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How to buy jade bracelets it? This is a challenge for inexperienced young women. When buying bracelets not only the price is fake love bracelet with screwdriver appropriate, more importantly, suitable for their own wear. Young women are unassuming and eclectic in their pursuit of distinctive personalities. At the same time, they have their own unique viewpoints on fashion and aesthetics. Therefore, young women should not wear thick, jade bracelets but rather lightweight, Flexible jade bracelets, such as flat jade bracelets or bracelets In addition, the young ladies are economically unattainable, so wearing jade bracelets do not have to be noble and incomparable. Water is not necessarily good, but not bad signs, emerald flesh should be neat, clean, pure; jade bracelet color should be fresh, elegant, lively, full of youthful vitality, so as to meet the modern young women wear Dai Jade Many advantages of bracelets, wearing jade bracelet is not only common sense of life is also a knowledge. For example, which hand to wear bracelets, you can wear a few and so on. For the first time wearing a jade bracelet will inevitably be a little uncomfortable, so wearing a jade bracelet diameter can not be too large nor too small, if the inner diameter is too large will not only affect the appearance and easy to fall off, too small will oppress the arm affect the blood circulation is not caused comfortability. In general, when wearing jade bracelets on the eternity bracelet cartier number of rules and there is no strict rules, the number of rules generally less good, in some cases you can not wear a jewelry, if you intend to wear multiple jewelry at the same time, its The upper limit should not exceed three, in addition to jade bracelets and earrings Therefore, people wearing jade bracelets can not consider when it will because of the inappropriate amount of wear was made fun of. However, the traditional concept should not exceed three, and the method of wearing it is some stress. There are many ways to wear jade bracelets, a brief introduction to several commonly used methods. If the number of bracelets for one, then most people are generally worn on the left hand, because the right hand will often collide easily injured jade bracelets; If you want to wear two jade bracelets at the same time, you can either right hand or two bracelets are worn On the left hand, however, if the number of jade bracelets worn is three, they should not be worn by both the left and the right hand, but all worn on the left hand will have a strong visual effect and attract people's attention to the beautiful effect of displaying the bracelet. But in modern society, many people are not just the defenders of traditional customs, but the ones who break. So when they love bracelets for couples fake wear jade bracelet will not follow the traditional concept, as long as it does not affect the overall personal aesthetic effect can be as you like how love bracelets for couples replica to wear how to wear, to show their unique personality and fashion pursuit of bracelet maintenance a lot Women easily overlooked problems. The more precious things the more we must be careful to maintain long-term possession, bracelets are no exception. Want to achieve excellent maintenance effect must be aware of its characteristics on the basis of love. First of all, the bracelet is not the invincible diamond, it has its own hardness tolerance, once the collision, sometimes produce dark cracks, the naked eye is not easy to detect, but under the magnifying glass will be revealed, its perfection and value will be large By its damage, wear as far as possible with the building or contact with objects with strong friction so as not to wear jade bracelets. Secondly, the internal structure of the bracelet has a rough texture and delicate texture so that it can penetrate corrosive materials such as sweat, perfume and laundry detergent. Therefore, when wearing a bracelet, it should be avoided to avoid touching the jade material Its beautiful, if you accidentally stick to these chemicals should be promptly erased. Moreover, the bracelet can withstand the sudden changes in temperature suddenly fragile, and prolonged exposure to high temperature can lead to loss of moisture without permeability without spirituality, so wearing a bracelet should avoid high temperature radiation, such as Into the sauna or sun exposure, etc. should remove the bracelet.
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    Plastic gem actually sold over million

    More and more people like to wear bracelets, especially in the upcoming spring and summer, more and more people buy bracelets. Recently, the reporter visited the Guangzhou jewelry wholesale market found that the South Onyx and amber bees became the shop's 'sweet and smelly', ten shops, about 23 sold south red, 34 with amber or beeswax sales . However, some seemingly very expensive amber necklaces may be made of cartier love bracelet new fake plastic. Some experts said that 'in the tests conducted by relevant departments, some of the jewelery items labeled' lapis lazuli ',' garnet ',' crystal 'and' beeswax 'may all be imitated by plastic or glass.

