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Nantong girls in a car accident was millions of family members to buy their own Apple cell phone

Recently, an impoverished 18-year-old girl from Nantong, Yan Yu, suffered an amputation of her left leg after a car accident. Local caring people donated nearly a million dollars in just a few days. However, this love story did not This is the end. On July 27, her sister-in-law bought an apple mobile phone for Yu Yan. When this situation was known to her netizens, it triggered a wave of cartier love bracelet size 18 replica rendering. At about 11 noon on July 19 this year, Yu Yan rides a battery car and goes to buy study materials. After crossing the town of Tongle, it was knocked over by a truck full of scrap iron. Yu Yan together with cartier love bracelet sizes fake her battery car was hit fly tens of meters away. Yu Yan's left leg crushed by a truck, the doctor amputated her for surgery. Yu Yan's adoptive father is a 'white matter smith', 72-year-old nursing mother suffering from heart disease, last year just surgery to install a pacemaker. At present, the livelihood of the entire family of three people is maintained only by the meager income of adoptive parents. I heard that after the news of a car accident in Yu Yan, the mother re-admitted to hospital after a heart attack due to recurrence of incidents, Nantong media through Weibo, WeChat reported this matter, aroused widespread concern in society Yu Yan's teacher Sun Jinquan told surging news, Subsequently, Yu Yan's classmates, Yu Yan class monitor in the name of doing a bank card, spontaneous for their love of money. Soon, teachers and students of other grades as well as caring people in society also joined the donation team as one of the sponsors of the fund-raising event. Li Chenzheng, a junior high school senior middle school in Fengchao, introduced that apart from conducting fund-raising in schools, In the urban areas, towns and other streets to carry out fundraising, but also a lot of touching things. For example, a homeless, foodless vagabonds, see the children rained for Yu Yan raised love donation scenes, but also took the initiative to take out some of their own little change, the spot donated. At present, donations from all walks of life have accumulated nearly a million dollars to buy Apple cell phone detonated public opinion

On July 27, a WeChat broke the peace WeChat 'He Mengdi' posted a long article on the Internet and pointed to his family's purchase of the Apple mobile phone for the post 'The family that everybody was paying attention two days ago actually bought an apple cell phone as a birthday present. However, it was a kindhearted person from all walks of life who donated it to the poor girl to look cartier love bracelet size 18 copy at the leg. Why do you need social donations? ? '

The message also comes with a picture, the background is an Apple store. replica cartier bangles A gray-haired older woman (Yu Yan's adoptive mother) and others, who bought a mobile phone for Yu Yan Another 'nephew' netizens also said that 'her mother and the so-called aunt at the Sands Apple store to buy mobile phones. Aunt With a big gold bracelet, is this the rhythm of money? Donate your people, many people are using ordinary cell phones, they are everywhere for your fundraising, this society, I do not know what to say?

The news is like a bomb exploding in the circle of friends in general a powerful force. After the emergence of such information one after another, it raised questions from Nantong users. According to Mao Juhong, she has been with her niece since her accident. Since Yan's adoptive parents have a very high age and society donated to Yu Yan, the rest of her donations are basically kept by her for accounting and management. 'Yu Yan's cell phone was lost in a car accident, and I Want to buy a cell phone to give her it, but also to facilitate her contact with the outside world. 'According to Mao Juhong introduced the same day she and Yu Yan's adoptive mother and others will come to Sands Apple store to buy a cell phone for her she wanted to buy an ordinary Mobile phone, but the clerk has been selling her to Apple, she felt good to buy it, the price is 3299 yuan. She said that the money is its own, and did not use donations Mao Juhong said he is 42 years old, in Tongzhou District, a company doing electrical sales. Yu Yan car accident, she had wanted to buy a laptop Yu Yan, did not expect the morning of July 27 a good heart to Yu sent a laptop, so she changed her mind to help buy Yu Yan Mobile phone, but did not expect to provoke uproar 'Yu Yan got the phone very happy, did not say anything.' Mao Juhong said. Yesterday, the surging news reporter repeatedly called Yu Yan's cell phone, and his cell phone turned off. According to Mao Juhong, there were rumors on the Internet that she bought iphone 6 for Yu Yan and bought an Apple Watch. All these news are not true. The only real thing is that the gold bracelet she wore was her birthday gift bought by her husband and she was wearing it all along, 'I did not want the society to raise money for me. what.'

Money has been submitted to third-party management

Yu Yan's teacher Sun Jinquan told the surging news that when he knew the incident for the first time, he did not understand too many details. However, 'the first feeling is that the practice of Auntie Yu is defective.' The sponsor of this charity fund-raising event Li Chenzheng told the surging news that the funds raised for Yu Yan are collected in three parts: one is Yu Yan's own bank card, and since Yu Yan's adoptive parents are very old, she is mainly led by Yu Yan's aunt Mao Juhong responsible; one is Yu Yan's squad leader Cao Yu's bank card; the other part is from the streets of charity. As of July 28, the three parts add up to a rough estimate of 920,000 'Apple mobile phone incident', the monitor Cao Yu bank card donations, will no longer be given to the aunt Yu Yan, but by the school temporarily For custody. 'Li Chenzheng said after the July 23, they have raised 177,000 yuan into Yu Yan's card to participate in the fund-raising high tide junior high school student Cheng Xingming told the surging news, On July 28, Nantong held a meeting with local media, schools, hospitals, Red Cross Societies, family representatives and students as representatives of students. The meeting set up a 'collective management team of Yu Yan love donations' The custody of her custody has changed from her aunt to a third party organization.
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    Nanjing citizen card change hands by bus subway hand brush on the line

