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National Day booking appointment advent DNF full-time professional equipment recommended

In the upcoming National Day edition, full-time job appointment is open again. What role are we going to train this time? However, the trillions most painful thing is to develop stage, abercrombie and fitch, there is no special equipment, abyss, however. Today, Xiaobian to share with you DNF full-time speeding auction equipment, auction equipment, the biggest advantage is that the rapid success rate, most of the equipment can be obtained through the auction house, and easy to mix, regardless of any powerful epic can be replaced. The disadvantage is the relatively high cost, for ordinary players may be difficult to withstand the shirt position is the first recommendation is 90 legendary armor breastplate, property is attack ignoring the enemy's 12% defense, for their own without anti-defense features Occupation is very suitable, the auction price of 6000000 or so If it is Devil May Cry, Auntie and other self-defense with occupational capacity, the bloodthirsty chest is obviously inappropriate, because DNF in the ceiling. In order to maximize the enhancement, this type of copy cartier love gold defense job recommended Mistral's masterpiece, the effect is an additional 8% of the entire injury and intelligence 110 points strength. Auction price of about 6 million head and shoulders position Recommended 90 Legend of a heavy magic increase device, which is a very powerful piece of legendary property, the attack power of 10% increase in skills, the biggest advantage is that no conflict. Auction price of 20 million at the same time, purple lumens Shoulders is also a strong casual equipment, but because the property is crit +10% injury, more likely to conflict, so do not recommend. However, if you lack crit damage, or you can choose to download some of the powerful legend, there are many, the first recommendation of Yasin's moon deck, all professional 85 +1 skills, as well as the chance to increase 13% of the physical, magic And independent attack, 85 technology is the outbreak of occupation, it is recommended to choose this equipment. Auction price of 13 million another underwear recommended 90 legendary plate armor, a superb physical attack, magic attacks and independent attack to enhance, compared to Yasin's moon deck, to enhance the relatively stable, but also 12 All are strong. Most importantly, this equipment is much cheaper compared to Yasin, the auction price of 5 million belts only recommend the alloy belt of Qutuluo, the property is additional yellow words and additional injuries, not with Other equipment conflicts, with better epic parts can also be replaced directly. Auction price of 20 million shoes section also has 2 options, the first is a cloth cartier love bracelet solid gold copy shoes shoes alliance boots, every 2000 MP maximum can increase 2% strength and intelligence, the largest increase of 10%, for all occupations That is a good attribute. The auction is priced at 10 million Another recommended shoes are 90 heavy armor, in the state of hegemony can cartier gold bangle fake increase 10% of the final injury, may more people will choose this shoe, because the tyrants body effect regardless of abyss Or playing a mission are very useful, the auction price of 600 million two, part of the jewelry

I mentioned before the purple lumens Shoulders we still remember? The reason why not recommend is because there are a lot of injuries equipment, Anritsu achievements even a ring. Part of the bracelet recommended Bech toy bangles, yellow words and wounds to complete, the auction price of 12 million in order to save money, then you can buy Niu Touzhi Wang super bracelet, 11% of the yellow word damage. A more economical way is to use the activities presented by the gift of the legend gift box glory bracelet, the properties are not bad necklace Recommended Quartet of God India, not only 18 points all the strong upgrade there is a 7% white damage, no soul chain or other Epic necklace case, is the best choice, the auction price of 10 million gold ring on the part of the ring is not actually many good choices, graduation vote did not brush to strong parts, then only temporarily find a transition. If it is a magic career, you can buy meditation ring, the auction price of 25 million three special equipment

