's ' Wonder Woman 'and' Justice League 'can completely reverse the adverse situation of DC movie fighting over and over In the' Batman wars Superman ',' suicide squad 'suffered a series of vicious reviews (who had expected the' suicide squad 'actually will be the first to The fourth Wonder Woman, the fourth generation of the DC Extended Universe, is expected to be on the verge of losing sight of the fact that it was on the screen before Justice League, and of such quality. Warner Bros. spared no effort in marketeering the first female heroine movie, not only following the superb marketing tactics of 'Superwoman', but also attracting the attention of female groups. The cost of television advertising far surpassed that of 'suicide squad' and even chose to hold the world premiere in Shanghai, China To ensure that the Asian region can have a good market performance, but also to further stimulate the enthusiasm of viewers of the vast domestic audience on the current general acclaim of the pre-media evaluation and the first weekend of about 70 million U.S. dollars at the box office forecast, the 'Wonder Woman' Obviously will not let us down. In the 'Wonder Woman' release on the occasion, this article selected the DC universe, the most important ten heroes for not familiar with the DC comics fans slightly popular selection of these heroes, in addition to reference to the cartoon character's popularity and popularity, but also based on Its influence and spread in the film and television works, as well as the future of DC in the universe to expand the necessary importance. For omissions, Welcome to Superman was originally a comic character created by screenwriter Jerry Siegel and painter Joe Schuster in high school, sold in 1938 to the future of DC Comics. After the introduction of comics, superman also appeared in a variety of radio drama, newspaper comics, television shows, movies and video games. Superman's success not only created a prototype of the superhero, but also in the United States comic book laid the mainstream status. He is also known as the Blue vca necklace fake Boy Scout, the son of steel, the son of tomorrow, the son of tomorrow, and the son of the last krypton, etc. The story of the origin of superman It is well known that he was born in Krypton, formerly Calcar, before Krypton was destroyed scientist father Joel El sent to Earth. Growing up was raised by a couple of Kansas farm couples, named him Clark Clark. He has a strong sense of morality, showed a very small ability to superhuman, adult, decided to 'superman' secret identity for humanity. Superman now lives in the metropolis of the United States, in the name of Clark Kent A reporter for the Metropolitan newspaper Daily Planet. Superman's lover is generally Louise. Ryan, and his rival is the super villain Alex Luther. He is a member of the Justice League, Batman and Wonder Woman are his close allies Superman looks unique and iconic, he usually wore a blue uniform with a red shawl, a shield in front of a letter S Shape, red and yellow badge. So far in the film and TV series superman actor, including Kirk Irene, George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Dean. Kane, Tom Willing, Brandon Rose, Henry. Cavill and Taylor Hoehling Dark Knight, Cloak Crusader, the world's greatest detective. No matter how much you know about him and where he got to know him - blockbuster movies, TV shows, video games, cartoons or comic books, Batman has proved to you that becoming a superhero van cleef arpels clover necklace fake does not require super powers and also typically shows Bad childhood experience will have a serious impact on a person's life Batman was created by painter Bob Kane and screenwriter Bill Pitt, debuting in 1939, 'Detective Comics' No. 27. In decades of development, the formation of Batman character has had different interpretations. Batman's secret identity as a comedy role in the late sixties Batman TV series was Bruce Wayne, wealthy playboy, philanthropist and owner of Wayne Enterprises. After witnessing the murders of his parents Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne as a child, he vowed to revenge crimes in a just manner. Bruce Wayne physically and mentally trained himself and was inspired by a bat to become Batman's hit-and-run Batman living in Gotham City, led by his housekeeper Alfred, Chief of Police Gordon, and Robin Other guard allies to provide assistance. Unlike most superheroes, Batman does not have any super powers; instead, he relies on his genius, physical fitness, martial arts abilities, detective skills, technology, tremendous wealth, intimidation and indomitable will. Battles of battles make up Battist villains, including his rival clowns as one of the hallmarks of American culture. Batman has also appeared in a variety of media, from radio to television and to movies and video games. Batman also aroused the interest of psychiatrists, many people trying to understand the psychological role. In 2015, FanSided ranked Batman first in the list of 'the greatest superheroes in comic book history.' So far, Lewis Wilson, Robert Reddy, Adam West, Michael Keaton, Valle Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bebel and Ben Affleck have been filming and television Batman no doubt: the most famous female heroes heroine ever. Whether it's Tomb Raider, Vampire Hunter Buffy, or various Disney princess, they have not been able to countless magazine covers such as Wonder Woman, are frequently printed on T-shirts, or sell countless cartoons, Doll and doll. She has been a feminist symbol of beauty, wisdom and physical strength since her birth in 1941. She is not only a founding member of the Justice League, but also a semi-goddess of women and a princess of the Amazon warrior. In her hometown she is Princess Diana on Paradise Island, outside