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Ghost Story Mobile game player shooter Raiders

Therefore, in the replica yellow gold love bracelet magic and equipment, the preferred strength, deputy agile, high enough injury, the greatest significance of physical and physical hits can be reflected. Do not ignite to follow the wind reactor agile. Always remember that he is an output, click on the enemy, do not seek every hit, at least scratch on the fat Second talk about broken shield this attribute, the first broken shield from the impact of hit, because the hit and dodge is calculated after breaking the shield, but Broken shield will not ignore the avoidance, broken shield this attribute, popular point is to ignore each other block, love bracelet with screwdriver copy as a chance, for example, if your broken shield and the other parry the same words, 4 attacks, trigger a broken shield, you Ignore the block probability 25%, if you attack 5 times, triggering a broken shield, ignore the chance of 20%, if you have 2 times the attack has a broken shield, then ignore the probability is 50% Now all occupations, in addition to shooters, knives Knight, knight, turtle, doctor, alchemist, are all offensive hand armor, strangers will slowly turn into one hand, so for both deputy armor, but also the pursuit of substantial circumstances, imagine your broken shield, This sour cool. The figure below is a bow for which I really long for, but as a monthly card party, we have to endure the perils of using it. After using it for a long time, its own defense has been greatly increased, control resistance has been raised, its moving speed has increased, Time fake cartier new love bracelet to talk about 60 repair as a talent, really, I feel very tasteless, first of all, LingBo micro-step dodge, really no practical effect, fake love bracelet screw dodge in hand tour in a bit weak. Retaliation, release thousands of miles, have the chance to make the enemy fixed body, feeling no chance of survival of every role in life, after all, passive in every corner, the release of people thousands of miles away, at least their own acceleration and resistance do not need to increase the probability is relatively large Role. In addition, in every corner of the gift of talent after release thousands of miles to resist defensive increase, this time to establish a tower, the tower will add defense and resistance, and no time limit, so the group war or hang up, you can Consider stamping a tower by this method, the effect is good to say that 80 repair, personal advice Bow Yin Yu, deadly and shooter more ride Oh, as to hide from the seven injuries, and drastic for Sagittarius two-handed weapons, unless you are Local tyrants in the fighter, or group war you will second black screen itself is relatively low resistance defense, but if you want to win the soul attack, slaughter can choose to take the first output, first talk about weapons, shooter as two remote output A physical output, there is no alchemist's skills to hurt the explosion, there is no alchemist Escape, so I think hand travel or travel, shooter is the only one must use his hands weapons of occupation, you must use both hands, you must use both hands, 300 bought a single hand 109 ghost, once a mountain and river to Gaochang, I am a 12 sets of 6 turtles chasing after playing, really cry dizzy in the toilet, and later to do experimental investment A 89 hands ghost bow, the basic chasing playing that 6 sets of turtle (to discuss a good study to be a test, the mountains and rivers are pacifism) found his hands more than an attack, mainly broken shield this property, as I said above , Broken shield this property, practical beyond your imagination Armor, after all, we are small card on the monthly card R, so I do not recommend the pursuit of high-grade ghost, blue treasures, or Guards more economical, if your area Blue Guards more expensive, you can also buy a 89 ghost wearing 109, after all, the level is too high equipment, drilling, cleaning is a fee for living, or can carry strange like, the sword go Pifeng, the main The pursuit of output necklaces and bracelets is also true, the color quality does not matter, there are dual fatal or fatal, or double strength can be used, do not compete with others, to adapt to their best, had a friend gave a blue necklace, mine +4 Spell double fatal +8, Intellect 17, agile 11. For the alchemist, simply Need for good Necklace can emancipate the character of all skills plus 2, or +1, but is a lucky month, month card students do not over-pursuit, do not blindly believe that their character In addition to weapons, is the ring Add attack, purple ring to match their own level, does not require ghosts, strength, fatal, agile these attributes like, the rest is a high attack introduced in front of mountains and rivers, the shooter is a strong output, but Their more crispy, so give priority to the root bone baby, you can help share their own injuries.
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    Mother's Day gold jewelry is still selling a lot of businesses are still eyeing