The position of the left slot is strongly recommended 90 shadow artifact dream catcher armor, a decent physical attack, magic attacks and independent attack bonus, for all occupations it is very useful, it is important that the price is also cheap, the auction house The price of only 2 million up and down the right slot, then the recommended light and dark, 90 legendary magic stone, not only has a very high four-dimensional addition, replica cartier love bracelet steel there are 10% of white damage, we can say a short version of the empty city tears, the auction price 15 million gold coins. A little less can choose the passion rainbow, enhanced 39 all the property enhancement, the price is very cheap only about 1.3 million headphone position on the equipment is too small, the legendary equipment only the iron hand earrings, for the crash is not particularly recommended because the price is too high expensive. Rainbow earrings can choose to transition, the same attributes of strength, an increase of 12 are all strong, it is possible to increase the power and intelligence of 100 points, the auction price of 300 million on the current version of the speeding code equipment recommended here, the actual This set of equipment can be used to press the tremor, and recommend that you complete the graduation ticket after using the above equipment to complete the brush, so you can maximize to enhance and reduce their own costs.
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    On cartier gold love bangle copy the Ghost Story Ghost equipment three options

    Since the abandoned armor from the charm, the waist is not sour, legs hurt, fight regardless of winning and losing psychological balance. However, there are still some confusion about the choice of equipment, agile + resistance This should be the most common, but also the current personal equipment. In addition to clothing and weapons, each of the basic other equipment requires at least one agile and a control of the anti-resistance, of course, in addition to the belt wrist, but also require control of such equipment to get gold cartier bangle fake together, Up seems to be comprehensive, but no matter agility and resistance, it seems that no two color, fill the sky + resistance to give up agility, backpack sky, equipment resistance requirements, all kinds of odd, Such a charmer piled up, copy cartier love bracelet solid gold should be able to survive will be more powerful, but further weakened the poor attack, destined to be an auxiliary charm, the doubt is to completely abandon agility, so hit really is not a problem? High skills really can guarantee hit it?

    Third, the strong control here said that the strong control is not the kind of cutting equipment, strong control, but the mainstream equipment is a strong control, magic control, equipment selection purple with strong control, this charm should be considered very extreme charm, Because it is purple, so the foundation should be possible, the disadvantage is that agility can not be guaranteed, saying that magic should be the best, then the perfect charm of the equipment should be like?

    Agility + resistance vs agile + strong control?

    Which will be more powerful?

    Do not blame me more cartier love bracelet for sale seriously, recently have been annoying two rings should get a strong piracy control it? Or get a ghost wash 129? Vivid bracelet with agile + resistance? Or with strong control it?
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    Star Liu Tao like the Chopin bracelet

