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Hangzhou luxury arson nanny actually Laolai mother four life behind 200,000 borrowings

So, what is the reason behind, let the nanny bravely burned the mistress and three such lovely children? Many people on the microblogging guess is not the employer home to her bad, let her heart resentment, cartier necklace diamond fake the truth is so?

Monthly salary of 7500, also steal the hostess name list

According to the owner of a victim introduced Mo Mocrystal is the hostess brought in from the Shanghai agency, the wage is 7500 yuan a month, including eating and wrapping, and hostess relations are doing well In this view, Mohuan Jing Income level is not imitation mens cartier necklace low, but she is very short of money. Surging news reports said the nanny admitted to police that he stole the hostess's watch and child's bracelet. At that time the hostess did not find, but also lent her 100,000 yuan on the cause of cartier love necklace yellow gold replica arson, a few screenshots discussed by the local people in the WeChat group, said the nanny had wanted to use the fire to cover up the fact that the theft of his possessions repeatedly, think Destroy the scene, but in cartier love necklace rose gold copy the end it caused four tragedies. Whether it is deliberately arson or negligent arson is not yet certain and can only be awaited by the police. The picture above shows that Mohuan Jing was sued for guarantee

In addition, the detective Jun (WeChat number: jrjzt999) also found that March 17, 2017, Mohuan Jing Tianhe District Court was sentenced Guangzhou City, Hu Dahai 30,000 yuan to repay borrowings and interest and the landlord borrowed 100,000 yuan , The total of less than 10 million in debt can not afford it? Where have the money gone?

Mo Hwan crystal Why owe so much debt? According to local people microblogging broke the news, Mohuan Jing gambling abuse! Because gambling owed hundreds of thousands of private lending, came to Hangzhou as a nanny, the purpose is to avoid debt! It is said that she also went to Macau gambling, debt owed still failed to change!

Non-government loans, serial guarantees repeated vicious incidents

Today, there is another new tragedy caused by private lending. The sensational 'shameless mother case' in Shandong was precisely because of the fraudulent loan shark loan from mother Hsueh, and the fierce clashes between mother and child and the dunning debtor, which eventually led to the murder case The case was opened today and Yu Huan, originally sentenced to life imprisonment, was commuted to 5 years' imprisonment. We noticed that similar to Su Yin-hsia, Mohuan Kim also sued his fiancé for borrowing, and as a guarantor Joint liability is prosecuted Two types of private lending, security guarantees, usury ... ... Many businesses and individuals are involved in this whirlpool, without assessing solvency, blindly borrowing civil borrowing, once the funding chain is broken, the consequences are often beyond redemption Today's topic is a bit heavy, and we all hope that the blue Qianjiang case can be investigated as soon as possible and that the victim be fair.
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    Three episodes appreciate ... finishing perception. First of all, the second set of cartier circle necklace knock off human farms gave me a first impression similar to the early Japanese manga 'Multiple Personality Detective,' a section (living buried alive to protect the minimum survival, and craniotomy seed in the brain, The victim is still alive, so that the seeds of the brain hair flowers ... ... Human Body Garden), deeply suspected second episode screenwriter also read 'multiple personality detective.' However, the second episode depicts the image of the beating apothecary slightly lazy. The third episode also lacks depth, but several shots from Hannibal still perform remarkably well (this should be photography and the actors themselves ), The trend of imitation cartier circle necklace the main line of the story seems a little stalemate, but the fourth episode of the notice shows the story of the story is still the story of the big story (this series of performance practices common with Europe and the United States and Japan series, although the old Soil is still used), overall, personally, I am not satisfied with the performance of the second episode and the third episode, we can only say that there is a turn for the better ... Then on the performance of the actor, it should be said that Mr. Michelsen Performance undoubtedly, and the little girl Abu's performance is too American, feeling too exposed (of course, this is the common problem of young actors), and the lens of the most male students Willie ... ... I replica cartier love necklace gold really feel he did not control myself The expressiveness, facial expressions and eye control too modest ... other look back again!

    I heard that this film is very famous, so I read, the first 4 episodes and the last two episodes read, the middle is the jump to see. I feel bad. The most important it has flawed. But until the entire 13 episodes played over, so a broken thing, stunned did not solve! Writers you easily see two episodes of other people's case drama OK? A bit of professionalism okay?

    Second, Will heroes, I know you are neuropathy, but whatever the outcome, you are a teacher, the logic is always a little bit of it, or embarrassed to get paid to buy a house? You shot her father to save the kidnapped daughter, her father is a serial killer! For this thing, you still have to feel guilty, not guilty p ah, replica cartier love necklace yellow gold hard to see where the daughter was dad kill you cool? And this guilt has become the theme of 13 episodes! Tied together endless. The whole 13 sets of grinding grumble for a long time in fact, nothing, light grinding grumble. That daughter, Abigail, is also a brainchild. You hate Will because Will killed his father, so why do not you think about the salvation of others?

    Third, the Abigail little girl, after being rescued calm is not like a teenager, a lot of look like a heart, but when she missed all the way to a man, Hannibal offered to help buried the body, hey, you really Letter, Hannibal with you unfamiliar, an unfamiliar person suddenly risked prison to help you destroy the corpse, just kidding? As a result Abigail wholeheartedly believed Hannibal, that's it. And do not leave behind a bit, do not know leave some evidence prepared to defend Hannibal betrayed her. In fact, from the beginning you just said you are an idiot, loaded what deep ah? There is the last oxygen room on fire, full of oxygen, especially the individual know it carefully, you not only the anti-static bracelets off, but also the whole plastic comb comb hair, we do not need to have much IQ, as long as Not a fool would not do this well?

