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Cooking is a very interesting activities in Runescape, it's a kind of enjoyment and can save some RS Gold for you, which you spend on food. But it's not easy to be a good cook, you need a comprehensive cooking training.

The best training process is quite simple, but unfortunately, quite boring. Find a range that is close to a bank or just use your tinderbox with some logs to make a fire. Use your raw fish on the range or fire to cook your fish. Repeat until all of your fish are cooked, and then grab some more raw fish from your bank account.

The best locations for cooking are the following:

Few ranges are very close to a bank on the free worlds. Your best bet is to make a fire to cook in close proximity to a bank. The closest ranges to banks are in Al-Kharid, Edgeville or Lumbridge. The closest permanent fire to a bank in free RuneScape in Draynor Village at Ned's house.

On member worlds, there is a range very close to the bank in Catherby and the Lumbridge Cellar. There is also a permanent fire next to a banker in Rogue's Den, considerably closer to each other than Catherby. 

The Official Forums are far from a bad place to make any of the trades necessary, as they are very active and fast. The Herblore, Farming, and Food board on our Community site is also a good place to make transactions. If you're pondering about ingame locations however, Edgeville on low numbered worlds (1-12) are excellent places for selling sharks and lobsters, especially cooked.

Level 1 - 15:

If you want to be as self-sufficient as possible, you should begin cooking by also training fishing. Take a small net, axe, and tinderbox to Draynor Village, and begin fishing shrimp in the river south of the bank, cooking as you go. There's no point in keeping these cooked fish, so you're best saving time by dropping them when they're cooked. At level 5 fishing you will be able to move on to sardines. 

Alternatively, you can stick with your small net and shrimp until level 15, or you can camp out in the Lumbridge cow farm area and pick up the meat people leave on the ground.

Level 1 Cooking, Level 1 Fishing: Shrimp

Level 1 Cooking, Level 5 Fishing: Sardines

Level 5 Cooking, Level 10 Fishing: Herring

Level 15 - 40:

You'll need a fishing level of 20 to continue properly. Keep training on sardines and herring if you need to. You'll now begin fly fishing, which is some of the quickest experience you'll encounter in the game. Get a decent stock of feathers - 500 should be enough to get you from level 20 to 40 fishing - and a fly fishing rod. Free players will also need an axe (equipped) and a tinderbox, while members have the option of using a stock of Rings of Dueling to bank their fish. 

For lower level chefs who have access to the Cooks' Guild or have a lot of grapes stored up in their banks, the best experience is making wine as it gives 200xp per successful jug and the Cooks' Guild has a grape spawn, jug spawn and water source so you never need to leave!

For lower level chefs who do not have access to the Cooks' Guild, one of the best ways is to go to the cow farm in Lumbridge, and cook the raw meat that people leave laying around, you will find an endless supply to the uncooked meat. It is also recommended that you cook trout/salmon, as they will provide you with minimal money loss, along with quick cooking experience for your levels.

Level 40-99:

Cooking lobsters at the start of level 40 is the fastest experience. The problem that lies herein is that you'll burn a high percentage of the lobsters you attempt to cook. You could continue with trout and salmon for a while. A decision you need to make is whether or not you want to spend a fair bit on this goal. Continuing the entire way to 99 with lobsters is the most expensive, but it won't take as long if cooking other fish. 

Switching to monkfish at around 80 will help you avoid burning a lot of them, and save you time. You could start sharks at this level as well, but you'll waste a lot of money burning them. To avoid burning a lot of sharks, start at around level 90 with cooking gauntlets. At level 94, you will stop burning sharks (With the gauntlets) and have the easiest route from 94-99 to be burn free. You may however lose a bit of money cooking sharks, as the prices for them are continually dropping and rising. It is best to stick with lobsters, as that way you will know how much you will be losing from 94 to 99 cooking.

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