    Shanghai apparel bags related topics Domestic mechanical watches emporloarmanl watches Anta luggage westory shoes children's clothing clearance processing ad Dresdner men's ironing board China's first aircraft carrier Europe and the United States hair black mink Gucci perfume Which best smell urban lover shoes men Sports suit bentley automatic card Hermès scarf hk32506 adidas a2b001 Rolex Dinah buy Rui Mashi Kangkasi watches Runjin shop Tudor 74033 Flying cranes Fei Fe milk formula table Children's dresses rental Chenglian special thicken coat Bian Diya watches pregnant women pregnant During the Road Wayneta Chow Tai Fook 18k bracelet Men's cotton trousers Fan Bingbing lv color Jiu Mei John Brown Love shoes should be large leather open shoes store Estee Lauder Gift Set Fashion Shop Name National apparel bags transfer gold plated cartier love bracelet copy Used women's second hand luggage Second-hand shoes Second-hand men's second-hand accessories Used watches Used handbags second-hand men's shoes second-hand man bag Shanghai apparel luggage popular city Shanghai idle clothes Beijing idle clothes Guangzhou idle clothes Suzhou idle clothes Shenzhen idle clothes Shenyang idle clothes Zhengzhou idle clothes Wuxi idle clothes Dalian idle clothes Dongguan idle clothes Hangzhou idle clothes Xi'an Set clothes Nanning idle clothes Chengdu idle clothes Qingdao idle clothes Wuhan idle clothes Nanjing idle clothes Jinan idle clothes cartier love bracelet gold plated fake Shijiazhuang idle clothes Tianjin idle clothes Ningbo idle clothes Hefei idle clothes Chongqing idle clothes Changchun idle clothes Xiamen idle clothes Fuzhou idle clothes Changsha idle clothes Harbin idle clothes Zhuhai idle clothes Taiyuan idle clothes Shantou idle clothes Kunming idle clothes Urumqi idle clothes Lanzhou idle clothes Nanchang idle clothes Guiyang idle clothes Haikou idle clothes Hohhot idle clothes Shanghai clothing bags surrounding cities Kunshan spare clothes Taicang idle clothes Suzhou idle clothes Jiaxing idle clothes Changshu idle clothes Nantong unoccupied clothes Zhangjiagang unoccupied clothes Wuxi unoccupied clothes Wujialong unloaded clothes Jiashan unoccupied clothes Tongxiang unoccupied clothes Pinghu unoccupied clothes Haiyan unoccupied clothes Haining unoccupied clothes Tongzhou unoccupied clothes Rugao idle clothes Haimen unoccupied clothes Hai'an unoccupied clothes Qidong unoccupied clothes Rudong unoccupied clothes unoccupied clothes Shanghai clothing copy cartier gold love bracelet Luggage quality information mannequin dummy watch movement manufacturers automatic mechanical watches price luxury Advanced Custom Made Womenswear Fully automatic mechanical watch Men's and women's lighting Spotlight Li shop Omega Golden Watch Mechanical Multimeter Plum Automatic mechanical watch ASUS laptop bag Price Watch Domestic watch movement Idle items for sale Art photo studio Allan Longines Watch Men Price transparent movement watches girlfriend gold watch prices Tudor watches cartier gold plated love bracelet replica movement men's mechanical watches watches Omega men's mechanical watches the meaning of quartz watch movement dance shoes Latin dance brand bags Toshiba laptop bag dance clothes performance clothing clothes Shanghai Garment Co., Ltd. watches Longines yards of the bachelor's clothing rental girlfriends how the demolition watch men's watch Longines primary school mobile watch version of the mobile version of star Liu Tao like the Chopin bracelet.
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    Rose stone in a woman's life

    As the pyroxene is non-transparent mineral, as a mid-range gem stone material. Transparent good to do chest, earrings and bracelets and other jewelry. Due to the color of thick Yan, the quality of solid dense, used for decorations and carving, the surface after grinding shows the abstract picture, very ornamental value, the collection is a fad. General bulk stone used as carved pieces, such as figures, flowers and birds, Yamagata and dog beasts. These carved handicrafts favored by Chinese and foreign artists, selling at home and abroad. At the same time, it is also one of the treasures selected by collectors. In addition to replica bracelets like cartier love Beijing West Lake Village, the origin of the Rhodiola in China is the production of biotite plagioclase and biotite mica quartz sandstone from Wangqing County, Jilin Province Marble contact zone, and cartier bracelet for sale skarn-type lead-zinc ore symbiosis. Rhodonite is massive, bright pink. Shaanxi found in Shangluo area. Rhodochrosite rose pink, pink. Even texture, good engraving. gold plated cartier love bracelet replica Hallehad Mountain in Wulan County, Qinghai Province is hosted in siliceous slate, sericite slate, metamorphic sandstone and altered metamorphic rocks cartier love bracelet in gold copy with partial contact in the Ordovician-Silurian Shaliu Group, With calcium rose pyroxene, chalcopyrite, tremolite, green curtain stone, zoisite, quartz symbiosis. Rhodonite pink, light yellow and colorless. However, the Rhodonite of Daliu Gully in Qilian County of Qinghai Province has become an ilmenite of different sizes interpenetrated in the iron-bearing Mn-type siliceous rocks in the Middle Cambrian glaucophane schists. In Sichuan Province, Xinjiang Autonomous Region also have the Rhodonite found. Rhodonite around the world Rhodonite is mainly produced in Germany's Harz mountains, the United States, Australia, Romania, Brazil, the former Soviet Union's Urals, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, South Africa and Tanzania and other countries. The world famous place of origin is Plainfield in the United States, Langban in Sweden, Sverdlovsk in the Ural Mountains in Russia and Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia.
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    Shandong and other planning 60,000 yuan bride price red line

    Xinhua News Agency, Jinan, February 6, Electricity Dian: Over cartier diamond necklace price replica 60,000 yuan of land planning bonus line 'hard bar' can control the 'poor stress'?