    Oh, this show I see a variety of Tucao, do not spit on the fast suffocated Also, indeed, the seventh episode and a few episodes of the positioning a little different, the first few episodes highlight the American B-level elements, always bloody death kill Mainly the psychological stage of the dialogue are slightly weak (the sixth part of the majority of the lines structure is completely silent brain completely play silent lamb MOD), although the seventh set like the red dragon's MOD but the seventh set of opera Opening to the end of the meal (this is the Red Dragon in some scenes), the performance of the scene is not even worse than the screen of the Red Dragon to the year, although the scene is not obvious, but the lens control, the screen to create and the lines of the atmosphere and performance are Than the previous few to force ... ... and the seventh episode more Calgary detective Gamonn Hannibal supervision ... ... so a psychological counseling for psychologists psychological counseling psychology ... ... very hard but very Fun concept ... In addition Scully also should have about fifty years old ... ... still so beautiful ... ... is not easy ah!
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    Lingjiatan mystery

    Test excavation area is not large, only 50 square meters and found four tombs. Excavated relics are not too many, more than 200 pieces. But a few of them let the experts stunned: including a large collection of exquisite and exquisite jade articles, such as jade, jade, jade turtle and jade spoon, which are now collected at the National Palace Museum, and a stone kiln weighing 4.25 kilograms, It is the largest stone scoop discovered so far in China's Neolithic period. Since 1987, there have been eight excavations, excavation of a cartier replica gold ring total area of ​​about 3280 square meters, unearthed more than 2,000 pieces of various cultural relics Lingjiatan this buried thousands of years of ancient ruins, although not recorded in the history books, but it revealed Rich historical information reflects the highly advanced jade processing technology, prehistoric civilization highly developed, the origin and formation of the Chinese civilization has a landmark position. These findings of Lingjiatan and its prehistoric civilization, which was formally recognized as 'Lingjiatan culture' into the Lingjiatang Museum of antiquities, the first to attract me is that gentle and shiny jade spoon: Spoon length 16.5 cm, spoon pool width 2.7 cm; greenish, white markings, long handle tongue; handle face was semicircular concave, spoon handle for the micro-arc-shaped curve, the handle tip slightly oblate and a pair of drill hole shape And the production of mature, beautiful, comparable to the good works of modern life, for the first time found in China's Neolithic Age, but also the perfect pre-discovery spoon, prettier, imitation love ring cartier more intriguing aroused my curiosity is that more than 5,000 years ago the first People use the spoon and we are now the same, mainly for soup?

    Comrade Miss laugh after listening. She said that the standard of rituals in China was formally formed in the Zhou Dynasty. For example, when eating, it was fixed with chopsticks and scoops and the custom was made until now. The 'three rites' provides that 'rice and rice are not cooked', that is to eat rice with chopsticks rice porridge is the more ritual, must use 'dagger' or spoon. According to expert research, Lingjiatan may have a preliminary courtesy of the community, already have a certain standard. Of course, such a shape should emerge later, and why it has matured more than 5,000 years ago? It is still a mystery to look at this exquisite Jade spoon, I feel a little embarrassed. These rites and norms that existed thousands of years ago are more ritualistic and culturally rich! In contrast, we now have a spoon to eat all the food; even in the feast, but also a pair of chopsticks, 'fight the world' - progress almost? Reversing?

    The ancient ancestors we used to understand in the past were probably outspread, naked, naked, wearing animal skins, or covered with leaves. Can Ling beach unearthed jade image, totally not the same posture Jade actually wearing a crown, crown decorated with triangular spire, crown after the upper decorated three arc lines, two ears decorated a horizontal line; the back of the neck drill a tunnel Holes, left behind the back of the leg line cut, the higher the neck, decorated with a few vertical lines, may wear a necklace; arms bent, hands placed on the chest, arm arm decorated with five horizontal lines, said the Wearing five bracelets; waist slightly slender, waist decorated with 0.3 cm belt, belt decorated with five twill - jade not only wearing clothes and hats, and wearing jewelry, this body dress, put it now can be considered fashionable, the show The aesthetic awareness and the pursuit of quality of life have completely overturned the technical level of our past knowledge of Lingjiatan ancestors, but also puzzled. Jade actually found the body diameter of 0.15 mm, but smaller than the human hair is also thin, and all the drilling friction marks are very regular, parallel, not staggered chaos. This is today to use laser drilling technology to achieve the micro-tube drilling technology, Lingjiatan ancestors in the end by virtue of what tools to achieve such a fine level of technology? How to operate and use? Bamboo drill or bone drilling used to think that this effect can not be achieved at Lingjiatan jade found more use of wire cutting, film cutting process; often see the top of the arc deep marks. This sign shows that there may be cutting, and 砣 cutting must have a semi-mechanical belt drive and pondering disc bold speculation by experts, Ling Jia Tan period, the ancestors may have mastered metal smelting and belt drive technology - really So, there must be special processing tools, but why has not yet found convincing trail?

    However, a little experts can conclude that Lingjiatan ancestors have mastered the ingenuity, Lou Huan, line 锼, bas-relief and other diversified jade processing technology. Regardless of the production process, design ideas or types of objects, represent the highest level of contemporary jade culture is even more magical and controversial, unearthed jade turtle and caught between turtle, turtle rectangular rectangular engraving. Jade Edition 11.4 cm long, 8.3 cm high, the thickest 1 cm, rectangular, convex slightly convex front, slightly concave back, the light-free pattern. Punch around on both sides, a total of 22. Jade version positive elevation, three edges cut the stage. Positive sculptures, a small round in the middle, cut into star anise star pattern, a group of two was a cross. Small circle pondering a great circle, the size of the circle between the straight line bisects eight regions, each region has a coronal pattern decoration, the outer circle has four coronal ornamentation around the jade turtle and Jupian stacked together to illustrate their There must be some kind of close relationship This makes archaeologists are pleased to think of the ancient Chinese literature has recorded but suffer from the legend has always been hard to prove, such as the 'Yellow Emperor's military tactic' in the 'Yuan Tuo title', 'Book. Book out ',' Arowana River map 'in the' big turtle negative map. ' How to interpret? So far not conclusive Yu engraved rectangular version and later sunday similar work, exactly the same, but mysterious. The views of experts are even more disagreeable, considered or related to the azimuth and the number of maths, or astronomical and chronological aspects of the time, should generally be linked with later astronomy, alchemy or even latitude theory ...

