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Robbers are cartier love pink gold bracelet replica tied to the streets who allow the dignity of the parties so trampled

Robbers were tied up to the streets to showcase the crowd around the crowd, the move was questioned trampling on the dignity of the parties. The photo shows two suspects with their feet and their chest wearing the big names of 'Robbery Yang Longfei' and 'Robber Yang Ke', each escorted by two armed police soldiers and walking on the street, or on the square For many people to visit. In response to this incident, some people said that robbers are also dignified and should not be trampled arbitrarily. Luonan robbery, the police reward the arrest of suspects, cartier love bracelet yellow gold size 16 copy it is understood that the afternoon of May 9 Luoshan County, cartier love bracelet pink gold diamonds fake Shangluo cartier love pink gold bracelet fake City, a gold shop robbery occurred, two suspects robbed gold necklaces, gold bracelets and other gold jewelry, driving a Motorcycle fled the scene On May 13, Shaanxi Luonin gold store robbery broke, the suspect was arrested from South Korea City, the police will be the suspect bundled street parade public, lead the crowd around Luonan gold shop robbery suspects were tied street if Ying Ruoning: I think this is no human sex. Are we back to the ancient society again? We are now a new type of modern socialist society, emphasizing the rule of law. This disharmony or try to stop it southeast rain northwest wind: do not agree, very opposed to such barbaric act, but if the punishments are officials, both hands agree Season_: one day is a suspect, one day without conviction, hanging a robber is What does it mean?

Economic Ji Minjun: before the verdict are innocent, public security organs, according to what the people hold the final conclusion Dazhongzhengzheng: Put on the 'robber' sign, nothing more than to illustrate two issues: First, the sin is extremely evil Second, the police mighty, can be described as 'everywhere cast nets, nowhere to run' Unreal_ world: the rule of law can not be respected, democracy come from!

Unreal_ World: Without the approval of the people's court any unit shall not deprive others of their basic personal rights!
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    Hangzhou luxury house nanny arson manners open microblogging

    7 microblogging, 1 praise, a host of Hangzhou nanny arson recently opened a microblogging, in the form of words will be recorded on his wife and children's memorial service, the lines between the lines is full of thoughts, it is moving. Just three days, the number of fans reached 150,000 +, distressed four innocent victims at the same time, netizens on the anger of the poison scorpion nanny was also an instant was lit June 22, Hangzhou, 'Blue Qianjiang' district 2 In Unit 1, Unit 1, a fire broke out in room 1802, causing the death of a young mother and three children, who were allegedly arsonist by the nanny they hired. Follow-up reports from the police, the theft, pawn, addicted to gambling life, as well as debt in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, hometown and other news have been raked out. But in just three days, the number of fans reached 150,000 + Lin Shengbin was to marry Zhu Xiaochen the same year, Zhu did not agree, Zhejiang people suspected of partial to Fujian, Zhu contrast has been improved. But after the marriage, Lin with a smart business mind with his wife's clothing store all the way to the upstream rushed, and now they have a large-scale Yuhanghang clothing company, thirty or forty employees, design, production integration In Hangzhou, Zhejiang Garment Circle is a small circle of mutual knowledge roots, Lin Shengbin is doing several clothing brands, in the circle be considered a business, once there is a children's wear brand 'Tong Zhen lifetime' is still in some cities in Southwest Shopping Mall Cabinet, the brand is named after three children With more and more information about this family is disclosed, including the neighbor on the Zhu Xiaozhen and three children all the mankind in all the praise According to the surging news reported on the 23rd, the male owner Said the nanny was found in an intermediary company in Shanghai with a basic salary of 7500 a month. Have their own independent bedroom and bathroom, go shopping grocery car shuttle usually get along with them pretty good. A month ago, the nanny said he wanted to buy copy cartier love bracelet pink a replica classic cartier bracelet house, the owner of a family also lent her 100,000 dollars by the police asked the nanny admitted to have also stolen the hostess watches and children's bracelets, and took the pawn of a heavily indebted poor credit, but can be honest To do a nanny, can not help but chilling When the online nanny denunciations overwhelmingly spread, but in this district, the owners, onlookers are delving into property issues WeChat circle of friends, my brother Zhu Qingfeng said after the incident 50 minutes, victims The family rushed to the fire, but was blocked, saying it was empty, people are not in the nurse to confirm adults and children trapped in the house need to break into the house, but also need to sign the leadership before he can be called, we have to pass through their family People's tragedy, sounded the alarm, so that the tragedy will not be repeated In only one briefing so far, the developer Greentown property company said 'fire radio is activated,' cartier love bracelet pink gold replica 'also sent people door to door' as the most sensitive Fire alarm and fire hydrant water pressure, Greentown response is smoke sensor, alarm bell, fire water pressure is normal Each wave of hanging Persons, such as children's school teachers and students, the man of the house staff, the home of relatives, clan, Chamber fake cartier gold bracelet of Commerce in Hangzhou, the Association, will shed sounded grief after North Korea set off a wave of panic in the price of gold also red 1330 1360? Fed rate hike added chips Gold market turmoil caught by surprise caught by the Fed's rate hike is unclear gold futures closed steady three thousand mark! Gold 60-day historical volatility fell to 12-year low! Tonight, yellen Draghi will become the focus This week, gold can break through the resistance? Potential catalyst for gold is the key! North Korea has 'deducted the trigger' Gold prices down Wait for the Jackson Hole annual meeting Precious metals trading company turned out World Gold Council actually become its largest shareholder! India banned exports of more than 22 karat gold was originally because ... ... global political and economic risks have not stopped billionaire teach you should not invest in gold! US-DPRK relations to ease the once again close to the 'untraceable' gold The key point of 1300 joint military exercises fear that the United States and the DPRK conflict escalating again! Gold prospects are bullish
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    Clean up Bai Enpei bribery Commission for Discipline Inspection spent a dozen days

