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Fantasy Westward Journey 2 how to choose spiritual attributes

Department of Physics: DT, LBC, force WZ, ST The main attribute of the ring is the injury and defense, the two for the physics department, or hurt the effect of some better, of course, copy love bracelet screwdriver in fact, the physics department, the defensive attributes are also compared Important, can only say that 2 for the addition of the property, the damage is better. Additional attributes suggest: to hurt the main speed, crit level as the main attribute of the earrings is spell damage and spell defense, 2 For the physics department, or spell defense is even more important, after all, because it is a physics department, spell damage and no effect

Additional attributes suggest: with the ring as the main attribute of accessories only speed, so no choice, it must be speed

Additional attributes suggest:

Terran (DT): the first choice of blood attributes, followed by the choice of defensive attributes, and finally you can choose the magic defense or anti-seal hit rating

Sentry (force WZ + LBC): the first choice of blood attributes, followed by the choice of defensive attributes, and finally you can choose the magic defense or anti-seal hit rating

Mozu (ST): the first choice of blood attributes, followed by the second is not recommended to choose the defensive attributes, after all, ST is not very important for the defense, personally think that anti-seal hit rating more important, why? Because Xiaobian think a strong ST is often the subject of the attack was attacked when the ST can be shot when the seal is often preferred, DF is also the most like ST to kill a small death, because ST than other physics to That resistance is poor, more likely to die, so the use of anti-seal spirit to resist the death or being a small seal, to ensure his shot. Due to the main attribute of the bracelet is the seal hit rating and anti-seal hit rating, 2 for the physics department, or anti-seal hit rating is more important Some additional attributes Recommended: with accessories Law: SML, LG, magic TG, MW ring The main attribute is the injury and defense, 2 for copy love bracelets for couples the legal system, or defensive effect is better

Additional attributes suggested priority speed or spell damage or spell damage results, if you have to choose the most important, Xiaobian that speed, after all, have the opportunity to speed shots, and sometimes law between the order of shots is often the decision of a Field PK key points. Another point is that the spell crit, Xiaobian think crit is a chance thing, MW has been crit, but MW has not strong why? No stable output crit, is not reliable, Xiao Bian here for an example, suppose we can 100 blood, bring law injury equipment we can 120 blood, and if we have a chance to crit equipment There is a round of playing 200 cases, but the probability of appearance fake cartier love bracelet new is very low, you will choose that? Because the main attribute of the earring is spell damage and spell defense, the two are more effective for the legal system, or spell damage, after all, because of the higher spiritual power of the legal system, relatively speaking, their own spell defense has been very high Additional attributes suggest: with the ring as the main attribute of accessories only speed, so no choice, it must be speed

Additional attributes suggest:

Terran (SML): the first choice of blood attributes, the second choice of defensive attributes, and finally you can choose anti-seal hit rating copy cartier new love bracelet or anti-physical crit rating and other cents (magic TG + LG): priority blood property, Attribute, and finally can choose anti-seal hit rating or anti-physical crit rating such as Mozu (MW): the preferred choice of defense attributes, followed by the proposed choice of blood attributes, and finally can choose anti-seal hit rating or anti-physical crit rating.
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    People's Primary School to move childhood games into the campus students catch loach harvest pastoral fun

    Xinhua Chongqing Education Channel on May 27 Mo loach, Ji water gun, childhood these games in your memory is clear? Clay clay sculpture, fan painting, paper dyeing art, these ancient arts do you still have the impression?

    Today, at the Celebration of 'June 1' Carnival celebrated by fake cartier love bracelet new Chongqing People's Primary School, these joyful games with their children's childhood reproduce on campus. Primary schoolchildren release textbooks, walk out of classrooms, participate in activities and experience games, accompanied by snacks and snacks , Happy to greet their own holiday, a happy face filled with happiness 'Pond full of water, the fish stopped, the sky is full of mud in the loach.' Experience activities in the school area - Touch loach venues Fifty-six students are sitting around the inflatable pool, waiting for 'prey' to appear. Suddenly, a loach loafers swimming in the water to instantly attract their attention. They immediately crouched, rolled up their clothes, extended their hands and gently caught loach students around the inflatable love bracelet with screwdriver replica pool to catch loach. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    Sixth grade (12) class Wang Yi Chao entered the venue, the action is very agile. He carried his bag in one hand and the other hand directly into the pool, moving quietly under the water, ready for 'opportunistic action.' Sure enough, no less than ten seconds, he successfully grabbed a loach. Over time, he quickly arrested a dozen or so, attracted the envy of students around the eyes of Wang Yi Chao said grasping the trick is to loach fast, accurate and relentless, in the smaller wave of water, 'sit back and wait' and loach Appear, quickly pinch the head, and then control its body, firmly grasp. He said that this year's Children's Day there are many fun items, very happy in the gaming experience, enjoy the Walk of Fame show dressed in red copy cartier love bracelet new carpet

