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Hetian jade seed market price

Jade is a gem of the Chinese nation and one of the unique cultural characteristics of the Chinese nation. In 8,000 years of Chinese jade culture, Hetian jade has become an important carrier of politics, culture, morality and religion in ancient dynasties for its high quality and fine texture, and has continued to this day. Hetian jade's jade culture carrier function is manifested by its physicochemical product (jade). Hetian jade jade can be divided according to different purposes, accessories, ornaments and appliances three categories and the wrench, pendants, bracelets, bottles, stoves, smoked and other small class. Hetian jade is different from monocrystal gem, Hetian jade is a mineral assemblage composed of polycrystals. The composition of mineral particles varies in thickness, arrangement and distribution, which leads to the variety of color, structure, transparency, impurity, etc. of Hetian jade . The value of Hetian jade raw material factors According to the conditions of culture, national conditions, aesthetic, creative, technology, and many other conditions, but without the pursuit of jade value will fade the color, which is 'gold price, jade priceless' reason, novice and expert This sentence also has a completely different understanding of differences First, according to the size of the seed to judge. Hetian jade seed utilization below 10 grams minimum. Such material, the general can only be a bracelet, necklace, cell phone pendant and other small objects, the value copy cartier love necklace gold will be reduced. On the contrary, the larger the Hetian jade seed material, the more space it can be applied and utilized, and its use value and its own collection value will also be greater. However, it should be noted that, Hetian jade is not the bigger the better, the size to measure the value is a certain numerical standard. When the Hetian jade seed material more than 500 grams more than 1000 grams, although the value is still increasing, but the unit price but to decline. This is because:

1 Hetian seed jade is more suitable for carving small jade carving works, small works can also reflect the big theme. The use of large-scale jade works and Hetian jade seed material as raw material is relatively less 2 according to the use and weight of the jade is divided into three files: The first file is less than 200 grams of seed material, you can do wearing jade. The cartier baby love necklace replica second gear is between 200500 grams of seed material, can be placed in the palm or placed in the desk to play. The third gear is more than 1000 grams of jade, it is not suitable for playing, so relatively lacking in functionality 3 Speaking from the spending power: jade is too large, cartier necklace love price replica the price will be more expensive, there are relatively few people who have the purchasing power , Businesses also do not want to rush to buy, indirectly suppress the price of aniseed secondly, the impact of the original appearance of the price on the price, in general, the most expensive brand of Hetian jade seed. Drop shape followed by a cylindrical, the worst is the circular lump shape 2016 fleeting, the macroeconomic depression, a direct impact on the entire collection circle, jade industry is no exception. From the beginning of the year, jade markets around the country have sent off, diverted to voice, many studios are also layoffs. Compared to the boom in previous years, jade carving industry in 2016 is particularly cool. Some people even say that 2016 is the jade market from the nineties of last century, the situation is the most serious year. However, these changes, this shuffle, but also to a group of chaos jade market has become a lot of fact, the entire Hetian jade market at the end of the year did indeed show some signs of pick-up, whether it is in the origin of raw materials, or Processing distribution center, the number of boutique transactions have increased, Wada seed material prices have also risen a lot. Although these are still not enough to explain the market trend next year, but the end of the year, at the time of the Vientiane update, this is undoubtedly a good sign. Looking at the market in recent years, jade carving market overall can be said to be at the bottom of history . However, in the entire downturn in the collection market, Hetian jade seed material firm, still made for the entire industry to ensure the end. This is Hetian jade's inherent advantages, but also the fundamental difference between Hetian jade and other collectibles No matter what, Hetian jade's future is bright. It is rooted in China's eight thousand years of jade culture, and even into the Chinese people's bone and blood, so profound cultural background, the decision Hetian jade industry as long as based on reality, keep up with imitation cartier necklace mens the trend, will become a collection of permanent market Variety odd flowers

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    Phantom 9 Unlimited Phantom Enchantment DNF sword blunt device crackling stream

    Phantom 9 is the Ezekiel E3 sets, mainly for the sword of the Phantom of the Sword and thunder thousands of military break skills to add. Phantom 9 is an infinite magic phantom character, the perfect phantom 9 can reach only about 1S CD. Phantom in the process of magic, you can also interspersed with a variety of colorless skills, Phantom 9 thunderstorms to break the addition is also considerable if the weapon is a blunt, the actual number of attacks for 6 times, coupled with thunder Broken with the addition, in actual combat is a very handy set of accessories jewelry can choose to leave the bracelet, to be a yellow bracelet. Why not do the soul fake diamond necklace cartier chain? See other occupations are all empty necklace position to make the soul chain. Because the soul chain is really not so friendly for the percentage of occupations, promotion is not particularly large, it is better to make a yellow bracelet, relic bracelet is a better choice. In addition, after the epic revision of refined bracelets is not bad, all skills plus 5% attack copy cartier love necklace gold power, the advantage is not conflict For weapons, millet blunt is very good. 22% white damage bonus, but also dizziness effects. If cartier necklace diamond copy with the yellow bracelet, the title can choose injury. Again, to meet the replica cartier love necklace white gold yellow and white burst three properties, the role of the attack will be higher.
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    Shanghai fashion in thirties of last century