    Last night, the large-scale feature film titled 'Forever on the Road' produced by the Propaganda Department of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and CCTV jointly premiered on the integrated channel of CCTV. The feature film is divided into 8 sets, from 17 to 25 cartier ring with diamonds imitation every night at 8 o'clock in the CCTV broadcast. In the first episode of 'People's Heart to Back' broadcast last night, Bai Enpei, former secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, Zhou Benshun, former secretary of Hebei Provincial Party Committee, Li Chuncheng, former deputy secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, and three senior officials from Lhommese provincial and ministerial level appeared at the same time. Also revealed a lot of corruption details. Bai Enpei, former deputy director of the Central Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the NPC, himself said, 'I was secretary of the Yanan Party Committee in 1985. For more than 20 years, I have been at the ministerial level for over 10 years. I did not expect that I was old and old, Relaxed to their own requirements 'Bai Enpei is a poor peasant family son, through organizational training, excellent work, 39-year-old Yan'an prefectural party committee secretary, and later served in a number of important leadership positions, has served in Qinghai and Yunnan Provincial Party Secretary. However, as he approaches retirement, however, he has said that because of corruption, Born Ernst \u0026 Young said slowly that as his position is improved and the environment is affected, more and more people consider themselves. Especially after 2005, when I was 60, I was seriously ill again. At this time, my thinking broke down. Yunnan Province, which pursues material money, belonged to an economically underdeveloped area. After Enba became secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, she proposed 'Greater Kunming' development strategy, followed by various parts of Yunnan have also begun to implement the 'big city' strategy. A large number of development projects have attracted many investors and developers from all over the country. Some people have started to look for opportunities to approach Bai Enpei. In dealing with business people, Beth Ene has been mentally unbalanced 'They live in luxury houses, luxury cars, and privately owned private jets. (I) also pursue the same as their lives, the idea has changed 'Bai Enpei himself confession In 10 years of the rule of Yunnan, Bai Enei frequent use of minerals, land and real estate and other development projects to receive money, his wife Zhang Huiqing also played a very impolite role. There is a saying circulated in Yunnan that something like 'Zhang Jie' was found, and that 'Zhang Jie', which can not be done in Yunnan, was Zhang Huiqing, Bai Enpei's wife. In Yunnan, Zhang Huiqing collect money in the foreground, Bai Enei quietly behind the scenes in Kunming, a land development and consolidation project, in order to get the project, the business owner to find a relationship Zhang Huiqing. Zhang Huiqing like playing cards, the boss often accompanied by playing cards to the White House, took the opportunity to draw closer. The relationship has become more and more familiar with him. He took the opportunity to take the idea of ​​taking land and successfully completed it. And Zhang Huiqing also explicitly asked him to ask Zhou Hong confession, one day Zhang Huiqing told him, 'I fancy a bracelet, about 10 million, you go pay.' Zhou said, 'Well, then buy ', 15 million bought a bracelet Zhang Huiqing loves jade and jade, Bai Enpei loves mahogany and tea, so many bribe people have voted for them, picking valuable treasures to give them. In the handling of cases, the seizure of possession from the White House has made it possible for investigators to shock the staff of the discipline inspection and supervision office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection who introduced them cleanly about 10 days before and after. 'Like this jade bracelet, are tied with a rope, tied up a string of bracelets so mention that concept.'

    Bai Enpei remorsefully said: 'I am fascinated by the faint, I myself have ten million dollars a year, I love her She is the leadership of the central enterprises, the annual income of hundreds of thousands, enough, but the ideal and faith has been lost, The spiritual pursuit is gone, breaking the bottom line of life, even the red lines of law are touched .I regret, the Communist Party Secretary for many years to cultivate, how to become like this, I give the party organization to bring the loss too much. 'The nanny Chefs pay millions of dollars for two years

    Zhou Benshun, former secretary of Hebei Provincial Party Committee, also appeared in the feature film. He said, 'I never dreamed that I would fall into such an imitation cartier ring with diamonds end.We had eaten so much from an early age that we came out of a poor family and hated corrupt officials when we were young, and in the end we became corrupt officials. I feel it is a great one Sadness. '

    Zhou Benshun before his arrival, living in the military compound in Hebei Province, a two-story small building, up and down a total of 16 rooms, an area of ​​over 800 square meters. Inside him was his secretary, driver, two nannies and two chefs. A nanny specifically responsible for his pets, two chefs are also selected from Hunan, specifically to take care of his taste specially arranged. Moreover, these nannies and chefs' salaries have risen to more than 1 million copy cartier ring band yuan in more than two years. Chow Ben-shun has set up Buddhist altar shrines in various dwelling units. At the beginning of each of the first fifteen and related Buddhist festivals, they all burn incense and pray at home on time. When he saw the Buddha, he worshiped it and went into the temple to seize money. Even after the death of a tortoise kept at home, he even handedly copied the scriptures for this purpose and buried it together with the tortoise. I actually ended so sad

    In the feature film, former deputy secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Li Chuncheng repent said: 'I should accept the organization and the law, because life is live, there is no way to come back, and everyone has to be responsible for their actions, This is the same forever. '

    Li Chuncheng use his position to facilitate the profit for others, directly or through his wife and others illegally accepting property, equivalent to 39.798 million yuan, was sentenced to 13 years Li Chuncheng said that in accordance with the usual retirement age, this is nearly a lifetime, actually Because of their mistakes so ended, so sad!

