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The attribute which determines the fifa 16 coins quality of finishes – shooting – inside the area. It has no influence over headers or finishes from outside of the area. Being a great finisher doesn’t necessarily mean being able to beat the goalkeeper, but shooting on target more easily.

An analogy would be thinking buy fifa coins that having high finishing will affect the ball’s magnetism, so when the ball would have normally hit the post for a bad finisher, a great finisher would have this force push it towards the goal, or when it would’ve normally gone wide the ball would at least hit the post. It’s something like that. Obviously, in case you flick the directional stick too hard or hold shoot for too long while having 99 of finishing your player will still miss the goal, so you can’t always blame him.

Building a team based on this attribute doesn’t mean all players must have 85+ of finishing, only the striker should. 80+ is enough for the rest of your attackers, including the LW and RW positions. You don’t need to worry much about your CM, CDM, LM, RM or defenders having good finishing because they rarely enter the area to shoot. For a team based on high finishing, the most attackers the better, so a formation like 4-1-2-1-2 would be best since it has 2 ST, 1 CAM, plus 1 LW and 1 RW.

Regarding leagues, an interesting surprise, it turns out it’s not the BBVA, BPL or the Bundesliga that has the most great finishers, but the Serie A. Alright, actually we have a draw, there are 11 players with 85+ of finishing both in the Serie A and in the BBVA, but since the ones from the BBVA are mainly those extremely expensive players I think it’s fair to give the Serie A this title, the perfect league for people that want a team full of excellent finishers.

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