    Insiders said that 'plastic and glass almost imitate all the gems, for the lack of relevant knowledge of consumers is very confusing.' And amber false phenomenon more than South red, jade; so-called 'Middle East beeswax, African beeswax' and more Is deceptive; recreational products and resin false beeswax is more common At the same time, the reporter in Guangzhou Kang Wang Road, Panyu jewelry wholesale market to see, coy and coral, pearls and other organic jewelry on the same sales, according to business Luo said: 'The best selling now is the $ 500 2,000 yuan / piece 砗 磲 necklace and bracelet, the price rose at least 4 times three years ago, in 2015 rose more than 100%.'

    However, according to statistics from the Guangdong Geological Bureau Jewelry Testing Center and the Guangdong Gold \u0026 Silver Jewelry Testing Center, there are many false frauds. It is understood that when the 砗 磲 is processed into jewelry, the common method is difficult to confirm February 5, Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce reported in its official website in the fourth quarter of 2015 in the circulation of goods quality checks found that: precious metals, jade jewelry category 5 samples failed, the main problem is the name is not accurate how much is a cartier bracelet and fake. In the recent sampling of Shenzhen Luohu Jewelry Wholesale Square, law enforcement officers initially identified: the parties attached to the gold foil gifts '' certificate of inspection ',' certificate of cartier love bracelet new replica inspection 'forged, the testing agency does not exist. In addition, the test certificate marked 'thousands of gold and gold notes', 'gold content: 999.' and other words, it is to deceive consumers, initially identified products for the PU plastic jewelry market frequently checked, a lot of problems. Earlier, the sampling results announced by the business administrations in Sichuan and Harbin also found that there were quality problems in many batches of jewelery. The nominal trademarks involved were Kim Tae-fu, Mengxiang, Kim Tae-fu, gold ornaments for the life, and stone inscriptions. Law enforcement officials said: 'Gem jade goods naming non-standard easily mislead consumers, low-end jewelry, jade as high-end goods to buy.'

    Interview with Guangzhou jewelry market found that all kinds of jewels varied, different market sales price difference is also very large. To 'Hetian jade' handle pieces, for example, the same size shopping malls in the price of 2 million 10 million, some street shops in the price of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, the wholesale market prices are more low. However, many jade products claim to have a certificate of accreditation, making it difficult for outsiders to discriminate authenticity. Some 'bone', 'Precious stone bracelets' and other gem products no relevant standards, consumers buy is 'Mengcha' It is understood that after the first floor of Guangzhou Diamond Road, Guangzhou Agriculture and Forestry Building, Guangzhou gold and silver jewelry Jewelry trade show held at the show, the Guangdong Provincial Center for the detection of gold and silver jewelry for the public to provide free testing jewelry services, found that two-thirds of the inspected jewelry is fake. '

    Many consumers think that the source of gemstones to buy jewelry products more really cheaper, but the results are often less than satisfactory. According to experts, 'When traveling abroad, many consumers do not understand the specific terminology written in foreign languages. The local salesperson is verbally speaking of nature, while the manual uses foreign language terminology to indicate that it is difficult to find Authoritative department testing, it is easy to buy fake jewelry jade.We often receive samples submitted by customers, the results are many synthetic ruby, bleached and dyed emerald processing, the level of much lower diamonds, glass imitation And so on, and the price is not cheap at all. '

    In addition, experts from the Provincial Gems \u0026 Precious Metal Testing Center (GTC) also remind consumers that fake goods are also readily available at jewelery shows and online platforms. 'There are a lot of temporary jewelery fairs now and advertisers selling prominently , Cheap sale of jewelry, and some even with a special fake certificate.This fairs are generally 25 days, the merchant sold the goods, the buyer even fake love bracelets for couples through the organizers, it is difficult to contact the merchants, many people deceived After the purchase of jewelry online platform, a lot of physical inconsistencies with the photos and descriptions, there are some using the national standard name is not named, such as 'Burma jade', 'Emerald', etc., confuse 4. Check the certificate itself Printing is good, the content is complete, and the physical one-to-one correspondence, with or without vague areas 5. Most of the certificates have anti-counterfeiting capabilities, you can search the real testing agency's official website for the corresponding anti-counterfeiting measures to verify Certificate is true.
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    Woman Taobao to buy silver found fade to bad after the seller threatened his mother