    Role-playing personality interpretation of 'Happy Childhood'

    Dancing flower Fairies, sprouting da forest elf strange shape COSPLAY, as well as the mysterious and full of terror of the 'devil girl.' People everywhere in the primary school campus, 'walk' with a group of fancy dress Art Festival fashion show. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    It turned out that they play the role of class and class in accordance with grade 1 2 grade, 3-4 grade play Chinese and foreign myths, fairy tale characters, grade 5 and grade 6 respectively play the role of famous Chinese and foreign, animation COSPLAY. Wearing a variety of role-playing clothes, interpretation of the contents of anime or mythology, take the red carpet show, Xinguangxiu photographed every corner of the campus, but also set up several independent stage, both 'magnificent' painted tire show, theme Creation of painting exhibition, also with clay clay sculpture, bracelet production, fan painting, paper art and other artistic handmade experience area, so that students with different hobbies have experienced the fun fans experience fan painting. replica the love bracelet cartier Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    At People's Primary School's 'Top Ten Award Ceremony and June 1 Celebration Ceremony,' leaders of school schools presented awards to individuals who won the 'Glory Awards,' 'Top Ten Students,' 'Top Ten Parents,' and 'City-Level Awards.' However, Students also brought the festival fashion show, Sichuan Opera art face change, Latin dance show and other wonderful programs People primary school principal Yang Langlang message students, have a happy childhood. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    Sichuan Opera artist face-to-face interaction with students. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    Yang Langlang, principal of Chongqing People's Primary School, said that compared with his own childhood, more people are now facing the stage, paying attention to individuality and paying attention to the development of every child. He hopes that children will always maintain one world, Life's curiosity, always happy and innovative. (Deng Hongya)
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    Very practical knot knot

    Flat knot is one of the oldest, most popular and most practical knot. 'Equal' have the same level, comparable meaning, at the same time, there are conquered and stable meaning, such as calm, calm. In fact, Ping Jie gives the feeling is smooth. Contains many of the auspicious words flat, such as Yanshou Ping, Ping Fukai life, wealth and peace, peace and order of allusions, such as a lot of flat knot, also known as square knot, fake eternal love bracelet fishermen prefer to call it a flat knot. Flat knot in the English name REEFKNOT is originated in the early sailing, sailing in the wind when the wind, the sailor put the sail put away part of the rope tied to reduce the sails area, which winding the mast tied sail Knot, that is called REEFKNOT. The shape of the finished knot is very flat, so called 'flat knot' knot is very versatile, in addition to the same thickness can be used to connect the rope, but also can be dozens of flat knot compiled into a bracelet, necklace, curtain, or Compilation of animal motifs, such as the body part of the dragonfly Related pictures on this topic are as follows:

    Ancient coins and the country's history, culture, politics and economy are closely related, both ancient and modern are considered treasures. The Chinese's perception of coins is not entirely tinged with stinky tones, as seen in the auspicious words and motifs cast on many ancient coins. Money in China not only represents the value of a currency, but also auspicious auspicious treasures, every Chinese New Year's Eve, children can receive the so-called 'lucky replica love bracelet yellow gold money', so coins for the Chinese people, there is the moral of removing evil monster and evil Double money knot, also known as money knot or double gold knot, that is named after the connection of two bronze coins, a symbol of 'good things in pairs.' Ancient money, also known as the spring, and the 'all' the same, may mean 'double' This is often used in the production of necklaces, belts and other accessories, and the use of several double money knot combination, but also constitute a beautiful pattern , Such as clouds, ten full knot. The '10,000' symbolizes large and numerous numbers, such as 'good news' and 'extraordinary wealth', but also represents absolute meaning. For example, 'foolproof' and 'ten thousand' are often written as ''. 'Formerly Sanskrit, a common pictorial symbol of the holy sites of Buddhism, was adopted as replica the love bracelet cartier a Chinese character for two years in Empress Wu Zetian, and was read as' Wan 'during that period. It was regarded as auspicious meaning of Wanfu; Chain as a variety of patterns, which means that the eternal continuous, which is called 'the word Kam' Benjie knot like 'word named, its shape and Sorrel similar, it is also known as' Oxalis Knot ', at the same time there is a name of' Japanese-style mast knot. ' 'Mizuki knot' is often used as knot ornament embellishment, such as the preparation of auspicious ornaments can be used in large quantities to 'all the best', replica the love bracelet by cartier 'Fushoushan generations'
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    There should not be only one Disney world in the world to change the global theme park pattern

    Disney has formed the foundation of its own victory around the world copy cartier love bracelet new and has built a viable culture that will continue to grow and develop. Open the Disney product catalog, you can see its business covers all areas of entertainment and cultural industries: hardware, entertainment film studio, consumer products production department, network groups, television groups, theme parks; software meters Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, 101 Dalmatians, The Lion King, Pearl Harbor ...