    China Ningbo Newspaper 'Mother's Day Economy' is getting hotter and hotter. Today is Mother's Day, and from Friday onwards, Ningbo businesses have launched all kinds of promotions this year's Mother's Day, as usual, gold jewelry is a major consumer hot spot. Reporter learned from Ningbo Second Department Store, Yintai Tianyi shop around the Mother's Day, all brands have introduced to the discount, the sales love bracelets for couples copy of goods is also very impressive yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited Tianyi district, found that a number of shopping malls introduced Yingjing products And activities. The reporter learned from Intime Department Store Tianyi shop, the store all the brand gold jewelry have introduced the relevant benefits, in addition, the gold jewelry on the basis of the brand discount and then hit 9.7 fold, mosaic replica the love bracelet by cartier jewelery in the brand discount on the basis of 9.6 fold. Ningbo Second Department Store not far away also launched more concessions, 'our Mothers Day theme promotion from Friday until Sunday. Gold jewelry category is one of the more obvious growth in this weekend average daily sales of 2 million yuan, up last year An increase of about 50% .In the past week, sales growth of gold rings, bracelets are more obvious. 'Ningbo Second Department Store Planning Department official in charge Yong told reporters in addition to these traditional hot products, with Mother's Day is no longer just middle-aged women Festivals, young hot mom because of the group has a strong spending power, but also become the mall's target customer base, 'My son was only 1 year old, Mother's Day intends to reward yourself.' Song Qian, who lives in Haishu District side Yintai Tianyi store a cosmetics Counter trial emulsion, while told reporters. The industry said that after 80, 90 women gradually become mothers, this part of the customer base has a certain spending power, there is a more fresh demand, so shopping malls activities in the motherland, will be particularly inclined to meet this part of the customer group addition, a lot of Some shopping malls to increase the fashion brand, shoe bag brand promotion efforts. There are some supermarkets launched the promotion of pregnant and infant products to meet the purchasing needs of novice mothers At the same time, to enhance customer engagement and experience the theme of the activities of the scene, but also become a way to attract business customers 'In recent years, shopping malls Pay more and more attention to consumer participation, in addition to some necessary discount activities, more will design a warmth of mothers-themed experience, or creative class activities. 'Yong told reporters in the industry that the mother from the business design Festival activities can be seen on the changes, Ningbo mall is bidding farewell to a simple love bracelet screw copy discount promotions, activities closer to the theme of copy love bracelet with screwdriver 'mothers' • If you have any questions or comments on the manuscript processing, please contact Xinmin Network, Quickly respond to you and deal with it.
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    Man put his foot into the wheel take the owner back look 捋 take the gold chain

    Take advantage of the owners look back 捋 leave gold chain

    Yesterday, a man on the Pik Wan Road, even with the car 'bitter meat dollars,' put his foot into the bicycle rear wheel, and take advantage of the occasion robbery robbery aunt bracelet on the wrist, the two sell cartier love bracelet seven districts police have been involved in the investigation Zhengzhou Evening News Reporter Wang Yongsen text / map

    Some people do not enter the wheel, look back when the gold bracelet disappeared

    Yesterday at about 10 o'clock in the navigation Road and Pik Wan intersection about 100 meters to the north side of love bracelet screw replica the temporary vegetable market, the public Ms. Que buy vegetables ready to go home, I feel the bike wheel does not move She turned and saw his bike The right rear stood a man, a man's foot caught in the bicycle rear wheel, a hand grabbed her car, keep 'Oh my God' called pain Que woman see man facial expression pain, hurriedly stop both hands 掂Swinging from side to side, the man's foot was still pinched between the spokes of the wheel, and she rushed over and leaned forward to check that when she straightened up, the man pulled the foot out of the spoke and neither Instead of asking for medical treatment and compensation, she turned and walked straight away, 'I do not know if he was stealing it, I do not know what happened.' She said eternal love bracelet replica she was lucky enough to meet Good man, but I feel the wrist of the gold chain disappeared feet do not disappear inside the wheel of the man, Ms. Que gold bracelet worth more than 6,000 yuan, while another Aunt came tearing her gold wrist worn on the wrist Mysteriously love bracelets for couples copy disappeared outside market 'desperate measure' repeatedly staged