    This many, many mysteries have strengthened my doubts that I have always held. For example, the ancient ancestors really are what we have always said: 'living a life with rough hair, extremely low productivity and extremely poor knock off ring cartier materials'? Cultural relics unearthed in Lingjiatha at least show that at that time, the ancestors not only dressed in costumes, but also furnished costumes that exceeded the techniques and techniques we imagined, and could have original beliefs and religious ideas that we can not yet interpret - The degree of civilization and refraction of the culture, people can not believe it, only amazement, may also be a kind of distrust; not confidence, sometimes because I imitation ring cartier do not know, sometimes because of ignorance. This confusion is not as good as it used to be, or it is unavoidable today. Today, more than the ancients, is certain, but if so complacent, it is inevitable embarrassment. How can the ancients know nothing compared with today? I am afraid no one can dare to jump through time and space tunnels, Lingjiatan so that we achieve some degree of ancient and modern convergence, dialogue, as if glimpsed the dawn of Chinese civilization. Through, inevitably bring about lost. Fortunately, Lingjiatan as the core, along the Taihu Lake around the field investigation and archaeological excavations, are still under way to predict the future, not easy; to explore the past, is also difficult. But as time goes on, one after another answer, will eventually be opened. By that time, people either stunned or opened their eyes. Ling Beach, really worth the wait.
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    Examining non-mainstream anti-corruption 2

    In fact, the seeds of this political scandal have been planted as early as five years ago - love ring cartier replica from 2008 to 2009, a company called Yong Huang, Chongqing, a business owner Xiao Ye seditious seduction by subordinates, candid video candid and other means , Extortion, threatening a number of local bureau-level cadres and ring cartier knock off state-owned enterprise executives. To the surprise of the indecent video of the party is that after a few years has been safe and sound out of trouble. Among them, it is proposed to Lei Zhengfu expelled from the party, expelled from office, the alleged crime has been transferred to the judiciary in accordance with the law in January this year, according to 'Yangcheng Evening News' reported that on October 29, 2012, a secret post crazy pass online : The southern suburbs of Zhengzhou's largest affordable housing project 'Nanxi Court' has not been completed before the illegal trading, each 200,000 yuan, a total of reselling 308 units. Two things are directed at Zhai Zhenfeng, director of the District Bureau of Housing in Zhengzhou City, who was expelled from the party and was subject to administrative dismissal a year ago. Zhai Jiahui, the 'sister of the house,' is his daughter. Just as many 'house slaves' were afflicted with high housing prices, the 'house sister,' a large number of real estate information incurring the vocal opposition of Internet users. Subsequently, Zhai Zhenfeng a family of four total 29 properties, each has two love ring cartier copy Hukou, allegedly through the development of affordable housing project profit tens of millions of dollars and other information continue to be shaking on the microblogging hug. As the situation expands, Zhengzhou Discipline Inspection Department set up a task force involved in the verification According to Xinhuanet reported that Zhengzhou 'house girl' case task force has now verified: Zhai Zhenfeng had once owned 31 properties, are not affordable housing. cartier love fake ring for men On January 13 this year, prosecutors approved the arrest of Zhai Zhenfeng on suspicion of duty crimes. In the early hours of August 26, 2012, a major car accident took place in Yan'an, Shaanxi Province, killing 36 people and wounding 2 seriously. According to 'Southern People Weekly' reported that the day there are users browsing the '8.26' scene of an accident at the scene was an official smile expression irritation, so, at 16:35 on the microblogging issued the relevant screenshots. The microblogging was quickly forwarded because of the tremendous contrast between the tragedy of 38 people and the cold-blooded officer's smile. Since then, the search of human flesh then opened - the same day at 19:53, there are users that officials involved in the Shaanxi Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau Yang Dacai September 5, 2012, some users posted photos, said Yang Dacai glasses prices Super 100,000 yuan, and showed Yang Da wear four different glasses pictures. Netizen 'Yanqing peasants' in its microblogging 'Cousin whole body is treasure' as a title, with a picture to prove that 'Smile Director' in addition to left-hand watches, right hand bracelets, but also has a number of high-end belts.
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    Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision seized 500 replica diamond cartier bracelet pairs of silver chopsticks

    According to the 'Labor Daily' report, the first day after '3.15', reporters followed the law enforcement officers of the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau to Chenghuang Temple and spot-checked the cartier love bangle rose gold fake product quality of precious metal products (ornaments) on the market. Initial test results from the scene to see the overall market situation is better, but in the silver jewelry, individual businesses still exist in the implementation of the standard is not in place Yesterday morning 9:45, the surrounding shops have not yet opened, and law enforcement officers have focused on standby fake rose gold cartier bangle in Temple. The spot checks, law enforcement officers are also equipped with 'tall' new instrument --- 'alloy composition analyzer.' According to technical staff, it can quickly detect the common components of precious metals products at 10 am, law enforcement officers took the lead to Huatai silver spot checks, the store staff are still finishing the counter. The first test is two S990 standard silver bracelet, after the 'alloy composition analyzer' on the seams and accessories after five exposure, the instrument shows the silver content of 'silver (Ag): 99.99%' , Indicating that the product meets the standards. However, while inspecting a pair of silver-colored hollow silver chopsticks with a standard of S990, law enforcement officials found that although the silver chopsticks themselves contain more than 99% silver, the silver content of the silver chain connecting the two chopsticks is only 95.38% Qualified products. Coincidentally, in the Tianyi silverware shop, silver bracelets and silver teapots have passed the spot checks, and a standard silver plate with the same S990 silver content of 96.66%, as unqualified products Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Law Enforcement Corps a Detachment Zhang Jiadong told reporters: 'The two silverware shops are suspected of silver content of silver chopsticks are not up to standard, according to our criteria, silver chopsticks and its copy cartier love bracelet in rose gold connections or accessories as a whole, the measurement will be weighted assessment, so no matter any part Should meet the standards. '