    According to the Central Discipline Inspection Commission website Yunnan Province from January to April stable economic operation of good To Yunnan 2625 kinds of species threatened survival of Yunnan held to commemorate the 120th anniversary of General Luo Binghui's 120th anniversary of Kunming was awarded the outstanding police Yunnan UAV had Times meritorious service will build a national base Yanjin a quarry place a high risk of row fall accident caused two deaths a man disturbing drivers passengers playing security

    Yunnan college entrance examination June 7 opening on June 24 to check the results of Erhai Lake water protection from cartier ring rose gold copy January to April comprehensive categories are classified Fuyuan coal mine major hidden dangers were fined 2.38 million yuan poverty village in Yunnan integrated cultural service center built 201 Yunnan Songming breeding base put into operation for 28 years funded 250,000 poor family students reporter photographed the national second-class protection of animals Galapagos pheasant
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    Movado bracelet watch women's elegant control of the time series

    Movado bracelet watch women's elegant control of the time The famous Swiss watch brand Movado MOVADO noble elegance and simplicity with its iconic Museum Collection Museum (Museum) and very modern design is known. 'Forever' concept of the brand to achieve the outstanding watchmaking art to the perfect form of elegant art sublimation created a number of classic Movado watch birth. Movado bracelet watch series continues its legendary museum dial implanted at the same time a bracelet design elements to achieve women's elegant control of the time. Movado Bela (Bela) Series: Movement: Precise Swiss time British movement. Dial: Pink Museum Collection dial Silver cartier ring rose gold copy crown prince pointer position for the classic 'sun' concave design. Case: Pure stainless steel case studded diamonds (carats) Anti-wear sapphire crystal Waterproof depth meters. Strap: Pure stainless steel strap. Size: mm Model: Floppy Blackpan Beauty Women Same Time as Men Choose the Movado Bracelet Watch for every woman to have elegant and confident moments. page Movado Bella MODA (BelaModa) Series: Movement: Precise Swiss time British movement. Dial: Pink Museum Collection dial Silver crown prince pointer position for the classic 'sun' concave design. Case: Pure stainless steel case with diamond-free models and embedded inlay (US diamond carat) Another gold section anti-wear sapphire crystal waterproof depth of meters. Strap: Pure stainless steel or steel strap. Size: mm Model: Steel Steel models Movado Bracelet Watch family Bela series Bela MOD series (BelaModa) Harmony three series with its graceful and slim design style by the city Female's favorite. Elegant circular dial inherited the most legendary Movado Museum dial design Smooth arc bracelet style bracelet distributed fresh femininity. cartier ring band copy Bright and pure diamonds on the watch inspire women to romantic fantasies and longing for luxurious sensibilities in a minimalist classic design. page Movado Harmony Series: Movement: Precise Swiss time British movement. Dial: Black Museum Collection dial Silver Crown Prince Pointer position for the classic 'sun' pit design. fake cartier ring women Case: Pure stainless steel case or gold case set with diamonds (carat) Anti-wear sapphire crystal rose gold cartier love imitation ring Waterproof depth of meters. Strap: Pure stainless steel strap. Size: mm Model: all steel models of steel
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    Female tourists cartier love copy ring for sale trying on 300,000 jade bracelets Ruili jade shop accidentally smashed on the spot fainted

    Yesterday, a 'female tourists in the Ruili jade shop try 300,000 bracelets, accidentally broken, fainted on the spot' video widely circulated in the circle of friends, many users suspect the video is fake. However, a reporter verified that this was a real thing and that happened on the morning of that same day. Video shows a woman coma in the jade shop floor, someone helped her up, let her sit in a chair, someone pinch her, a lot of people next to the crowd discussion. And that the price of 300,000 yuan bracelets, has fallen into two sections, but looks good, at least very water, according to Kunming Information Port reporter reported that the jade shop for Ruili sister told Yucheng Lin's Emerald shop, the owner of the son Lin Wei introduced yesterday morning, the parties female tourists into the store, trying on a bracelet, how much money she asked after wearing, the waiter said 300000 yuan, she would like to hear the bracelet removed, did not expect a hand Slippery, bracelets fell on the tile floor broke into two. 'She was fainting, fortunately, after first aid is no problem.'

    According to Dehong Radio and Television, the female tourist came from Jiangxi. When she took the jade bracelet from her hand, 'the left side of the bag was sandwiched and the umbrella was on the right. When it was taken down, the bracelet snapped to the ground.'