    Aim specifically for aunt

    'More than 50 grams, almost 20000.' The aunt is very self-blame, before the disappearance of the bracelet, a man shouts and was rolling over the wheel after the electric car, she just adjust the handlebars, turned and said the other a few words , Until the other party left the bracelet found no money nearby Merchants believe that the two Aunt wearing a gold chain has been robbed of the wrist, although this is not the first time there was a fresh fruit wholesale market in Central China before there had been similar things Occurred, it should be more people together to implement the robbery This knowledgeable merchants believe that robbing two aunt gold chain certainly more than a man, while playing 'bitter meat' of the man is 'really good, otherwise the car is not This person acting is really not bad, '' They are mainly looking for a lady to start, looking for there is no place to monitor, with the opportunity to steal Aunt gold jewelry reminder, aunt guard awareness is poor, usually very beautiful, the weather After the heat to wear jewelry revealed, gave the thieves an opportunity to suggest Aunt who entered the food market and other staff intensive Department, try not to wear gold and silver.
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    Functional machine to smart machine from the details of cell phone design to see the evolution of mobile phones

    Although the straight-touch touch-screen phone represented by fake love bracelets for couples Apple's iPhone has so far been popular, it is believed that with the popularization of 3G and even higher-rate networks and the continuous emergence of related network applications, mobile phones will gradually merge with the network , The appearance of the phone will also have the corresponding changes, and now we may wish to predict the future direction of the development of cell phone appearance How will the future development of the model?

    Will be deformed cell phone: I believe after reading the 'minority report' copy love bracelet screwdriver friends, we will not forget inside the roll up of the electronic newspaper, so we boldly predict that in the future shape of the phone, you will see the product can be bent, Can roll at your fingertips, and even can instantly transform into a watch or bracelet deformable phone

    Transparent mobile phone: In fact, the transparent material on the phone, LG GD900e transparent keyboard mobile phone, Lenovo S800 transparent screen mobile phone has been verified, but due to technical and material constraints, so the full transparency of the phone has not yet been designed . I believe that with the development of science and technology, this futuristic mobile phone is full of transparency. Products that can be seen in science fiction movies will also be transparent to the market.

    Summary: Straight touch is not the future development of mobile phones in all directions, as the 2G era on the external antenna function machine, T9 keyboard, large touch screen will gradually change with copy cartier new love bracelet the development of the times, because people for the phone There are differences in demand, and mobile phone shape design is precisely to meet this demand and produce, so in the future direction of mobile phone appearance, there is no best, only the most appropriate, 'people-oriented' is the essence of product design Prev 1234 Read the full article

    Page navigation 1. Changes in the shape of the fuselage 2. The evolution of functional machine to smart machine 3. The homogenization issue brought by the cartier new love bracelet replica smart era 4. How will the future of the model?
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    Damage limit output DNF Avenger half magic flow full equipment recommended

    Semi-magic of the core output is the power of the devil, and complement each other sets the hell is E3 dead blessing suits But in the case of non-outsided dungeon only recommended dead 6, not recommended dead 9. The reason is simple, dead 9 only increased the devil's power 30% damage. 'Defeat the devil's power to fly and floating special effects' had good results, but with the national dress SB through the devil's force from the revision, that is, the three forms of attack power, and the x form will replica sell cartier bracelet only push the attack , The original 9 sets of advantages suddenly became a slot point, the urgent need to change fake gold cartier love bracelet the dead 6 with gold bracelet + soul hunter can greatly enhance the damage of other skills, as dead 6 cartier love bracelet gold fake + gold bracelet + Spirit Hunter +? Depending on the individual, I Recommended plus double tapping left slot, the tower of the Lord updated 60SS double attack left is very suitable, give up the ring part of Elvin virtual artifact is indeed half magic flow, the devil's power attack frequency, the same skills can be more additional About one-third of the original number of attacks on the number of attacks, even more. But a lot of area out of stock or high price state, cartier bracelet diamond it is difficult to start with Lynn dark attribute attack additional 7% damage, the devil's power level +3, the devil energy ceiling of 30%, both highlights and disadvantages. Not the pursuit of semi-magic under the circumstances of the power of the devil is enough, the pursuit of semi-enchanted circumstances accumulate full of devil energy a little time.
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    Hetian jade bracelet circle problems