    Spot checks silver jewelry, law enforcement officers and experts came to Tianbao Longfeng stores. Relative to the silver jewelry, gold jewelry sampling results better. According to the preliminary test results show that the store's gold chain, bracelets and other gold jewelry are gold content of more than 99% of the eligible products of gold, 'the overall market inspection situation is relatively good, but in the silver jewelry, there are still some individual business executive standards In place of the problem.After the inspection, we will further test the products involved, until the results were released after investigation.Zhang Jia-tung said in the evaluation of sampling activities, after preliminary testing, the day there are more than 500 pairs of silver chopsticks suspected of the existence of quality The problem has been sampled for submission.
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    Functional Sports Accessories Fashion Sports Wind GET

    Speaking of 'sports style', you must have your own habits, the season's street shooting and even the big show there are all kinds of shoes with various models of clothing, Kenzo's tiger sweater, Mai sonMartinMargiela T shirt printed with exercise Shoes, scarves and other sportswear motifs, Chanel shoes with high-level custom dress has been fire to the degree of visual fatigue.

    Chanel show field, the model wearing a 'rainbow skirt' floating in the air, you are locked in the eyes of that graffiti effect backpack? Are you still drawn to the zigzag sports sandals on your model feet when you're drawn to the rich artistic ambience of the elegant and elegant Prada show?

    This season's design, even if it is high-heeled shoes, but also with the design of sports shoes used in the three-dimensional stripe toe, many brands in the re-division of women's sense of proportion, had to pay attention to that pair of thin-soled shoes The credit, 2014 spring and summer T stage sports style accessories, it seems always in your unexpected brand show, unexpected collocation appears.

    At the beginning of copy cartier love bracelet in rose gold 2014, Dior used running shoes with petite gem flowers to match the X-shaped profile

    Senior custom dresses, Dior chief designer RafSi mons Dior advanced customization of the 'practical' and 'functional' exploration, the Dior bold change lies in the details. Chanel (Chanel) is to make all the models are put on shoes, light exercise shoes, with youthful Hyun color backpack, these tweed, lace, python pattern, pearl decoration accessories, from the French Haute Couture workshop, The classic costume design and the representative of young activities, modern accessories, collided with a new interpretation of advanced customization.

    A sketch of youthful vitality

    Keyword: saturated color

    Colorful sunhat, can be described as a single product! Let you start from scratch full of vitality, and colorful beautiful wrist bracelet can be played both as a decorative effect but also

    To absorb sweat as a towel, kill two birds for one. Rubber watch and bracelet full of playful and energetic, or bright wide version of the bracelet, can make you full of dynamic and sunshine temperament. Sports stockings, because of the color of the jump seems modern, with running shoes is very effective.

    Keyword: color mosaic

    More stylish girl, you can boldly try to hit the color effect, high saturation of the pure color system is hit the color with the best elements to enhance your spirit, such as you are wearing a pink skirt, you can match the grass green Necklace or earrings, immediately make people shine, filled with cartier bangle rose gold fake youthful vitality, or a plain dress with a bright large backpack or a bright color hoop, you can make a lot of color.

    Keyword: metal element

    Metal elements are also hot in recent years, sports-style T-shirt with exaggerated metallic color printing pattern or

    Metal bracelet, handsome full. Sports love bracelets cartier denim shorts plus metal color sun hat or big earrings, uninhibited revealing sexy vitality.

    Simple and neat sports frame, coupled with a charming charm of the amber translucent plastic frame texture, easy yet elegant and straight cartier love bracelet in rose gold fake frame, so individual girl playing cool and won a few with the appropriate fashion charm .
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    Shanghai civic handicraft contest works in Baoshan International Folk Art Exhibition on display

    As one of the major activities of the 2016 Shanghai Citizens' Culture Festival, the 2016 Shanghai Folk Crafts Competition organized by Baoshan District and Shanghai Arts and Crafts Industry Association attracted a large number of craftsmen. A few days ago The 2016 Shanghai Folk Crafts Competition, with the theme of 'Wonderful Flowers', ended in dust and produced 100 private figures. The solo exhibition will be held in Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Art Exhibition until April 25th. Behind every unique originality of handicrafts, there is a devoted 'trades' Lu Jiaying is a typical urban girl, love shopping dress, there is a little bit rebellious. Because of art, but also want to go out, after graduating from high school was admitted to Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute to study sculpture. After graduating master's degree reading, but also opened a local studio. In 2015, Lu cartier mens copy ring diamond Jiaying was 'picked up' by her parents back to Shanghai 10 years after her stay in Jingdezhen, but she made a request 'Let me continue my ceramic sculpture.'

    When Lu Jiangying saw the reporter, she was teaching a teahouse on Yongjia Road, which was taught to repair Jin Shan. A trainee is under her guidance to repair a broken purple tea pot. Lu Jiaying said: 'Jin Shan is a skill of repairing incomplete utensils with purely natural materials, and it is suitable for a wide range of porcelain and purple saucer. It can also be used mens replica cartier love ring for bamboo, ivory, small wooden ware and jade ware.'