    The 30s of last century, the majority of fashionable women's make-up using red rouge, red lipstick ... ... at the time the color of cosmetics, unlike so many tricks, pure red is the prevailing, is regarded as classic. If it is white skin, red powder face and lips, is the standard of beauty. Exaggerated make-up, and then sprinkle with toilet water, wearing a cheongsam, hot a star hair, it is very fashionable even in the thirties rouge is generally divided into light red, pink, vermilion, red four colors, depending on the use of color Different colors. Lipstick is also divided into different red, different shades. Most of the appearance of the box is imported from abroad, the golden box, above a simple pattern. In the choice, most people will see the star posters or their favorite color to choose when women make-up, will first dredged with a finger cream, rubbed in the palm of your hand and then painted on the face, before the cream has not dried, Then dusted with duck powder, and then coated with a layer of powder, began to depict eyebrows, painted face, lipstick. Usually with the general eyebrow eyebrow brush eyebrow brush good eyebrows, and then rouge on the eyelids, face. If the uneven lipstick, velvet towel will be used to wipe the velvet towel is a special application Rouge and lipstick decorations, which is the era of the characteristics of the good facial features, they began to nail, have a single color, there are Different colors. In the 1930s, some ten people had been painted by ten women in ten colors, and the lights shone brightly. The cheongsam was the Qing Dynasty after entering the customs clearance of clothing to China, the early Qing dynasty, many Chinese people would rather die rather wear, but by the end of the Qing Dynasty and early Republic, wear cheongsam has become fashionable, popular in major cities. After Shanghai was opened as a commercial port in 1843, Huayang became more and more popular in the West, and the apparel industry also started to undergo potential changes. Early folk clothing is still a robe jacket, the jacket under the skirt. Since then, commercial trade has become more prosperous, foreign goods poured in large quantities, feather yarn, woolen fabric, silk fabrics and other flooding the market, changing the traditional dress, foreign fabrics gradually become popular due to the use of cheap, the Western sewing methods are also popular Up, and the time-consuming work, craftwork rolling inlay, embedded embroidery and other traditional arts and crafts gradually weakened. Later, due to going abroad to Western Europe and Japan, more and more people, they continue to Western style into the tens of foreign markets, the Shanghai garment industry so prosperous, became the country as well as a garment window in Southeast Asia. In particular, women's clothing, due to the exquisite sewing style in line with the trend of the times, so that Shanghai became the National Women's Fashion Center 30 years is a cheongsam fluttering era, Shanghai women founded their own fashion benchmark 'Shanghai cheongsam' and make it Become Shanghai's earliest women's fashion, and cartier rose gold love bracelet copy later also to the world. As Eileen Chang said: 'Hatchet cheongsam is cold Founder, with Puritan style.' And then as Europe and the United States only the latest fashion style across the sea to Shanghai in just 34 months, so the 30's in Shanghai Luckily became the fashion center of the country, the cheongsam pattern has flourished since then, no wonder Wong Kar-Wai put on a cheongsam Maggie Cheung played a 'Mood for Love' name, this looks very poetic name, in fact, but that rose gold cartier love bracelet replica era Already used terminology Bale the beginning, cheongsam long and ankle. In 1927, some trendy women want to increase the height of the cheongsam, fear of being criticized by the old school, they will do the cheongsam on the calf side, while hem in the cheongsam peg on the three or four inch long butterfly tuck. In 1928, cheongsam into a new stage, the length of shortening to the knee two inches, the entire calf are exposed, it is easy to walk. Since then, the popular cheongsam almost every year changes in the length of time from the early 1930s, Ms. Xue Jinyuan advocated by the International Flower, Shanghai and fashionable women around the cheongsam in a circle of lace. In 1933, the movie star Gu Lanjun first opened his chevron left lapel, even the cuff also opened a half-foot long fork, a moment of modern women actually follow suit. After the fork higher and higher, has been open to the thigh. Because of the relationship between the split, cheongsam which is popular in the waistcoat. At the same time, cheongsam's waist is also getting narrower and narrower, fully personal, the full body curve exposed. Things are extremely anti-1935, the communication flower Chen Yumei, Chen Qi Xia two sisters advocated cheongsam popular low-cut, robe longer and longer, and even the ground and long, even the shoes can not see. However, this style is not easy to walk, cheongsam and fashionable soon will be the length and side fork appropriate to increase the most representative of the most representative collar, the first is the higher the more stylish, even in midsummer times, in pursuit of fashion, would rather bear the summer heat , Wearing a tall collar and ears hard collar cheongsam. Later cheongsam and popular low collar, the collar lower the more 'modern.' When the low is really no longer low, simply wearing a cheongsam without collar, cheongsam also broke through the traditional pattern, began wantonly open to form a new style of fashion. Cheongsam sleeve change is the same, the length changed from broad to short-sleeved, but also from the short-sleeved vest sleeve has a stage, the popular status of cheongsam reached an incredible level, and even appeared wearing a cheongsam, hairpin hairpin, The bracelets, earrings, rings and other jewels do not use the high society in the 1930's Ladies who fanatical fashion to enjoy the luxury of life, is nothing less than in the same era of European and American women, they advocate western lifestyle, shuttle swimming, dancing, playing Golf, riding and other Western-style sports activities, therefore, the requirements of dress will change. Clever and cartier love bracelet discount diligent Shanghai women quickly learned the cultural concept of 'learning from the West' and applied it to their own philosophy of fashion. At first, they transformed the old-fashioned dress into a cheongsam vest and then adopted a westernized approach For example, in the collar and cuffs to create a Western-style lapel, split sleeves, lotus sleeves, hem with hem or lace trim and other women's romantic style of ornaments. Mid-30s cheongsam has gone through the 'transparent, dew, thin' stage In addition to the cheongsam, the cold coat worn by women, the earliest is the prevalence of the cape. After 1927, imitating Western women's clothing, changing to wear coat, so the coat is increasingly popular, the old cloak was eliminated. As for the ancestor to wear underwear, but also to thank Shanghai women to velvet coat to carry forward. In addition there are luxurious fur, both at the time or today, are still a symbol of identity Shanghai women know how to finish the finishing touch, fashion girls are so detailed. They demanded that they have to match different accessories on a daily basis according to different occasions and costumes, however, accessories should also be gathered together. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, gloves, shawls, scarves, hairpins, etc., jewelry materials are mostly pearls. 'Gimmick giggles in the head, grungy on the feet,' the mantra conveyed in the 1930s Shanghai women pay attention to the overall image of echoes more than 'Sex and the City' in Carrie, this is not to boast. Shanghai women in the 1930s were so arbitrary that they would surely try their best to get 'foot' if they could buy the style or the new style they liked. The style of the shoes is naturally varied, there are upper wrapped in the instep only exposed a hole in the toes, black and white leather surface is very suitable for the jump dance was popular Swing, shallow mouth, with upper embellishment There are bows and so on. Although the style is varied, but one thing is common, that is, more than 3 inches of heel 3, foreign hairstyle