    Xinhua News Agency Xinhua Views reporter Zhang Zhilong, Chen Shangying, double Swiss

    During the Spring Festival every year, cartier necklace love price replica many rural areas in our country get married during the 'peak period.' Xinhua Views reporter recently in Shandong, Henan, Anhui and other rural surveys found that wedding ceremony in some places easily hundreds of thousands of yuan, generally called for buying a house in the city, far beyond the affordability of ordinary rural families. Although there are some places where 'standard guidance for bride price' is introduced, 'hard bar' can hardly control 'poor stress', and 'high price bride price' has not gone out of line at every turn for hundreds of thousands of years. body'

    Qianshan County in Anhui Province is a national poverty-stricken county. Wang He buried hill for marriage, home patchwork bought a house in the county. But last year, when the relatives, the woman asked Wang Hejia 120,000 yuan bride price. 'His family in general, buy a house has spent the savings, but also hundreds of thousands of bridewealth, can only borrow money.' Wang He, a relative told reporters that it is still only the relatives, behind the wedding and other expenses, Add up to more than 200,000 yuan, for a heavy burden on rural families 'Some villages in the buried hill are also popular three gold and metal, that is, gold rings, gold bracelets, gold necklace and the like, this is a rule.' Just married last year, Li Shui-jun Say, of course, the bride price is not static, both men and women families sometimes discuss it, but overall, still high According to reporter survey, Anhui is not a case of. In the southwest and many eastern counties of Henan, there is still 'motionless' ('a move' is more than 100,000 yuan a car, 'does not move' is in the urban area has a house), 'colorful' (Ten thousand five yuan, one thousand 100 yuan and a number of 50 yuan, counting more than 150,000 yuan) and other bridemanship. In Heze City of Shandong Province, individual county districts of Liaocheng City, Sanmenxia, ​​Henan and many other places, buying houses in the county or urban areas has become a common requirement for marriage among rural women. Wang Xiyi, who has worked in a 36-year-old village cadres in Caoxian, Shandong Province, More people working outside, married basically require a set of houses in the county or village covered with 2 layers of small buildings. 'Caoxian county houses almost have more than 20 million a set of their own Gai Lou have to spend 156,000, together with the bride price, married more than 20 million in rural areas is' starting price. '

    Wang Xiyi said that the per capita net income fake cartier necklace for men of the local rural areas alone amounts to ten thousand dollars. If a family of three does not eat or drink for seven or eight years, they can only save enough, so there is hardly any 'marriage in the countryside' Improve, marry a daughter-in-law to return to poverty overnight '' Many people finally saved a bit of money, a little small capital can be used in the development of industrial wealth, but the high ceremony to break this path, resulting in some farmers in debt, life difficulties, Years can not turn mens cartier necklace knock off the body. 'Cao County, a township cadres said.
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    Women broke the value of 10 million jade bracelets boss cried

    Recently, when a woman in Yunnan travel shopping accidentally broke the shop price of 300,000 yuan jade bracelet replica cartier love necklace white gold was fainted, causing users to pay close attention to reporters interviewed yesterday that Fujian has replica cartier diamond necklace price even had a gold shop clerk will be worth more than 10 million yuan How to get jade bracelets correctly?

    After the bracelet break any remedy?

