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Female star small gift

Bold female artist Bai Ling on the 'Kangxi is coming,' and the host talked about the reasons for frequent dew, Bai Ling said: What scared? Just as it is a small gift I send you, my little gift can be very famous oh this analogy have to say quite place. It is no wonder that every film that Bailing participated in was totally banned in mainland China and her popularity was still not inferior to that of Zhang Ziyi. As the saying goes, Eli people do not blame. Like Bailing sister so every media to send a small gift, and through the media platform to the people of the world widely distributed a small gift of atmospheric actress, do not hold her you are too fake cartier love necklace white gold proud?

In fact, in the fashion circle, entertainment are mixed fame female stars, all of them have a way to send a small gift. For example, just a actress in the fame of the Cannes Film Festival, one to investors, producers of the dinner, must be photographed sitting thigh toast photos. This is nothing, polo ralph lauren pas cher, the first thing she rumors into the crew during the early years is one by one to give private warmth. Up to the producer, director, next to the lighting division, field remember, everyone is equal, opportunities are James. A drama down, all the staff are thinking about the actress's good, looking forward to the next cooperation with her. Massive sent knock off cartier baby love necklace out so sincere and private, customized gifts, her rise, too natural for the international chapter is also a small gift to lose a small gift. Ziyi gift, only to the right people. From the debut to the present, the audience across the country witnessed her photos through a variety of gifts: sitting brother son's thigh, and brother feed each other, the streets kiss the rich second generation of Hong Kong, Bear Chinese name of the director, touching the charity night Kind of small open, old open face ... ... These enthusiastic little gift for Ziyi opened a door or even the door, let her sing triumphantly, smooth sailing. Unfortunately, some gifts can not be delivered and some can not. According to her had a good sister, a celebrity openly broke the news that 'she brought back a few pieces of fashion jewelry from Thailand and other places, will sell around a hundred thousand friends, and even sold to me, because of face, I would laugh Hehe accepted. 'Give good sisters have a gift but also collect the money are considered, the key for a good sisters man, Ziyi and unusually generous, all kinds of small gifts sent to the man dizzy head, kept giving to the child Yi Yi ceremony - 'Only a Tiffany necklace on the millions, before and after the delivery of such a bunch of things, you count how much the value of money.' The sisters of the men happy, sisters are not happy, a pot of ink to Ziyi, suddenly let the son of a disorderly set of these is the female celebrity is often given to men a small gift. If given to women, actress will send what? According to Lauren Weisberger, a woman writer who once served on the American version of 'Vogue', editor Anna Wintour, the powerful fashion devil usually receives the following gifts upon Christmas: Bobbi Brown's exclusive subscription to Bobbi Brown makeup Gift box, Kate Spade I designed the unique Kate Spade leather bag, Miuccia Prada gorgeous mink sleeping bag sent by Jasin Dai Group, the rich girl Aerin Lauder sent Verdura gem beaded bracelet, Donatella Versace sent a full diamond watch (worthy of Versace's handwriting), a box of vintage champagne sent by Cynthia Rowley, a chipmunk bib sent by Vera Wang and a Burberry Cashmere blanket delivered by Rose Marie Bravo (former Burberry Group Chairman) ... this is the part of the female designer; Supermodels, such as Giselle Bundchen, Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, etc., start their brains, the care relationship, be sure to ensure that they buy a unique big-name limited number of products as a gift. This explains why so many people want to cut their heads into the fashion fake cartier diamond pendant necklace industry. Waiting for the highest throne, a light of Christmas received a gift, enough to open a boutique Domestic stars are so willing to give the gift of blood, relatively generous actress to the number of blue heart Mae. Heart Mae I personally love Birkin handbags, buy all the vintage cartier necklace knock off models but also to buy a set of again to give the stars and sisters, so friends can be justified! In contrast, is not on the Road, people are out of breath, but also adhere to the New Year on their own pocket to shoot a small group of small town grade made of calendars for the sisters and the media do not know her head is not Botox also disabled, ask which actress will be hanging in your own home a set of Qiao Qiao calendar?

And if you want to ask which girl star I most want to receive a small gift, I think it is certainly Sandy. In Huang Wenten's book, read about his hand-packed Lin Yi-lian wonton, shepherd's purse ingredients with shrimp soup, a, really desirable. If you have a chance to personally eat a bowl, I will be the most loyal fans of Sandy, day in the blog, in the column, in the forum, praised her world praise!
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    International gold usher in the real winter gold usher in consumer peak

    Letter from the Correspondent (Reporter Yang Xiaodan) International gold ushered in a 'late spring cold' last weekend, but with the arrival of the Spring Festival, the demand for physical gold has been rising. Reporter learned from the 100 dishes, Guohua and other gold stores, the recent sales of gold jewelry rose more than 5% compared with the previous year, the Lunar New Year sales of 60% increase in Lunar New Year early this year, the international price of gold has all the way up, on January 22 stood 1300 US dollar / ounce, then ushered in a callback, February 6 fell to 1230 US dollars / ounce, down more than 5%, taking up half of the increase this year corresponds to this is the peak of consumption of physical gold ushered in. Reporters yesterday saw in the Guohua Mall, the mall has launched a new year for the Year of the sheep gold bracelet counters, thousands of color varieties. At the same time, specifically for children launched thousands of gold, 'Longfeng Chengxiang rich lock', 'Lunar New Year Baifusuo', 'safe and secure lock out', etc., also become elders to the grandchildren's best-selling gift reporter found that although this year thousands of feet cartier baby love necklace knock off Gold raised 18 yuan, but after several falls in 2014, compared to the same period last year, the price of gold jewelry is still more advantages. Guohua Shopping Center official said, 'Jinyang Lunar New Year' series of thousands of gold models have hundreds, an replica cartier diamond necklace increase of nearly 60% last week sales for the future trend of gold, gold investment analyst Huang Liang that the recent gold price shocks But in the first quarter of 2015, one or more rising prices, gold prices or shocks may also rise as a result of the physical buying in China and the increase of gold raw materials in India. At the same time, the purchasing power of 'China Aunt' should not be overlooked. 'Spring Festival is the peak period of gold jewelry consumption. After the 15th lunar month, the major gold stores will usher in the peak of replenishment of physical gold and will objectively promote the gold price to rise.'