    Counsel said that the seller harassed the buyer, threats and other acts, violating the buyer's rights, the buyer can sue, requiring the other party fake love bracelets for couples for civil compensation; if the harassment, threatening behavior caused more serious consequences, the threat of Will be criminally responsible for this, the Taobao sellers said that the threat of those words in the case of Ms. Chung can not communicate the rhetoric, and will not really threaten each other's family members. Taobao side said love bracelet screwdriver fake it would investigate such acts seriously hurt buyers February 8, Ms. Chung spent 110 yuan on Taobao, bought a set of baby sterling silver bracelet kit, including two silver bracelets and a long life lock , And some gifts from sellers such as silver rings. 'At that time, I just heard that a friend gave birth to a child, because he was going to give gifts, so he did not have time to go shopping and buy online.' Ms Chung said she chose a reputation specifically to prevent buying counterfeit goods Better, the price is more affordable shop online two days later, Ms. Chung bought the bracelet kit was delivered, 'At that time I have some doubts, because this silverware is too hard, not like silver.' Ms. Chung said, but because Hurry to give as gifts, and see the shop below a lot of praise, she did not mind, the bracelet gave a friend awkward to Ms. Chung is, a few days later, Ms. Chung's friend accidentally talking about that bracelet kit Already faded 'The real silver will not fade, think about it, I gave my friend something, is actually a fake, which makes me more embarrassed?' Ms. Chung then took out the purchase of the kit to send the silver ring to the mall for sale Silver counter to help identify, 'the other said is fake, up to a layer of silver plated on the surface.'

    Ms. Chung said sellers even cartier love bracelet vintage threatened her family's safety. '

    Ms. Chung was angry at the seller's threats to her family: 'It was simply a lawless act to threaten the buyer. I bought counterfeit goods. I have not complained to him. He threatened me. No god? '

    Yesterday afternoon, Chengdu Commercial Daily reporter contacted Mrs. Chung Taobao shop to buy silver jewelry, a customer service staff admitted that there is indeed this matter, but Ms. Chung's threat is just an exasperating tone, 'can not be regarded as a threat, nor Will do that. '

    Ms. Chung's bad comment, the staff member said the negative feedback to his Taobao shop has a very large negative impact, 'a bad review, it means the entire Taobao shop gone, we see the bad reviews, but also Will you buy your stuff? '

    The staff member said that on several occasions unsuccessful communication with Ms. Chung, on the morning of March 9, he contacted Ms. Chung via Ali Wangwang, tried to communicate again and hoped that Ms. Chung amended the negative feedback and was rejected. After that Ms. Chung was said to be threatening his family's words. 'It's all over your head, who's boring copy cartier new love bracelet to really do it.'

    Ms Chung had complained to Taobao about the quality of the goods sold by the seller after she was deemed threatened by the seller. 'I was told by the shop owner that after I bought the product for 15 days, I could not complain here.'
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    What kind and Tian jade jade worth collecting

    First of all, look at the quality, any gem collection, material quality is the first, the artistic value is the second. Because of the resources of art and crafts, the consumption of resources will inevitably lead to price increases, and any gem, high quality raw materials will inevitably only a small part of it, and most replica yellow gold love bracelet of them are of low quality materials.

    Although there is no absolute quality standard Jasper collection, but in the market has a common standard: fine texture, oil, water head, high transparency for the top grade; with thick spinach green, bright green as the best product; Less love bracelet screw fake is better, the head can not be too small, the bracelet should be heavy and dignified, pendant with wonderful exquisite. Second, the jade collection depends on his and hers love bracelets replica the design and technology, good jade will be carved, because technology and design also added value for jasper products. Third, to see the origin, superior Hetian Jasper and the Russian jasper color is more positive, the more pure the more pure green more collectible value.

    Investment advantage shows Jasper doubled the price of the past six years, in 2013 alone, the price of high-end jasper bracelet tripled. With Wada white jade and high-end high prices, Jasper has become a substitute for both. It is both warm and delicate white Wah love bracelets for couples replica oil greasy appearance, but also the mainstream color jade, it has gradually become the darling of the market, especially sought after by some fashion people.
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    Ditches to play light replica eternity bracelet cartier striker fake pig light warriors equipped with equipment analysis

    Dug play strong striker Pig Pig light warriors equipped with the most perfect analysis of Anten En Jewelry sets endless bulimia series, but that the basic will not use a fake pig, so do not discuss the equipment A perfect match