    Broken bracelets, the clerk has been comforting the female tourists do not be nervous, there is nothing to discuss, but she is still more and more nervous, and later lips whitish, sweating, sweat, fainted. A few people next to pinch her and Hukou, she pinched wake up. After the arrival of the 120 emergency workers, the tourist was checked again to confirm that she was not ill. Mediation to late into the night without agreement will go through legal process

    This reporter visited learned that the incident occurred in the first floor of the sister jade court paved the incident after the basic match with the previous media reports of accidents, the shop has copy cartier love wedding ring been comforting each other, I hope friendly consultations cartier love ring yellow gold fake to resolve. Ruili City, the market regulators and tourism departments told reporters that this is an accident, does not involve market fraud, consumer and travel complaints, the parties did not require these departments to fake cartier love wedding ring deal with. Sister told the Public Security Bureau said that if both parties to the police report the request for disposal, the police can organize mediation the afternoon of the same day, presided over the negotiation Ruili sister told reporters that the company told reporters that the entire afternoon, Yucheng companies are coordinating the friendly settlement of both parties. During the negotiations, the third party Ruili jewelry jade appraisal department valued 180,000 yuan, the shop side agreed to compensate 170,000 yuan female tourists to settle the matter, but the female tourists can only come up with 10,000 yuan. Because of the large gap, 18:50, the two sides agreed to Sister Police Public Security Bureau accepted the mediation of the police until 20:30, under the mediation of the police, the two sides still have not reached a compensation agreement. After signing the mediation transcript, it will be resolved through legal procedures.
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    Broke 300,000 yuan bracelet women missing business claims without intercession empty shouts

    I hope Ms. Feifei can come forward to discuss and solve the problem. If she questioned the fake cartier ring band previous assessment, she could follow normal judicial procedures. At the same time, we can find a convincing third-party authoritative appraisal organization that has both sides convinced us to re-evaluate. However, we found out that Madam Fei appeared in the program of local media city barcodes yesterday (June 29) She was interviewed by reporters after the incident to see the bracelet cartier love copy ring cheap is very beautiful, try it for a while, but when she asked copy cartier love ring wedding band the price, even to 30 million! She wanted to buy it without the ability to immediately pull down! Who knows, this is a drag, an accident! Accidentally dropped from the hands of the bracelet! In cartier ring knock off gold the end what is the situation? The next video surveillance inside the store, restore the entire jade bracelet smashed before the deadline, Xiaobian repeatedly confirmed through reliable sources, this announcement is indeed issued by the sister told the jade city official today, 'asked the jade city manager Ginger total , They really made, every sentence of heart, ginger is helpless, I hope this matter has a positive energy outcome.
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    What is the biggest contradiction between husband and wife?

    In all those who had a car accident and broken their legs, the East I knew was the luckiest. He has the same money as the 'Invincible' and 'Bucket List' that have become paraplegic or have a cancer like the super-rich, although miserable, but the rich wife of his wife is his college classmates, foreign executives, Millions of annual income, royal sister type. He was paralyzed, his wife with nothing like, the ridicule ridicule, the curse curse, did not when he was disabled, or even take his handicap of disability. His wife pushed his wheelchair, still show love, causing harm to the man in the circle of friends is very unhappy, that grandson on what ah?

    Two years later they were divorced. Friends relieved, long ago said what love in this world!

    East is really inspirational idol in the handicapped, just a divorce certificate, the next day married the company front desk, Tong Yan busty big girl. My friends were tied to his villain the same day, just like the East Lake Sleeping their woman like Mengmeng: Much for a man? The bottom line is: you have to lose