    In addition, vintage cartier necklace knock off since the beginning of this year, the RMB has accelerated its devaluation. Many people have started to explore whether they can invest in gold. In this regard, Huang Liang believes that citizens can knock off cartier necklace for men put 5% of assets 10% as a gold investment.
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    People's Primary School to move childhood games into the campus students catch loach harvest pastoral fun

    Xinhua Chongqing Education Channel on May 27 Mo loach, Ji water gun, childhood these games in your memory is clear? Clay clay sculpture, fan painting, paper dyeing art, these ancient arts do you still have the impression?

    Today, at the Celebration of 'June 1' Carnival celebrated by Chongqing People's Primary School, these joyful games with their children's childhood reproduce on campus. Primary schoolchildren release textbooks, walk out of classrooms, participate in activities and experience games, accompanied by snacks and snacks , Happy to greet their own holiday, a happy face filled with happiness 'Pond full of water, the fish stopped, the sky is full of mud in the loach.' Experience activities in the school area - Touch loach venues Fifty-six students are sitting around the inflatable pool, waiting for 'prey' to appear. Suddenly, cartier love ring white gold knock off a loach loafers swimming in the water to instantly attract their attention. They immediately crouched, rolled up their clothes, extended their hands and gently caught loach students around the inflatable pool to catch loach. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    Sixth grade (12) class Wang Yi Chao entered the venue, the action is very agile. He carried his bag in one hand and the other hand directly into the pool, moving quietly under the water, ready for 'opportunistic action.' Sure enough, no less than ten seconds, he successfully grabbed a loach. Over time, he quickly arrested a dozen or so, attracted the envy of students around the eyes of Wang Yi Chao said grasping the trick is to loach fast, accurate and relentless, in the smaller wave of water, 'sit back and wait' and loach Appear, quickly pinch the head, and then control its body, firmly grasp. He said that this year's Children's Day there are many fun items, very happy in the gaming experience, enjoy the Walk of Fame show dressed in cartier wedding replica ring mens red carpet

    Role-playing personality interpretation of 'Happy Childhood'

    Dancing flower Fairies, sprouting da cartier love fake ring for sale forest elf strange shape COSPLAY, as well as the mysterious and full of terror of the 'devil girl.' People everywhere in the primary school campus, 'walk' with a group of fancy dress Art Festival fashion show. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    It turned out that they play the role of class and class in accordance with grade 1 2 grade, 3-4 grade play Chinese and foreign myths, fairy tale characters, grade 5 and grade 6 respectively play the role of famous Chinese and foreign, animation COSPLAY. Wearing a variety of role-playing clothes, interpretation of the contents of anime or mythology, take the red carpet show, Xinguangxiu photographed every corner of the campus, but also set up several independent stage, both 'magnificent' painted tire show, theme Creation of painting exhibition, also with clay clay sculpture, bracelet production, fan painting, paper art and other artistic handmade experience area, so that students with different hobbies have experienced the fun fans experience fan painting. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    At People's Primary School's 'Top Ten Award Ceremony and June 1 Celebration Ceremony,' leaders of school schools presented awards to individuals cartier ring diamond copy who won the 'Glory Awards,' 'Top Ten Students,' 'Top Ten Parents,' and 'City-Level Awards.' However, Students also brought the festival fashion show, Sichuan Opera art face change, Latin dance show and other wonderful programs People primary school principal Yang Langlang message students, have a happy childhood. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    Sichuan Opera artist face-to-face interaction with students. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    Yang Langlang, principal of Chongqing People's Primary School, said that compared with his own childhood, more people are now facing the stage, paying attention to individuality and paying attention to the development of every child. He hopes that children will always maintain one world, Life's curiosity, always happy and innovative. (Deng Hongya)
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    Women tried 300,000 jade bracelet broke the media asked

    Recently, a female tourist trying on Ruili, Yunnan, a bracelet price of 300,000 yuan, accidentally broken jade bracelet, the spot fainted. By the local gem association assessment, the damaged bracelet market value 180,000 yuan. The two parties can not reach an agreement on the conditions of compensation, the decision to draw civil proceedings third party assessment of 180,000 experts: the industry can only assess the price consensus

    After the incident, the local gem stone jade bracelet assessment conducted by the assessment, the article jade bracelet market value of the whole 180,000 yuan. Evaluation comments cartier men wedding fake ring also pointed out that damaged bracelets can be used to repair the gold inlaid package, still beautiful to wear. Evaluation is based on the current Ruili bracelet market, for reference only Even if the local gem association valuation and the price difference between the larger, tourists and some users are gold cartier ring fake still not valued on the valuation. If consumers do not want goods, you can also propose to deduct the residual value of goods for compensation Second, if the business has tried its best to try the product safety warning and protection obligations, in this case, the consumer will bear all the liability, but compensation The amount can still be negotiated through the above channels to look more news

    How to prevent the bracelet from slipping off

    Insiders said that most of these accidents are because of the wrong way to get bracelets. How to get the bracelet correctly? In fact, there is a trick inside the wrong way:

    Hold the outer edge of the bracelet, the bracelet is round, with this method is very easy to pop up, the more careful, the more hard to grip, the easier it is to pop-up error demonstration

    Into the palm cartier wedding replica ring mens of your hand, this approach may seem safer, but in fact it is not. Will inevitably have sweat palms, take a long time jade is also easy to slip wrong demonstration

    The right way:

    Hand sweat should first hand clean, and the cartier love ring men imitation first to pay attention to people next week will not hit you. When picking up the emerald bracelet, fasten the bracelet with your index finger or middle finger firmly and hold your finger back with your thumb.
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    Huizhou, Guangdong Province was rated as the safest city in China for four consecutive years