    'It all started with a mouse!' This is what Walt Disney said in his lifetime, a mouse created the entire Disney Kingdom! Now, in China, there is a team and a film that is challenging Disney. The 9th China International Animation Festival held in Hangzhou recently attracted the widespread attention and participation of domestic and foreign animation companies. Among them, a 3D animated movie 'Geocentric hero' has aroused many people's interest. This is the first Jinman Lake culture into animation film production, investment of nearly 50 million yuan to create the original masterpiece, 'Europe and the United States fan, you can shoulder Hollywood.' This is the 'Earth's Heroes' debut after the most evaluation. CCTV animation channel, animation derivatives developers and overseas investors have expressed great enthusiasm for this movie and have thrown cooperation in the olive branch. 'Children's growth, lack of love, understanding and tolerance, courage and self-confidence, faith and life, a new center of the world, the protection of urban civilization and the marvelous journey of travel ......' The film director Yu Qian explained the 'geocentric hero' The story is extremely fantastic color, adventure around the Earth boy Kaka unfolds. Kaka is a Jinhua boy, leaving her with a bracelet after her mother died. One night, the bracelet brought Kaka to the world of Doras. In the fantastic world of Doras, he met many geocentric partners and all kinds of incredible pets, of course, as well as evil pets to supervise Renault.

    'Adventures, journey, bravery, wisdom, it has a unique cartoon image, but also humane story.' Jin Man Lake Cultural Development Co., Ltd. Art Director and original screenwriter Fu war preparations said that 'the screenplay from embryonic to forming and then To maturity after a dozen years, but fortunately, due to the strong backing of capital, our film from the independent original, character design, theme architecture, as well as the film's post-business model are standing at the international level to operate '

    Although Geocentric Heroes will be released by the end of the year, for the 'ambitious' Lake Kinmen, the operation of the cultural industry is obviously not his and hers love bracelets replica limited to cinema. '

    Reporter access to the Internet access to relevant information in the 'geocentric' related to the TV series, the most notable when the Hollywood film 'geocentric adventure', however, it does not have any geocentric and geocentric system. Apply Zhang Sambo's words, that is: 'We have not played in Hollywood have played, vision determines the direction of innovation determines vitality.'

    In order to make a big cultural industry, Kim Man-Lake has started the development of the mobile phone game with the same name as the animated movie. This game, in addition to the adventures of real reproduction, more of a fantasy world of the Earth's core. Reporter was informed that, due to the unique advantages of the theme, a domestic leading smart phone brands have been eyeing the game. In a few months, everyone can download the game through the APP platform sounds very exciting. What is even more anticipated is that the replica the love bracelet by cartier upcoming theme park in GeumYi Metropolitan New District - Geocentric World - will be the world's first all-encompassing recreational center of realistic geocentric system. 'The theme park focuses on participatory and entertaining , We want to build, is China's 'Disney.' 'Zhang Sambo is very confident. Online play, offline experience, the future of paradise, Jinhua boys, geocentric partners, exotic pets and other elements of the heart of the anime paradise 'In addition,' geocentric hero 'series of derivatives has begun a strategic plan,' Zhang Finally, Sambo said, 'In the near future, everyone will be able to witness a huge cultural geocentric empire.'

    Jin Man Lake culture is a young army of cultural manufacturing. Ni Jiandong, general manager of Jinhua, in recent years, he has with partners in Anhui, Shandong and other places to build love bracelet screwdriver fake cultural and creative park. Appears in Ni Jian Dong, Zhejiang and cultural tourism is very blank, but in the country, the cultural and creative industries are thriving. At that time, he had an idea to come back. Why choose a new area? Ni Jiandong said that the geographical position is good, convenient traffic conditions, coupled with good policy conditions, so in 2011, to discuss the settlement last November 1, Jin Man Lake Cultural and Creative Park project was officially signed, the entire project plans a total investment of 1.6 billion yuan. How to develop its industry in the future? 'The core of Creative Park is the geocentric world. We are guided by the Hollywood model, creating a unique culture with independent creativity as its core and developing derivative industries, which in turn drive the development of the entire cultural industry,' Ni said.
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    Sichuan online

    December 31, 2011, Zigong City Rongxian County deputy secretary of the county, Rong county, county Party committee, secretary of the Politics and Law Committee Feng Yongzhi county safety supervision and other departments responsible for the pre-holiday safety inspection 2011 12 31) Harmony New Yeongju Endeavourers Twelfth Five-year Welfare Ceremony Held New Year's Day Gala