    Accompany Nanjing citizen for many years card, transfiguration 'science and technology.' A watch-style smart bracelet, as long as worn copy cartier love bracelet size 18 on the hand, you can directly brush in Nanjing bus, subway, taxi, public bike (except Jiangning), road parking and small businesses in the consumer. With the bracelet function, Citizens' card bracelet also has the function of a general smart bracelet. With the use of APP, you can see how many ways you walk each day, consume calories, and how to sleep. This reporter has learned that Nanjing Citizen Card's 'ambition' is not just to update an intelligent copy stainless steel cartier love bracelet wearable device, but to copy cartier stainless steel love bracelet become a one-stop solution to the needs of the center of eating and drinking Yesterday, the Yangtze Evening News reporter Xi Minli in the public card company business hall to see , Black, blue, red ... Citizen card bracelet looks full of sense of technology. Citizens can wear it to go almost all of Nanjing's public transport, but also online recharge, and in 18k cartier love bracelet fake the RT-Mart, Suguo, Metro, Xin Bai, Golden Eagle, King of Children and other shops, as well as KFC, McDonald's, the ancestral, thirst and other special shops Credit card spending and enjoy the event discount Because the current Nanjing bus card with the country has more than 110 cities to achieve interoperability, so wearing a bracelet to Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong and other places, can 'brush hands' Pit stop However, this reporter learned that the bracelet online recharge function needs to download APP to complete. In addition, Nanjing citizens will later see the wisdom of bracelets, bracelets and other jewelry, the same can 'brush hands' stop reporter learned that this bracelet is available to interested citizens a 'different' option, if people want Buy, you can buy in the public card company WeChat account (Wisdom Department), the current price is 288 yuan, the public card companies have a large number of coupons ranging from 20 80 yuan, the public can use vouchers to buy. (Xu Yuan Park)
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    When his father cartier bracelets replica flew to troubled daughter decided to donate organs to extend the lives of others

    Although the family usually do not live together, bracelets like cartier love fake but the sisters did not feel so distant from my father, the love, laugh, love singing father, in too many places filled with the existence of the exchange between father and daughter , Mostly in the WeChat among them, 'Recently how to learn?' This is the father often sent to the youngest daughter Chunlan, 'Today's work is not tired?' This is his favorite daughter often sent Dongmei, A singing APP, each time completing a new work, always the first time issued to two daughters, let them like, send flowers October 1 to the grandmother had finished the birthday, as usual at home when the same, Zhao Ping belt With two daughters on the street to buy things, one hand holding my father's hand, as if the peer's mother 18k cartier love bracelet replica are extra little fancy new coat? buy! Grand daughter fancy new shoes? buy!

    Even if his income is low, he does all he can to create a responsive image for his daughters. 'Perhaps so, daddy can stay in this world.' The sisters who made the decision to donate their organs daddy on their wrists Give them silver bracelets,

    'Because he was always a good father and a good father who can help others.' My eldest daughter, Dong Mei, said that I used to chat with my father on WeChat, and that half of the time my father started the conversation. What she regretted was that the past Yesterday, Dongmei in the circle of friends, made a micro letter: 'Dad, I hope you happily happy in another paradise Live, although you left me, but you will always be in my heart, no one can replace your place copy cartier 18k love bracelet in my heart, my father, I miss you.

    Dongmei also posted 6 pictures of daddy. On each picture, daddy possessed different pose. The dad, who likes singing and joking, loves to record his life with photos.
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    Water foam and quartz rock jade difference

    Quartzite jade refers to the quartz polycrystalline aggregate as the main component of jade, it produces a wide range of species are also many, with Beijing white jade, jadeite, Dongling jade, emerald, yellow stone, amazonite and Myanmar Out of the white transparent quartz rock jade and so on. Quartzite jade, despite its wide variety, has similar basic properties because it consists mainly of quartz mineral assemblages. Quartz mineral composition is: SiO2, refractive index of 1.541.55, a density of 2.65, a hardness of 7, a strong luster, the surface of the glass luster, the section shows the oil luster, the internal structure of the second grain or grain structure. The white transparent quartzite jade species that you have purchased from Burma in recent years is now fake cartier bracelets more commonly found in the Yunnan jewelry market such as Ruili and Tengchong. It is mainly processed into bracelets, pendants, pendants and rings, replica cartier love bracelet and the products are shiny , Crystal clear, decorative more, but also more popular (Figure 10), but because the color is white, relatively clean and transparent, shiny glass, and the glass of jade and water foam is very similar to the general also in the jewelry market Mix it as 'Shuimozi', and even some people put it as a glass of jade to sell.