    The Wanda Yu Royal bracelet is oval, with the largest circle and the smallest circle of two data, then we only need to calculate the width of your palm standard oblate bracelet circle, and then add 2 to 3 For example, assuming that your palm width is measured at 72 mm, you should wear the standard Wada with an inside diameter of 55 mm Jade bracelets, that is, 55 circle mouth bracelets. If it is pure round bar, then 54 can, if it is chaise longue, then wear the longest (diameter) of about 57 and Hetian jade bracelets, bracelets and sometimes Tian Yu Royal Concubine shape is not too standard, only the specific circumstances Specific analysis of this reference I gave the icon, note that it is only for reference. I use the hands of the family a bit and found that there are still some gaps, depending on the accuracy of your volume and these are theoretical data, in our real life, if it is generally 58 laps, then up and down 1 to 2 laps are no problem. That is to say 57 to 59 should be appropriate, even 56 to 60 laps can still. This depends on the friend's gold cartier love bracelet fake hand is hard or soft suggest that we best to the store to try on, let them use vernier caliper to give you a quantity. Look at the specific bracelet how much you can wear. It is best not to suggest that you use the kind of plastic caliper. That is not accurate if the bracelet is too tight, can gold cartier bracelet fake not get it down, you can apply some oil hand, or use plastic bags to the hand on it, and some people to try, the result can not get down, had no choice but to buy. In fact, as long as you can wear it, you can win it. The text above a little grinding copy cartier gold bracelet men grumble, but home Wada sincerely hope that we copy gold bracelet cartier can estimate their own Hetian jade bracelet circle, Amoy to their own satisfied with the baby.
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    Fashion is a continuation of the old thing

    Chanel Ms. Coco Chanel said, 'fashion is not just on the clothes, it is in the air, it is way of thinking, but also our way of life, what is happening around us.' Youth can not be permanent, but Trendy can be! Because fashion sense is not just what kind of clothes to wear, it is a way of thinking, is a way of life. This is why the fashion circle has a group of icons, to the age of grandparents, is still bright and beautiful, fresh and lively life, no less favorable to the newborn sun they live freehand, has always been in the fashion front. Years of precipitation of their fashion taste, the older, the more dazzling, they show themselves: fashion regardless of age, with a beautiful heart is the secret of keeping young. Anna today to give you an inventory of active in the fashion circle of 'grandparents,' over eighty days, proud to stand T station, which is still capable of inflating the 82-year-old supermodel Carmen. If you really have a 'model dictionary', then 'Carmen Dell'

    Orefice 'must be the front entry in this dictionary, and the perfect interpretation of the' 60 years history of walking the bridge 'silver hair is the most dazzling sign of Carmen.It is hard to say what Carmen style, one-eight height And slender legs for any haute couture or ready-to-wear; her deterrent blue eyes and angular cartier love bracelet 10 diamonds facial contours create the desired effect for the photographer. She can be elegant, stylish, stunning, sexy , And can even be a little playful and it's hard to say what Carmen prefers and what it's like because the natural height advantage is enough to make it easy for her to navigate everything, the wisdom of pearls, the grace of fur coats, Leopard Sexy ... ... always be able to enlarge her gas field, such a woman is like a book, you need to read carefully reading her taste slowly and deep, so that women will become more and more with the time-honking match In fact, very simple, that is, you can show your heart, do not have fancy, do not have to install tender, not to pursue fashion, this elegant with a strong sense of always be easy Penetration of time barrier, slowly presented to you, you see to her age, but you can not feel her old private eyes always filled with a smile on her, T station is so cute And the demon horse, lets you take a glance deeply deeply falls into the exclusive Carmen elegance.After all, the joy is the final and final forever elegant aristocrat style: Queen Elizabeth II