    From the porcelain has been repaired a good point of view, the original damaged place, not only the perfect sticky, but also a layer of gold paint decorative effect. However, this repair cycle at least two months, part of the gold paint can be completed in about five days, before the paint takes about half a month or so. 'The purpose of Jin Shan is to treat it with imperfections and treat it with almost perfect means.'

    This time, Lu Jiaying heard Civic Handicrafts Competition, holding the idea of ​​trying to participate. Her miniature porcelain sculpture 'The Deer is a height of 12.5 cm works, with mahogany base, finely depicts the scene of the Gauteng Chi pond feast: God deer hung the first leg, Coats praised the Bo band, not Xu not disease. Both can be placed on the shelf desk, you can also play between the palm of your hand Lu Jiaying said that this work takes almost 4 months. First draw a sketch on the paper, and then complete the mud draft, adjust the shape, and then cast plaster mold, will be cut in different parts of the mud with a blank, stitching together to describe the details, and then dry, low temperature in the kiln after burn Glazed, the final high-temperature burning, to complete Lu Jiaying said that in Shanghai, in addition to some experiential pottery, this ceramic art studio almost no. At the moment, she has just started, barely living her life. 'I am willing to fight back.' The Shanghai girl stubbornly said she was always obsessed with 55-year-old doll

    For this year's 55-year-old Yin Ming Yan, the memories of childhood are pinned on her hand made doll body in that simple and simple clothes era, Yin Yan often make some simple changes to the clothes, change a collar or add Striped, doll design clothes became the biggest fun Yin Ming Yan. Unexpectedly, this hobby has been extended, so that after retiring, she simply bought a room in Nanxiang as a studio, concentrate on the creation of dolls in this civic handicraft contest, Yin Ming Yan's entry is a work of China Red-based cheap cartier love fake ring cloth doll color. Doll's body material selection woolen, close to the skin texture. The doll is dressed in a reddish brocade coat, the shirt is designed with a pair of lapels, the buttons are jade-shaped, and the clothes are decorated with floral motifs. Doll's braids are pulled into two bun, very traditional beauty. Bracelets, bracelets, embroidered shoes and other details of exquisite, arms are also holding a miniature lute, demeanor many people see this doll, very amazing, I feel like a Chinese version of 'Barbie.' Yin Ming Yan works to be named 'childhood memories.' Yin Ming Yan's childhood, spent an old lane in Caojiadu. She said whenever she saw the doll, she would think of a childhood scene of laughter. 'My childhood memories are like a dream. Every cartier leve ring fake time I make a doll, I am immersed in a dream.'

    Yin Mingyan produced dolls won a lot of honor. In 1997, a Chinese National Doll Design Grand Prix, she produced three quite Chinese style, named 'Nina series' rag doll won the first prize. In 2006 and 2007, the City Women's Federation held two arts and crafts Grand Prix. Yin Ming Yan improved cloth doll sent to participate in the competition for two consecutive years won the second prize from design to completion, a doll often spend half a month to impress Yan to a month's time. The first step is to draw the shape of each piece of fabric on the paper, according to the drawings cut the fabric. Yin-Ming Yan also uses traditional embroidery methods, embroidered baby face details and demeanor, but also specifically bought a soft whole wool cashmere, hand-woven to each doll unique hair style in order to make cloth doll with national characteristics, often travel , She will pay attention to and collect some folk soil cloth and accessories. In the future, Yin Ming-yan plans to use more than one doll design a scene, interpretation of different storyline, giving the doll more meaning he engraved on the hair, 'love poems'

    Slim hair on the lettering, and the moment is hundreds of handicrafts people Zhou Yu-kun recently come up with such a haircut work: engraved in a 8.5 cm hair 270 English letters, beautiful handwritten ' Love poems chapter 'Zhou Yukun focus on micro-carving this handicraft more than 30 years. He said his craft is 'dancing with the tip of a knife.' Zhou Yukun's work has to rely on the microscope to zoom in to enjoy. The letters on the hair are beautifully crafted, and the contents of the lettering are taken from the biblical interpretation of 'love,' which is named 'The Poem of Love.' Zhou Yukun With this piece to participate in 2016 Shanghai Craft Fair Contest Zhou Yukun's father is also a master craftsman, under the guidance of his father, Zhou Yukun very young began to practice calligraphy and seal cutting, and demonstrated a strong talent. In high school, Zhou Yu-kun's carving skills increasingly sophisticated, began to challenge the micro-sculpture of this craft. His first miniature sculpture is made of horns carved into the mountains and flowing water, only the thumb size. The back of the mountain is also engraved with a poem, as if a classical ink painting. 'At that time I did not have a microscope and could only adjust the details of the work with my eyes closed.'

    Common micro-sculpture materials are ivory, white jade, horns and other hard objects. It is the ultimate challenge for Zhou Yukun to carve such soft materials as human hair. The first real human hair sculpture was made in 1995. A hair diameter of 0.2 mm, however, even under magnification 60 times in the microscope, engraved in the first three words from top to bottom, simply can not see the blade, completely feel the moment. Zhou Yu-kun said that in the hair lettering must get rid of distractions, 'when I stop to lettering, I feel the whole person at rest.'