    2) Look at the polished surface: the polished surface is observed by reflected light, especially the polished surface. The glass kind of emerald is bright and lustrous, showing the luster of the glass. In the site of reflecting the light and darkness, irregularities like 18k cartier love bracelet replica orange peel tend to appear. However, Smooth one by one subtle bumps and pits, known as the 'orange peel effect' (Figure 13); water polish polished surface smooth, no orange peel effect, and the relatively weak luster, especially albite replica love cartier bracelet and jade co-combination The formation of water foam, often shows the grease luster, carefully observe the polished surface, you can see the polished bright jade mineral parts, albino parts of the lustrous, cast not bright (Figure 14); quartz rock jade polished surface is relatively smooth and bright , Show the glass luster, but does not appear jade 'orange peel effect' phenomenon. .
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    Salar costumes

    Jacket: pull language is called 'drag Teng.' Sheepskin or lambskin, the rich in the jacket plus a layer of velvet or black fabric, the bottom edge and cuffs with red, blue and black corners cloth up, the poor are only a jacket, no other decoration. It is the best winter clothing in the elderly cold, wearing a jacket full body warm, cold air intrusion. In the past with a ribbon wrapped in the waist Gang A Liu He: Department of newborn baby clothes worn, best fake cartier love bracelet made of about 0.5 meters of white cloth, sleeveless collarless, nor stitching, it is said that the stitching that will 'sew' children , This suit is only a belt in the waist Department of Ghur Shoes: Salar women wear embroidered shoes, popular in the late Qing Dynasty, the general upper, upper are embroidered with plum, grapes and other flowers and patterns, toe Alice, slightly hook-like, and spiked in the tip of the spike, with thick seams soles thick and thin, thick 3.3 cm, thin about 1.75 cm, beautiful style, comfortable to wear, deeply Salad Family women favor Sean Ga heat: a long-term wet or water work wear high-heeled boots, it is from the cow's thigh bend peel made of leather, the heel just placed on the leg Department, and according to the length of the foot, width and thickness to be stitched. Put how much is the cartier love bracelet replica it in a cool and humid place at night, can not be used after drying. This may be the product of nomadic herdsmen of Salar embroidered socks: Salar is called 'Ji Jie Hop Laun.' Black and blue fabric with a tight seam into the end of socks, embroidered replica love braclets with colored silk at the end of socks plum, peony, grapes and other floral patterns, black saffron, colorful, sophisticated pins, quite ingenuity. In addition, the sock is made of a 'convex' shape embroidered socks. Such socks, especially in the wedding, 'put needle thread', the woman must give the man's family footer: Department of a non-slip shoes. Worn by the Salars for work in the wild in the winter. This shoe is made of leather, soles inserted horizontally two iron bars, even in the foot, a few nails around the horizontal iron nails, similar to today's sports shoes. Such shoes are generally used in the past, when engaged in the sideline La Mula often wear, so as not to slip in the frozen earth season working hanging earrings: pull pull language called 'Szilger Amalgamation' Salar girls in their infancy, the mother with a soft-wire card Live earlobe, it gradually self-stamping, then wear earrings, because the past can not afford to wear gold earrings, so pay more attention to silver earrings. Formal wear earrings, to send the men to send the tea sent together when the eardrops, said the daughter has Xu people wearing a bracelet: Salar called 'Panji Japanese answer.' Salar women often pride themselves on wearing a silver hand. When the bracelet is sent to send tea, or later sent by her husband, than the token as a couple. Women wearing bracelets in the laundry, washing dishes or when the valley, the rhythmic collision of the bracelet sound, add a happy family to wear a ring: also known as Gage Day marks, Chinese sound and Salar synthesis words. In the past, women were generally eligible to wear a ring. Sara men avoid wearing a ring, Muhammad is said to oppose extravagance and corruption. Originally, he himself wore a silver ring, and later everyone follow suit, he took off, since then, men wear a ring taboo Taboo clothing taboo: Salar costumes men in color white, black, love cartier bracelet replica taboo red, yellow and In addition to attending occasions of religious ceremonies, the underpants are bright and colorful, and the black or purple waistcoat is more attractive and charming.
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    What are the misunderstandings about rickets?

    Many parents find it very distressing to find their child suffering from rickets. Indeed, no one will see the child tortured by pain. So everyone wants to know if rickets can not be cured. In fact, to comply with the doctor's advice, and with the treatment, it is able to cure rickets, to see these treatments (1) oral method: Early in the activity, infants and young children a day to vitamin D 62.5125g (0.25 million 0.5 million U) Adults give 125,250g (50,000) a day. Active period, infants and young children daily to vitamin D 125,250 g (5 million 1 million U), adult daily vitamin D 250,500 g (12,000 U), the amount of treatment continued to use one month later to prevent the amount. In order to prevent the simultaneous intake of large amounts of vitamin A, should use simple vitamin D preparations (vitamin D2 tablets or gallbladder buttermilk) (2) intramuscular injection: Where there is malabsorption, or infants and young children can not insist on oral administration may consider the use of intramuscular injection Vitamin D3 7500g (300,000 U / support) as a surprise therapy. Early or mild activity in children with intramuscular injection of vitamin D3 7500g (30 million U) 1 time. Moderate to severe, intramuscular vitamin D3 7500g (30 million U) 23 times, each interval of 12 months. One month after completion of the above dose, oral administration is still maintained at a preventive dose of 2 years. Adults in the active phase can also intramuscular injection of vitamin D3 15,000 g (600,000 U); according to the disease with 12 times, each interval of 1 month. After the use of prevention. 3 months after treatment, curative effect is not significant, should identify the cause, except for anti-vitamin D rickets. Chinese Nutrition Society recommended daily dietary calcium reference intake: 06 months 300mg, 7 months of 1 year old 400mg, 13 years old 600mg, 410 years old 800mg, adolescents 1000mg. In vitamin D should be given appropriate amount of calcium. Should be used with high calcium, gastrointestinal irritation of calcium 2 What are the rumors about rickets error