    Mentioned the fashionable grandparents, no one can bypass the most honorable woman of the Commonwealth. On April 21, just after her 90th birthday, she is still overbearing. The aristocratic lord, the longest-serving monarch in the history of Great Britain, is respected for her aristocratic demeanor and her fashion taste is also shared by most people Recognition Queen's clothing is really Queen, expensive extravagance, no one can perform more than her interpretation of aristocratic temperament and style. Fur may wear on other people may cartier love bracelet pink gold diamonds copy be sexy can be playful, wear on her only extravagance and extravagance, elegant grace Wuli Queen gives the impression is still very cute, so amazing red wear on the old lady body, even so Playful cute, this expression, is to see replica vintage cartier bracelet what interesting things yet?

    Trendy weapon recommended: Launer handbags

    Do not know if you have not found, in addition to the round hat, gloves such standard, Queen Street beat a bag appearance rate is very high. This handbag brand is the history of the United Kingdom handmade leather goods brand Launer, founded in 1941, but the Queen specializes in a 50-year-old handbag. 1968 supply for the British royal family. Classic logo is alpha symbol, simple and elegant design style, in particular, consistent with the noble and noble temperament of the Queen and the weird love style shopping: Iris Apfel

    The old lady is simply a winner in life, an excellent interior designer in her youth, and has designed nine presidents, including Kennedy and Clinton. Love to buy a buy, the old did not stop, 80-year-old debut, 90-year-old fashion circles Reds, a unique clothing is very welcome at a glance she felt the old still exist in the vitality, weird. Home full of all kinds of collectibles, envious of her unique distinctive sign distinctive, retro round glasses, simply bigger than the face, as well as large necklaces and bracelets, are very exaggerated, mix and match the style of fusion Together is replica vintage cartier love bracelet showing the vitality of her with her life, 68 years to accompany her to buy buy her husband, grandparents love is the real tyrant trendy weapon Recommended: jewelry smart bracelet

    The old woman who is weird to the old may think she is too ugly to wear an ordinary smart bracelet, so she and her tech company launch a smart bracelet of their own design. In addition to global positioning, step-by-step tracker and calorie calculator functions, and the recorded data can be transmitted to smart phones via Bluetooth, its exquisite jewelry style for many stylish beauty of people excited. The old lady told me with her own actions that technology should not be cold things, but should be combined with beauty and fashion; fashion is not necessarily just clothes, but also be able to straddle and keep up with the trend of technological trends. Punk Mother: Vivienne Westwood

    The famous British designer, punk fashion mother, her fashion brand we must be very familiar with, but also impressive. And her own style is the same uninhibited like suits, summer suits + shorts, winter suit + hanging pants, leopard shoes can also see the uncle's bold there is always a catchy single product, and the color is very bright Even pink, a very good and important accessory to be considered as a girl's color, was his engineering tattoo worn on his feet and his favorite sunglasses, in addition to his tattoos.
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    Hunter's fan advocacy freedom advocate

    Everything is a challenge fake cartier pink gold love bracelet here. With the Taibai Venus chess to see the stars; with some days will be riding a horse; flower Fairy with flowers; with God's wife talked about the world; with the angels to talk to the world; and occasionally go to the underworld to stroll; the grandfather often came to pay me some Magic, but not all the other kind of fox is simply an old urchin 'Satsuki, coming to the jade magic broken with only a small bunch of broken from the middle oh. Come try, hurry up, small Let me see how you learned in the month. '

    'Noisy! I thunder in the name of thunder!' A bunch of yellow lightning quickly through the jade's center. 'cut.'

    'Wow wow, Satsuki is awesome, you know? This jade is hard, it's the hardest person in the hardest world!'

    'You praise me again, this jade you casually will be able to destroy hundreds, ah, the old man you are mad at me?'

    'Haha, do not be angry, come, let's play something else.'

    'Play ?! Ah, I'm indecipherable with you! Ah, damn.'

    'Ha ha.'

    I often go to Vulcan, water god, thunder god, earth god, god of flowers, god where to learn magic. Day flies quickly, flash 6 months later 'grace? Ze what happened?' Ze is also a handsome guy, saying that the spirit world actually handsome guy and beauty it. Ze looks cold, but in fact it is very gentle. The inky broken short hair, large dark green eyes, tall and straight nose, rosy lips coupled with white skin, the best of men ah, unfortunately, Satsuki is not animal in nature ah, ah, God (God) let you go.