    If you think this dog blood story is over, that is too naive Last month, East son's father birthday, friends and relatives over, his ex-wife over, holding their wedding band that year, to re-marry him . Relatives and friends took him for fear that he took cartier love band ring imitation the plate smashed East on the spot agreed to the incumbent wife dumbfounded, the East said that how much you want to divorce, open a price and then he was smashed plate It is said that the reason why the East with the ex-wife Divorce is because after his accident, he lost his childbearing ability. His ex-wife's dream was to resign after 35 years of age and go home and have two children, one family of four living happily together. East child did not have the heart to delay the dream of a beloved woman, reluctantly cast her out, rushed to start the second marriage, is to hope that she give up. In her condition, even if the second marriage, can marry a good man results, married the incumbent wife, only to find that this is a long time prostitution. He pays, she laughs, the two people do not have any common language, common hobby, common friends ... ... and other ex-wife sent home, the East suddenly collapsed, solemnly decided that since then, to be a selfish disabled, wrapped His ex-wife once a lifetime claiming cartier love knock off ring with diamonds to be drunk, to spit out his mantra, he said his ex-wife grew up to learn Pa, IQ EQ double, with her ability to open a company to earn billions a year, Not difficult. So they are together, there is no relationship of interest, talking about true love. The current wife, hobby is to visit Taobao, watching romance drama, talking to him is a double discounted number of things she bought Shengtong Express too slow her brother would like to study abroad to sponsor 800,000 ... even if his ex-wife is not to marry him Will divorce his current wife, his original words is 'I can not really inflatable doll spent a lifetime' This story can have a variety of interpretation, I want to say is that the biggest conflict between husband and wife is what? This class is nothing new. Well-known is the ancient saying, however, the current class differences, not only reflected in the door and the origin, and more importantly, your own class coordinates. East and ex-wives and current wives, as family background, are ordinary well-to-do families in small cities. To be fair, class conflicts do not exist. However, both East and ex-wives are knowledge-based and struggle-type middle- Is not a culture of small citizens, academic background, knowledge structure, vision, different economic ability to remove the ex-wife's charisma and their common experience, the most important is the class and values ​​similar to Prince Charles why choose Camilla and Do not love Diana? From the family background, Camilla and Diana were born in the aristocracy, however, Charles graduated from Cambridge, Camilla had studied in Switzerland and France, both are Xueba, Wenqing, Diana is a remedial Failing high school dropout, a typical school residue - there is no common language and common interest, it is difficult to have emotional resonance a local tycoon friends interest came, looking for a pure and simple female college students fall in love. A month later, he told me: 'We went to private kitchens, two thousand one, she learned the price, have to leave, took me to eat hut barbecue; I bought her Cartier bracelet, she took Back, silently put the money up; we went to OLE supermarket, I take any one thing, she is nagging aside too expensive, why do not you change the cheaper point ... ... 'I said, more diligent family girl ah, Chinese traditional virtues showcase ah, you baby earned. He said, earn a hair. I bought a thing, she crushed next to read, the beginning still very fresh and very playful, this girl is really pretty, ah, listen more, I'm sick annoying. To be honest, I recently acquired a company, 100 million or 80 million, the difference is really not big, the key is the return on investment. I fucking do not want to waste time in the comparison of 180 toothbrushes and 280 toothbrushes which cost-effective higher Hao's conclusion is vowed not to find the poor forced to love a little did not consider my poor to force the audience a little class Neither is a profound word. The house you buy, the car you buy, the phone you buy, and the toothbrush you buy all speak of your class. You say, I cartier gold love ring knock off can not afford L V, I just can not bear it. Reluctant to afford can not afford even between husband and wife, the class is also liquid. Many couples at the beginning of marriage, similar to the class attributes, but the men started a company rich, and the woman was standing still, concerned about the seven Aunt seven aunt that little thing, that wait ah ah her husband will be back too optimistic Stupid people have to ask, then how can I do? First of all, do not look for too much difference in class, unless you have enough personal charm to cross this difference; secondly, married, but also to ensure the simultaneous growth of two people. Snobbings are human nature, even if it is between parents and children, you can do, you Niubi, parents will love you more. Find your strengths, safeguard your strengths, in marriage as in the workplace, always maintain your irreplaceability - the true meaning of this community is that your work is not proportional to the remuneration, but with your labor Irreplaceability is directly proportional to Japanese nightlife: young people are willing to spend money to find someone to accompany love (video) School girls hug the lower body swollen, the hymen is not broken, your principal is Liuxiahui not a real nuns in China, see Got my heart startled! (Figure) men on the porn site browse A film found the actress was actually his girlfriend Chai Jing's painting skin gradually being stripped! Chongqing lawyer Zhou Li Tai: 'a bunch of beasts!' Jackie Chan was how to coax Wu Qili last question 1 Li Keqiang The Prime Minister's Response to Our People's Bombing Now the company is fake cartier gold love ring in chaos. Talking about the cancer of Taiwan's Xu Taihou: Taiwan's son, cutting Chen Shui-bian and operatic opening (above) Ching Ching Mu: Uncovering My Sexual Desire in Shandong How to deal with the property that Xu Caihou illegally gains (Reprint) Zhou Yongkang Sure enough, the chain of interests of China's organ transplant with imputed deaths! Shandong push 'sex education case' education officials were Paozhu trousers tourists to France transit Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Latin America, I do not shopping [the truth] homosexuals reveal a surprising secret: why the Galaxy can not attack? Xu Caihou no longer 'sinners', how to 'criminal facts'? Inventory of 'big tiger's madam' what to do in the name of husband peanut life extension of 4 kinds of people have been killed but 'tiger is not the largest but only bigger' revealed what information
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    Ningbo gold shop owner robbery hit three rounds forced the robbers