    Sichuan online Zigong channel news (Huang Jing Jiang Bing Li Chenghong) Laughter song of old age, bright colors welcome New Year. On the evening of December 29, Shouyi Plaza was filled with a happy and festive atmosphere. The opening ceremony of the 2nd Cultural and Art Festival of Rongxian County and the 2012 New Year's Celebration Gala were held here (2011.12.31). Fitness long-distance activities

    Sichuan Zigong Channel News (Reporter Xie Hong) In the morning of December 30, copy cartier 18k gold bracelet 2011, Zigong Rongxian Shouyi Square bunting, full of people, everywhere presents a festive lively festive atmosphere, Rong County New Year's Day 2012 'Barr Spring Festival Cup' fitness long-distance running activities Held here

    '' '' '' '' Unless '' '' Being '' 'Other Integrated Modu Modu Conventions designed GE GEOTOTOTOTOTOTOT GEOTOTOT GEOTOTOTOTOTOTOT GEASTIOTOT7070 GEOTOTOTOT cartier diamond love bracelet GEOTOTOT GE GE GE GEOTOT' GE GE GE GE GEO GEO

    Sichuan Zigong channel news (Jiang Bing) bracelets are mushrooms, skirts are celery, the necklace is a small cabbage ... ... December 27, a cartier gold bracelet copy unique fashion show, to the first 'honor' Brand literary performance activities eye-catching. County leaders Zou Chongxia, Dai Shaoshu, Guo Lian, and Chen Ting awarded five famous gourmet shops, five famous specialty shops, two hotpot famous shops and two snack shops (2011-12-31). Strengthen cultural brand building Culture Rongxian great development and prosperity

    Sichuan Zigong channel news (Huang Jing) In order to quickly implement the Zigong municipal government to speed up the construction of cultural Zigong work conference, Rong County immediately action, and actively involved in cultural construction (20111230). Dust

    In order to create a clean, beautiful and harmonious environment for the general public, in recent days, Rongxian sanitation office has responded to the call of the county party committee and county government on water conservation and used the Xu River water to clean the roads, Dust on the key sections of the city (20111230). Send love to send blessings Zigong City start 'warm salt are' consolation month

    Sichuan Zigong channel news (Jiang Bing Luo Timuang) December 29 morning, although it is winter, but Shishuijing Jintai Village is warm surging, voices, this morning, in 2012 Zigong City, 'warm salt All 'condolences month and' three countryside 'activity launching ceremony was held here (2011 12 29) to ensure the safety of Rongxian leadership team check health comprehensive situation

    December 28, on the New Year's Day, the Spring Festival approaching, Vice Mayor Rongxian Rongxian County Health Bureau, County Health Law Enforcement Supervision Brigade responsible person to the county water company, the county women and children Health care centers, shopping centers and other Thistle department stores 'two' before the comprehensive health check (2011 12 28). Zigong Rongxian to participate in urban residents Medicare reimbursement outpatient costs 100 yuan

    Sichuan online Zigong channel news (Jiang Xiumei Jiang Bing) 'The doctor told me that from today onwards, with the medical guarantee and the card, the maximum single medical treatment can be sold for 50 yuan.' 26, Zhang Metro in the Metro Hospital clinic smiled Said. '

    (2011-12-28). Service to the masses of hearts Sanjiao ancient town to send pennant thanked the construction of rural power network

    Sichuan Zigong channel news (Zhou Yi Zeng Yuchuan) Recently, the ancient town of Rongxian party committee will be 'serving the people concerned about agriculture, rural areas and farmers,' the pennant to the State Grid Zigong Rongxian power company, thanks to Rongxian Power Company for the town Maojiaba Village, pine Dam village and Tao Guoji Village delivered a reliable electricity (2011 12 27). A total investment of 46 million yuan Rongxian domestic waste treatment project started construction

    Sichuan Zigong channel news (Jiang Xiumei Jiang Bing) 'I announced that the Zigong Rong County urban garbage disposal project officially started.' December 26, accompanied by Rong County county party secretary Zhang Bangju start orders, more than 10 engineering vehicles issued fake cartier gold bracelet men a 'rumbling '(2011-12-27) New Year's Day starting Rongxian Buddhist tourist area fare adjustment of 60 yuan / person

    Achieve Mutual Benefit and Win - win Cooperation to Build Buddhist Culture and Tourism Boutique Line

    Recently, Emeishan - Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area Party Committee Secretary Qin Furong and his party to visit Zigong Rongxian County Tourism, county party committee secretary Gong Huankai, county leaders Song Chengwen, Zheng Xiaoqing introduced to the guests Rongxian tourism development (2011 12 27) .2.95 million yuan granted Rongxian 78 livelihood projects ahead of schedule 'ending'