    Prevention of rickets in children without rickets before giving preventive administration to maintain the daily physiological needs of children to prevent rickets. Treatment of rickets and prophylactic use of VD and calcium vary widely in treatment of rickets, and are stable after treatment and require the use of prophylactic administration. The misunderstanding of rickets remains in place and many people think that rickets The skeleton after the deformity can disappear through treatment. Experts said that by treatment, the epiphyseal X-ray changes can gradually disappear, but the occurrence of skeletal deformities such as X-shaped legs, O-shaped legs, chicken breast can not be restored, with the growth of lower extremity bone, pectoralis major Developed, deformity is partially covered, severe deformity require surgery orthopedic, therefore, prevention of rickets is very important rickets is not only affect the growth of pediatric bone? Many people know the answer is yes, but experts say that this is also a misunderstanding of rickets One of rickets disease endanger the growth and development of how much is a cartier bracelet copy children is very large, which is mainly caused by the rise of the baby, sitting, standing, walking are late. Joint relaxation and over-stretched phenomenon, cerebral cortex dysfunction reflex formation is slow, language development is lagging behind, anemia and other symptoms of rickets in children, there will be other bone deformation, such as chicken breast, funnel chest, X-type legs , O-shaped legs, rib beads, bracelets and anklets. This shows that the scope of Rickets harm wide knowledge of rickets what are the errors? In their daily lives to pay attention to their physical and mental health, for early detection, early treatment, early recovery! The disease control in the bud, to prevent this disease The deterioration. In order to avoid the disease into the ointment, causing treatment difficult 3 pediatric rickets early symptoms

    Early symptoms of pediatric rickets may be a lot of friends do not understand in life, will lead to your life can not be treated in time, so we suggest that you can come to understand this article describes the early symptoms of pediatric rickets for you Of the body's health is helpful rickets is a lack of vitamin D and calcium caused a kind of cartilage disease, the landlord you describe, can not determine whether children suffer from rickets, rickets are generally manifested in: halogen door is completed, chicken breast, ribs bead, Long bones bending, rickets how much is the cartier love bracelet replica sick hand, foot bracelets, chicken breast, O-shaped legs and other symptoms of early rickets are often manifested as mental, neurological symptoms, such as irritability, easily awake at night, sweating, crying, etc., during feeding and crying Sweating more, and sometimes even the pillow will be wet, then there will be skeletal development of the lesions, such as square cranial fontanelle closed slowly, occipital head hair scarce, eruption and toddler teeth late, Flutter and chicken breast, if the baby in the active period of rickets sedentary, long standing, may also cause spinal curvature and lower extremities O , X-type legs and so on, these are the general symptoms of rickets dysplasia, looked sluggish, and walk later. Smaller symptoms of children, mainly in the main symptoms of the body, the body's skeletal symptoms are not obvious. Moderate children, bones are some mild deformation, rickets symptoms can be manifested as the head, chest, limbs. Severe rickets in children with severe deformation of the skeleton, and the more obvious systemic symptoms in patients with limbs and spine, wrist, ankle enlargement, rickets symptoms can be like bracelets and foot bones on the lower limb deformity, upper and lower limbs can be bent due to load-bearing deformation, can crawl Upper limb flexion can occur, while larger children can stand leg flexion. This is also part of the early symptoms of rickets in children with symptoms of rickets. I hope my moms can understand this and help you find your baby's rickets in your life. Pediatric rickets is mainly due to the lack of vitamin D in children, I hope you in early childhood rickets cartier love bracelet box can be appropriate to add some vitamin D4 how to prevent rickets

    1 First, the cause of rickets is the lack of vitamin D and calcium in the body. To prevent this, of course, we must ensure that the vitamin D and calcium levels in our children can meet the needs of our body. 2 The doctors said that foods such as animal liver, egg cartier love braclet replica yolk and roe are rich in vitamin D foods. So in peacetime, we should give our children more to eat these foods. Of course, we can also buy something special to supplement vitamin D oral medicine and other things to the children to eat 3 doctors also suggested that we can children eat cod liver oil when children are young. Cod liver oil is not only able to supplement vitamin D, but also helps eyesight. However, cod liver oil should pay attention to the amount of a poisoning may be too much to eat 4, of course, calcium supplement is the sun. To choose the sun in the sun is not so strong when to go to the sun. Before and after noon is the best sun time. At the same time, doctors also remind us to be careful not to sunburn the child's skin.
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    The collection of antique art exhibitions is in full swing