    'Ah, finally arrived this day.'

    Came to the main shrine. 'Ah, Satsuki came fast this is 10 billion, this bracelet is a space bracelet, where you can learn the language to learn, find the artifact you can also use their own oh Well, well, go. 'When I was done, I was stuffed and threw me into the tunnel with my collar. A whirlwind hunter world:

    'Ah, hurts!' Stand up and observe the surrounding area, where is the forest? what is this? Piranha? Unlike ah, this tree is like a paw tree? What is this place! cartier pink gold love bracelet replica Ah, Lord God is an idiot? 'Rustle ...' What sound?

    Rapid preparedness, the grass out of a very unruly uncle. what's the situation? 'Yo, little girl,' said Uncle Sunshine Uncle. In fact, I really want to Tucao uncle said, how many years have you not taken a bath? Also, still, so sunshine?

    'Ah, hello.Would you like this?' 'Ah, here is Mei Ah Lin, little girl.How can you be alone in such a dangerous place?' An old man lost his job in this task. My name is Aria, my uncle you?

    'Oh, little girl cartier love pink gold bracelet replica I called gold.

    'Gold is a hunter?' This is not the hunter world here. 'Ah, little girl you know me.' This is all you have to do? This is also very good. Since gold is also how to learn from him ah 'Uncle since you are so powerful, I want to worship you as a teacher how? I need to find things are in the relics in need of strength.'

    'Oh, is there any other reason besides this one?'

    'Ah, of course, there is freedom, ah, there is strength to be bound.'

    'Oh, well, I teach you.I did not expect to see you only 12 years old so hungry for strength.'

    12? I look at my body. God killed the gods, I curse you sick! what! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! replica vintage cartier love bracelet ! ! !
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    Simao Travel Raiders Ctrip Raiders