    The 1930s were the golden age of China's petty bourgeoisie, and Shanghai was a beautiful showcase for this golden age. Women have received considerable attention during this time. Zhou Xuan to act as a 'road angel' in the song girl red fame, won the reputation of golden throat. Ruan Ling Yu, Li Panyang smash hit. Chinese pop singer appeared the first pop star Leon Lai, Shanghai has so far been called 'Oriental Paris night.' Over 20 years of blossoming singing years recorded a total of about 2,000 songs, published more than 300 albums, and now the Hong Kong singer compared with no less. The stars have to go out to the restaurant or dance arena, the first thing is to do hairstyle on the senior barber shop, even if the terrorist perm machine hanging in the head, their slender neck still quite hold! Curly hair at the bottom of the form in the era of female stars in the very popular, Zhou Xuan and Ruan Ling Yu also had the same shape, of course, ordinary citizens competing to follow suit, so much so that at that time China, whether it is wealthy lady, or the poor people The girl, will take celebrities posters went to the barber shop so hot a curly hair at that time the standard beauty is a small cherry Liu Yemei, hot hair into a small volume of hair in the ear, the red flower cheongsam outlines the beautiful The figure. In the prevalence cartier love bangle of retro fashion today, we still see from time to time the ancient renaissance.
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    The world's first breast storm mystery map

    News Links: French girl Lolo Ferrari, the height of the breast close to his height, the weight of the silicone breast augmentation equivalent to one eighth of her weight, is all the rage, 'Guinness' Miss Big Tits. Under the planning of her husband, she started surgery in the year to advance into the world's first breast. After repeated surgeries, her breasts were upgraded from inches in inches to inches and finally in inches to Guinness. If neither doctors cartier love bracelet discount warned her she would be out of danger, she also wanted to continue to increase. She was 17 on the month of this year when she was overdosed with drugs and Lolo Ferrari was a smart student, a British middle-class family, a treasure for the Bretton Woods. As the age grows, my friends around the face more and more cartier love bracelet beautiful, chest more and more tall and straight, so she finally made up her mind, make a makeover, so did the chest and face plastic surgery. Surgical operation allows her to successfully embark on a celebrity road, however, the suffering caused by surgery has also been with her. In mid March this year, she suddenly died, people have speculated: Ferrari natural death or suicide?