    With the program 1: Fangtian painted halberds + Tian Yu Tops + Eclipse Japanese shoulder + false pork legs, waist, copy cartier bracelet gold shoes, left slot, bracelets, necklaces + blast ring + SS right slot (legend right slot) fake cartier bracelet gold The title is strong, pet white Strength Analysis: Set the maximum light intensity and reduce the resistance, weapons, yellow words, pigs are a strong attack on the white text + additional white words, ring blast, perfect to meet the ultimate light + yellow and white burst no conflict with With Option 2: , With dragon and soul release, then with the following:

    Dragon / soul release + Tian Yu copy gold bracelet cartier Top + Eclipse Japanese shoulder + false pork leg, waist, shoes, left slot, ring, necklace + relic bracelet + SS right slot

    Mainly the ring replaced with fake pigs, bracelets and then replaced by the relics Second, no Epic Armor Pogo 6+ Relics 3 series of pigs 6+ relics 3, not just a simple selection of relics jewelry set, but some changes

    With reason: Remains three suit attributes plus HP plus hard straight plus strength, as well as passive defense effects, with the protection of fake pig light greatly improve the viability with the program 1: Fang Fangtian halberd, there are explosive ring

    Fangtian painted halberd + relic top + relic necklace + relic shoulder + false pork leg, waist, shoes, left slot, right slot, bracelet + explosive ring + is a strong title

    Program Highlights: High Yellow, High Blows, Remains Top High Panel (199 Strength), Enjoy Pogo 6 Set Properties \u0026 Ruins 3 Set Attributes With Scenario 2: Day Fang Hu Ji, No Blow Rings, No Blow-Up Title

    Fangtian painted halberd + relic top + ruins shoulder + ruins necklace + fake pork leg, waist, shoes, right groove, bracelet, ring + bloody left sulcus (8% explosion) + is a strong title

    Program highlights: Remains Tops and shoulders each plus 199 strength (normal legend shirt shoulder plus only 45 strength), super high panel, at the same time has a heritage three sets of attributes, pigs 6 sets of attributes, with 8% explosion damage, plus Feel the initiative and passive level 1 with the program 3: There Fangtian painted halberds, no explosive ring, a blast title

    Fang Tian painted halberd + relics coat + relics shoulder + ruins necklace + fake pork leg, waist, shoes, left slot, bracelet, ring + is a strong right slot + blasting the title

    Program Highlights: Retained the right channel is a super plus strong plus program 4: No Fangtian painted halberds, a blast injury ring, no yellow title

    Interpretation of soul / dragon + relics coat + relics necklace + relics bracelets + fake pork legs, waist, shoulders, shoes, left slot, right slot + explosive ring + is a strong title
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    Women go out to buy food 1 hour at home stolen windows closed lock no skid marks

    According to Mr. Hou, only one wife at home that day at noon, 12:10 or so, his wife went out to the vegetable market one kilometer to buy food, go back and forth about an hour. 'I was the key to open the door lock, just Twisted a bit, I feel wrong. Hou's wife told reporters that when she went out, she also specifically locked the lock for two laps locked the security door can be found when the door was locked twist in a circle on the open she quickly entered the house to see, first found Lateral desktop computer gone, and ran to the master bedroom, and even the jewelry box on the dresser necklace, bracelets and onyx also disappeared, 'We specifically read the district surveillance video, did not find someone hug Big things go out! 'Mr. Hou cartier 18k gold bracelet fake said, in addition to the thief is how to come in, so that they can not think of a couple of holes, the computer so big thing, how the thief shipped out?

    Subsequently, the reporter learned from the police, the police site view and found that Hou's home window is tight, part of the lock has been pried marks, but does not rule out the thief to use keys and other tools to open. At present, the case is under further investigation. In addition, reporters visited many of the districts in the city today and found that many of the districts frequented by the thieves are many of them with their families or tenants. Nongxing Road, a hospital owner Joe aunt said that their family is living units of the hospital, most of the residents are the elderly, the rest is the tenant, the main entrance only one person, that is, to lock the door at night. A dozen days ago in the morning, Aunt Jo was cooking in the kitchen and glanced over to the platform on the second floor and found a huge pile of garments on it, one of which looked particularly familiar. 'I ran down and saw it really was something in my house.' Auntie Joe said that not only the tie, the coat on her platform, the pants and other clothing were all her own belongings, all of which were originally placed in the closet of the bedroom. Although not lost what valuables, Aunt Joe or not scared, 'Thieves Shashi time to come home, I do not know.'