    Simao this hotel is not small, the room was too clean. In the past few days in Yunnan, live in the hotel are very clean. My wife is tired, I went to the hotel hall to buy Poole tea. The tea cakes here are cheap, from 60 how much is a cartier love ring replica yuan to 600 yuan, than in the 'Colorful Yunnan' shop in the much higher price / performance ratio. Chatting with the owner of the tea shop, Zhang Sister led several tour groups came to the lobby. They asked Simao downtown to take a look. Haha, that's great, I also go along with everyone go, in a central street park, there is a Zhuge Liang statue. Call it 'Kong Ming Hing Tea.' Ok? Is Zhuge Liang commemorating this kind of tea plantation? It seems that Kong Ming is also popular in Yunnan ah, good things are put to him. Later, listen to the tour guide said that this hole chaos Kongming chaos, illness after drinking a branch of the buds, cure the disease. The tree was named 'tea tree', and invented the word 'tea'. And 'Simao' this place, but also because Zhuge miss hometown, miss the fledgling. Haha, I hope the legend is really gone a long way, in a corner there is a tree covered in giant trees. On the huge trunk, there are countless root bends. Giant tree called 'rebellious root big tree,' one is the real trunk, the other seven roots are hanging down from the branches of the 'root' gradually become thick, and eventually became a huge tree roots, the number of Unclear root beard. A little girl gave me numbers according to the number written on the root of the tree: 1,2,3, ... No. 7 roots. This tall banyan tree, the local people give it many nicknames: 'Inverted roots', 'a tree Spring and Autumn,' 'Tree alone' Afforestation Tree next to a group of 'Ancient Tea Horse Road,' called 'caravan rest '. There are several groups Simao urban 'Tea Horse Road Bronze Statue', we have just entered the city when they saw a group. The group of people more than this group. Simao is the source of the 'Ancient Tea Horse Road'. Since the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the five commercial routes that started from Pu'er passed through the mountains and valleys, the Gaotang Valley, north to Kunming, west Tibet, India, Nepal, South Daruma, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, will Simao closely linked with neighboring countries and regions to the Qing Dynasty, Pu-Erh tea production and sales for a time, 'into the tea mountain dozens of people,' with an annual output of more than 90,000 teas, each year more than 50,000 Mule stream in the way, the sound of the rangless ears. Twenty-three years Guangxu (1897) the Qing government set up customs in Simao, Britain, France and other countries has set up consuls, specializing in the export of tea. Pu'er tea is a famous export product in our country. The Ancient Tea Horse Road and the caravan are speedy, resolute, courageous and cynical brave people and pioneers to speed up the pace to Simao Century Plaza. Someone flying a kite in the square square, dancing, sitting around the rest of the citizens. Several groups of bronze sculptures were on one side of the square. The theme is to portray the daily life of Simao people. Among them, a group called 'Women's Tea' shows cartier love ring gold imitation the industrious image of women picking tea, making tea and selling tea. Simao fake how much is a cartier love ring is the birthplace of the world's tea culture and the origin of tea trees. Simao people were the first to domesticate tea trees, grow tea, make tea and drink tea. The tea culture is rich and profound, and the tea art is colorful and colorful. Tea from the world tea village clouds, the elaborate production, hits the history of Chen Xiang, revealed the true nature of glycol, has a unique aesthetic taste and permanent spiritual charm Square is surrounded by pedestrian street. Here is the town's commercial center. We visit a few shops, take a look at the dark back back to the hotel room, my wife is well off, said to go buy Pu'er tea. We came to the hotel side of the open market. There are many stalls to buy fresh Pu'er tea here. We are afraid of being fooled, spent 25 yuan to buy 2 pounds of tea. Haha, the stallholder said it was a three-leaf bud, low grade. Low low, low is not worth the fraud. Turn around the night market in the farmers market. Go back to sleep myself 2009.5.24. After breakfast everyone on the train, we have to run all the way back to Kunming. Enjoy the landscape of Yunnan along the way, and some reluctant to leave. Car more than an hour, stopped in a hillside car. We each find a place to pee freely. Haha, this is what tourists ah. Taking advantage of rest, take a look at Yunnan's ecology. There are mango trees in the fields below the slopes, the twigs are packed with fruit cars, and stopped short at a specialty store. The main shop mainly Pu'er tea. The owner still boasted the goodness of its tea. I slipped into the store's backyard. A young man is loading sacks of fresh Pu'er tea. In the past, when I approached the establishment, he said that the pu-erh tea in the sacks should be shipped to retailers in the Mainland. I said I want to buy something right? Finally, I spent 600 yuan to buy 2 pounds of fresh Poole. What 'clover a bud', 'two leaves a bud', 'a leaf a bud', I bought this, all are bud, a leaf is not. Back to the car, my wife see me and buy tea, and asked how much a pound ah busy? I said: Will tell you, the driver driving it, pay close attention to Kunming ah car on the National Road, I told my wife: '100 pounds of tea, bought two pounds.' Everyone came to see, say good, buy the value. Of course, I added 400 myself. Well at this time to tell you, if the car did not move just said the price, I'm afraid you also buy, then exposed the stuffed lunch to Kunming, the tour guide took us into a jewelry shop. Tour guides won this time, a group of friends spent 6,000 to his wife bought a jade bracelet. Haha, or how are you willing to be a tour guide do not know which piece of cloud it rains. The wife kept trying to complain about her husband, but his face revealed happiness and contentment. The man said: expensive? Not expensive at all, if you listen to ah, do not buy this life in Yunnan tourism last stop is to Kunming flower market. My God, the market is too big, the price of flowers is much cheaper than Tianjin. Most of the group members bought some to go back to Kunming Railway Station at four o'clock in the afternoon. Guided tours to complete the task, and we say goodbye. We all thank her, indeed very responsible. Sister Zhang assigned the train ticket, take us onto the train, back to Tianjin, myself and the couple that bought jade bracelets in a sleeper box. Chatting process, I know they are people in Tianjin Hongqiao District. Men like to cook, women do not like. Men are cooking women eat. After I heard, secretly crying in my heart, alas, how are they in a box, ah, this 36 hours how ah?