    In six months, he experienced countless failures and eventually succeeded in carving 243 English letters into a 0.982-centimeter-long human hair, which was followed by 10 Chinese famous guzheng relics such as 'Alpine Water', which was rewarded in Shanghai The world of Guinness most. He later created a record of 251 letters on a hair. In 2011, he also wrote in a font on a man of 5.86 centimeters with a 276-word 'Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra' engraved from top to bottom.
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    Wear jewelry to prevent contact dermatitis

    The pursuit of fashion, Ms. Lee never imagined, the neck skin erythema erosion is the curse of the necklace Lee said that when young, due to limited economic conditions no necklaces, rings, rose gold cartier imitation ring bracelets and other jewelry. With the improvement of economic conditions, in order to pursue fashion, she recently began to wear jewelry, but its earlobe, neck and other jewelry contact with the skin is often itching. Some time ago, Ms. Lee neck pruritus worsening, and there partial erythema, scratching after erosion, she had to go to the hospital for treatment. The experts explained that because Ms. Li wearing gold and silver jewelry is caused by the 'jewelry disease' . If this happens after secondary infection, if not treated in time can lead to the spread of germs. In addition, due to some jewelry will contain some lead, aluminum and other metals, may cause some wearers metal poisoning experts advise, pure gold or jewelry performance is stable, the probability of occurrence of skin allergies is low, but there are still people with allergies Contact dermatitis can occur. The symptoms of wearing necklaces, rings and other 2 contact dermatitis how to rule

    Look for the cause of allergy

    Take a detailed history, carefully asked about the disease-related environment, the type of substance in contact, the number of physical and chemical properties, the length of contact time, contact mode, the past with or without a similar case of rash. From the history to analyze what kind of material may be related to skin patch test to provide the basis. Once found the cause cartier ring gold copy of allergies, and strive to avoid re-exposure For the persistence of skin irritants or toxic substances should be rinsed out as soon as possible rinse with water, saline or light soapy water. If the contact material is a strong acid, it can be washed with a weak alkaline liquid (such as soda); if it is a strongly alkaline substance, it can be washed with a weak acid liquid (such as boric acid) 2. Avoid irritation

    Clinical symptoms, should minimize local irritation. Avoid scratching, hot water wash should not be used to avoid intense sunlight or hot air stimulation 3. Systemic treatment

    Oral antihistamines, such as cyproheptadine, diphenhydramine, chlorpheniramine, avastin, cetirizine, mizolastine, ebastine, desloratadine, etc .; high-dose Vitamin C orally or intravenously; 10% calcium gluconate injection, intravenous injection. A wide area, severe erosion and exudate may be given glucocorticoids. Such as oral prednisone, triamcinolone or dexamethasone; available Po Somoso intramuscular injection. Severe cases can also be used hydrocortisone or dexamethasone intravenous infusion, and other symptoms reduced, oral maintenance of contact dermatitis if combined with local infection, such as lymphangitis, lymphadenitis, soft tissue inflammation, the use of antibiotics, light Who were given roxithromycin, penicillin potassium, cephalexin or sulfa drugs oral; severe intravenous penicillin, cephalosporin or quinolone antibiotics 3 cosmetic dermatitis increased year by year contact dermatitis most common

    In 2003, the Ministry of Health organized a consultation on cosmetics dermatology diagnosis institutions to monitor the occurrence of cosmetic skin diseases. In the 565 cases of cosmetic dermatosis detected, the most common cosmetic dermatitis was cosmetic contact dermatitis. The other followed were cosmetic dermatological abnormalities, cosmetic acne, cosmetic hair damage, cosmetics photodermatitis and cosmetics A, which showed that cosmetic dermatosis was cartier leve ring replica present Two characteristics, on the one hand, compared with the previous years, the monitoring of cosmetic skin diseases increased year by year, becoming one of the common dermatology diseases, the most common cosmetic contact dermatitis. At the same time, serious cases of cosmetic irreparable or irreversible skin damage are also increasing. However, no cosmetic damage has been detected. On the other hand, the variety of pathogenic cosmetics to skin care and freckle products are more. Although the relatively small number of dermatological dermatoses caused by cosmetic products made by beauty salons and 'three-no' products as well as acne-type products, the dermatological diseases caused by cosmetic dermatoses are often more difficult to recover and irreversibly severe diseases. Analysis of the results, the main cause of skin cosmetics caused by:

    Cosmetics health quality unqualified, such as cosmetics add prohibited substances in violation of regulations or restricted substances exceeded. For example, unscrupulous companies often illegal in the freckle products to add phenol and hydroquinone, and phenol is highly corrosive, hydroquinone is likely to cause pigment loss Consumers have allergies, improper choice of cosmetics or improper use. For example, the use of cosmetics without reading the product manual or the corresponding skin sensitive test label, the manual exaggerated propaganda, misleading consumers. Beauty salons consumers to apply cosmetic inappropriate 4 nutrition recipes effective treatment of contact dermatitis

    Contact dermatitis patients can eat some leek fried. We have to prepare some fresh cartier leve ring knock off leeks, and then cut them into small pieces into the pot, then add water to make juice to take. This can detoxify, dampness, itching. It can be used to treat wet poison more Sheng type contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis patients can also eat some water chestnuts cool drink. We have to prepare some water chestnuts and fresh mint leaves and sugar. We need to peel the water chestnuts first, and then chopped stir Juice. Then add fresh peppermint leaves and sugar smashed, then put water chestnuts juice, and then add water to wash. This can expelling cool blood. Can be used to treat blood-heat contact dermatitis contact dermatitis patients can also eat some purslane drink. We have to prepare some fresh purslane and brown sugar. Then first purslane into the canister, add water to torment, after 2 times the juice mixed with brown sugar can be taken. This should be drunk twice a day, sooner or later. Expelling wind and dampness Can be used to treat wind-heat contact dermatitis. Patients with contact dermatitis can also drink some lily soup. We have to prepare some lilies, Polygonatum, Trichosanthes and Radix, Hawthorn. First put them into the jars add water to cook, and then take juice. Drink once a day on it. This can Yin heat, cooling blood detoxification. Can be used to treat yin deficiency blood-heat contact dermatitis Now, everyone on the treatment of contact dermatitis diet should have a certain understanding. In addition to patients usually eat more than the above diet, but also develop good eating habits, eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid tobacco bogey, avoid spicy, avoid irritating foods. At the same time, contact dermatitis also develop good habits, more exercise, more exercise, go outdoor and more to improve their own body immunity. At the same time pay attention to their own health habits, to keep clean 5 contact dermatitis care measures is what

