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If you want to earn a lot of RS Gold in the game, you should care about the Gems and Golden Jewelry, which is the most precious craft. Opal, jade, and red topaz are obtained by panning in the Digsite area or through mining the gem rocks in Shilo Village. 

You can only obtain Uncut Dragonstones by using a crystal key on the chest in Taverley (or buying from another player). Certain very strong monsters can drop cut Dragonstones.

To cut a gem, simply use a chisel on it and if you have the required crafting level to do so, you cut the gem. There is now a "Cut X" option to make for easier gem cutting. You can use cut gems in the creation of jewelry and bolt tips.

Golden jewelry is one of the most rewarding areas of crafting. When you use magic to enchant your jewelry, you will gain new abilities such as teleporting or extra strength in combat. In RuneScape, it is possible to make rings, necklaces and amulets out of gold. Here are the steps to making golden jewelry:

Get a ring, necklace or amulet mould as well as some gold ore.

Smelt the ore into a gold bar by using it on a furnace.

If you wish to put a gem into your item, have a cut gem in your inventory along with the gold.

Use the gold bar on the furnace, a screen will come up where you can choose which item to make. On this screen, there is now a "Craft X" option to create ease when creating jewelry.

You can craft an amulet; use a ball of wool on it first so it can hang from your neck. This can now be done with easy with a "String X" option.

When your golden jewelry is complete, you can then enchant it. Please note that only members can enchant rings and necklaces. For more information on enchanting, visit

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