of her homeland she is known for her civilian status as Diana Prince and in the original origins of Wonder Woman she was inspired by her mother, The Queen was carved from clay and was made alive by Aphrodite, and the Greek gods gave her superhuman strength. Her training in the Amazon gave her extraordinary skills in strategy, hunting and combat. She has advanced weapons and equipment, including mantra, indestructible bracelets, projectile headdress, and in the old story, she has a series based on Amazon technology developed equipment. The Wonder Woman was born during World War II and her first major rival was the Axis powers and various super villains, but as time went by, her story more emphasized the characters, gods and gods in Greek mythology monster. For decades after her debut, Wonder Woman has defeated a series of classic villains such as Ares, Leopard, Poison, Corsi, Madness and Juvenile, who have been defeating the Amazon, As well as recent opponents such as Veronica Kyle Linda Carter starred in a Wonder Woman drama from 1975 to 1979 and since then many studios have been trying to make a new version of Real Wonder Woman Film and television works, but failed to succeed. In 2011, NBC's new Wonder Woman pilot episode was about to come out. In CW CW 2012 announced plans to make Wonder Woman, similarly stagnating. Until Gail Gardaugh in the DC expansion universe as Wonder Woman, in the 2016 movie 'Batman wars Superman: Dawn of Justice,' debut, became the Wonder Woman's first screen appearance for more than 70 years. Gaelic Garuda starring in the first Wonder Woman independent live movie 'Wonder Woman' will be released on June 2, no one would miss to imagine that if your finger ring is more than a luxury jewelry, but The most powerful weapon in the universe. It can create anything you want with pure energy, and its magical power is limited only by your imagination and will. And with it, you became a new member of the Interstellar Police Force, and the alien police can travel the universe The first Green Lantern is Allen Scott, was born in the early 40s when the superhero first popular. He usually uses ordinary magic rings to fight ordinary criminals in New York City. With the general decline of the super-hero comics in the late 1940s, this role also played a role. In 1959, the popular use of science fiction theme, Green Lantern characters were repackaged as Harbin Jordan, he was the Green Light Army Corps of Interstellar law enforcement agencies A law enforcer. Other members of this body, claiming Green Lantern. Over time, many famous Green Lanterns have also starred in comic books, including Gane Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Reiner, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are several A superhero's title, by the writer Gardner Fox and painter Harry. Lan Pate creation, nicknamed 'Red Runner', each generation of flash have a 'super speed', not only moving fast, thinking Ability to be very fast, with superhuman responsiveness, seems to violate certain laws of physics So far, there are at least four different Lightning Men, each of which has somehow gained the ability to 'speed power,' including universities Athlete Jay Galick (1940-1951, since 1961), forensic scientist Barry Allen (1956-1985, since 2008), Barry's nephew Walley West (1986-2016), and Barry Grandson Bart Allen (2006 2007). Each generation of DCs is an important DC team. Key members of the van cleef flower necklace replica American Judicial Association or Justice League or Juvenile Titan Flash is one of the most popular characters in DC Comics and has been a key part of many 'crisis' events that have changed reality for years. Golden Age Glitter Gary Garry and Silver Age Lightning Barry Allen's first encounter in Lightning Man of Two Worlds (1961) introduced the parallel universe story to DC readers, which became The foundation of many DC stories in the coming years Like his Justice League, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, the D-Man has unique opponents, including the Razor-Helps and Spirits, who are aptly named, specifically for Flash Against the lightning. Other minor personalities in the flash story include Allan West, wife of Barry Allen, Linda Parker of Wally West's wife, friendly DC DC Silver Max Mercury, And David Singh and Patti Spitto of the Central Metropolitan Police Department. In reality films, John Wesley Sharp and Grant Gustin, respectively, in the 1990 and 2014 versions of 'Flash' TV series As Barry Allen, the former also in the 2014 version of 'Flash' played the first generation of Lightning Giants. Garrick. The DC Extended Universe Flashlight, played by Ezra Miller, was the first to appear in The Batman Superman: The Dawn of Justice. Flash independent film scheduled to be released in March 2018, there are reports that Robert Zemex is negotiating the king of the Seven Seas, Atlantis, the frustrated ruler. Neptune has more than seventy years of popular history. This incompatible Aquarian, always exclude superheroes and Wonder Woman such a hero. Neptune is very recognizable, so that when foreign officials talk about the dangers of marine pollution, have to mention his name before it appears fashionable Neptune by Paul. Norris and Mothe Weininger creation, 'Funny Comics' No. 73 (November 1941) made its debut. Initially only a supporting role, and later introduced several of its main character comics, in the late 1950s and 1960s superhero era, the Milky Way, he became a founding member of the American Justice League. In the modern age of the 1990s, King Neptune's characters were more serious and anxious than most of the previous expositions. The story also aggravated his role as the king of Atlantis, making him infamy and becoming a deposed King, a fallen hero.

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