    National Registration Login Merchants Promote Paid Promotion VIP Membership Recruitment Edition VIP Member Car Business Edition VIP Member Real Estate Edition VIP Member Service Edition VIP Member Pet Edition Cooperation and Tools Brand Network Promotion API Cooperation Public Appraisal Recruitment Agents People Stroll Help System Tip: System Judgment from you, you can jump to the identification of technology channels to see their own category People Network Technology appraisal art scene Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Tianjin Chongqing Wuhan Hangzhou Zhengzhou Chengdu Nanjing

    Large-scale art scene buyers negotiation

    View more gold love cartier bracelet copy Art scene latest information >> Chinese technology identification related topics Yuan bulk price sand jade carving master Yuxi auction Xuantian God coffee table Gendiao heritage expert Jiang Wenguang porcelain tire lacquer sheepskin insole Han Lin international 15 eye beads Price Hawksbill bracelets Museum Poly Auction jade plate with Ning jujube bracelet autumn auction collection uncooperative ruby ​​identification RMB wrong version of the ancient bronze identification bronze auction amethyst cave silver dollar market a few museums in Hubei Province Gong Taoist landscape painting identification certificate agate south red tortoiseshell bracelet prices antique auction group of blue and white porcelain identification Su-jade bone hand cctv Kam Po Sotheby abundance auction blue and white porcelain auction Qing dynasty bamboo Chinese appraisal of the identification of all areas of Beijing process identification Chongqing process identification Shanghai process identification Tianjin process identification Guangdong process identification Liaoning process identification Jiangsu process identification Hubei process identification Sichuan process Identification of Shaanxi process identification Hebei process identification Shanxi process identification Henan process identification Jilin process identification Heilongjiang process identification Inner Mongolia process identification Shandong process identification Anhui process identification Zhejiang process identification Fujian process identification Hunan process identification Guangxi process identification Identification of the identification of the West Guizhou process identification Yunnan process identification Tibet process identification Hainan process identification Gansu process identification cartier love bangle gold fake Ningxia process identification Qinghai process identification Xinjiang process identification Chinese craft identification hot fake cartier love bracelet solid gold city Shanghai antique collection identification Beijing antique collection identification Guangzhou antique collection identification Suzhou antique collection identification Shenzhen Antique Collection identification Shenyang antique collection identification Zhengzhou antique collection identification Wuxi antique collection identification Dalian antique collection identification Dongguan antique collection identification Hangzhou antique collection identification Xi'an antique collection identification Nanning antique collection identification Chengdu antique collection identification Qingdao antique collection identification Wuhan antique collection identification Nanjing antique collection identification Jinan antique collection identification Shijiazhuang antique collection identification Tianjin antique collection identification Ningbo antique collection identification Hefei antique collection identification Chongqing antique collection identification Changchun antique collection identification Xiamen antique collection identification Fuzhou antique cartier love bangle sale collection identification Changsha antique collection identification Harbin antique collection identification Zhuhai antique collection identification Taiyuan antique Collection identification Shantou antique collection identification Kunming antique collection identification Urumqi antique collection identification Lan Antique collection identification Nanchang antique collection identification Guiyang antique collection identification Haikou antique collection identification Hohhot curios collection identification Chinese craft identification surrounding cities antique collection identification China's craft identification quality information Maotai liquor trading in Shanghai over the years price of Maotai liquor companies to buy copper Maotai What Kiln die The price of Chinese side jade Chinese Guangzhou Museum Shanghai jade 6 now how much porcelain mahogany furniture collection in Australia International now 6 how much money going to Hong Kong story furniture market how Shanghai auction of rock and roll banan what is rock Chongqing Yuzhong infrared measurement Chongqing Beibei Maotai Wine Trading Grape prices jewelry prices Yongchuan is where the direct acquisition of porcelain in Chongqing Jade Appraisal Center to go and Rongsheng field frequency seven to Maotai authentic Beijing company ranking Maotai how to go Where Stony Brook China Top Categories China pet market China Dog Price China Cat Price China Flower Bird Insect Price China Free Adoption Dog China Pet Supplies / Food China Pet Services / Breeding China Pet Removal Mobile Touch Edition China Craft Appraisal.
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    Keep the cloud see the moon