    Gao Shengli, head of the suburb of Nanjiao District, said that the old residential area was rented out due to poor living conditions. Many of the landlords rented out the houses. Some of the rented houses were also used as warehouses. He said that because of this, not only tenants feel insecure, they manage a headache Reporter found that in order to strengthen the access control, high-tech zones Maple Leaf metropolis, Ziwei Pierre products have been implemented 'credit card door' system, even for residential tenants, Did not bring the card, will be blocked at the door, and so verified identity before entering the police to remind the public, do not think the cold, the thief will 'hibernate', on the contrary, this season, but the high incidence of theft, Because of the long night in the winter, people sleep and sleep, the thief just can catch the people sleeping and the cold to get up and other conditions of bold burglary, they usually committing the crime between 2 am to 5 am, while others are asleep, bold pry Window, crowbar or even unlocked. Most of the thieves before committing the crime will 'check out' in the district fake cartier gold bracelet men even steal several households overnight, so in particular the public in this season should live in the apartment block entrance security door readily, do not pass the door to tell others the password or Lend the keys to others and find someone waiting for the door to open. It is best to 'stay alive.' Observe whether the other person is a resident or whether you can get cartier bracelet gold replica in touch with the inside person through an intercom system. Do not store large amounts of cash, passbooks, jewelery and other valuables at home Items, credit cards not with the ID card, booklet together, the bedroom off the clothes on the windows away from the place to pay attention to see their home installation of air-conditioning machine, water pipes and other will give the thief a chance to commit crimes before going out Check the doors and windows are closed, even with the anti-theft network of households should also be out before the door buckle to buy anti-theft door should choose those larger, better reputation and more standardized after-sales service of the products manufacturers, the security door Truly play the role of anti-theft In order to prevent thieves, many people have their gold bracelet cartier replica own tricks. Ms Zhu, a resident of Xuanwu Road Subdistrict, said she lives on the first floor. In order to prevent theft, she put a bottle or a chime near a door or window. People who live in Chang'an District, Liu Min as long as a business trip, they will greet neighbors and neighbors, ask them to pay more attention to help themselves in a timely manner to plug in the door, door handles on all types of advertisements, leaflets, so as not to be checked out The thief found no one in the house. Public Gao Wei said that if the security measures for the district do not trust, the best home to install their own electronic alarm, this device can be placed in the window, as long as someone from outside the window will be issued an alarm sound. When the copyright owner and / or right holder who can exercise the right of information network dissemination in accordance with the law finds that the uploaded content infringes upon the right of its information network dissemination, it shall send a notice of right to Huashang Network, and Huashang Network will take measures to delete the relevant content according to relevant laws and regulations. (See Chinese business network statement)
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    Broke the jade bracelet tourists video apology not to evade but to go by boat

    'Fainted woman's body has no problem, and we are negotiating the issue of compensation.' According to Lin Wei introduced merchants, about 10 o'clock in the morning, the store staff to give a bracelet for packaging, bracelets on the counter, the Try wearing a bracelet on your hand as the woman walks. 'As pink gold cartier love bracelet fake a result, she accidentally dropped cartier love pink gold bracelet fake the bracelet and broke it into two sections.'

    Lin Wei told reporters that in the knowledge that was broken bracelet price of 300,000, middle-aged woman looked very nervous. Lin Wei said, then the woman fainted, 120 came to the ambulance came to the hospital for treatment 'There is no alarm, things have happened, we can accept less than the cost price of compensation, but do not let us lose too much. Lin Wei said that due to the other party's compensation is poor, the two sides are negotiating a reasonable compensation price after the incident, how to properly watch, buy emerald also led to a new round of discussion users. Emerald business nearly 10 years of Wang Yuying said Emerald merchants in the selection of jade goods, there is a jargon called 'jade hands.' 'Man touch the emerald, it will lead to its surface is not smooth and can not determine the true and false of jade. In addition Jade is a fragile product, once dropped in the delivery is difficult to define who made mistakes, especially when the amount is large, the compensation is not only difficult to distinguish, but also hurt the feelings. Wang Yuying told reporters, usually when viewing the jade bracelet can not be placed on the palm of your hand, with the index finger, middle finger firmly hold the bracelet, and then press the thumb back is the correct posture to watch emerald bracelets Tourists try 300,000 bracelets Fragile spot fainted on the spot: purchase price of more than 10 million