    'In the ever-changing era of comprehensive reform, peace is one of the most directly concerned and most immediate interests of the masses of the people as well as the basis for maintaining the sound and rapid economic and social development. Therefore, we will continue to promote the comprehensive development of social order Governance innovation and exploration, to create 'the safest city in China' brand. 'Guangdong Huizhou Party Secretary Chen Yiwei told reporters recently that in recent years, Huizhou municipal Party committee and municipal government continue cartier love ring rose gold replica to innovate the comprehensive management of social security mode, and comprehensively promote the construction of safe Huizhou, build A group of influential work bright spots in the whole province and the country were formed, a social pluralism and common governance model of 'leadership by the party committees, government-led coordination, comprehensive management and coordination by various departments, concerted efforts by all departments and active participation of social forces', and people's sense of security And satisfaction continued to improve. Since 2012, Huizhou has been honored as the 'Safest City in China' for four consecutive years. It has also won the title of Outstanding City for Comprehensive Management of Public Security in China for the third time in a row. At the same time, Huizhou won the title of 'Chang'an Cup' Cell 'is an important carrier of the comprehensive management of social order under the new situation and new tasks. In practice, Huizhou City, through the construction of 'safe cells' one by one, to encourage all sectors of society to take the initiative to participate in social governance, propping up the 'big platform' for building Huizhou safely. 'We must include mass evaluation in the grid appraisal system and promote the implementation of the responsibility , To better serve the masses. 'Not long ago, Chen Yiwei in Jincheng District, Jincheng Xiaojin Kou streets investigation of' safe cell 'grid operation, and the' safe cell 'grid long, grid chat chat, learn more about Grid service management of the specific circumstances, given the suggestion Huizhou Municipal Committee, Politics and Law Committee Secretary Li Min said Huizhou safe to create as a 'popular project' and actively build a 'grid + grid + information technology 'Work system, continue to promote the construction of' safe cells 'such as Pingan Town, Pingan Village and Ping'an Hospital, speed up the construction of a three-dimensional and information-based social security prevention and control system, and reinforce the construction of' large-scale national defense 'and' eight networks ' It is learned that knock off cartier ring mens the 'Huizhou Model', which is the first model of Huizhou's 'all-round patrolling for prevention', has been promoting the transformation and upgrading of the 'mass defense of the whole people.' At present, Huizhou mode is being promoted throughout the province and the whole country. At the beginning of this year, the Huidong County Public Security Bureau joined hands with the fishing vessel management department and the fishing village committees to organize 600 fishermen to set up a marine defense team. Through the defense team members, Tourists propaganda self-defense and collaborative strike awareness for the public security agencies to provide all kinds of suspicious persons and clues to the case Huazheng Municipal Politics and Law Committee Deputy Secretary Chen Shao-ching told reporters that at present the city a total of prevention and treatment team more than 60,000 people, safe volunteers 340,000 , 'Safe cells' to create a rate of 100%. In recent years, we have all along endeavored to create the 'Huizhou Model' of a three-dimensional social security prevention and control system and strengthened the support of the subjects, science and technology, data and infrastructure, Improve and perfect forward-looking mechanism of judging and analyzing, actual combat command and disposition mechanism, effective crackdown mechanism, public security prevention and control mechanism and diversified social linkage mechanism. 'Li Min said in practice, Huizhou strengthen social governance intelligence Through the 'Smart Skynet' weaving social security prevention and control network, relying on the technical support of information technology to enhance the ability to combat crime and improve the level of early warning Huiyang Danshui police station under the jurisdiction of the bustling commercial circle accounted for half, with gold and silver jewelry, High-end clothing and other stores more than 3,000. The area has a resident population of more than 40,000, the floating population daily in more than 20000, but once the holidays but up to 100000 people, leading to rampant pickpocketing, street robbery, law and order situation is very complicated, 'a man pretend to buy a bracelet, Take advantage of our snatched two gold bracelets. 'Gold shop received the report, Huiyang police immediately mass surveillance video tracking around the final lock the suspect's whereabouts. In the incident 8 hours after the suspect Lee successfully captured, grabbed the bracelet lost Chen Shaoqing said that Huizhou has now completed 170 security bayonet and 8665 video surveillance class point, about 100,000 two or three types of points , Involving the use of vehicles involved in big data systems, face recognition system, to build a 24/7, multi-level coverage of video surveillance 'Skynet.' At the same time, through the construction of the 'Huihui' security guard post, the city formed a 30-minute rapid reaction seal ring composed of 13 main cards and 73 deputy cards, and the public order risk alert and prevention and control ability was effectively enhanced. On the same day, Xiao-Zhao Li Yunfei and his girlfriend play in the park, Xiao Zhao sudden stomach pain, and quickly fainted. An ambulance was called but the ambulance was blocked on the road. While Li Yunfei helpless, near the duty on the city of Urban Management Enforcement Bureau deputy law enforcement team in Henan Chen Jialong heard the news came. 'Chen Shaolong said Chen Shaoqing told reporters that in the comprehensive management of social order, Huizhou is committed to exploring the establishment of a grass-roots governance system that is humanistic, democratized, legalized, sourced, integrated and informatized (hereinafter referred to as the' Six ' , The characteristic home is one of the characteristics of the measures in Huizhou Urban management and mobile vendors 'guerrilla war' in every corner of the city day and day, becoming a major problem of urban management.March 2011 March, Huizhou city management and administration Law Enforcement Bureau set up a 'home of mobile merchants in Huizhou City' and listened to their opinions and suggestions through regularly organizing forums of mobile merchants, etc. to solve their reasonable demands and enhance their recognition of urban management. According to the reporter, In fact, Huizhou has cultivated and developed nine 'special homes' such as 'Returnee Soldier's Home' and 'Taxi Driver's House' in order to greatly enhance the quality and level of urban management and effectively promote the peaceful Huizhou Building 'the village that Yang lawyer can see clearly before signing. 'Jiangbei Street Village cadre Xiaozhu mention full of a big bag, which contains 327 contracts, found Yang Jianhua lawyer. Yang Jianhua Sanxin is deputy director of the legal system, the bag is about to expire and the contract is being signed to resolve At the grassroots level, the grassroots cadres and villagers are encouraged to explore the concept of the rule of law. Huizhou actively explores new mechanisms of grassroots social governance. Since 2009, Huizhou has been exploring the implementation of the system of appointment of the deputy director of the legal system by village (neighborhood) committees, hiring lawyers as the deputy director of the village legal system, To take the case of law talks, legal advice, legal advice and other forms, the village households to provide legal services for the village (residents) Up to now, the cartier love ring rose gold fake deputy director of the legal system to answer a total of 169,000 cartier classic fake ring legal advice, 6671 to provide legal advice to participate in mediation conflicts Disputes 18673 cases, providing legal assistance 3867 times.It is reported that Huizhou pioneered this system not only in Guangdong to promote a comprehensive, but also into the 2017 national popularization work points in the country to promote Li Min, told reporters: 'social security is the social order, People's peace. Take the path of public security, we must fully integrate the government, the community, the common participation of all forces of the masses, build a multi-governance situation, in order to stimulate deep social governance vitality. '

