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Are you a good financial manager? If not then you’ll need some assistance, and these five expense management apps will help you. Check them out now. 

 Personal income management is an essential process to help you balance your monthly income and expenses. Want to save to prepare for the future? Or maybe you’re looking to put some money aside for your next vacation?

 The following three expense management apps will assist you with this. However, the most important thing is that you have to be strict with your rules when implementing these spending plans.
1. PocketGuard




 Cost: Free with basic functions or $4/ month or $20/ year for more functions.

Google Play customers rate: 4.4/5

 What to know: PocketGuard is free for tracking bank transactions only. A payment of $4 a month or $20 a year is required to get a PocketGuard Plus membership, which allows you to track cash and adds more pockets.

 This is one of the safest spending management apps you can own by offering a simple and secure solution to control your budget. It monitors your cash flow in daily basis and your bank balance by connecting to your bank account. Once set up and installed, PocketGuard automatically saves invoices, subscriptions and periodic monthly earnings. It prioritizes security with 128-bit encryption and protecting your data with a 4-digit PIN.

 In addition to helping you have a perfect monthly spending report, Pocket Guard also prevents you from overspending. There is also a section showing bank balances and cash flow graphs that illustrate your financial prospects and spending trends. This application offers you convenient reminders and alerts, which will surely assist you in reminding credit card payment dates, paying bills, fees, and wages on time.

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 2. HomeBudget


 Cost: Free for basic functions: $4.99/ month 

 Google Play customers rate: 4.1/5

 What to know: This app includes charts and graphs; family sync is available, as well as an integrated set of features

 HomeBudget brings an extremely rich set of features. It is one of the best multi-platform financial planning applications in money management. Its important features include a separate item designed to track your costs, income, bills, and bank account balance. All will be graphed - and have their own analysis tools.

 This app can sync across multiple devices. You can capture and attach images of receipts, spent invoices, fixed cost categories, changes, and arbitrary settings to automatically calculate your earnings. HomeBudget will have a separate flowchart with password protection to access the data.

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3. Mint - The best free expense management application


  3. Mint - The best free expense management application

 Cost: Free

 Google Play customers rate: 4.3/5

 What to know: This app includes your credit score, reminder functions, multi-factor authentication and a web app is also available.

 Mint continues to be one of the best and most popular paid management apps, attracting a lot of users.

 This is a free application that can help you with smart spending and effective saving methods. It might give you information from all of your accounts, credit cards, and investing amount to calculate your income perfectly. Also, Mint continually checks credit card scores, billing reminders, and offers personalized tips to reduce costs and save money. Mint can also automatically classify bank transactions and credit cards, creating charts and graphs to show you the most money. There are also trending features that help you track your credit, cash, expenses, earnings, and see how your net worth increases or decreases over time.

 This app allows you to store and view all your finance-related items, both online and offline.  Mint helps you by not only managing your financial goals, such as saving money for buying a car or paying your debts but also giving you advice on how much do you have to save and how to arrange your income. Like PocketGuard, this app keeps your data by 128-bit encryption and a 4-digit code. What is more special about this app is that if you lose your device, you can reset the app to delete all of your account information remotely.

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