    Sichuan Online Zigong channel news (Huang Jing) 'Never had thought before I can shop as a boss, and now the national policy is good, I applied for a small business venture discount loans to start a business, life need not worry ... ...' In Zigong Rongcheng old city open stitch owner Zhang Shuying not finished, is a string of hearty laughter (2011-12-26). Drought can flood rowing town 9.48 million yuan construction of farmland water conservancy project

    Recently, I saw in the town of Zigong Luojiachong Village, Zigong City, 18 groups saw a piece of ripe fruit to the orange tree bent over the waist, a winding winding canal around the orchard
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    Female machinery Antain and leave the pig's trade-off who is the best in the world

    Female machinery Antain and leave the pig's sleeve who is the best in the world to play female machinery almost 1 year. . I've never loved a profession so much. Soul Soul graduation ticket hand rub does not play female machinery can not tell where the replica eternity bracelet cartier occupation is good, but no one can not replace it. . Ha ha ha

    Cut into the whole. First of all, this is aimed at Meng, civilians into Annette's argument, the perfect alienation 9 and SS regal mercenary recent fake pigs blow a bit exaggerated. What 2017 you are still wearing strangers 9 for pigs. Then a variety of gods are also known in the Amway false pigs, G to CD without change. The advantages of alienation have gone, colorless skills, but not fake pigs. G3 than Hornets, alienation is dead Some people say that alienation can dress ah, but if you play alienation but also dress up, why not choose a stronger wasp, anyway, are a key dressup so. Alienation, goodbye

    Fort will not say. Mixed group might as well play flowers. We have to have a main C heart Next is the Hornets 9 and fake pigs. I am not a data god. Can not be accurate to the percentage of skills. Pigs, all skills to enhance. Do at least 6 to do 2 activities. At least 2 months. I'm not talking when I'm across Obtain difficulty is still big Bar washer advantage, G3 ultimate upgrade. Do not eat weapons. Difficult to get outsiders extremely low. Almost a month will be Qi. Then for me under the status of Meng new or civilians, there is generally no God of War Hornets 9 + 泯 kill cut anger anger yellow bracelet death, my friend played a female machinery. No pet fashion title. Just a halo. 26 improved. 9000 magic attack. Full crit king can hit 200 million 3! Heterogeneous 9 do not have money. Exterminate a more than 400 W. Dead ends do not have money, Annette bracelets mix 5 times there. Then buy sets of years. Body upgrade to 86. Panel 1W2 tremor C 1W4 Optimus Prime C, almost no money can be the main C and then fake pigs 6. When you make a set of 2 months off the pig 6. Meng new and replica how much is a cartier bracelet civilians nothing to loose. Up to 1 to 2 pieces. The fake pig 6 need 4 strong scattered. This is a bit of a problem. Generally did not hurt the explosion explosion certainly hurt. Then relic bracelets. No other parts of the SS words. Few auction houses have been able to raise more than 15% of legends and equipment, basically raising about 10%. Also, there is no ancient word, fake pig 6 get rid of words. Exterminate ascension also about 10%. Really salted fish die magic sets did not waste the ancient are the salty fish not to mention the pig 6? And then discuss the rate of increase to the Hornet 9 with the fade. Exterminate increase 10%, Hornets 9 attack interval 50% increase of 100%, an increase of gold cartier love bracelet replica 130% of the Fury of God, equivalent to the Hornets 9 + 泯 off increased 11.1 (泯 off 10% offensive) 2 (Hornet attack interval) 2.3 Sets) = 5.06. G3 single skills to enhance almost 500%

    Then pigs 6. Online Pseudo-pig 6 promotions seem to be around 65%. Weapon 10% attack power. Other 4 strong scattered 60% increase. 11.651.11.6 = 2.904. Almost all skills to enhance about 290% Then I tested myself a loss of magic 4. A G3 injury and I feel empty drop Bird's Nest 4 skills add up to almost the same set of skills 2 feel empty nest 3 G3) damage is almost equal to 2 times the damage of the G3 (pictured G3, 3 billion 6, double sense nest throwing add 390 million, so a set of skills equal to about 2 times G3), mentioned above, %, So the set of skills for a fake pig is equal to 580% G3 and then the Hornet 9 is 500% G3 for a G3. If coupled with one or two birds nest emptying. Certainly and false pig 6's outbreak almost. Even beyond the fake pig 6.