    1, in the event of contact dermatitis, the patient should not touch the affected area of ​​the skin, if the itching is more powerful, can not grasp by hand, every day to clear their own rhinitis affected area, medication must be serious must In accordance with the doctor's instructions to carry out, with the ointment we should also pay attention can not be used to stimulate the eye ointment is too much, it is best to follow the doctor's instructions for treatment, if there are some side effects, it should be timely to the hospital for treatment,

    2, if suffering from contact dermatitis, the patient can not wear tight clothes, because this situation easily lead to body sweating, because the body will cause a lot of sweating, wear some soft texture, or loose cotton Clothes can absorb both sweat and skin dermatitis to avoid friction, for the rehabilitation of contact dermatitis is very favorable.
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    Exposure Cui Siyuan Mengchu Liu Wen was allowed to oppose the move out of my father and sister assassination

    Recently, on the topic of Liu Wen replica cartier gold chain necklace family, jumped into the microblogging hot search in the front row position, warm discussion. Cui Siyuan and Liu Wen, one is a popular idol idol, one is a fashion brand children's international supermodel, the two in the variety show 'we love it,' the new national CP 'pomegranate couple' since the exposure has been super High concern.

    It is said that Liu Wen asked parents for opinions because of falling in love. His parents objected to it on the ground that Cui Shiyuan's family was too superior and that in South Korea, the overall gap was too big.

    Liu Wen in his knock off cartier diamond pendant necklace microblogging profile is: This is a trivial person, accidentally caught in the fashion arena. Own their own insignificant, carrying too much concern for everyone.

    In the face of all kinds of speculation about Liu Wen's family, many netizens hugged her for injustice. Some netizens said that she is the first Asian model to board Vital T station. She is also the No. 1 supermodel in terms of ranking No. 3 in Asia in the world, She has done the top in the industry, such a good girl can not rely on their own family well. This rich generation is even more admirable than the second generation.

    Recently, 'Super Junior' held a concert in Seoul, Liu Yan, a girlfriend with a low profile of gossip girlfriend Liu Wen, touches the crowd to join in, especially to 'Lost star'. (Only for you, you know) ', so that everyone can not help but chain love fake speculate that the two really do the trick.

    Choi Siyuan's sister also posted a photo with the quasi-sister-in-law, two people romance Xiuzheng positive probability increased greatly; and previously, in the show Liu Wen and Choi Siyuan's father had met. Quite a few users guess Cui Siyuan and Liu Wen because of the drama, privately spared no effort to move out of family Mengchu Liu Wen.

    Prior to the legendary gorgeous origins father Choi Ki-ho's presence, in particular, has aroused the most fans attention, but as entrepreneurs and professors, Choi Dad, in front of the younger generation of amiable, a meal of effort, Cui Dad seems to have been quite pleased with his son's girlfriend, interviewed praised her 'too beautiful, my heart and kind', but also gave her a '130 points' over the full score, and he even took the initiative to Liu Wen launched Next invitation, 'Next time I have the chance, I'll take you to eat the most authentic Korean food.'

    As to the rumor, Liu Wen's agent previously said in an interview that 'this is an artist's private affair' without any knowledge. The program group actually said that Choi Siu Yuen and Liu Wen privately do have a good feeling, but whether it is really together, the other also said they did not understand. As to the rumor, Liu Wen's agent previously said in an interview that 'this is an artist's private affair' without any knowledge. The program group actually said that Choi Siu Yuen and Liu Wen privately do have a good feeling, but whether it is really together, the other also said they did not understand.

    There are users statistics show two gifts in the program each list, in just a short time, the value has more than ten million, light Liu Wen gave Cui Siyuan a couple bracelets on 50,000, there Cui origin Liu Wen skirts, etc. Wait. Cuiuba told you to send a gift to a girlfriend this thing is not time-sharing, occasions, reasons: 'I think the right to buy ah.' In this regard, netizens lamented, 'White Fumei chain love replica Gao Fu handsome love really Is full of all kinds of extravagant happiness. 'More netizens ridicule:' In fact, they both shot 'we give it a gift!' '

    Netizens worried that the two people to participate in the program notice fee because the gift 'defeat', so some viewers doubt that the gift will not be the program group prepared 'props'? In response, the show clarified through the reports that the gifts they delivered were all prepared by the stars and bought by their own money.

    When the two had just met, Cui Siyuan members in the SJ Big Bang Cuiyuan source very rich, and asked Liu Wenxi do not like rich boys, is not because Cui Siyuan rich will like him.

    48,600 yuan Tiffany Choi source to become a member of SJ, and enter the entertainment business is purely coincidental, in 2002, Choi Siwon to find friends while waiting for SM Star Scout excavation, then formally entered the showbiz. However, among all the members, he is not the only one who lives in the corporate dormitory, but even the SM can not treat him harshly because of the strong background of Choi Siu Yuen. His father is a well-known Korean supermarkets, trading companies, children's products business representatives, the mother is a highly diplomatic diplomat.