    In order to take a good road to people's peace and order, Huizhou City has explored and implemented a series of new laws and regulations such as 'deputy director of the legal system', 'deputy director of the legal system', 'deputy legal chief of the legal system', 'four democratic methods of work', judicial huimin studio, Mechanism to build a 'six-based' grassroots governance system to achieve the social pluralistic forces to participate in social governance. At present, the city has a total of 6 'demonstration villages (communities) of national democracy and the rule of law', 52 'demonstration villages (communities) of democracy and the rule of law in the province', and 3 demonstration sites of legal culture at the provincial level Since 2013, Huizhou has fostered innovation in social governance 105 projects, issued a series of co-ordinate to resolve commonalities and inconsistent guidance, improve contradictions and disputes diversification mechanism. According to statistics, in the past 4 years, the city successfully resolved 26,662 contradictions and disputes, with a success rate of 96%. At present, the pattern of 'major mediation' coordinated by people, administrative mediation and judicial mediation is in a strong impetus to the multi-governance of Huizhou society. (Reporter Deng Xinzhang Zhang Ning Dan)

    Why online literature frequently 'copy door'

    Piracy and plagiarism are two major problems plaguing the development of online literature. In comparison, plagiarism is more difficult to manage. In the absence of creative norms, enormous pressure on writing and increasingly prosperous commercial prospects of all circles, the frequent occurrence of plagiarism has drawn more and more attention from all circles. detailed
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    Resident Evil Revelation 2 full trophy achievement reached graphic video Raiders