    She has created a world record

    Ferrari had a huge breasts after breast augmentation surgery, but this is not a natural growth, but stuffed with silicone inside. She is rewarded with the Guinness Book of Records, and her estimated breast weight is 2.8 kg. As the chest is too large, she has to wear during the day and night use special craft bras, sleep can not lie on the side can not lie. Because it will pressure her out of breath. She was also particularly scared of flying because she feared that the acceleration of gravity would burst her breasts and not the only 'surgical' place for Ferrari. She has been involved in cosmetic surgery for over 25 times in 5 years. Her lips, cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, eyebrows, chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs are almost unparalleled. She is the love bracelet cartier rose gold fake 'European beauty milk lady', her image appears on the stage and on the screen, she has also performed in the nightclubs of France, Germany, Italy and Belgium, strippers, attracting tens of thousands of people Night club, she is also 'European junk' Channel 4 regulars in her life that night, Ferrari's mood is very low. That night she ate a lot of antidepressants and sleeping pills, as usual, at a much higher dosage than the doctor told me, and she also had some antibiotics due to her sore throat. Although the initial results of the autopsy show that she died naturally, she did not really die. It is still not possible to conclude that her dose of medicine is excessive. Once she talked about her various cosmetic practices: 'The reason why I started surgery for myself is because I can not live, but even then I have not changed my life. Sometimes I completely disengage from reality and then I did not do anything her husband and agent found out in her bedroom that she was dead, and her family's house was luxurious at the foot of a hill in southern France, Grasse, her husband said on that day She said she was asleep at night so she would not feel guilty because she often coughed, afraid to wake her husband, but what he did not think was that the next morning he saw his wife too late to go from building Her body was already cold when she came up to see her. Ferrari had no friends, but anyone who took the time to talk to her would be addicted to her. Elizabeth Alexander said: 'She gave a sense of intimacy when she spoke , Chatting very honest. Elisabeth had spent days with Ferrari when they were filing for the magazine 'MrieClaire' in France, after Ferrari had just performed breast augmentation surgery, which made her the largest woman in the world with the greatest breasts, And she also appeared at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival, and since then the world's most unfortunate family life

    Ferrari was born in 1970, ranked second in the family of four children, a child is a very beautiful little girl. Her father, an official with the French nuclear energy department, moved to Brittany when Ferrari was walking and her family was still very respectable. With Larry growing up, both outsiders and teachers think Harry Larry would be a decent job, maybe a pharmacist or a teacher. But no one will think of it but no one will think of an unhappy family life ...

    In an interview, Ferrari said: 'My mom said I was ugly and not clever, only as a trash cleaner. I want to be an anesthetist, but I have such a mother, I did not In fact, I love my mom very much because my mom thinks she does not look good any longer, and when I was born, she said I was reminded of myself when I saw it and she put everything that was not good All with me, she just did not want me to survive. '

    In another interview, she also revealed: 'My mom vented all the unpleasantness on me.' She also said I was as nasty as my dad and nobody wanted me, and sometimes she hit me with a whip. Very scared, I feel very ashamed, so I want to change everything, my face, my body, I want to make a radical change, I really want to die then. 'Later, Ferrari left school and started his own Model career and began appearing on the cover of some girls' magazines. Also at this time, she met with Eric Wignet. Ferrari was 17 years old that year, while Vignet was 39 years old. Vignet large, bearded. The guy was lazy and a little childish, but his idea that business minded Wignet hurried on making money coincided with the girl's eagerness to change her body, and the couple married a year later. Two years after her marriage, in 1990, she began to cut his body and Wignet wanted to encourage her so hard that he designed Ferrari's lips and eyebrows and personally planned her ' A breast 'Husband is her designer