    South Korean MBC variety show 'Radio Star', has always been love Mengliao Super Junior members on the day of Choi Siu Yuen family bottom, said Choi Si source should be the idol in Asia, 'the first expensive son.' Littell also joked that Choi Siwon's financial resources to buy MBC television is no problem, triggering the audience Comedy.
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    Female summer health 4 appropriate 4 bogey ten know to help you stay away from gynecological diseases

    Chinese medicine believes that 'summer gas and qi, Khan fluid.' Rising summer to get up early to get up early, pay attention to Yang (because the summer when the yang in the table). Only with the growth potential of all things. Therefore, to avoid sweating, and absolutely should not open the air conditioner to open a very low temperature hair. 'Khan' hurt the sun, but also to maintain a happy mood, do not be angry, anger hurt the liver, worries hurt the spleen. Midsummer summer heat, people easily sullen and sleepy irritability. So, first of all to calm down their own ideas, dexterous and calm, natural calm 2, diet should be light

    Summer diet should be light, soft, easy to digest, eat less fat Achilles heel and spicy things. Light diet can heat, heatstroke, sweating, rehydration, but also increase appetite. More lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, both to meet the required nutrition, but also to prevent heat stroke staple food to dilute appropriate, such as mung bean porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus leaf gruel and so on. Can be appropriate to drink some soft drinks, such as plum juice, chrysanthemum tea. However, cold drinks should be moderate, not partial indulgence cold goods, otherwise it will hurt the yin and devastating. In addition, eat some vinegar, both fluid appetizers, but also inhibit and kill bacteria to prevent gastrointestinal diseases 3, the housing should be cool

    Morning and evening low indoor temperature, windows and doors should be open, ventilation. Noon, the outdoor temperature is much higher than indoors, doors cartier diamond pendant necklace copy and windows must be closed, pull the curtains, or coupled with a layer of paper, heat rejection in the outdoors. In this way, a cool indoor environment, people will repose peace of mind, nap, rest will be comfortable 4, the game should be quiet

    Summer can not be a long journey, it should be quiet nearby. In the morning, the dawn of the early photos, three fresh air, to the lush cartier diamond necklace price knock off garden walk exercise, spit new entrants. cartier gold necklace imitation In the evening, when the sun goes down, you can stroll around the waterfront and enjoy the cool breeze that will make you feel relieved and relieve the fatigue of the day. 1, should not use raw water

    The so-called raw water, refers to the unboiled cold water. Raw water contains many pathogens, such as sexually transmitted pathogens, etc., if the raw water wash the perineum, the water in the virus may be attached to the vulva, the size of the labia and even into the vaginal damage, and where the growth and reproduction and disease 2, should not cut armpit hair

    Some people think that summer wear short sleeves or sleeveless dress armpit hair exposed on the outside unsightly, cut with scissors, and some even scrape the armpit with a knife blade. In fact, doing so detrimental to health, easily lead to bacterial infection of the axillary region, not only local pain uncomfortable, but also prone to symptoms such as lymph nodes 3, should not wear metal jewelry

    More sweat in summer, metal jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets contained in nickel, chromium will be dissolved in sweat, and can penetrate the skin, causing contact dermatitis 4, should not wear long stockings

    High summer temperatures, sweat pores on human skin in a state of relaxation, the heat, in order to maintain normal body temperature. If wearing long stockings, not only sweat pores can not be diaphragmatic, affecting the discharge of sweat, and sweat in the skin metabolites can also stimulate the skin itch, or even skin inflammation ten summer regimen:

    Do these, can effectively help women stay away from gynecological diseases A common sense: the summer love the fire partner, usually should eat more pumpkin, can Buzhong Qi, anti-inflammatory detoxification. They can be steamed, or pumpkin cut into small Ding porridge to drink, the two eat more light, the most appropriate summer food tips 2: to add enough protein to fish, meat, eggs, milk and beans as Good; to cartier mens necklace knock off add vitamins: fresh fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelon, red bayberry, melon, peach, plum, especially rich in vitamin C; vitamin B class, cereal, beans, animal liver, lean meat, eggs more content . To add water and inorganic salts: Foods high in edible potassium, such as fruits, vegetables, beans or soy products, kelp, eggs and so on. Eat more heat and dampness of food: such as watermelon, bitter melon, peach, plum, strawberry, tomato, cucumber, mung bean and other tips 3: Get up early every morning drink a cup of honey + vinegar water, vinegar is best vinegar or vinegar or vinegar . Both to lose weight, detoxifies beauty, but also inhibit the growth of acne honey can improve the body's blood composition, promote heart and brain and vascular function, ideal for cardiovascular patients; consumption of honey can quickly add physical strength to the body to eliminate fatigue and enhance On the disease resistance; honey can protect the liver, promote liver cell regeneration, to some extent inhibit the formation of fatty liver vinegar can enhance liver function and promote the body's metabolism; honey can dilate blood vessels, help lower blood pressure, to prevent cardiovascular disease ; Eat more vinegar can enhance the function of the kidney, with diuretic effect, but also reduce the urine sugar content; vinegar can be too much body fat into physical energy consumption, and can promote the metabolism of sugar and protein, prevention and treatment of obesity symptoms Tips 4: easy to make people angry when the air temperature rises, the emergence of phlegm, dry throat and other discomfort, this time may wish to eat with honey and radish steamed, can ease the early summer flu appeared on the fire symptoms, the effect of clear throat Five: drink more herbal tea, drink a cup of detox tea in the morning: 5 nasturtiums, 2 Roselle, 2 grams of Chinese wolfberry, the amount of crystal sugar; lunch drink a cup of body fitness tea: 2 grams of Gynostemma, 3 grams of hawthorn, 5 chrysanthemum, 1 lemon slice; afternoon drink a refreshing decompression tea: lobular Kuding, American ginseng, jasmine , Mint leaves, etc .; drink a cup of sleep before sleep to help sleep tea: roses, lilies, lavender.
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