    Chapter 2 Claire's time is tight. . . The first time hit the last RETRY no time to smash the crystal before the final battle, here to write an idea to tell you how to earn time and save time in Claire articles. If you are welcome to provide a better way, if the wrong place to write is welcome after you are familiar with the process and then look at this description, the entire fake cartier love ring rose gold process only the fishing village and the final battle is the focus, the countdown mode will be reduced by 1 time per RETRY Seconds 1. After the opening chatting while searching for items, including the hidden items behind the bar counter that Moira can find. Get on the 2nd floor to get the map smashed box after the bracelet began to speak, open the menu before speaking can be combined with the items, go downstairs 2. out of the bar immediately ran to the helicopter to open the door, you can directly bring Gabe, ran to the helicopter to break the crystal After Gabe followed by BB, there was a hidden item behind the helicopter that could be found in Moira. The box opened and went straight to the gate. It opened when Moira started saying, 'How to find something in this ghost place.' First take the battery, the battery outside the corner of the house there is a very hidden red grass remember to get. Ignoring the beginning of his head running toward Pedro, he immediately spoke to the wall of the house where the oil drums were located before he returned to where Pedro was located, at which point he should just finish drilling the first wall and go out to find the submachine gun Story, trot all the way with Pedro came to the front of the wall 4. When he drilled the enemies are cleared, you can also fight for a lot of time, here recommended with a pistol, shotgun keep 5. After entering the barrel to get the crystal After the helicopter ran into the iron gate to the NPC instructions to let her stand on the gate, put the battery and drum immediately after the switch to the NPC at the gate, go out to the bar after the start of the cabin fight 6. Enemy all clear, with a pistol head shot. Pedro mutated in the bar with a shotgun mad at him, do not go out to waste time will be surrounded by the enemy, as far as possible around the side of Pedro to start, the zombie does not matter, then ignoring the kill Pedro get reward 120 seconds 7. Climb the ladder You can see the battery before the room appeared again in a crystal, broken with a gun +60 seconds 8. into the sewer there is a reset time yellow crystal, I was here when the time left 4 minutes and 15 seconds to choose Not reset to 3 minutes 9. After the process no difficulty, choose to kill or run away at their own pace to do, you need to save submachine guns and pistols ammunition. There should be no mistake in opening the door. Moira also try to get as much as possible hidden items, because ammunition to the very last 10. Need to ensure that the final battle before 1 minute 30 seconds or so, down the stairs after the iron can trigger the plot and other fat appeared . Climb the shelves with submachine guns and pistols fight fat head, the first high attack force, the second knock off cartier ring mens you can play him straight, the scene has two wooden boxes, an assault rifle cartridge, there is a bomb bottle. If the zombie climbed up to cut them directly with a knife, the shelf was blown up fat to find another shelves. After the ammunition ran out to take the shotgun close-fat Hong fat, fat injury to a certain extent, the attack speed has slowed down, but do not take it lightly. Kill fat for 60 seconds (may be misrecognized) 11. Then back to find Lori, Moira and Natalia immediately ran to the door after the investigation into the hole. The story will be opened after the crystal door. After this chapter is over 13. One of the great benefits of Claire defeating Pedro is Barry articles can save a lot of time 3. After the helicopter to trigger the plot, there is a hidden object after the helicopter. Back to the fishing village to see Pedro, into the house to get submachine guns, there are hidden objects under the stove 4. Take the fuel is more troublesome, where I did not find a particularly good way to drill holes in Pedro there will be a large number of enemies jumped from the roof , Here if the use of Moira Akira + Claire surgery is inefficient, in view of the basic pistol fighting in the future is basically a tasteless, here you need to find the enemy Moira position after the rapid use of Claire Head + body + chase. Iron need to kill quickly. Pedro was also attacked to participate in the fight, his HP is unlimited so do not mind 5. After entering the house, two barrel with pistol ammunition + Gazelle ammunition, the right corner of the door there are two wooden barrel. Escape 6. Cabin Fight: Use BIO4 tactics to fight enemies up the stairs at 2F. Pedro will not come up, nor ignore him. Moira Akira + Claire surgery this tactic is feasible, because the enemy came in a line. Moira's crowbar also do not idle, can play hit, follow-up attack on the follow-up attack 7. Chainsaw Pedro: one of the most difficult process. After he appears he can go up with a knife 8 12, depending on your skill tree to upgrade the knife. After the bar and around him to be entangled, probably calculated the door was broken time, throwing a temptation to bomb, then do not control other enemies, and concentrate on weakening Pedro with a shotgun, in general there can be three temptations , If you have plundered all the supplies of the fishing village before. Pedro's Chainsaw amazing power also brought out the blood, so once attacked to RETRY, his attack is divided into vertical cut + horizontal cut + sprint, the first attack to back, the second attack you need to back side dodge, The third kind of direct flasher, the use of shotgun playing more Pedro's head, spray more juice to prove the greater the damage. If all three tempts are used up and have not yet triggered the plot, then immediately ran out of the bar to the beach and now it is no problem to switch Moira to enemies flying up and Pedro for a while. Claire climbs up the ladder and wait for Moira to come up and Neil says Let's Go and move on. A green grass picks up after the door 8. There is a hidden item in the sewer just to the right of the stairs before leaving home. Dogs, here optimistic about their footsteps on the traces of the soil directly on the knife .After defeating Moira crowbar into the 9. After the process, to take the assault shotgun Moira first kill two zombies so that Claire upstairs stand, and then lead to the cartier ring mens fake iron After switching to Claire attack upstairs. After going out to take advantage of Moira's running Dafa, so that Claire is on standby, Moira quickly ran the bus to push two boxes into the bus, the iron can not come in but dogs can come in, When the iron head will find in the standby Claire, immediately switch back to her, in the presence of the zombie ran around the two iron head into the bus.The entangled Moira funeral dog to get rid of, from the bus can be seen A hidden item 10. Open the iron gate here, let Claire upstairs, Moira will not be fat spike, so you can directly detonate, the iron will not go upstairs so directly ignore the upstairs kill the zombie to open the lock The door can be opened after the iron gate, and here is sure to push the box rather than two are running into the gate, Barry articles to provide some convenience, or after use Moira detonate the fat next to the hut and then take some items 11. Ignore after going out Zombie directly into the door, with a crowbar to open a locked door inside a small hand box, can make the future of Natalia mystery.After the lift, the shotgun sprayed two zombies and subsequent attacks.When Natalia was found to search for items in the house after the preparation To meet the final battle 12. Downstairs all the way to run away to escape the iron head, drum BOSS appears, at this time if the body has a large number of burning bottles and bomb bottles are thrown out directly, this war requires quick fix, the venue will be picked up A bomb bottle. Do not central activities in love cartier ring replica the venue, try to paste the edge, then I found the best place to play drum as shown below:

    In this place the drum of fireball away from the attack, but will help you to kill the enemy trying to climb up, if the enemy attacks you below directly with a shotgun to kill him. Then use the submachine gun and pistol drum head, if the waist drum has approached take the shotgun and his hard fight, because at this time his HP should be running out, kill the drum and clean up the rest of the enemy after the venue do not hang up. . . Claire articles over

    1. Compared to the simple too much, after opening to the fishing village before all the souls can be assassinated. Try to search for ammunition 2. Several Grasps at a fishing village can be solved by using Natalia's slabs directly if they are thick enough that Natalia can climb into a previously inaccessible house of Claire, with some combination of materials. The bar also has a small amount of supplies, has been moving to the sewer 3. 4 dogs are also solved with a knife, a gun can be. No enemies go out, came to the warehouse outside the trail, assassinating a dead, ignoring the sudden rise of the dead into the warehouse. After assassinating 3 souls into the large warehouse, went directly to the exit ignoring the souls of shooters and two souls. After leaving the bus scene, passing through the bus after a few souls can still be directly ignored. . . Including the souls of upstairs shooter, directly into the door, through the iron gate, to the outdoors and then enter the interior 4. Here you need to find 4F Pedro, 3F staircase with a Glass Wave, 2F house also has a Glass Wave, easily get rid of 5. Pedro fight: too poor BOSS, Barry articles of ammunition enough to kill him 3 times, the warrior blade sub-machine gun rifle What is the matter of what Marin it. . . . Barry articles over.
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    Epic class dnf assassin with the ultimate equipment collocation and test research

    Epic large dnf assassin with the ultimate equipment selection and injury testing: SS sets and SS weapons with the test, with the recommended sets of different boundaries. . .

    Here is the most detailed assassin equipment with detailed explanation

    This post, equipment problems, and spare parts with a series of questions such as the Assassin only talk about this job, you want to know, read carefully, the answer in them. Although it is composed of ink texts and boring figures, it is by no means inferior to watching an epic, heavyweight island-level three-bandit gang warfare.

    Let's start by talking about the abyss, the abyss of records in May has all been fully documented, as follows:

    Let the old lady quietly put a X to sell a cute, loaded X is a lifetime career. . . .