    Ferrari once said in 1996: 'I do not like the shape of my lips, so I made surgery to make it more attractive. After surgery, there is no special feeling, but I have to have the lipstick I like surgery and I like the feeling of being on the operating table, and after a general anesthesia, I fall in a black hole and I feel like I'm completely changed in my sleep, and I really like breast augmentation surgery. Ferrari's bust turned 41 inches in the beginning and quickly turned 46 inches, feeling overly tight and feeling like a burst. Although she also wanted to make her chest bigger, she faced a physical problem because her skin could not be pulled any further. She thought she was fleshly body and she was afraid, so she desperately dressed her in every finger wear a ring, but also wearing a dozen bracelets and anklets, she also put their long fingernails All painted pink. The color is the only thing she can not change, so she dressed in silver, grease and powder. If she did not, she would feel very anxious and think she had become the same again. Although she had not seen Ferrari himself, Parisian psychologist Francesco Chacchet analyzed her He may have had deformity phobia, and people who suffer from it illistically think the human body is disgusting. Once a person has drilled the tip, it does not really hit the south wall and does not look back. This is a vicious cycle, Joe Chitt said, because more surgeries can not make people completely satisfied with cartier love rose gold bracelet replica their bodies. When one is more concerned with one's appearance than one's personality, frustration occurs, and one can easily collapse in spirit. It is not surprising at this point to choose suicide.
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    Guofeng Fantasy Epic World

    Equipment selection 80 battlefield sets of heart + heart + man-made disruption in this way to maintain output stability, try to pile up part of the survival. Or 4 battlefield (dress + shoulder + hat + wrist) +4 world sets (belt + pendulum + pants + white gold cartier bracelet copy shoes mix) This can maintain a merit + punish the heart with a yuan proficient stunt, survival will be slightly lower, But the output will be much higher. Jewelry earrings holding a section cartier love bangle with diamonds of the clouds in the bucket, bracelets Xiao Yin heavy Luan, Ring Xiao fake cartier love bracelet diamonds white gold drink of the cream jade necklace 啸 drink copy cartier love bracelet 18k yellow gold snow 霁 / cloud vertical sea (will Department). Jade kill murderous Ling battlefield 5 battlefield jewelry can choose stunt to wash heart. Dayu necklace or you can wash injury protection. Look at the personal needs of choice!

    Swipe, so generally do not recommend now choose 80 battlefield jewelry. This will be a lot of heavy blow!

    Weapons: Tianhan Yunxiao San (try to wash out the soul of Minnesota read blood attributes) / At present, the highest martial art of the highest strength of the first capsule capsule Ying Ying Ying, deputy: Painting candle / night no Wei / 78 forces deputy solitary floor hanging light
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    Tourist souvenir serious homogeneity Qingdao

    It is reported that all of these winning entries are blindly assessed by the public and experts generated, the organizers hope that the selected Qingdao original works to the market, and gradually realize the industrialization, to resolve the current tourist souvenir thousands of people embarrassed the current coastal city of tourism The phenomenon of homogeneity of souvenirs is serious. From south to north, almost all are 'the third kind': shells, pearl and coral series. 'Zhang Shufeng, a researcher at Qingdao Academy of Social Sciences, said that all places are focusing on expanding the souvenir market for tourism, but there are Cultural and creative souvenirs still a weakness October 12, reporters at the May Fourth Square and the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center tourism souvenir shopping tour in a circle, eighty or ninety points of sale, 90% of the stalls in the sale of 'old Three kind. ' In the Macau Road, coach parking around the parking lot, a souvenir to sell nothing more than pearl necklace, pearl powder, crystal bracelets and squid, shrimp and other seafood; the Olympic Sailing Center, the coast of more than 10 art pavilions In the shell wind chimes, coral and other souvenirs are also similar Dong Zhiwen, deputy director of the Department of Tourism, Ocean University of China that tourist souvenirs in coastal cities are similar, indicating that the difference is not enough, lack of innovation. Qingdao City had held three tour product design competitions before, but it focused on highlighting the cultural connotation of tourist products and the concept of creative competition for the first time in June this year. Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Shinan District Culture and Press and Publication Administration (Tourism Bureau) And jointly launched the design competition. With the theme of 'inheritance, innovation and promotion', the design of the cultural and tourism commodities and the packaging design for the society were collected from 103 participants, reflecting the natural landscape, human history, folk customs and cartier love bracelet diamonds white gold fake urban features of Qingdao. Of the more than 600 products, there are 194 kinds of physical objects and 59 creative categories, most of replica cartier love bracelet on sale which highlight elements of Qingdao. They have rich historical and cultural connotation and geographical features of Qingdao. They are innovative in appearance and of good quality. They reflect Qingdao's distinctive features from different aspects Regional culture, customs and urban style In this competition, Shandong Ogilvy \u0026 Mather Culture Development Co., Ltd. 'Colorful Qingdao' series of scarves won the gold medal, the company chairman Wang Xiaobo said: 'Scarves products into Qingdao Shanhaicheng unique elements, The price of 200 yuan to 400 yuan, the store daily sales of twenty or thirty, very popular yellow gold cartier love bracelet fake with tourists.