    January 11, Ningbo Beilun Chaiqiao streets of the old town of the rainy, wet and cold no one out shopping center in front of Chaiqiao food market there is a small square in the evening around 20:50, around the shops have been early off cartier gold love ring imitation The door selling roasted seeds and nuts of the peanut melon seeds into the store, pull down the shutter door, has hitting home, leaving a worn chair, the door in front of the booth. Through the small square, the old building to see the melon shop sitting in front of masked men, he thought it was a dummy. Staring at it for a long time, until the other side also staring at him fiercely fight back this year, the old building's pork shop was stolen phone, battery car and a lot of cash, but he did not want to sit in the old building into the room within 5 minutes Listen rose gold cartier ring imitation outside what ring, the next morning at 4 o'clock in the morning to do business, we know that the door gold shop was robbed, the boss has been sent to the hospital linked to gold shop owner boss, this line has been 20 years, removed Hangzhou, Beilun more Jewelery business, often heard in previous years, gold shop counterparts robbed, he was always angry at this gold shop in Chaiqiao, has opened five years, the boss is a Laojiang Hu, near the end of the year, it is rainy day , Is more dangerous time, so that day he plans to sleep in the store. Please be two salesperson before 8 o'clock in the evening before going back to 9 o'clock in the evening, next to the Golden Bridge Paybridge North Road no one has been, the boss of the store four shutter doors one by one down, pulled the last one, fast In the end, suddenly a masked man got into drilling, did not say cartier fake love ring white gold anything, pointing his gun to the boss although he was lean, tall, but not too high, but dinner has just drank a couple of 52 degrees of liquor, is clearly on the rise Is to rob, and he had a look of fire, he hit the fire, ran to the shop door, did not close the door really pull down, I thought to catch a turtle in the urn. Masked men in the shop began to hit the cashier, grab jewelry, gold bars, gold and gold bracelets, Shi Boss on the outside tightly press the door to see the way blocked, masked men do not mind too much to hit a few cabinets , Readily pick up a door lock, pry open the shutter door. Gold shop 10 meters away, was still open a fruit shop, which several male guys, but the boss did not shout, just take advantage of their strength to attack each other thief, the defense eventually fell, the door was prized open the boss to see the masked male First drilled a head, approached a lock throat, with his arm tightly pressed. He only realized that his head was smashed a few times by the gun handle Finally, the boss with a U-shaped iron lock smashed out, hit the robbers, but still let him run away the whole two from the store hit the shop door Outside, and then to the road, almost 7 8 minutes, the boss felt chased meaningless, black fire blind front, then stopped a taxi, so that the driver told the police to help quickly, police rushed to begin the blockade, investigation , The Shi Boss sent to a nearby hospital, was a cotton sweater, sweater off are all emergency blood surgery to stay in hospital surgery, playing excited boss only to find himself behind the knife was stabbed, is soared blood . Finally, the head, the back are stitched a lot of stitches, thanks to nothing serious about things after the thought, the boss is also a little scared of police told him that the other has fired, but somehow, is a dud, picked up bullets on the ground Head, said he was a big fake cartier love band ring man, do not do so after. His family also advised, grab let him rob well, so a little money, life is critical ah can not think of the boss said the New Year home without money, I think he is also pitiful. If you really have no money, you told me well, I give you twenty thousand all right, but you come in and say nothing, pointing at me with a gun, what is ah According to the boss described the other one around seven meters, About 40 years old, he seems to have carefully stepped on the point, because this way, then later, the small square is a vegetable wholesale market, people will be a lot, but the incident within an hour, the most difficult to be Find.
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    National Features in National Customs Garden

    NetEase Hebei Jiuding tower ethnic customs Park, display all ethnic customs, architectural styles, ethnic song and dance, ethnic costumes, ethnic food and handicrafts in one of the national customs area. It is composed of 16 ethnic minority villages including Dai, Wa, Zhuang, Miao, Hani, Yi, Nu, Buyi, Korean, Tibetan, Uighur and Mongolian ethnic groups. From all over the country natives of ethnic minorities to explain the customs of ethnic minorities. A collection of hundreds of folk artistes across the country performing live performances fake love bracelet cartier white gold stunt, popular in the world of skiing, tackle, freshly stimulated rock climbing, downhill, bungee jumping, 'on the edge of the sea,' motorcycle speeding, horse racing, fighting sheep, cockfighting and Folk stunts and other pre owned cartier love bracelet performances, as well as the happy valley tree-lined embankment, gorge on both sides by the suspension bridge, rattan bridge, step cloud bridge, bridge alone more than a dozen bridges connected valley gurgling water, beautiful waterfalls. Happy World There are hundreds of projects involving the masses such as entertainment, fitness and quality training, and truly create a recreational atmosphere of natural, lively and novel ecological leisure. Ethnic villages emphasize the participation of tourists, and tourists can wear national costumes and Ethnic minority actors together carry dance, celebrate the 'Torch Festival', 'Songkran Festival' and other ethnic festivals, ethnic minority wedding performances can also participate in performance, personally feel suspension bridge, zipline, swing, turn autumn and other interesting entertainment , And you can taste the ethnic snacks in the ethnic village to buy colorful ethnic handicrafts everywhere. 'Folk Street' can not only show the works of national folk artistes, but also witness the artist's unique performances, visitors can also personally make, experience the Songkran is Dai's most solemn festival, but also the most influential ethnic groups in Yunnan , The most attended festival. Songkran Festival is the Dai New Year, the equivalent of the Gregorian calendar in mid-April, generally lasts 3 to 7 days. The first day Dai language called 'wheat day', and the Lunar New Year's Eve is similar; the next Dai language called 'annoying day' (empty day); the third day is the New Year, called ' People take this day as the most beautiful, auspicious day before the holiday season, every family should sew new clothes, buy new umbrellas, prepare holiday costumes. Each village has to make high, fireworks, decorative dragon boat, boating training, young people have rehearsal programs for song and dance performances. Festival is coming, to kill the pig slaughtering cows, preparing a rich year's dinner, dinner relatives and friends Dai family in the Songkran Festival, like lined up, knocking on the gongs, beating like foot drums, the collective jump 'by La He' dance , Went house-to-door to visit New Year, congratulated the New Year on a happy and all the best. 'According to Lala', is a kind of edge dance song lyrics. With Dai family strong atmosphere of life and rich emotions, in the 'Happy New Year', 'splashing water', 'Dragon boat', 'put aloft' singing, very interesting. Such as: 'New Year' words: 'Panzhihua, Hongyan Yan, Sang Kai Dai (New Year Hexin), has come. Passa Dai (Dai), to make Yan, glutinous rice wine, sweet honey, toast, He New Year, according to Lahe, according to Lala, water and water! 'Water splashing words:' Lancang River, dawn city, people of all ethnic groups, like shuttle .Love lover, heart out, like Jiequan, such as nectar. Wet. Permeated heart, is the blessing, smile plate, flowers. 'According to Lala, according to Lala, water and water!' Dragon Boat Festival words: Pirates of the Dai Dai, Sailing boat, according to the tradition, the upper reaches of the war. According to Lahe, according to Lahe, water and water! 'Put up the word:' do ascended, put aloft. Science, In the coming year, the good news is that grain and bumper harvest are also available. According to Lahe and Elahe, water and water in addition to water splashing, as well as mass song and dance Activities. Up to the seventies and eighties, the elderly, down to the seven-year-old doll, dressed in festival costumes, In the square, surrounded by young and old men and women in a circle, and Mangosu like drums point dancing. Some jump 'peacock dance'; some jumping 'Jade wax Oh'; some impromptu, singing and dancing; beautiful action , Moving voice; rhythmic, enthusiastic overflowing. Jump to elation, or outbreak of 'water! water! water! Cheer, or to 'jade wax, jade wax Oh,' the end of the song.Some men dance while drinking, intoxicated, overnight, and even drunk on the dance floor Li pole dance