    Face Emperor's first abyss journey:

    Total: 5060 abyss, almost 12W votes bar, 10W votes when almost eight sets of Qi, respectively: Ghost sets, Fenghua sets, deep lava sets, nebula sets, swim sets, kill sets, sets of tactics, Enchanted sets, the town soul song 4 missing shoulders, vows blood of the 4 missing shoulders, and so on. . .

    The abyss are by luck, but my luck is better, often see primary school students often shout scolded scolded, really effective? Knowing the abyss is pit, no one who pulled you into the pit, into the pit is not shipping Fire, large, useful? To be out all the time, not curse how many cartier necklace price knock off times will not be out, do not hold the illusion that you how much the plan to keep up with the changes, 10W votes 1 sets are not all more gone, Tickets on the shot rub, I have seen, or else you think twice before, you want to brush XX sets, please prepare a hundred thousand votes to say again, if you have this strength then go, did not hold the power of this play on the brush Brush the psychological it, the ticket is more natural insurance Aspect, want a few thousand votes ten thousand votes brush a set is not without, few and fewer, you sure you are one of the very few people? Eager to out of a piece of equipment, the moment are often shouting, and later that does not matter, and today the task brush finished on the line, out of the day, no tomorrow will chanting, mentality is very good, so the more brush the more smooth. . .

    Do not believe that the so-called abyss first hit which is playing, I tell you that each APC body set burst SS, but the chance of nothing, I several times when the big skills to catch the second, First caught a second, leaving a few small Hello I thought the game, and can be a little bright spot myself, O (_) O Haha, to play abyss skills, it really is 2 skills, as follows :

    Tip 1: First of all, you have to keep up with the logistics, drugs keep ticketing constantly;

    Tip 2: 3 words, seconds seconds, then hit again

    Above, you insist on 10 days, such as can not come out 10 + SS, you come to me, I am going to explain to you brush the abyss shipping ultimate nirvana. .

    Closer to return to the topic:

    The first question: First of all, to talk about the character goods - Epic sets. Three epic leather armor - Youlongtu sets, kill the will, improve tactical sets.

    The above 4 test description:

    Through the daily single brush pattern, the ultimate racing mode, the team has a golden body BUFF team mode, the data analysis and comparison. Through to the extreme medicine and awakening simulation If there is a uncle in the group case, the data after the milk BUFF difference to contrast (of course, the milk is also high milk and low milk, medicine through my limit is not May reach a standard panel of well-being of milk, but through the above four kinds of data, can basically find the direction).

    It can be seen, enchant, badges, equipment balance, kill the verdict to upgrade too horrible, and basically have a 20% improvement rate. If before TB1, this set is a waste sleeve, then TB1, killing willful decision is directly the largest income sets, the promotion is very large, clothes, pants are the single strongest, there are injuries, there are injuries.

    Description: Kill cartier gold chain necklace imitation the Props Set Attributes: Incidental damage additional 35%, no CD full effective on what additional 35% injury, please forgive our temporary workers, it is a single piece from the literal point of view, feeling out of stealth Is also a lot of conditions, and the chances are not big, it is not true, through my test, when the shoes have a 1% chance of stealth 5S stealth, it is not true, there are shoes to try, the odds that 80% stealth too, The basic running no more than 2 seconds will be stealth, attack probability of 1% chance of stealth clothes, which is obviously not a chance, in short, run or Daguai, the basic full stealth added white coverage.

    Schedule 1 Conclusion:

    The above shows that in the absence of awakening, the end of the eruption burst silver ghost. However, in the awakening situation, the gap between the ultimate outbreak of Gintama and the end of the last episode is not so big. The individual speculates that the higher the violence is, the smaller the gap between Gintama and Eschatcheon is. If the increase is about 30% The violence, the basic Ghost Soul and the end of the gap gone.

    Comprehensive summary:

    In general, when the current version is not yet available, the Kill set has risen by almost 20% over the end set under the same conditions of equilibrium. Very impressive.

    After two sensations: kill kit sets to enhance the infinite more than 20%, not two perceived assassin is now the end of the chase skills accounted for a very large proportion of the skills, more than 50% of the earnings and some even reached 70% +, after the end of two sensations Chase back to SB1 before knock off cartier diamond necklace the TP state, then the end of the pursuit of the decline in the position of the set than the current decline in certain extent, benefit from the skills also point TP benefit, the kill intention will not be subject to any changes in their skills or changes cartier chain replica in TP Influence, so after the second sense, personal feeling, kill the verdict more than the end of the set to enhance the conservative at least doubled more than 40% damage.

    2, the end of VS travel dragon

    Equipment conditions:

    Terminator all upgrade to level 85, in which the end of the clothes, pants are red 11, shoulders, belts, shoes red 10, Bullying Bracelet Red 11, Soul Hunter 11, assassin ring red 10, title brother special.

    No one knows the whole set of red characters, bracelets for the end of the bracelet (most players think from the point of view, many of my friends with the New Year title only 12% or only 10% of trace bracelets, the choice is small not generally 2% point or no change in conflict Percentage and give up a site, so I chose the bracelet with the end bracelet), Soul Hunter red 11, assassin ring red 10, because there is a BUG test field, assassin ring actually only 10% of the entire process. .
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    Landlord self-employed in Beijing bought Kao diapers

    Kao does have a variety of patterns, but this diaper how to say it, first of all feels thin, not soft, a knot of pimples, to use it, the Kao used to be used, the child can urinate at least two or three bubbles, the surface Will not be very wet, this will not do, a bubble of urine is particularly wet, the second bubble direct side leakage, the child with three or four ass on the red. Multilateral gold also have nothing to fear. But Jingdong brand have to be careful, thousands of thousands of thousands of tens of thousands of gold, such a big shopping has a bad influence, who is still buying things in Jingdong!

    2, the following is the brother of the shopping nausea spurting experience!

    No hate and love for no reason!