    Yesterday, reporters interviewed these questions on the cartier baby love necklace replica province's jewelry experts and brand jewelers Xiamen, a female staff member broke 10 million yuan bracelet

    According to authoritative personages of Fujian Gem Association, in 2015, when a female clerk in a gold shop in Xiamen moved a bracelet valued at more than 10 million yuan, he accidentally dropped it into two parts on the ground and the female clerk collapsed To cry, gold shop owner learned that this situation also shed tears on the spot female staff unable to compensate, gold shop owner chose to forgive her, did not ask her to compensate for the loss. According to reports, the broken bracelet was eventually restored into two bracelets, a customer asking price 3.8 million yuan, the boss was still reluctant to sell jade transactions pay attention to 'Jade but hands'

    'There is a jargon in the jade industry called' jade is not over. '' Mr. Wang, an expert from Fujian Province Jade Association said that this is because the hand touched the jade will lead to its surface is not smooth, it is difficult to judge the true product false. In addition, jade is a fragile product, once dropped in the delivery is difficult to determine who made the mistakes, especially when the amount involved is large, the liability is difficult to distinguish Therefore, consumers buy jade bracelets, the correct way is And other businesses put the bracelet on the soft cloth on the counter, the clerk to leave, the customer pick up and then use the correct posture to observe (with the index finger, middle finger firmly hold the bracelet, then thumb back to press), so not easy Slipping 'Daikin stores worth tens of thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars are common bracelets, gold stores on the staff getting goods, inspection, maintenance has a set of standardized process requirements.' Dongkou mouth Choi Fook jewelery firm owner Mr. Huang Told reporters that expensive bracelets are placed in the counter, will not be placed on the outside sales, customer selection, try to help staff throughout the guidance and help, will not allow customers to take their own free, try to wear broken jade can repair but most will Devaluation

    It is understood that there are ways to remedy jade bracelets broken, that is, with gold and silver, 'bone.' If the bracelet is broken one or two, the gold shop can generally be repaired, the easiest way is to use a gold hoop, silver hoop to the broken bracelets and then pick up, but because of the small caliber bracelet itself, so 'bone' after wearing Inconvenience, the appearance of the United States and other issues. 'The second method is to use gold wire, silver cartier necklace mens imitation wire to pick, this is our country's traditional craftsmanship, few people master this craft in the country.' Master Wang said that this approach is to break (broken) part Collected, and then use gold, silver hole connection fixed 'repair process has 13 processes, gold and silver but also design patterns, so that not only beautiful, but also cover up broken lines.' Master Wang said he used to Have been in Fuzhou, Jiangmen bird's nest shop dedicated to broken jade 'bone', customers sent to repair the bracelets are all ancestral or high-priced bought, a repair fee to 1000 yuan Master Wang said broken bracelet There is also a remedy is to make broken parts brooch, ring, pendants, earrings, etc. However, this method of trades craftsmen demanding. He said: 'The jade bracelet is made by hollowing out a piece of jade and is made of the finest materials. After a break, no matter what the remedy is, most of them will be devalued, worth less than one tenth or one percent of their original value Only a handful of tradespeople can 'make a difference' in appreciation of the jade.

    Gold price jade are said to be priceless, experts said, in addition to jade, other such as Shoushan stone, red sapphires, etc., there is no certain valuation mechanism and international quotations, once damaged due to consumer disputes, consumers can send these gems to Tripartite testing agencies to experts valuation.
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    Shanghai Pudong Development Bank president resigned to reduce the number of outlets 2