    In the 1970s, there was a classic movie on the river north and south. The supernatural power possessed by the heroine in the film fascinated the whole world. It was 'Wonder Woman.' Decades after June 2, 2017, for the film 'Wonder Woman' by Warner Snapshot, the majority of the audience full of expectations for the film of the same name released in different times, all want to see 'Wonder Woman 'Fang Yung, but also plot of the story started a rich imagination. 'Smell the end of the ceremony, shame and brave.' Warner's DC movie universe for the building, and not because of last year's 'Suicide squad' and 'Batman wars Superman' two bad word-of-mouth movies lost confidence , Now with the 'Wonder cartier love bracelet resale Woman' excellent reputation, the anti-missile DC movie universe to create a higher level, which for many years once again returned to the audience in front of heroes Wonder Woman is a victory for the film Shooting team, the company and its fans and friends, but also a huge victory film by the famous American director Patty. Directed by Jenkins, adapted from the comic of DC, 'a long way to go Xi Xi, I will Up and down and search. 'The story tells the story of the World War I, played by Gail Gadot, the hero of the princess Diana Prince Springs made the star of Olympus, the crown of light, Magic Bracelet, Mantra, Sword of God, Aegis, and Ares Armor and other weapons, the incarnation of Wonder Woman with Air Force captain Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, To the middle of mankind, with a mission of salvation among the people from untold miseries, opened the long road to defend world peace. Filthy fast-moving film, the heroine's sincere feelings also make Gail. Gad powder innumerable, in that all are misogynistic, all-day life in the era of fear and fear, Wonder Woman as a clean, still firm good and love Faith, can not help but make the audience a bright spot No matter what an excellent film and television works, have created one or two memorable classic characters, characters are also in line with the character of the social environment. 'See the micro and know, writing and telling.' The film 'Wonder Woman' in the shape of Diana figure in terms of language from the expression of her dress cartier love bangle gold replica or dress, all reflect the heroes have Features. Especially fascinated fans friends is Diana's pure character, no matter from which point of view, there is no trace of intrigue at all, she was fearless, she is innocent, she is honest and kind, cartier love gold copy and for the love of People can give it wholeheartedly. With his fierce love of movies and the high demand for professionalism, Patti Jazzin showed his sincere sincerity to the entertainment industry and the art world and created in good faith a movie full of sincerity. Patty.. Jindin wanted to create Diana is a smart, confident and tough female warrior image, but she was full of hatred for this selfish greed and everywhere fear of the world feel very confused, actor Gaelic Gadot found a good balance between the two, showing his superb acting From the story of Wonder Woman, we can feel the uniqueness of the narrative choice of the film, never the same For the audience interpretation of a story about the hero and human beings happen cartier love bracelet on sale between. 'To be a thousand miles away, to the next level.' The film unfolds from a multi-dimensional spatial process development structure and uses a multi-perspective narrative structure to break the traditional single narrative mode, thus forming a more complete and objective story, Multi-level show the film characters complex and rich personality, so as to achieve the diversified development of narrative structure of the movie. 'The wind and the waves will occasionally reach the sea of ​​clouds.' This is a new breakthrough for Patti Jazz's film-based experience. 'Mountain heavy water no doubt, a beautiful village.' Unlike the previous movie with a large number of jokes to piled out of humor, 'Wonder Woman' humor in a completely different direction, whether it is the hero Steele Trevor Trevor's performance on Paradise Island, or the performance of the heroine Diana in the human world, although the two experienced the opposite, but their acting skills are like leaving the water fish, the characters portrayed vividly, so that The audience has a profound impact and gives the audience an overall sense of humor.
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    To Hong Kong and Macao travel friends pay attention

    August 13 I travel with the delegation to Hong Kong and Macao on the 5th, did not expect that nightmare is simply the beginning. Wuhan at 9:00 on the 13th direct flights to Hong Kong, 10:50 arrived in Hong Kong Lantau Airport. Into the line waiting for two and a half hours. Mainland guides transfer us to Hong Kong tour guides. After lunch is already 3 pm. Food ,,, halo. Fortunately, we carry Sichuan mustard. In the afternoon, gold love bracelet cartier fake the tour guide took us to see all the attractions in Hong Kong. Back to the hotel at 10 o'clock in the evening. Hotel is three-star, less than 10 square meters room. Fortunately, clean. At 6 am on the 14th, the tour guide shouted us for breakfast and went to the Taoist Temple in Wong Tai Sin in the morning (Hong Kong Store opened at 10 am). The guide at 9:40 took us to a jewelery mall for 2 hours and said it was not forcing shopping . But do not let out shopping, we find guide theory, did not expect the tour guide that you are shopping groups, do not eat what we eat. No way, our party had to buy more than 20,000 rings necklaces or something. But tour guides are still upset. Two hours have passed yet do not let us out. Later we explained that we had to buy a watch before we could get it out. Then we arranged for lunch, after lunch took us to the same mall from the other into the watch area and electronic products area, a door to us in a small room brainwashing, and then from a small door into the shopping district. More than 2 hours we bought a 7 million yuan of watches and digital video cameras under the persuasion of a bunch of shopping guide Miss stalker. This tour guide smiled and sent us back to the hotel. Before you leave, say your tour of this group has been completed. Tomorrow free activities. On the 15th we went to Disneyland in the morning. In the first two stops of Disney's business district shopping for a bit. Nothing to buy, 90% of clothes are produced in mainland China. After lunch, we took the subway to Causeway Bay Times Square. There is a commercial center, high-end, low-end have to buy. (Worth seeing) watch that watch in the watch yesterday that watch, do cartier diamond bangle not know do not know, dizzy! 20% cheaper than we bought. We arrived in Macau on the 16th. The tour guide took us to see several scenic spots. There are no attractions in Macau. The church and Matsu Temple went to the Las Vegas casino in the United States. Top luxury. After we came to a business district shopping, dizzy, a brand of camera and we bought in Hong Kong cheaper than 20% 30%. 17, go to Zhuhai, a friend came to the car to eat. Tour guide from the group. That is two shopping points never before. If you want to leave from the group to pay 200 yuan compensation. (Vomiting blood). No way, had to let a friend drive a coach. To Zhuhai couple Lu (China Life Insurance Company near a mall, shopping malls nothing to buy, all parallel imports. The next shopping point is the nightmare, the car to Xiangzhou Pearl Park in front of 200 meters (a gas station opposite) to eat lunch. Turn lunch and turn right 100 meters to a yard, said Taiwan boss opened a jade processing plant. First of all take us in a room, a shopping guide lady put a plate placed three jade bracelets come in, first ask where we are People, do not know jade, etc., then come in a Miss lady on cartier diamond love bangle the guide said that the boss came today, and told you not to introduce and promote these products to the guests. Later he personally received the guests. Your guests are honored.Our boss never came here.Hand never personally received the guests.Do not know why.A short while, come in a fat, 1.75-meter-tall man.First introduce myself to his surname Liu Called Liu Baolong, 31 years old this year, ranked fourth at home, others called him Aaron is the boss of Taiwan's Baolong Group, in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and The door has branch .This wealth is left by his grandfather, his grandfather is 95 years old this year, is a Chinese expeditionary force .Because his grandfather fell ill in the hospital the day before yesterday, to today has coma day 3, in order to let Grandpa wake up early Comes specially came to the mainland to petition my grandpa and was fortunate enough to meet with our group. Your delegation is the 100th regiment they received here this year. May his grandpa live a long life. Let us today wish him all this wish. Look at his sincerity. Send us a business card for each of our guests, saying there will be time later to come back to Hong Kong and Maucao to see how he treats us. If you are his friend, then take us to the showroom next door Placed are running from time to time necklaces, necklaces and other Lunar New Year, (in Hong Kong and Macau are selling 3,000.) He asked the Miss shopping guide how much to sell these exhibits. Shopping guide Miss said 6000 10000. He said that these are 100,200,300 Yuan sold to these VIPs to show sincerity.This is not a question of money, our family is not short of money.We after listening to rare he had the filial piety, we each bought a chain .Afterwards Said to me before .Boss to see you are also kind people, we have the edge, finished shopping guide lady called a pair of couples table (Rolex) asked the lady how much the cartier love gold bracelet replica watch sell, Miss Tax 520000 .. Press 1 .9999 yuan sold to the big brother, I said no, he said. Big Brother, this is not a question of money, I was to buy your filial piety, you out of 9999 yuan, so he was flicker card. After getting on the bus, I feel a bit wrong, I would like to return the goods, the driver said nothing refuses to turn back.
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    Shanghai fashion in thirties of last century

