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I just wanted to start this off by saying that I've played soccer for 21 years, have played Fifa since the 06 version, and have watched international and club soccer my whole life as well. Here are a couple improvements that would make the game a little more realistic and more enjoyable because I want to throw my remote into the TV every time these happen.

1. Defenders very, very rarely run into each other in real life and fall over allowing easy goals. They are actually intelligent and try to avoid trucking each other while this happens all too often with Fifa coins. Maybe implement some kind of design to where physical contact between teammates isn't as effecting on their balance or just give the computer defender brains to avoid your player. I don't know how exactly to fix it but this always really bothers me because while it is possible in real life, it almost never does.

2. Similar to the first, it really bothers me when my player shoots but a teammate ahead of him gets in the way and not only blocks my shot, but also gets called offside. This just doesn't happen in real life. As before, it is possible to hit your own player, but teammates obviously try to duck and avoid a shot. Hopefully this won't be too hard to fix, but it's pretty annoying.

3. When I hit B and then my player gets auto switched and just standing tackles out in the middle of nowhere.. I would really appreciate if you could make a parameter in the game to where your player won't standing tackle when he's more than a couple feet away from the player with the ball or something.

I love the game every year, but if you could make these changes then I wouldn't be cursing at the TV so much. Thanks guys,

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