    Editor's Note: Value the weekend, the number of your pocket money, this week is added value, or shrink? As the most closely related to your wallet financial channel, will be through the 'Financial Week talk' section, regularly for you to sort out a week of major financial industry news events, to explore trends in the financial market trends, identify tips, take the pulse of Xinhua BEIJING, April 18 (Financial channel Zhang Ming Yan) this week, financial week talk about the first director of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Zhu Yuchen resign, veteran Liu Xinyi pick up; the next Lao Fengxiang was exposed within the first five years of jewelry fracture deformation dispute; AA + rating company Hebei Rong Investment was trusteeship and suspension of all guarantee business; Ajinfang sued SINOCHEM, E-House China and Habitat Finance to the court for trademark infringement. The latter filed a jurisdictional objection and was dismissed by the court. In 2014, China Life Insurance reduced its banking and insurance outlets by 27,000, Market share declined. Announcement pointed out that the current governor Zhu Yuchen has resigned, Shanghai Guosheng Group president, worked in Shanghai Pudong Development Bank more than 20 years of Liu Xinyi love bracelet cartier rose gold fake will be nominated as the new president of the announcement pointed out that the company vice president, governor Zhu Yuchen apply because of body The reason is no longer the company vice chairman, director, president, and the board of directors of the strategic committee, the nomination committee, risk management and related party transaction control committee. In addition, the announcement pointed out that the former vice president of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Liu Xinyi has served The deputy party secretary of the Company proposed to be nominated as the candidate for the president of the bank and will hold the board of directors in the near future to review and approve the appointment. The qualification of Liu Xinyi's president must be approved by the CBRC. Liu Xinyi was born in 1965 and was in Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in charge of the company's financial, financial management, risk management, strategic development and other key sections, with rich business management experience April 17 China Economic Net: Lao Fengxiang said the bracelet is 'very Normal 'old nor reliable?

    Recently, Zhejiang TV public channel to 'gold bracelets broken' Lao Fengxiang 'alleged defective products' on the topic of Miss Luo Miss Luo rose gold cartier love bracelet replica Lao Fengxiang bought a gold bracelet fracture was reported China Economic Net reporter rough statistics found that it is already Lao Fengxiang The first five years was exposed jewelry rupture, deformation disputes Beijing consumer Zhang said: 'I thought Lao Fengxiang is a hundred years old, exquisite workmanship, if you often break, it will make people feel unreliable.' Informed persons to China Economic Net reporter revealed: 'Lao Fengxiang branch stores and outlets have been divided, the quality of after-sales service uneven; and gold leaf jewelry and other third-party businesses purchase, product quality has repeatedly been criticized.'

    Lao Fengxiang spokesman Wang Ansheng response China Economic Network reporter cartier rose gold love bracelet replica said: 'The fracture is normal ah. There may be caused by the wear, there may be a quality problem.'

    The gold bracelet is Ms. Luo spent more than 5,000 yuan in Hangzhou West Tian old Phoenix bought, Miss Luo said 'the bracelet is a sudden break in the bath when they happen.' She told reporters, 'Although more than a year to buy, but usually Few wear, how can I never think of the bracelet will rupture. 'Miss Luo said,' Then I found Lao Fengxiang business, they said, because there is a welding point in this style, did not tell me that there is a welding point. There was a soldering point in it, and when I knew it, I would not consider buying it, and there should be a technical flaw. '

    Ms. Luo seems the reason why the bracelet fracture occurs, is entirely a technical flaw. Accompanied by reporters, Ms. Luo once again found Lao Fengxiang, the manager in understanding the situation, the broken bracelet made a technical appraisal, the results came out quickly, with Ms. Luo's argument is completely different. This is their own wear, artifacts caused by the product such a problem. Lao Fengxiang manager said, 'She said that I am artificial, totally not for consumer consideration. Ms. Luo pointed out that the bracelet rose gold love bracelet cartier copy fracture in the end is the human factor or the quality of the product itself, the two sides deadlocked.Further observation, the manager said 'this side is also an interface at the same time, it has a bead stuck, In the case of uneven force may be broken, this phenomenon is normal. '

    Conciliation in the television station, the business agreed to change a style to Ms. Luo, in the labor costs to give a discount. 'Because it is not a matter of product quality itself, the reimbursement fee is borne entirely by the customer, but because you (the media) are involved in handling this matter, we are half as much as we pay and we are also special.' The manager said on April 16 Beijing Times: Hebei Rongtong suspend security business was hosted 100% guarantee should not be blind faith