    Today, a video online heat transfer, a female tourist in Ruili City, Yunnan Province, see a bracelet Jade City Jurisprudence, accidentally dropped a 300,000 bracelet fell to the ground on the scene fainted June 27, replica cartier love bracelet vintage Chengdu Commercial News client correspondent Contact the business people in Jade City, Jurong Jade City, jade trading company, the other said it did, 'This thing spread in the circle, the incident happened to be in the opposite of my shop, but I was not at the scene. Business himself is also very depressed, he cartier love bracelet yellow gold size 16 copy opened shop for more than 10 years. 'Each other revealed that the price of 300,000 bracelets in the local and not expensive,' the price of gold is priceless in the local can only be mid-range, millions, There are tens of millions of jade articles, only a few million are in the VIP room and will not be put on like this. '
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    Hunter colleagues I am dizzy Mermaid love the wind

    'Fish demon Wang love !!!' Ares also looked surprised looked at holding the right hand that simple, shimmering bracelet, that he did not see the bracelet, but more than the waters near the shipwreck, west Na also likes to hunt for something in the human sunken ship, and he also replica cartier love bracelet vintage thinks that the jewelry in his hand is what Sienna has collected. How can be, how would have been lost for thousands of years of relics - the fish demon king of love, this holy things only the high priest inherited from the ancestral heritage, and he just cartier love bracelet pink fake heard the high priest said, lost For six thousand years! How cartier bangle with diamonds is it possible, but looking at the expression of the high priest is not like a fake!

    'Here, how did you get this thing ?!' Achar asked some trembling petite bracelet from Sna's right hand, his face incredible!

    Su Yunyun heart Yiyi: 'This, I do not know, I woke up in the palace ruins when it has been with the body!' Does this high priest know that there are things about the bracelet, looked at her weird look! Heart suddenly hope!

    Bracelets and bracelets, she did not pamper before, bracelet can be in the sea of ​​plenty, how she dangling, and only occasionally sporadic sporadic noise, but also forced the old portraits that what a mess Goddess Imprint, made her even connected to the sea to test what those chances of soul-stirring no chance! And that broken bracelet, leaving her speechless, originally also expected to take her back, but that bracelet, no matter how she get it, or shouting what 'sesame seeds,' such a mess of spells is useless, and finally ruthlessly beat, Mermaid may not be the same with the human body, body strong down the body, the hands smashed the stone, and that even a scratch bracelet did not, still shimmering!

    Su Yunyun's head flash a lot of thoughts momentarily, is preparing to speak to ask. The opposite of Aicheer grandmother and made a strange move, just the beautiful fish heard Eichel's shout when they have already quickly let go of her hand, but now Acer Cervolta is low head, Hands holding a beautiful crystal scepter, the mouth singing a sentence unknown meaning spell, a pair of cartier love bracelet 4 diamonds wine red eyes devout almost fanatical look at the hands of the Sinaa bracelets, I saw the scepter with singing Voice gradually emit a colorful light, and the hands of the bracelet actually reacted to the flow of milky white light, and gradually surrounded by her body, like a warm winter sun woke her every sleeping cell, so that her body every A cell is full of freshmen's power! And her sense of consciousness is gradually wandering into an vast expanse of the sky, everything is like time and space in general, the center of space actually suspended the shiny silver bracelet, and her sense of freedom are flying! Her forgetfulness felt this wonderful moment, until the singing stopped, the light gradually dissipated, her consciousness retreated from space and looked at the bracelet in her hands, the bracelet has shrunk the glimmer of the whole body into a seemingly Dim ordinary bracelets. But Su Yunyun felt somewhere in her head had a close connection with the bracelet. Gee, did not expect that this bracelet actually has a vast storage space! Su Yunyun heart while burst of love Aier Er across the opposite has been calmed down, but his eyes still seem very excited, she bent body, even the beautiful fish next to the pious worship knees loudly congratulate the princess through the crown of Catherine Ceremony, has become a mermaid after thousands of years the real fish demon king!
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    Three experts held talks to deceive 230,000 80 elderly people

    January 7, Shunyi District People's Court is being released for the recovery of 80 old deceived money. Beijing News reporter Li Fei photo