    Li personality bold, singing and dancing. Li song and dance has its unique charm. Li people like to dance 'bamboo pole dance', usually copy cartier love white gold bracelet dancing in the courtyard or threshing floor. Dance, squatting on both sides of four individuals, each hand flat grip bamboo pole end, beat together according to the rhythm of Zhang, dancers with the bamboo together, his legs continue to jump down, making a variety of wonderful moves, quite a dance Enthusiastic, attractive bamboo pole dance, also known as bamboo bar dance, holding pole position to sit, squat, stand three, varied. In a rhythmic, regular percussion, dancers in the moment of the bamboo pole split, quickly jump forward and backward leaps and bounds, but also to do all kinds of graceful natural graceful action. When a pair of dancers deftly bamboo out of the pole, those who hold a pole will loudly shout out 'Hey! Oh!' The occasion is extremely heroic, warm atmosphere. If the dancers are not skilled or timid, they will be clipped to the top of the bamboo pole or hit the pole, and those who hold the pole will use the bamboo pole to lift the caught people out and fall, and flock together and laugh at it. On the contrary, young people who are good at jumping pole dance are often favored by girls because of their agility and adaptability. The action of bamboo pole dance takes the form of exercise that is peculiar to people's muscle activity to stimulate the internal organs and improve the cardiovascular system of the human body Circulatory system and respiratory system function, enhance human muscle strength and joint flexibility, improve the ability of the human body to work. It is a kind of body language, which is one of the best ways for people to exchange ideas and express emotions. Pole dance need music accompaniment, can promote people's understanding of music rhythms harmonious movement, enhance the sense of rhythm

    On Dao Shan, also known as climbing ladder ladder, is installed on the wooden ladder as a sharp knife knife, barefoot riding on the edge of the pedal on the pedal, the soles of the skin was actually undamaged. Villagers in the open area erected more than 20 meters high stumps, edge pile, left and right sides of each inserted more than 10 steel knives. After completing a series of worship rituals, a brave man barefooted, hands and feet, edges edge slowly, until the top of the pile. Then sounded horn, sounded firecrackers, celebrate the success Shangshan acrobatics from the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, so far has 100 years of history. On the mountain is the use of ladders, ropes, trowel bundled into adult character frame, go up by the knife mountain barefoot. The performance includes a bucket of water, or a bite of a tweezers, or a back-hander, or a handstand, and drums, gongs, cymbals, 铙 and other related equipment. The performance is very breathtaking and exciting. As an important part of folk art, Shangshan acrobatics has a rich cultural connotation and is widely distributed in the area. The local women, children and children are all well known and have enjoyed a long history of persecution and acclaim. Festivals, festivals temple festivals, painting face, boxing drums, put the field, on Dao Shan, the villagers help young and old competing to watch. On Dao Shan clothing, props and other aspects have clear provisions, in accordance with the fixed procedure step by step activities, forming a heavy historical and cultural costumes, props also have a high folk research value for people's cultural life into a rich Connotation As a unique manifestation of regional culture, Mount Shangshang has not failed until now, demonstrating the vitality of this folk culture and playing an irreplaceable important role in strengthening cultural identity. Its rich content, its basic characteristics and its heritage history are rare in ancient Chinese culture and have great value to its rescue, heritage and protection. Shangshangshan is an important part of Shexian culture, which can further enrich the cultural connotation and make it a unique system that will have an important promoting effect on the local culture and social development.

    Wa hair dance, Wa language called 'manuscript Hey', is spread in Lincang City Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County Meng Dongzhen Yonghe community (Yongrong Village), class fellow Na Mengcun Wa (cloth around the branch) folk dance According to legend, hair dance is more than 500 years ago, a Vaishnava girl pioneered. Legend has it that Vanessa falls in love with Wa lad, a strange boy. One day, they meet to look for bamboo shoots in the mountains. There are many cobwebs in bamboo forests, densely covered with long leaves of leaves and back in the village for three days and three nights. A lot of ways also failed to remove the spider web. Later, the clever Rocky made a bamboo comb and gave it to the leaves, allowing her to comb her hair under the moon, rinse it under the sink, dry her hair, and finally eliminate all the cobwebs. Leaf band according to their own experience, about the girls compiled a singing and dancing side by side dance, handed down from generation to generation, to commemorate this meaningful person who song and dance, no musical accompaniment. Costumes to black, red-based colors, simple and elegant, with silver headband, colored beads, big earrings, silver bracelets and so on. Any number of dancers, two or three to dozens of people can join hands or into a circle dance. Moves above the step, regress, move around with the upper and lower body pitch, bow and bow, homeopathic swing dark beautiful long hair as the main feature, through the 'rejection' to show Wa women like white gold love bracelet cartier replica to keep long hair and often bamboo balcony balcony wash Hair, hair rejection, comb the scene and love the clean, beauty of the habit, through the rejection of hair wa women show beautiful, hardworking and bold character.
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    Thousands of gold bracelets, a suction magnet from the bright jewelery choice