    As an AA + rating of the security company has suffered a dilemma of its own In July last year, by Haicang capital manager Jiang Tao's runway incident, Hebei financing mode of investment began to be outside the industry questioned. 8 months after the announcement of a Ping An Trust became a clue that Hebei Rongtu had to pay for the crisis. April 15 China Economic Net: New Home Finance Sniper House Gold defeated Jurisdiction Objection Dismissed by Pudong Court

    In March of this year, arson was infringed by a commercial firm to send Sina, E-House China and New Home Finance to the dock of the Shanghai Pudong New District Court. As the first case of rights protection in the Internet finance industry, the case was highly concerned by the industry 4 At the beginning of this month, as the defendant, Shinco Financial and E-House China filed a regulatory objection to the Shanghai Pudong court in a discrepancy between their registered and office locations and hoped to transfer the case to Shanghai Yangpu District Court for trial. At that time, the new home finance and e-home this move is generally seen as a delay, the case of a sniper However, the Shanghai Pudong court issued a plaintiff's civil ruling shows that 'dismissed the defendant Shanghai New Financial Information Services Co., Ltd., Shanghai Housing Dispute over the jurisdiction of this case is to be raised by Sales (Group) Co., Ltd., the organizer of the website of Yi-hao China, and within 10 days of serving the arbitration award, submit an appeal to this court, A mid-level people's court. '

    'These are just episodes of rights. In any case, I hope the case as soon as possible results, but also hope that the defendant to terminate the infringement and reduce the loss to us.' Jing Jin, director of brand operations, told China Economic Net about the Housing Fund The ownership of the firm, Shenzhen Financial Services Co., Ltd.FinancialIncludes the more active from the outset, 'We also have no way .It is undeniable that the defendant in the information resources and social visibility, there is a big advantage. With his own hard work being used by others in vain, we can only hope that we can get a reasonable solution through legal channels. 'According to a staff official at China Economic Net told Ereli China,' only Know the company has such a thing recently, what is the specific situation, it is not very understanding. '

    April 15 Beijing News: China Life Transformation: One Year 'Lost' 27,000 Bankers Network Market Share Decline
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    Travel to Yunnan to buy rose gold love bracelet cartier copy a few jade fake cartier love rose gold bracelet bracelets

    Thank you, my bracelet bought an expensive, also more than 1300, in fact, know that traveling to buy things will be routines, but when the tour guide is too able to say, he is not directly call you to buy, is to say what men wearing Guanyin Dai Fo, a happy woman wearing a bracelet, and then say what a woman must have three bracelets in her life, anyway, that the landlord husband a cavity of blood, must buy me one, I picked a very cheap. Then had intended to go, and later my husband also said rose gold cartier love bracelet fake to give my daughter to buy a Yuhuan, they picked a 480 Yuhuan. Well, bought to eat, and think no ah, my daughter and I have a gift, or to rose gold cartier love bracelet replica buy his mother, and then we both idiot back to my mother picked a 2008 bracelet. Well, this finally bought, and then when the shopping guide has been making my husband pick a shy, I think my husband gave me touch all bought things, they did not buy, to say it, to encourage him to buy a 2800 貔 貅. Now think about the two of us are really pig teammates, each pulling each other into the pit
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    Talking about the Visual Difference of Russia Jasper Old Mineral Material and New Mineral Material

    Now on the market, most of the Russian jasper jewelry, mining is now mining new pit material production. The old jade material of Russian jasper is hard to find! To bracelets, for example, the new material on the market in Russia jasper bracelet prices in the hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, while the high quality of the old jade bracelets of Russian Jasper can only be described as a matter of chance. See big price difference of value for consumers in Russia jasper jewelry non-insiders, because of the distinction between old and new mineral aggregate poorly understood, it is easy to feed and some good old crater jade jewelry Russia missed the pass purchase To be easier to be new pit material Russian jasper jewelry looks cheated to buy then, under the amateur condition how to distinguish between new and old pit material Russian jasper jewelry it? Only in the visual can do a simple statement and some of the picture contrast for lovers reference. (Conditional friends, the best invitation to the industry veteran reference purchase)