    Fang Baishou, a professor of tourism at Ocean replica cartier love bangle for sale University of China, suggested that corporate R \u0026 D teams should collaborate with cultural experts, collide with the creative ideas of young people, introduce the power of industrial design and truly make the regional characteristics.
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    Colorful emerald appeared Yun Xuan

    Since then, friend T has no peace, he joked that industry experts, players and enthusiasts 'have set me on the threshold.' Most of these people to see the beauty of the baby, while others are to borrow and bargain purchase. There are several collectors bid 50 million purchase, friends T did not shot, he had to wait for the most suitable buyer friend T's friend Liu Jianwei is the deputy director of People's Liberation Army Bayi film, a film shot needs a top bracelet props , Using this bracelet is a famous actress in the play Dame. Liu Jianwei and the actor are out to friend T borrow colorful jade bracelets. Friends T is not willing to lend, but lent to another value of 10 million yuan Huang Fei bracelet Duoyun Xuan is our group a century-old, recently expanded Jade sales. I think of a friend of Colorful Jade T, I hope this baby can take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday show in Duoyuan Xuan a few days to gather some popularity for the store, and secondly to do some publicity for the baby. But worried about friends T do not want. Tentatively with a friend T said he did not expect him to answer, and sat in the plane with the baby flew to Shanghai Duoyun Xuan naturally very happy, soon arranged the design of the exhibition, show time set for the 9th of this month to 25 Friends T homeopathic for the Shanghai show as a starting point, planning the 'Beautiful China. Colorful Jade bracelet National Tour' activities, the first stop is Shanghai cartier ring size knock off Duoyun Xuan, the second stop for Hong Kong, the second stop for the Beijing Shanghai and during the Spring Festival To Shanghai to visit relatives and friends, traveling people, visit the Nanjing East Pedestrian Street, may wish to take a look to Duyun Xuan, after all, this bracelet is not everyone can see the link to see the world Need: colorful jade bracelets (2012 11 19 08:53)

    Friends T Jade Shop in two places, one is the 'Jade Living Museum,' an area of ​​800 square meters, set gambling stone, processing, sculpture, polished, polished, showcase sales as one; the other is the newly built 'bright Jewelry City ', an area of ​​1,300 square meters, is currently the largest jade franchise stores in Southwest I am more interested in his' Emerald Life Museum. ' Its accurate name is 'Jadeite Stone Art Living Museum', which is a very creative concept. The reason why jade is crazy is that there is such a saying in Chinese traditional culture as 'gambling stone'. For thousands of years, emerald trading is through 'gambling' to carry out. Gamble stone was originally the original form of jade people get, until today are very attractive way to play a jade. Friends T's Jade Life Museum, available to people from the gambling stones to make finished products, the whole process of enjoying the finished product experience Friends T stone from the origin of the country into the PAGEN JADE, Myanmar, the supply partners strong and reputable , Promise not Jade can return without reason. So friends T dare to declare to their clients: Emerald Life Museum sale of stone, one hundred percent guaranteed to be genuine, not a full refund Emerald. With such protection, the customer has a stamina of the emboldened, we think, anyway, gambling is the worst gambling to accompany me to a colleague, listening to the museum in the heart itching, gearing up Try your luck. I can not let my colleagues follow me out of business. Ask Friend T to find one of the most prominent authorities in the company to help with the selection of wool. The final price of a fancy 24,000 yuan, I encourage her to start immediately. Stone all open, ice jade, everyone 'wow' soon as a friend T pleased to tell her: 'You win!' The scene is now doing a few pieces of pendant jewelry, the cost has been brought back to have a surplus. We initially estimated that this piece of material can be made at least 300,000 yuan worth of jewelry friend cartier love copy ring wedding band T told me that he himself through the bet stone, got a very rare colorful jade bracelets. He vividly told this story: In March this year, the company entered a group of gambling materials, unloading time, accidentally put cartier love imitation ring white gold a piece of stone 60,000 yuan price dropped into the ground smashed into two halves. At that time, friends T proposal, the presence of 4 people each out of 15,000 yuan to buy this stone opened. Two people said that breaking the two halves have not found a good thing, this piece of material is certainly no use, and do not spend this wasted money. Friends T and another friend each bought 30000 yuan, after opening expected, actually excavated a rare treasure. Two people who choose to give up even the intestines regret the green I can not wait to see the beauty of the treasure, unfortunately, the best of the world is now stored in a heavily guarded place, but I am going to catch a plane back to Shanghai, this time No time to appreciate but my 'appetite' has been fine tune up the emerald. A few days back to Shanghai, I took the time to fly again in Chengdu, my friend T led me to a mysterious hall, finally made me full of a look of the jade did not feel much, I saw this jade bracelet was also shocked It's It is above the red, yellow, blue, green, purple, white, black and other seven colors, each other, magnificent, it is sure to unite the mountain show, the spirit of the water, no wonder it was scared to the world when witnessed Known as the 'sky clouds.' Friends T said that before the discovery of the jade inside, divided into yellow jade green, spring with color, Fu Lu Shou, five blessings, of which the most precious but also blessed, and this only colorful jade bracelet, only Visible to the eye, it is a collection of seven colors. Mr. Deng, director of Yunnan Institute of Jewelry, said that he has been studying emerald so many years, at best, only saw colorful jade, so colorful emerald is amazing. After the emergence of colorful jade bracelets, many calligraphy and painting experts see its color distribution, have begun to dig deep and asked the formation of color and lines. When they were deciphering the painting created by Mr. Zhang Daqian, they gave birth to their inspiration and speculated that they were inspired by colorful jades. I asked my friend T, What is the value of this bracelet? Friend T smiled and said that at present the price can not be determined, The highest level of identification of colored emerald five blessings, its market value is already very high, how much colorful jade value, did not evaluate. However, this bracelet opened in the 'dazzling jewelry city' when it debuted that day, according to expert advice, the price of 170 million yuan, gold cartier love fake ring a client bid 50 million yuan, my friend T did not sell him I use the phone to shoot Colorful jade bracelet photos, of which the first photo is Zhang Daqian splash color painting (left) contrast with the colorful jade bracelets:
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    Bracelets help build lazy range of children