    Then notice this time. The Hornets have a 500% G3 overclocked each time, but you can only use the fake pigs once for six times. Pseudo-pig G3 plus a bird nest nested only about 400% of the G3. The output is less than the Hornets 9 so there is no shortage of old civilian players or choose the Hornets 9 bar 6 pigs stronger. Need to desert ancient weapons. why. Because of the ancient Hornets 9 promotion almost no. I kill the cartier gold bracelet men fake king cut fish 12. Has gone beyond the wild to open the magic can cut anger + yellow bracelet.
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    Robbers are cartier love pink gold bracelet replica tied to the streets who allow the dignity of the parties so trampled

    Robbers were tied up to the streets to showcase the crowd around the crowd, the move was questioned trampling on the dignity of the parties. The photo shows two suspects with their feet and their chest wearing the big names of 'Robbery Yang Longfei' and 'Robber Yang Ke', each escorted by two armed police soldiers and walking on the street, or on the square For many people to visit. In response to this incident, some people said that robbers are also dignified and should not be trampled arbitrarily. Luonan robbery, the police reward the arrest of suspects, cartier love bracelet yellow gold size 16 copy it is understood that the afternoon of May 9 Luoshan County, cartier love bracelet pink gold diamonds fake Shangluo cartier love pink gold bracelet fake City, a gold shop robbery occurred, two suspects robbed gold necklaces, gold bracelets and other gold jewelry, driving a Motorcycle fled the scene On May 13, Shaanxi Luonin gold store robbery broke, the suspect was arrested from South Korea City, the police will be the suspect bundled street parade public, lead the crowd around Luonan gold shop robbery suspects were tied street if Ying Ruoning: I think this is no human sex. Are we back to the ancient society again? We are now a new type of modern socialist society, emphasizing the rule of law. This disharmony or try to stop it southeast rain northwest wind: do not agree, very opposed to such barbaric act, but if the punishments are officials, both hands agree Season_: one day is a suspect, one day without conviction, hanging a robber is What does it mean?

    Economic Ji Minjun: before the verdict are innocent, public security organs, according to what the people hold the final conclusion Dazhongzhengzheng: Put on the 'robber' sign, nothing more than to illustrate two issues: First, the sin is extremely evil Second, the police mighty, can be described as 'everywhere cast nets, nowhere to run' Unreal_ world: the rule of law can not be respected, democracy come from!

    Unreal_ World: Without the approval of the people's court any unit shall not deprive others of their basic personal rights!
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    Hangzhou luxury house nanny arson manners open microblogging

    7 microblogging, 1 praise, a host of Hangzhou nanny arson recently opened a microblogging, in the form of words will be recorded on his wife and children's memorial service, the lines between the lines is full of thoughts, it is moving. Just three days, the number of fans reached 150,000 +, distressed four innocent victims at the same time, netizens on the anger of the poison scorpion nanny was also an instant was lit June 22, Hangzhou, 'Blue Qianjiang' district 2 In Unit 1, Unit 1, a fire broke out in room 1802, causing the death of a young mother and three children, who were allegedly arsonist by the nanny they hired. Follow-up reports from the police, the theft, pawn, addicted to gambling life, as well as debt in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, hometown and other news have been raked out. But in just three days, the number of fans reached 150,000 + Lin Shengbin was to marry Zhu Xiaochen the same year, Zhu did not agree, Zhejiang people suspected of partial to Fujian, Zhu contrast has been improved. But after the marriage, Lin with a smart business mind with his wife's clothing store all the way to the upstream rushed, and now they have a large-scale Yuhanghang clothing company, thirty or forty employees, design, production integration In Hangzhou, Zhejiang Garment Circle is a small circle of mutual knowledge roots, Lin Shengbin is doing several clothing brands, in the circle be considered a business, once there is a children's wear brand 'Tong Zhen lifetime' is still in some cities in Southwest Shopping Mall Cabinet, the brand is named after three children With more and more information about this family is disclosed, including the neighbor on the Zhu Xiaozhen and three children all the mankind in all the praise According to the surging news reported on the 23rd, the male owner Said the nanny was found in an intermediary company in Shanghai with a basic salary of 7500 a month. Have their own independent bedroom and bathroom, go shopping grocery car shuttle usually get along with them pretty good. A month ago, the nanny said he wanted to buy copy cartier love bracelet pink a replica classic cartier bracelet house, the owner of a family also lent her 100,000 dollars by the police asked the nanny admitted to have also stolen the hostess watches and children's bracelets, and took the pawn of a heavily indebted poor credit, but can be honest To do a nanny, can not help but chilling When the online nanny denunciations overwhelmingly spread, but in this district, the owners, onlookers are delving into property issues WeChat circle of friends, my brother Zhu Qingfeng said after the incident 50 minutes, victims The family rushed to the fire, but was blocked, saying it was empty, people are not in the nurse to confirm adults and children trapped in the house need to break into the house, but also need to sign the leadership before he can be called, we have to pass through their family People's tragedy, sounded the alarm, so that the tragedy will not be repeated In only one briefing so far, the developer Greentown property company said 'fire radio is activated,' cartier love bracelet pink gold replica 'also sent people door to door' as the most sensitive Fire alarm and fire hydrant water pressure, Greentown response is smoke sensor, alarm bell, fire water pressure is normal Each wave of hanging Persons, such as children's school teachers and students, the man of the house staff, the home of relatives, clan, Chamber fake cartier gold bracelet of Commerce in Hangzhou, the Association, will shed sounded grief after North Korea set off a wave of panic in the price of gold also red 1330 1360? Fed rate hike added chips Gold market turmoil caught by surprise caught by the Fed's rate hike is unclear gold futures closed steady three thousand mark! Gold 60-day historical volatility fell to 12-year low! Tonight, yellen Draghi will become the focus This week, gold can break through the resistance? Potential catalyst for gold is the key! North Korea has 'deducted the trigger' Gold prices down Wait for the Jackson Hole annual meeting Precious metals trading company turned out World Gold Council actually become its largest shareholder! India banned exports of more than 22 karat gold was originally because ... ... global political and economic risks have not stopped billionaire teach you should not invest in gold! US-DPRK relations to ease the once again close to the 'untraceable' gold The key point of 1300 joint military exercises fear that the United States and the DPRK conflict escalating again! Gold prospects are bullish
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    Clean up Bai Enpei bribery Commission for Discipline Inspection spent a dozen days