    1. New pit material: the texture is loose, the color is faint, and many impurities, the color is farsighted bright green, close look carefully, will see the internal color line uncoordinated, the distribution is uneven, has the spot shape slightly to see the soil Gray, it is the feeling of flowers, the industry called stone large. ()

    Now on the market, most of the Russian jasper jewelry, mining is now mining new pit material production. The old jade material of Russian jasper is hard to find! To bracelets, for example, the new material on the market in Russia jasper bracelet prices in the hundreds yellow gold cartier love bracelet replica to tens of thousands of dollars, while the high quality of the old jade bracelets of Russian Jasper can only be described as a matter of chance. See big price difference of value for consumers in Russia jasper jewelry non-insiders, white gold cartier bracelet fake because of the distinction between old and new mineral aggregate poorly understood, it is easy to feed and some good old crater jade jewelry Russia missed the pass purchase To be easier to be new pit material Russian jasper jewelry looks cheated to buy then, under the amateur condition how to distinguish between new and old pit material Russian jasper jewelry it? Only in the visual can do a simple statement and some of the picture contrast for lovers reference. (Conditional friends, the best invitation to the industry veteran reference purchase)

    1. New pit material: replica cartier love bracelet on sale the texture is loose, the color is faint, and many impurities, the color is farsighted bright green, close look carefully, will see the internal color line uncoordinated, the distribution is uneven, has the spot shape slightly to see the soil Gray, copy yellow gold cartier love bracelet it is the feeling of flowers, the industry called stone large. ()
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    Women rich woman shopping mall 300,000 jade bracelet fell intimidation cat eyes people

    Woman filled with shopping malls 300,000 jade bracelets smashed


    At around 11:00 am on June 27, a woman customer tried on the bracelet when she tried to wear the bracelet in the hall of Jade City, Yunnan Province, and accidentally dropped the bracelet in half. The boss claimed 300,000, after hearing the amount of compensation, the woman fainted in the past. Jade store owner Lin Wei introduced the morning of the 27th, the shop attendant to a number of bracelets for wrapping paper, bracelets on the counter, the woman entered the shop, try on copy cartier white gold bracelet one of the bracelets, after wearing her Asked how much money, the waiter said 300000, she would like to hear the bracelet removed, did not expect a hand slip, the bracelet fell on the tile floor broken into two.

    Woman rich woman shopping mall 300,000 jade bracelet drop urine


    'She was fainting, but fortunately, after the first aid is okay.' Lin Wei said the jade broken pieces, people can no longer accident, at present they can only consult with each other compensation matters. However, the two sides have not yet talked about for a while, and because of the need to catch a plane, it is too late to focus on this issue. 'At present, we have to hand over the issue to other people on behalf of us. We mean that we should mediate and not report the incident replica cartier love bracelet on sale again.'


    According to reports by Dehong Radio and Television, the female tourist came from Jiangxi. When she took the jade bracelet from her hand, 'the left side of the bag was sandwiched and the umbrella was on the right. When it was taken down, the bracelet snapped to the ground.' The picture shows the people around the woman carried to the outside for treatment.


    After smashing the jade bracelets, Lin's Emerald shoppers have yellow gold cartier love bracelet fake been comforting the female tourist not to be nervous. There is nothing to discuss. However, she is still getting nervous. Later, her lips are white and sweaty and then Fainted. Several overseas Chinese quickly pinch her people and tiger's mouth, just pinched her wake up. After the arrival of 120 emergency workers, she conducted a physical examination of the tourist and confirmed that she did not have any serious problem.


    According to reports, the two sides subsequently conducted consultations on compensation for jade, but did not reach an agreement. According to Lin's Emerald shop, they want each other to pay the cost price, but the other's ability to make copy cartier yellow gold love bracelet compensations is really limited, so it has not yet been able to talk together. The picture shows the broken bracelet.
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