    This winter is very headstrong, smog and fluctuations in the slightly larger temperature 'powerful alliances', so that the girls are one by one into the warm and new clothes. In order to make people not frozen people, beautiful girls have long been irregardless thick needle thick, loose large sweater put on the body. But to reflect the lazy range of children, this is not enough, do not come up with 'little wrist' absolutely can not be atypical girl.

    Do not ignore that little area on your wrist. If you can play tricks here, that's the beauty shortcut. Wear a large sweater in winter, with the watch and bracelet to show in the lazy exquisite.

    Cold winter can hold light-colored sweater is the goddess, but the goddess will have the goddess look, leaving only a good build and big sweater is not enough, with a bracelet bracelet play color, both taste and stylish .

    Clever girl will play a material mix when riding a sweater, leather bracelet cool in the wrist full of full, not only with the gray winter colors, but how much is the cartier love fake ring also in sharp contrast with the white sweater to reach the finishing effect.

    Who said the winter can not pink in the end? Pink to continue to wear down, princess dream to continue to do imitation cartier ring men it. With a stylish charm without losing the bracelet with a loose sweater, minute sweater put the thick sense of thrown away.

    Cold weather also want to pull sleeves set off a new wave of watches

    Wristwatch absolutely count as wild single product, coupled with the diversification of today's watch design, but also to the United States and the girls have provided a lot of options, of course, this should be hard for those who choose the disabled it ...

    Tight-looking turtleneck sweater, coupled with the watch shows the endless neatness and skill, but this does not affect the winter lazy range of children to create, but to add a little bit of this lazy taste of the small charm.

    For loose thick knit sweaters, the watch also inspired a 'pull sleeves' wave. Whether metal watch or leather watch, simple dial design is a good companion winter sweater. This can show the taste anytime, anywhere, who will not easily let it go.

    Watch bracelets together to play more mix and match the taste

    In this age where all of us love to play mashups, the combination cartier ring size knock off of wristwatches and bracelets has also been taken aback, from time to time burst into the beauty of people put it down, no one is cartier ring men copy willing to set an example to mix and match, especially when the sweater cuffs exposed Since the photos come with 'warm', 'lazy' and other keywords.

    Mashup does not mean freewheeling, the number of watches with bracelets, a simple two or three pieces set up very well. In addition, to make people cute beauty, color is also crucial. Try to keep watch and bracelet with the same color, with the sweater to be more comfortable. .
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    There is a porridge shop on the Hangzhou Road 11 chef waiter are Lin'an village lady