    I am the least willing to cook, and I care about everything in my life. Good meal to eat, new clothes to wear new, big house to live, etc., I think it does not matter. When I was a young man, I wanted to do a good job, even if I did, I did not do a big job. Older more emphasis on spiritual enjoyment, where is my home oil bottle I do not know. In short, our family is a wife cooking, I eat, my wife buy clothes, I wear, but I never picky so encounter such a pair of tourist neighbors, his wife should cattle up. The husband took out a 'bergamot', saying that cartier love diamond imitation ring he just bought it and prepared to go home to be a specialty. My wife's face an envious expression, not open, the other wife spoke. She said to her husband: I tell you ah, you do not blind ah curse, this broken vegetables who love to eat ... ... 'That's a very awkward man, my wife said:' Some people cook well, eat ready, more happy ah. I want someone to cook for me .... '

    The woman a red and white face, said: 'You do not know, ah, if he had to do some rice, too curse people .On the ground, pots, hoods are oil ah .I have to finish the meal two hours, tired Dead ah ah there ah ah, ah do not eat the food is good, and sometimes he himself do not like to eat, throwing more waste ah sometimes do too much, just call a bunch of people come to eat at home, Home chaos ah. No longer give people to send, you say it is not a problem. If he does not cook, our family how good I begged him not to cook, he will not work ...... '

    Listen, listen, I can not help but 'ha ha ha, ha ha ha ... ...' laughed. And then said to his wife: 'Heard it !? Heard it !? You always envy the man's wife who cooks. Well, this time let you know that each house has trouble!' I was facing The couple said: 'Thank you so much, thank you so much. I always thought it would be my weakness to cook. Now it seems that sister wants to have a husband who does not cook ah. Well, my wife has been deeply educated. Two couple live, there is a fondness there is a despicable 2009.5.29. This day in the box next to Hedong and Xue family chat. They are a family of five traveling. Two couples with their parents and a second-year little girl. Girls practicing dance every day, 抻 muscles pull very hard. Girls like to chat with me. I do not know why, children like to talk to me, frolic, maybe I too like to tease them. Little girl really sensible, quite like self-deprecating. Because there are two front teeth, claiming to be 'Xue Dali' home at night, wash and sleep. Of course, still comfortable at home. Good rest, tomorrow to start the 'Old House Battle' Travel Raiders Navigation hot season: Hong Kong Shanghai Shenzhen Chongqing Sanya Xi'an Xiamen Nanjing Wuhan Kunming Qingdao Tianjin Zhengzhou Shenyang Urumqi

    Simao Travel Guide Guide Ctrip Raiders community! Fly on the Raiders platform, the best Simao self-help travel, free exercise, traveling by car, with tour lines, massive Simao tourist attractions pictures, travel, food, shopping, accommodation, Entertainment, itinerary, guide and other travel Raiders information, learn more Simao travel information to Ctrip Travel Guide Simao Tourism rapid entry + More

    Simao Travel Guide Simao Travel Photos Simao Travel Photos Simao Weather Simao Travel Travel Guide Simao Travel Q \u0026 A Simao Attractions Attractions Recommended Simao Hotels Simao Specialties Simao Shopping Raiders Simao entertainment experience Simao Itinerary Simao Sima travel together Simao Raiders Download Simao travel impression Simao travel Raiders Simao Weekend Travel Yunnan Travel Raiders navigation: Pu'er ink River Lancang Mao Ning Er Jinguang Yuan Meng West even the West King Simao mobile terminal Travel Quick Entrance: Simao Travel Guide Simao Raiders Guide Simao traffic Raiders Simao Travel Map Simao Scenic Pictures Simao Category Navigation Simao Weather Simao Attractions Recommended Simao Food Guide Simao Specialty Restaurants Simao Specialties Simao Hotels Simao Shopping Raiders Simao entertainment experience Simao Itinerary Simao Escort Guide Simao Pocket Guide Simao Travel Travel Simao Travel Advisory Simao Food Map

    Simao tourist attractions + more

    Small Heijiang Forest Park Manwan Barry Lake Scenic Area Camp Hill million mu tea tourism and leisure point Tianbi Mountain Suburb Recreation Park
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