    On the afternoon of the 7th, 83 elders reclaimed the money they had been cheated at the 'Health Talk', totaling 230,000 yuan. After they attended the lecture organized by a local hotel in Yangzheng, Shunyi, they were fooled by three confessors selling pollen from pine pollen. 'When the government sent people to take care of the elderly, they sent us something 'On the afternoon of the 7th, nearly a hundred elderly people and their families were crowded into Shunyi court to wait for their money and brought cheating experiences. The elderly people were indignant. They said that in October 2013, they received an advertisement leaflet saying' Huichun court town area has a lecture, listen to an hour every morning, there are gifts to take care of the elderly. The old people rushed to lectures before seven every morning. This is 20 days to go every day, the elderly go, not only heard the knowledge of health care, but also received eggs, noodles, bracelets and other small gifts until twenty days, these 'teachers' began to sell pine pollen. Old people also saw the experiment at the scene, a chicken was slaughtered in front of everyone's face, rushed bloody, but sprinkled with pollen, wake up. 'The wings are still thumping, and they're taken imitation cartier ring women away by an audience below, and now think of it as a nursery! And who knows how they got the chicken out of action.' The single Grandma who had been lied to say that everyone looked at the magic of pine pollen , Usually have high cartier replica ring with diamonds blood pressure and other geriatric diseases, and quickly bought the fake drugs to buy back promised to return after the run

    A set of 2610 yuan pine pollen, did not expect to buy, these people ran. 'Say can speak for a month, the next day also returned to us, the result, run it!' 'Still health, after buying this I was hospitalized.' An old surnamed Zhang said the defendants Xue Bing, Li Yanlong, Zhang Xinjie three people are controlled, they are not educated peasants status, not with the old people say The 'cardiovascular experts.' The court held that the defendants Xue Bing, Li Yanlong and Zhang Xinjie were premeditated. In October 2013, in the Huichunting Hotel in Yangzheng District, Shunyi District, they took the fictional identity and deliberately exaggerated the effectiveness of false testimonies Way to cheat the trust of more than 80 old people, after concealing the fact that the product does not have the legal approval formalities, in order to collect taxes and fees in the name of 'natural pine pollen,' a total of more than 80 copies (24 bottles each), total sales of 230,000 yuan The court concluded that the three persons were convicted of fraud and were sentenced to three years and three years imprisonment and three years imprisonment respectively. After the recovery, January 7 afternoon, 230,000 money to the case. The 83 victims of the elderly have got their own money back. After the first pay to make a double commitment to return money

    These money, products and gifts are Xue Bing out. In August 2013, he rented a 9,000-dollar venue in the well-respected Huichunting Hotel in Yangzhen for Li Yilong and Zhang Xinjie to give lectures and told them 'Lecture leaflets can only be sent to the elderly.' They negotiated not to sell their products . At the beginning by Li Yanlong posing as 'Nutrition Association of China,' experts, breath held in the hotel a dozen days of lectures, a small gift every day, and the elderly fraudulent Zhang aunt said the three people from time to time to give everyone Sell ​​a product, do not buy it, but can buy double back money. For example, spend 40 yuan to buy a chain, go to the next day you can get 80 yuan a dozen days later, the time is ripe, Li Yanlong 'grand launch' selling pine pollen Zhang Xinjie. Zhang Xinjie graduated from secondary school became a cardiovascular disease expert, began to introduce cardiovascular disease prevention lectures, Li Yanlong one by one 'Zhang total,' said he graduated from Union Medical University, studying abroad, founded the company. Let the old people admire endless. Subsequently, Zhang began to sell 'pine pollen.' 'Dead chicken revival' is actually stunned chicken

    The 'pollen' in Zhang Xinjie's mouth is 'magic medicine', allegedly can improve immunity, life expectancy, anti-aging, prevent diabetes, but in fact, all three of them know that pine pollen does not have any effect, is ' Three no 'product that chicken experiment, Zhang Xinjie said that the chicken dizzy, the pollen washed with water to the chicken drank, the chicken woke up, but the chicken woke up and pine pollen did not matter much, this trick is Xue Bing taught Xue Bing said that he had seen this move done in Sichuan, but in fact, the chicken did not die. Wang Xiaoli, a court judge who runs a court in Shunyi District, said that fraudsters are all guilty of preempting middle-aged and elderly people knock off cartier ring band under the guise of free cartier love imitation ring diamonds lecture auditions and free gifts. Because the general health of middle-aged and elderly, want to enhance physical fitness through lectures, to achieve longevity, is more likely to cheat the group to remind the elderly to face health lectures, marketing health care products, do not believe, pinned on the 'Shen medicine' , To check the regular health care products manufacturers and legal approval procedures, sick to the hospital for medical treatment In addition, the business rental venues should also increase awareness of prevention. For the current chaos of health care products, I hope the relevant departments to strengthen supervision, not to illegal criminals have an opportunity.
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    How beautiful woman in the Tanabata beauty