    Last night, the large-scale feature film titled 'Forever on the Road' produced by the Propaganda Department of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and CCTV jointly premiered on the integrated channel of CCTV. The feature film is divided into 8 sets, from 17 to 25 cartier ring with diamonds imitation every night at 8 o'clock in the CCTV broadcast. In the first episode of 'People's Heart to Back' broadcast last night, Bai Enpei, former secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, Zhou Benshun, former secretary of Hebei Provincial Party Committee, Li Chuncheng, former deputy secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, and three senior officials from Lhommese provincial and ministerial level appeared at the same time. Also revealed a lot of corruption details. Bai Enpei, former deputy director of the Central Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the NPC, himself said, 'I was secretary of the Yanan Party Committee in 1985. For more than 20 years, I have been at the ministerial level for over 10 years. I did not expect that I was old and old, Relaxed to their own requirements 'Bai Enpei is a poor peasant family son, through organizational training, excellent work, 39-year-old Yan'an prefectural party committee secretary, and later served in a number of important leadership positions, has served in Qinghai and Yunnan Provincial Party Secretary. However, as he approaches retirement, however, he has said that because of corruption, Born Ernst \u0026 Young said slowly that as his position is improved and the environment is affected, more and more people consider themselves. Especially after 2005, when I was 60, I was seriously ill again. At this time, my thinking broke down. Yunnan Province, which pursues material money, belonged to an economically underdeveloped area. After Enba became secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, she proposed 'Greater Kunming' development strategy, followed by various parts of Yunnan have also begun to implement the 'big city' strategy. A large number of development projects have attracted many investors and developers from all over the country. Some people have started to look for opportunities to approach Bai Enpei. In dealing with business people, Beth Ene has been mentally unbalanced 'They live in luxury houses, luxury cars, and privately owned private jets. (I) also pursue the same as their lives, the idea has changed 'Bai Enpei himself confession In 10 years of the rule of Yunnan, Bai Enei frequent use of minerals, land and real estate and other development projects to receive money, his wife Zhang Huiqing also played a very impolite role. There is a saying circulated in Yunnan that something like 'Zhang Jie' was found, and that 'Zhang Jie', which can not be done in Yunnan, was Zhang Huiqing, Bai Enpei's wife. In Yunnan, Zhang Huiqing collect money in the foreground, Bai Enei quietly behind the scenes in Kunming, a land development and consolidation project, in order to get the project, the business owner to find a relationship Zhang Huiqing. Zhang Huiqing like playing cards, the boss often accompanied by playing cards to the White House, took the opportunity to draw closer. The relationship has become more and more familiar with him. He took the opportunity to take the idea of ​​taking land and successfully completed it. And Zhang Huiqing also explicitly asked him to ask Zhou Hong confession, one day Zhang Huiqing told him, 'I fancy a bracelet, about 10 million, you go pay.' Zhou said, 'Well, then buy ', 15 million bought a bracelet Zhang Huiqing loves jade and jade, Bai Enpei loves mahogany and tea, so many bribe people have voted for them, picking valuable treasures to give them. In the handling of cases, the seizure of possession from the White House has made it possible for investigators to shock the staff of the discipline inspection and supervision office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection who introduced them cleanly about 10 days before and after. 'Like this jade bracelet, are tied with a rope, tied up a string of bracelets so mention that concept.'