    The 30s of last century, the majority of fashionable women's make-up using red rouge, red lipstick ... ... at the time the color of cosmetics, unlike so many tricks, pure red is the prevailing, is regarded as classic. If it is white skin, red powder face and lips, is the standard of beauty. Exaggerated make-up, and then sprinkle with toilet water, wearing a cheongsam, hot a star hair, it is very fashionable even in the thirties rouge is generally divided into light red, pink, vermilion, red four colors, depending on the use of color Different colors. Lipstick is also divided into different red, different shades. Most of the appearance of the box is imported from abroad, the golden box, above a simple pattern. In the choice, most people will see the star posters or their favorite color to choose when women make-up, will first dredged with a finger cream, rubbed in the palm of your hand and then painted on the face, before the cream has not dried, Then dusted with duck powder, and then coated with a layer of powder, began to depict eyebrows, painted face, lipstick. Usually with the general eyebrow eyebrow brush eyebrow brush good eyebrows, and then rouge on the eyelids, face. If the uneven lipstick, velvet towel will be used to wipe the velvet towel is a special application Rouge and lipstick decorations, which is the era of the characteristics of the good facial features, they began to nail, have a single color, there are Different colors. In the 1930s, some ten people had been painted by ten women in ten colors, and the lights shone brightly. The cheongsam was the Qing Dynasty after entering the customs clearance of clothing to China, the early Qing dynasty, many Chinese people would rather die rather wear, but by the end of the Qing Dynasty and early Republic, wear cheongsam has become fashionable, popular in major cities. After Shanghai was opened as a commercial port in 1843, Huayang became more and more popular in the West, and the apparel industry also started to undergo potential changes. Early folk clothing is still a robe jacket, the jacket under the skirt. Since then, commercial trade has become more prosperous, foreign goods poured in large quantities, feather yarn, woolen fabric, silk fabrics and other flooding the market, changing the traditional dress, foreign fabrics gradually become popular due to the use of cheap, the Western sewing methods are also popular Up, and the time-consuming work, craftwork rolling inlay, embedded embroidery and other traditional arts and crafts gradually weakened. Later, due to going abroad to Western Europe and Japan, more and more people, they continue to Western style into the tens of foreign markets, the Shanghai garment industry so prosperous, became the country as well as a garment window in Southeast Asia. In particular, women's clothing, due to the exquisite sewing style in line with the trend of the times, so that Shanghai became the National Women's Fashion Center 30 years is a cheongsam fluttering era, Shanghai women founded their own fashion benchmark 'Shanghai cheongsam' and make it Become Shanghai's earliest women's fashion, and later also to the world. As Eileen Chang said: 'Hatchet cheongsam is cold Founder, with Puritan style.' And then as Europe and the United States only the latest fashion style across the sea to Shanghai in just 34 months, so the 30's in Shanghai Luckily became the fashion center of the country, the cheongsam pattern has flourished since then, no wonder Wong Kar-Wai put on a cheongsam Maggie Cheung played a 'Mood for Love' name, this looks very poetic name, in fact, but that era Already used terminology Bale the beginning, cheongsam long and ankle. In 1927, some trendy women want to increase the height of the cheongsam, fear of being criticized by the old school, they will do the cheongsam on the calf side, while hem in the cheongsam peg on the three or four inch long butterfly tuck. In 1928, cheongsam into a new stage, the length of shortening to the knee two inches, the entire calf are exposed, it is easy to walk. Since then, the popular cheongsam almost every year changes in the length of time from the early 1930s, Ms. Xue Jinyuan advocated by the International Flower, Shanghai and fashionable women around the cheongsam in a circle of lace. In 1933, the movie star Gu Lanjun first opened his chevron left lapel, even the cuff also opened a half-foot long fork, a moment of modern women actually follow suit. After the fork higher and higher, has been open to the thigh. Because of the relationship between the split, cheongsam which is popular in the waistcoat. At the same time, fake cartier gold plated love bracelet cheongsam's waist is also getting narrower and narrower, fully personal, the full body curve exposed. Things are extremely anti-1935, the communication flower Chen Yumei, Chen Qi Xia two sisters advocated cheongsam popular low-cut, robe longer and longer, and even the ground and long, even the shoes can not see. However, this style is not easy to walk, cheongsam and fashionable soon will be the length and side fork appropriate to increase the most representative of the most representative collar, the first is the higher the more stylish, even in midsummer times, in pursuit of fashion, would rather bear the summer heat , Wearing a tall collar and ears hard collar cheongsam. Later cheongsam and popular low collar, the collar lower the more 'modern.' When the low is really no longer low, simply wearing a cheongsam without collar, cheongsam also broke through the traditional pattern, began wantonly open to form a new style of fashion. Cheongsam sleeve change is the same, the length changed from broad to short-sleeved, but also from the short-sleeved vest sleeve has a stage, the popular status of cheongsam reached an incredible level, and even appeared wearing a cheongsam, hairpin hairpin, The bracelets, earrings, rings and other jewels do not use the high society in the 1930's Ladies who fanatical fashion to enjoy the luxury of life, is nothing less than in the same era of European and American women, they advocate western lifestyle, shuttle swimming, dancing, playing Golf, riding and other Western-style sports activities, therefore, the requirements of dress will change. Clever and diligent Shanghai women quickly learned the cultural concept of 'learning from the West' and applied it to their own philosophy of fashion. At first, they transformed the old-fashioned dress into a cheongsam vest and then adopted a westernized approach For example, in the collar and cuffs to create a Western-style lapel, split sleeves, lotus sleeves, hem with hem or lace trim and replica bracelet like cartier love bracelet other women's romantic style of ornaments. Mid-30s cheongsam has gone through the 'transparent, dew, thin' stage In addition to the cheongsam, the cold coat worn by women, the earliest is the prevalence of the cape. After 1927, imitating Western women's clothing, changing to wear coat, so the coat is increasingly popular, the old cloak was eliminated. As for the ancestor to wear underwear, but also to thank Shanghai women to velvet coat to carry forward. In addition there are luxurious fur, both at the time or today, are still a symbol of identity Shanghai women know how to finish the finishing touch, fashion girls are so detailed. They demanded that they have to match different accessories on a daily basis according to different occasions and costumes, however, accessories should also be gathered together. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, gloves, shawls, scarves, hairpins, etc., jewelry materials are mostly pearls. 'Gimmick giggles in the head, grungy on the feet,' the mantra conveyed in the 1930s Shanghai women pay attention to the overall image of echoes more than 'Sex and the City' in Carrie, this cartier love bracelet gold plated copy is not to boast. Shanghai women in the 1930s were so arbitrary that they would surely try their best to get 'foot' if they could buy the style or the new style they liked. The style of the shoes is naturally varied, there are upper wrapped in the instep only exposed a hole in the toes, black and white leather surface is very suitable for the jump dance was popular Swing, shallow mouth, with upper embellishment There are bows and so on. Although the style is varied, but one thing is common, that is, more than 3 inches of heel 3, foreign hairstyle