    Facts have proved that only one Valentine's Day a year is not enough, because a festival is not enough to express all the love, love must show in this era, the Tanabata is particularly important, but too many holidays, there are troubles, how to send The gift, or how to wear jewelry at the same pace, you can also tangle for a while, it is better to look at this issue of the recommendation, from the Tanabata still a little bit time, have time to prepare. 4810 Signet series of high-level women's jewelry, innovative rotary design, a variety of wear can be changed a variety of ways, enjoy the interpretation of urban women's multi-faceted style. The collection features exquisite necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in each one, rose gold and mother of pearl pavilions, design inspired by the 2005 classic - MontBlanc StarSig net series of ladies sterling silver jewelry. Adorned with moist mother of pearl on one side, the other side is sparkling satin rose gold. The outer ring rose gold ring side of the smooth gloss, the other side ups and downs, the snow ridge crowns gracefully into his arms. New Rsonancesde Cartier

    High jewelry series

    The new RsonancesdeCartier fine jewelry selection of precious stones precious series, with bright lights highlight the unique personality. In particular, Cartier uses a vivid and vivid design, with contrast or free lines to highlight the strength and personality of gems. Through exquisite design and pattern layout, make the works appear or cadence or if the rhythm and beauty of flowing CLAIROBSCUR ring: it is rare black diamond capture light at each angle, between cartier ring rose gold imitation the cut into vibrant 缱 绻 wave CUME necklace / Pendant: The overall design around the central design work, decorated with continuous cartier replica ring with diamonds fine decoration. Three drop-shaped cut yellow diamonds bloom brilliant colors, yellow drop-shaped cut diamonds on both sides of central drop-shaped diamond, also worn on earrings worn with HYPERBOLE necklace / crowned: a convex Colombian emerald with its weight and eye-catching color Are amazing. Love jewelery products

    Wellendorff, a German jeweler, creates unparalleled jewelery pieces with superb craftsmanship, from knowing each other to companions. Timeless and unshaken love echoes with glittering dreams. Dreams necklace / Bracelet: The necklace is made of 4 delicate 18K white gold and gold wire braided chains, 98 pure and flawless diamonds. The upper gold chain and diamonds are arranged more closely and the lower part is relatively loose. The design is more suitable for the wearer The neck line. The same bracelet consists of 4 gold wire chain and 78 dazzling diamond composed of 'diamond ring Romeo' and 'diamond ring Juliet': The 'Diamond Ring Romeo' classic and minimalist design, both sides of the use of the classic gold wire flower process , Protect the ring from wear and tear, the inner diamond inlaid precious diamonds, still vowed to keep in mind. 'Diamond Ring Juliet' densely embedded diamonds fascinating, like across the stars of the bright stars, representing the lover's eternal companionship and guard GUCCI

    The new GGRunning series

    GG Gunning series of G G logo has been re-interpreted, so that the brand's gold series more fashionable and modern, fun. Exquisite necklace, single or multi-ring ring, long earrings or earrings, as well as bright and modern bracelets. The precious gems used in this group of colorful jewels are dazzling and colorful: orange, pink, yellow and blue, all in a modern fashion. The multi-ring G G decorated with vivid colors and precious stones to create, so that the well-known dual G styling eclectic and eclectic atmosphere. The use of cartier love diamond knock off ring diamonds make this series even more perfect.

    Embrace series of jewelry

    NIRAVMODI, a luxury jewelry brand, presents the iconic Embrace collection of jewelry on the Valentines Day. Unlike ordinary bracelets that are too loose to fit the wrist, the brand's founder, Nirav Mod, conceived the Embrace line of retractable, skin-friendly diamond bracelets cartier fake love ring with diamonds with its innovative design and fine Amazing craft. Embrace series as its name, embracing emotions, into the wearer's second layer of skin tightly around, as between lovers blazing love.
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