    Double 11 I purchased a gold bracelet weighing 29.47 grams worth 8899 yuan at Jingdong Mall Multilateral Jindu Flagship Store. Based on the trust of cartier diamond necklace knock off Jingdong and GOME, the gold will be purchased online. But the received gold bracelet is distorted! Workmanship is very rough! Links have been distorted! Glossy rough bumpy feeling! (As shown) Will everyone, the value of nearly 9 thousand gold bracelets, but it is a variety knock off cartier necklace price of distorted and rough workmanship products, ask who can accept?

    And the imitation love chain packaging is very simple jewelry boxes in the wind bag, put the package is very unstable! ! No foam jewelry box to prevent the collision of jewelry protection! There is no protective measures only convex card slot! And inside the box above the stickers also fall off! The outer box is also linked to the upper and lower tear tear! (as the picture shows)

    Such a crude package and rough products, people how to trust the quality of the store! Decisively apply for return online buy diapers with the store does not necessarily buy the same. Outer packaging and the same number, the price is the same, very few activities, price reductions, usually the same online and offline films. The packaging and the number is not the same, the network FCL sell more affordable kind, which the chip network and the entity is different. The main pattern is inconsistent with the shape of the suction hole. As for the difference is not a piece of the network is false, it relies on personal judgment. Entity supermarkets, CAT supermarket, Jingdong supermarket I have bought a lot of films, the same brand, even if different, have not encountered fake, the main different brands of tablets, have their own basic design of production design (waist , Velcro, replica gold love necklace leak-proof edge) because they are the same mechanical output. Consistent with the basic characteristics, even if the pattern of water holes are not the same, but also the real thing, but with different fabrics. If even the basic features are inconsistent, it is properly fake. I bought all domestic production, there is no difference between producing areas.
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    People raise jade Yang Jian people buy jade bracelets have a trick group map

    Bracelets can be divided into round bar, flat bar, can be divided into round, Royal bracelet, can also be divided into carved, plain and other types of experts said bar thickness, refers to the width of the bracelet wall. It is worth mentioning that most of the carved jade bracelets we encountered were cracked and cracked. Carved workmanship was needed to decorate them. Bracelets like Erlongxizhu (two dragons next to a bead) looked very beautiful but It is a very serious fracture of the fracture, not worth collecting. Different colors of the bracelet, the price will be a big gap; bright color prices will be high, the color is relatively dim, the price will be much lower There is the color of the convergence, the color of the bracelet is more The better, in addition, depends on the color of the bracelet section is green or full of green, can be made of a green bracelet will not be made of green. Often, a green bracelet is a lot more expensive than a green bracelet. In addition to the type and color of jade bracelets, jade bracelets to choose the most easily overlooked or see its foundation (the foundation is the green part). Under normal circumstances, the emerald green part of the species will be very good, very clear, but the non-green part of the species will be particularly dry, not clear, this is the cartier love bracelet copy the so-called 'dragon to the water' (the emerald green ribbon Metaphor as a one-stop, green places tend to water will be better). Green part of the same two kinds of bracelets, due to different fundamentals, the price may differ by many times. Emerald bracelet chapped in the observation of the light easier to see, but sometimes the bracelet in the stone, the color of the road can easily be seen as chapped, buyers need to be more in the practice of distinction. The surface looks flawless, probably is not good, then it is not easy to see the internal problems of jade, jade bracelet selection is also easy to judge when the error. The better kind of jade, the clearer the internal, chapped and other phenomena are also more obvious. The same width, the same color bracelet, due to different widths, the price will be different In general, the expected price is higher. Thin thickness in the bracelet cross-section reflected as 'high', high-end bracelets must be relatively thick, full. The inner diameter of the cuff bracelet will also have an impact on the price. The same kind of bracelet with the same color and the larger the cuff ring are, the higher the price is.

    Emerald heat, heat fast, affixed leve bracelet to the face or placed on the back of the hand in a short period of cold feeling; emerald hardness, dense and delicate structure, after polishing can have a high surface finish, feel slippery when touch , Especially high-grade ice jade, because of its delicate structure, it feels more slippery Jade bracelet identification three: jade emerald density of 3.34 grams / cubic centimeter, higher than their similar nephrite, Dushan jade, jade , Australian jade, Malay jade (dyed quartzite), hard sodium jade and grape jade. But lower than Qinghai Cui (Alpacite), Te Savassi (water Al-gypsum) and so on. Experienced people can be determined by weight, you can initially determine whether a piece of jade or jade jewelry jade bracelet is the distinction between the four: Listen carefully to hear the percussion between the finished product, jade pieces can roughly identify whether the jade is What kind of emerald (whether after pickling, processing). Natural, especially the good texture of jade jade pieces, hit the ten is pure and sweet steel sound. Listen, have more to listen, or have the experience of jade identification as a basis to judge the quality of jade generally based on sound quality Finally, to tell the jade bracelet to identify the middle ear to listen to this step:

    1. Prepare an agate stick, a rope. (General merchants have, we must ask him to want, do not care about face)

    2 with a rope to jade bracelets hanging up, be careful not to use your hand! !

    3. Gently tap the jadeite bracelet with an agate stick (note that the onyx stick is the best! The coins, keys, and other DD's are inaccurate!)

    4 sound: A cargo sound melodious melodious, like the sound of wind chimes as good! B goods, refers to the only washed emerald. Sound, boring, hoarse. Some slightly pickled DD, the sound is clear, but short, there will be cartier love bracelet size replica no melodious echo! C goods, sound, boring, hoarse. It's like picking up the sound of two keys knocking on each other. Note: different germplasm ZZ, estimated knocked out the sound will be different Jade bracelet identification cartier love bangle sizes fake is a very complex issue, the above method is for reference only, the identification of specific jade bracelets or to the actual situation to be set!