    Yesterday, a live demonstration, the magnet easily sucked up the bracelet

    Five years ago, Mr. Chen, a native of Lishui City, purchased a 'Ming Jue Jewelry' cartier 18k white gold love bracelet replica counter at a major shopping mall in Ningbo and purchased a thousand-gold bracelet for his wife at a price of over 4,800 yuan. Because it is the testimony of love, his wife often wear during the National Day this year, naughty son holding a small magnet to play, accidentally tripped up, Mr. Chen's wife went up, suddenly found a small magnet sticking to the gold bracelet Can this gold bracelet? 'This does not meet the common sense of Mr. Chen was very surprised, he felt this bracelet may be a problem, they took advantage of the holiday arrived in Ningbo live demonstration, the magnet firmly sucked gold bracelet

    In the original purchase of gold bracelets counters, Mr. Chen and the counter staff fierce quarrel, after the unsuccessful negotiations, Mr. Chen this complaint to 12315 Yesterday afternoon, Haishu Branch of Ningbo City Administration of Industry 12315 consumer complaints Complaint Center will Both parties came together to mediate the scene. Mr. Chen took out the questionable gold bracelet from a pink square box and presented the invoice bracelet issued at the time of purchase in June 2007. Over there, there is a small tag above (Mr. Chen said the tag has been retained, in order to safeguard the rights re-hang), the tag says 'Mingpai jewelry', the other side says 'certificate': the name of 92, The weight of 24.21 grams, while the inside of the bracelet engraved with 'Mingpai thousands of gold,' the words of Mr. Chen's friends out of a thumb-sized magnet, to demonstrate. As a result, the gold bracelet could be easily sucked up with magnet in addition to the connecting parts and was very stable in a floating state. Subsequently, the same test was carried out by business and Ming Pao staff successively and the same result was obtained In order to prevent the copy white gold cartier love bracelet price existence of problems in the magnet, industrial and commercial and 'Mingpai' staff took the other thousands of gold jewelry to test, but not one was sucked magnet to consumers to write a reimbursement certificate and then test the bracelet, but 'Mingpai' refused

    Business people told reporters that the so-called 'thousands of gold', also known as 999 gold, which refers to the gold content of not less than 999, under normal circumstances can not be sucked magnetos Mingpao jewelry staff also said at the scene that he engaged in jewelry Work more than ten years, never encountered such a thing deliberately arrived in Ningbo to deal with the matter, Mingpai responsible for the production of jewelry staff picked up the bracelet, carefully examined for two minutes, then gives an ambiguous answer: 'Very Like a Mingpai products, but still not eaten in the end is not it. '

    He said that because there are a lot of imitations now, the possibility of fraud is not without asking the superiors. After the staff of Mingpai Jewelry said they need to send the bracelets to professional testing organizations for inspection, they are willing to bear the testing costs but must adopt the ' Destructive measures, 'such as the gold products are thinning, crushing, processing into a crumb-shaped powder Mr. Chen refused, he said he has already produced the relevant proof, if testing is required, Ming licensing need to provide him with a guarantee , Indicating that if the detected bracelet itself is a problem, Mingpai will provide what kind of compensation for this requirement, Mingpai did not agree to 'Mingpai' promised to change a heavy bracelet to consumers

    In the mediation scene, Mr. Chen proposed 'for a lose a', requiring Mingpai jewelry to provide the same as the original two new bracelets with the same single bracelet He provided the invoice shows that the bracelet was purchased at 200 yuan / g, the total price of 4842 yuan, with the rising price of gold, the current equivalent weight of the bracelet is about 8700 yuan and according to the implementation of the '2006 Ningbo Yellow Platinum and Jewelry Consumption Dispute Provisional Measures', ornaments appear insufficient color, shoddy , To fake charges and other fraud, consumers can ask the merchant at the purchase price 'refund one lose one' 'In fact, I'm cartier 18k white gold love bracelet fake not black heart.' Mr. Chen said that during the National Day to Ningbo, he had the identity of ordinary customers, 'Unannounced Interview 'Ming licensing jewelry replica forever bracelet cartier counter, advice if the quality of purchased goods how to do impolite, the salesperson's answer is' refund a lose ten ',' I have done a recording all the way, you want to listen? '

    Ming jewelry jewelry staff silent, no one from start to finish to listen to this recording In the mediation process, the brand jewelry responsible for the production process, Mr. Zhang once Mr. Chen's friends pulled out of the mediation scene, said the private chat Yesterday at 17:00, after three hours of negotiation, the two sides agreed that the Mingpai jewelry to Mr. Chen for an equal weight of thousands of gold bracelets, this morning, Mr. Chen will bring his wife to the counter in the end the selection of consumers take a no-name Bracelets to 'fishes', or 'Mingpai' bracelet quality is indeed a problem, this newspaper will continue to pay attention.
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