    The 1930s were the golden age of China's petty bourgeoisie, and Shanghai was a beautiful showcase for this golden age. Women have received considerable attention during this time. Zhou Xuan to act as a 'road angel' in the song girl red fame, won the reputation of golden throat. Ruan Ling Yu, Li Panyang smash hit. Chinese pop singer appeared the first pop star Leon Lai, Shanghai has so far been called 'Oriental Paris night.' Over 20 years of blossoming singing years recorded a total of about 2,000 songs, published more than 300 albums, and now the Hong Kong singer compared with no less. The stars have to go out to the restaurant or dance arena, the first thing is to do hairstyle on the senior barber shop, even if the terrorist perm machine hanging in the head, their slender neck still quite hold! Curly hair at the bottom of the cartier gold love bracelet fake form in the era of female stars in the very popular, Zhou Xuan and Ruan Ling Yu also had the same shape, of course, ordinary citizens competing to follow suit, so much so that at that time China, whether it is wealthy lady, or the poor people The girl, will take celebrities posters went to the barber shop so hot a curly hair at that time the standard beauty is a small cherry Liu Yemei, hot hair into a small volume of hair in the ear, the red flower cheongsam outlines the beautiful The figure. In the prevalence of retro fashion today, we still see from time to time the ancient renaissance.
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