    Bracelets wear tips

    With a stationery ruler, tape measure, vernier caliper can measure the width of the palm, choose the bracelet according to their own width of the hand wearing the bracelet, should also pay attention to choose the size of the bracelet, too small will be due to cling to the wrist skin caused by discomfort Sense, and even affect the blood circulation; too much is easy to fall off in the hand swing and broke. Wearing the most beautiful bracelet is between the bracelet and wrist a little swimming distance, the more obedience post the better.
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    How to identify jade bracelet grade and price

    Jade from the geographical points, Xinjiang and Jade jade, Henan Dushan jade, Liaoning Xiuyan jade and so on. One and Xinjiang Xinjiang jade jade is China's specialty jade can be divided into jade and nephrite jade. Due to the different types of impurities contained in the various types of jade jadeite jadeite jade jade jade jade jade jade jade jasmine jade jade jasmine jade jade jasmine jade jasmine jade jasmine jade jasmine jade jasmine jade jasmine jasmine jasmine jasmine jasmine jasmine jade jasmine jade jasmine jade jasmine jade jasmine jade jasmine jade jade White and black and other colors. Nephrite has white, (sheep fat color), dark green ink and so on. Nephrite with oily luster, jade and shiny glass of different jade is a large number of antique hobby and jade collector treasures, personality expensive; and jade jade jewelry is seen on the market, much cheaper than nephrite to distinguish the market cartier love bracelet buy online On the quality of the jade jewelry seen, the simple method is: a look at the color, look at the texture, look at the transparency of the three, see the day after tomorrow to buy jade jewelry, artificial imitation jade to prevent confusion. Artificial imitation jade is made of glass, plastic and other materials made of artificial glass imitation jade mostly bubble, bright colors, with a strong light, coloring and true jade are different. Plastic than real jade light, transparency, poor color, dull tone, and true jade far from the correct choice jade bracelet circle size. Put the bracelet into the 4 fingers (except thumbs) to the 'tiger's mouth', feel a little tight, and then remove the bracelet, measuring the diameter, if exactly 55 mm, then this copy cartier love bangle sizes size is the ring for you Jade mouth contains zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, cobalt and other trace elements beneficial to human body, often wearing jade can make the trace elements absorbed by human skin, contribute to the coordination of physiological functions of various organs of the human body Some jade with daylight absorbance, the physical characteristics of the beam at night, when the jade spot aimed at a point of the human body, can stimulate the meridians, clear the viscera, there are obvious health care function Elderly wrist side of the 'old age' wear jade bracelets, Can play a massage health effects, not only can improve the vision of the elderly blurred symptoms, but also accumulate strength, raise the spirit of the market Hu camp jade species, according to the true and false grades, there are the following A, B, C, D four categories. cartier love bracelet size fake A cargo jade raw materials and finished products, all genuine, no one working pseudo-fake, genuine. Both natural texture, but also natural color. B goods Jade: There will be dark spots commonly known as 'dirty' emerald, physical suspension of treatment, remove flaws, increase transparency. By dealing with the destruction of the emerald structure, reducing its quality has changed some of its optical and physical properties. Myanmar C in the jade goods: completely artificial color and D goods that are counterfeit goods jade, mineralogy called jade. The main origin is Myanmar. Emerald good or bad, the most important thing is to see its green. High-quality emerald green Yan Yan, high-quality transparent, non-impurity spots, no stone flower, Yan Runmei identification manual processing Jade one of the methods: drip method. Natural jade with concentrated hydrochloric acid drops, a few seconds or a few minutes, there will be sweat on the surface of the phenomenon; manual treatment is no such method to identify artificial processing emerald method two: beat method. Gently tap the natural emerald, issued a crisp melodious sound; beat hand-made products, issued a deep muffled identification of artificial processing emerald three: sour. Rub with concentrated acid on the jade, burned with a burning red pin, repeated two or three will be available yellow zoom spot is artificial processing emerald, does not produce spots for the natural jade buy jade bracelet to learn to distinguish between jade And crack. Jade grain (also known as jade tendons) is not surprising. Crack is jade mining, transportation, processing or storage process, the formation of secondary cracks, affecting the appearance of potential danger of rupture of cartier eternal love bracelet replica white jade is not equal to white jade. White jade is a specific name for soul nephrite. One of them is like a made-up goat. Known as the 'suet jade', it is extremely rare species of soft jade. The jade formed mainly by other minerals must not be called white jade because of its color white. Burma Jade also known as jade jade. Once in our country, the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republican popular moment: such as the Qing Dynasty House Minister Rong Lu a jade Yuling, the value of gold 13000 two. Mid-30s, Beijing Jade King Tieyu Pavilion has a bracelet sold for 40,000 silver dollars

    Du Yuesheng of Shanghai. As Myanmar emerald jade hardness , bright and clean. And good emerald color is both bright and peaceful, has a high value of preservation and collection, it is called 'the king of jade.' Be loved by many people who love jade, Pei-yu. Japan, New Zealand also Emerald as its own 'stone.' As emerald jade in China close to Burma, and most of the finished products in China, the special geoprocessing, coupled with the Chinese people's special preference for emerald jade, western countries also generally believe that jade is China's 'country jade II,

    Burmese emerald jade color. Burmese jadeite color due to the different customs of the region, the subdivision method is slightly different, in the jade kingdom of Burma, the emerald

    Divided into three major categories of 12 levels. The domestic jewelery industry is based on its different color, it is subdivided into more than 30 kinds of grades. General Myanmar Burma jade color tone can be divided into the following six.

    1, white. Basically free of other impurity elements

    3, green. Containing more than 2% of chromium

    4, black. Containing more than 2% of chromium and iron

    In particular, the green jade Myanmar, in addition to its beautiful color, very durable, it regardless of status, status, age, gender can wear. It is in line with the Chinese people subtle, calm, gentle, friendly character. Social demand is on the rise. The price also doubled, or even 100 times increase. Currently, the international market, a green Cuise bracelet, the price has been as high as more than 10 million yuan Even if the color is slightly Cuiyu Burma jewelry, as long as it is true A cargo, the first enough water, the process Cham, color coordination, but also the price is not Philippine.
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