    Bai Enpei remorsefully said: 'I am fascinated by the faint, I myself have ten million dollars a year, I love her She is the leadership of the central enterprises, the annual income of hundreds of thousands, enough, but the ideal and faith has been lost, The spiritual pursuit is gone, breaking the bottom line of life, even the red lines of law are touched .I regret, the Communist Party Secretary for many years to cultivate, how to become like this, I give the party organization to bring the loss too much. 'The nanny Chefs pay millions of dollars for two years

    Zhou Benshun, former secretary of Hebei Provincial Party Committee, also appeared in the feature film. He said, 'I never dreamed that I would fall into such an imitation cartier ring with diamonds end.We had eaten so much from an early age that we came out of a poor family and hated corrupt officials when we were young, and in the end we became corrupt officials. I feel it is a great one Sadness. '

    Zhou Benshun before his arrival, living in the military compound in Hebei Province, a two-story small building, up and down a total of 16 rooms, an area of ​​over 800 square meters. Inside him was his secretary, driver, two nannies and two chefs. A nanny specifically responsible for his pets, two chefs are also selected from Hunan, specifically to take care of his taste specially arranged. Moreover, these nannies and chefs' salaries have risen to more than 1 million copy cartier ring band yuan in more than two years. Chow Ben-shun has set up Buddhist altar shrines in various dwelling units. At the beginning of each of the first fifteen and related Buddhist festivals, they all burn incense and pray at home on time. When he saw the Buddha, he worshiped it and went into the temple to seize money. Even after the death of a tortoise kept at home, he even handedly copied the scriptures for this purpose and buried it together with the tortoise. I actually ended so sad

    In the feature film, former deputy secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Li Chuncheng repent said: 'I should accept the organization and the law, because life is live, there is no way to come back, and everyone has to be responsible for their actions, This is the same forever. '

    Li Chuncheng use his position to facilitate the profit for others, directly or through his wife and others illegally accepting property, equivalent to 39.798 million yuan, was sentenced to 13 years Li Chuncheng said that in accordance with the usual retirement age, this is nearly a lifetime, actually Because of their mistakes so ended, so sad!

    According to the Central Discipline Inspection Commission website Yunnan Province from January to April stable economic operation of good To Yunnan 2625 kinds of species threatened survival of Yunnan held to commemorate the 120th anniversary of General Luo Binghui's 120th anniversary of Kunming was awarded the outstanding police Yunnan UAV had Times meritorious service will build a national base Yanjin a quarry place a high risk of row fall accident caused two deaths a man disturbing drivers passengers playing security

    Yunnan college entrance examination June 7 opening on June 24 to check the results of Erhai Lake water protection from cartier ring rose gold copy January to April comprehensive categories are classified Fuyuan coal mine major hidden dangers were fined 2.38 million yuan poverty village in Yunnan integrated cultural service center built 201 Yunnan Songming breeding base put into operation for 28 years funded 250,000 poor family students reporter photographed the national second-class protection of animals Galapagos pheasant
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    Movado bracelet watch women's elegant control of the time series

    Movado bracelet watch women's elegant control of the time The famous Swiss watch brand Movado MOVADO noble elegance and simplicity with its iconic Museum Collection Museum (Museum) and very modern design is known. 'Forever' concept of the brand to achieve the outstanding watchmaking art to the perfect form of elegant art sublimation created a number of classic Movado watch birth. Movado bracelet watch series continues its legendary museum dial implanted at the same time a bracelet design elements to achieve women's elegant control of the time. Movado Bela (Bela) Series: Movement: Precise Swiss time British movement. Dial: Pink Museum Collection dial Silver cartier ring rose gold copy crown prince pointer position for the classic 'sun' concave design. Case: Pure stainless steel case studded diamonds (carats) Anti-wear sapphire crystal Waterproof depth meters. Strap: Pure stainless steel strap. Size: mm Model: Floppy Blackpan Beauty Women Same Time as Men Choose the Movado Bracelet Watch for every woman to have elegant and confident moments. page Movado Bella MODA (BelaModa) Series: Movement: Precise Swiss time British movement. Dial: Pink Museum Collection dial Silver crown prince pointer position for the classic 'sun' concave design. Case: Pure stainless steel case with diamond-free models and embedded inlay (US diamond carat) Another gold section anti-wear sapphire crystal waterproof depth of meters. Strap: Pure stainless steel or steel strap. Size: mm Model: Steel Steel models Movado Bracelet Watch family Bela series Bela MOD series (BelaModa) Harmony three series with its graceful and slim design style by the city Female's favorite. Elegant circular dial inherited the most legendary Movado Museum dial design Smooth arc bracelet style bracelet distributed fresh femininity. cartier ring band copy Bright and pure diamonds on the watch inspire women to romantic fantasies and longing for luxurious sensibilities in a minimalist classic design. page Movado Harmony Series: Movement: Precise Swiss time British movement. Dial: Black Museum Collection dial Silver Crown Prince Pointer position for the classic 'sun' pit design. fake cartier ring women Case: Pure stainless steel case or gold case set with diamonds (carat) Anti-wear sapphire crystal rose gold cartier love imitation ring Waterproof depth of meters. Strap: Pure stainless steel strap. Size: mm Model: all steel models of steel
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