    Wulin Road, a home cafe, the boss Zhu Ze put 8 air purifiers cartier mens fake ring diamond in the store, each guest additional air purification fee 1 yuan (see newspaper yesterday). Listen to him yesterday in an interview, he also opened a shop, the main surface, porridge and a variety of snacks, employees are sixties and seventies grandmother, from the hometown of Lin'an, please come over the 'wheat porridge shop' Open in the Hangzhou Road, opposite the high-end office Ka Wah International. Said to be 'porridge shop', in fact, is a very decoration restaurant - Roman retro floor, the wall hanging abstract paintings of Western and Chinese ancient Ladies, guests drink barley tea is carved white porcelain coffee cup, everywhere shows the Chinese and Western mix and match Style. The kitchen is open, and guests in the lobby can see the chef busy with cartier ring box copy the 'formula' sound of a lettuce pan. Zhu boss said he wanted the restaurant designed to feel stronger family and feel more like to eat at home, it is necessary to count the number of dishes to cook the chopsticks chopsticks side of those waiters, and all are on the older lady, white Hair Dian, wrinkles on the face, most of the vegetables on the wrist wearing a silver bracelet come here to drink porridge, many are regular customers. There is a girl wearing glasses almost every day. Auntie put a tableware, she carefully look at the wrinkles on the face, and then looked up at the face, said cautiously, thank you, a bowl of noodles, she still from their hands and arms to see the shoulder, and then look at the face And look, say thank you again. Aunt who put a bowl of chopsticks, and always gently tap the apron, smiling face Zhu boss wearing a wool cap, wearing an abdominal position two small pieces of sweater sweater in the shop inside the most a hanging curtain of private rooms, to a Middle-aged man haircut. I know this man, is a very famous Hangzhou, billions of furniture company CEOs. The frequency of Zhu boss talking with his hands scissors almost unhappy slow, the boss also maintained the same pace with him, gently replica cartier ring love talking about how to do business under the Internet environment topic. I also saw in the shop porridge Zhu celebrity haircut photos to some celebrities, Wang Lee Hom, Zhu Dan and other entertainment industry, the business there Zong and so on there, the open kitchen, the oldest chef (imaginary 70 Year-old aunt Liu), is burning the store's signature face - grandmother handmade face aunt is Leping people from Lin'an, Hangzhou before coming to the largest city is Lin'an, she is the village famous chef. Aunt Liu a little more than 30 years old began to cook, spare time sericulture, silk factory and then later to work, older, the small factory did not accept, Aunt Liu went to the factory to get some ball-point pen to the home to pack, fast To 70 years old, set of ball-point pen can not live, the village of red and white things (weddings or funerals) is also very little, Aunt Liu completely idle until Zhu boss found her twice on the door, invited her to Hangzhou For a while, the curtain of the temporary barber room was opened, and the guests pulled back a knock off cartier ring box newly cut-up hair and walked quickly through the porridge lobby, leaving the zucchini to pick up the scissors and carrying the shoulder bag and sat down. He said that with his own practice, the cross-border cafes and porridge shops want to be bigger.
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    Hetian jade bracelet development process

    Bracelets for a long time, originated in the matriarchal society to patriarchal society transition period. According to the literature, in ancient times, both men and women wear bracelets, and women are symbols of being married. Men are symbols of the identity or nature of cartier rose gold imitation ring work. In ancient society, people also think that wearing bracelets can be evil or hit good luck. And Hetian Yusu has 7000 years of history, during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties unearthed a large number of Hetian jade, such as the Shang Dynasty 'Fu Hao' tomb there are 60% of the jade is Hetian jade and sapphire. Home cartier ring box fake Wada that one of the 'Bi' '琮', etc., should be the prototype of Hetian jade bracelets in various periods of history and Hetian jade bracelets (or prototype) are different. Dawenkou cultural jade bracelet was outside the circular, spring and autumn period for the round bauble, Tang Dynasty with gold bracelets. Development to the Song Dynasty, jade bracelet was a ring, the level of the outer circle, the light-free pattern; and the Ming and Qing jade bracelets, more decorative According to historical records, Sui and Tang Dynasties to Song Dynasty, women bracelets decorated with a bracelet has been very popular, called Arm 钏. Early Tang painter Yan Libin's 'Step by step map', Zhou fat 'Lady Flower Ladies Figure', are clearly portrayed the image of a woman wearing an arm and a hand. This is not copy cartier men ring only limited to court aristocracy, civilians are also very keen. According to historical records, Cui Guangyuan troops crusade section chapter, soldiers looting everywhere, to see women, cut off the arm, take away the arm. Can be seen at that time wearing the arm is not a small number of women we know the name of Yang is called 'Yang Yuhuan.' We first do not have to study 'Yuhuan' is a jade pendant or bracelet, just listen to its name can be seen when the Tang Dynasty cartier knock off love ring as wedding band jade accessories on the deep impact of people's lives if it is a bracelet, according to the size of the development and Hetian jade palace courtesy, very It is possible that Yang Gui-fei had already brought the Hetian jade bracelet, which is almost as modern as ours, which is really 'veritable'.
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