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Children wear jewelry there are psychological factors

In wearing jewelry middle school students, the psychological factors are many, through the investigation, summed up the following nine kinds (1) beauty psychology A 17-year-old female student wrote: 'beauty of the heart, everyone has And wearing jewelry is for beauty. 'One girl student wearing a necklace and bracelet wrote:' I wear these things because it gives people a good feeling and makes them look more beautiful. '

(2) memorial psychology A 13-year-old female student wrote: 'I wear the necklace is imitation cartier leve ring a classmate, and now she and I have been assigned to different schools, and it is difficult to meet, I hope this necklace will always be with me, In order to express her thoughts of love. 'A 13-year-old student wrote:' In fact, I have many necklaces, there are mom and dad to give, have their own buy, but also someone else to send .I love to send classmates, Because it embodies the friendship between my primary school classmates and my own friends gifts, there is a memorable occasion. '

(3) Curiosity A 13-year-old female student wrote: 'I like art, so wearing a necklace feels interesting.' A 14-year-old female student wrote: 'I am out of curiosity and want to wear it, anyway Does not affect anything. '

(4) Rich Psychology A 17-year-old female student said: 'I wear a gold necklace, I think this is a rich performance.' A 19-year-old boy said: 'wearing jewelry to show family wealth I'm proud of that. '

(5) Submissive Psychology A 14-year-old schoolgirl wrote: 'The bracelet I was wearing was given by my parents and was ancestral and must be worn, but I did not wear it when I was in school because the teacher did not let it.' A 13 The old male student wrote: 'The longevity lock I was wearing was what Mom and Dad used to wear. They said it was passed down by my grandfather. It was 100 years old to wear it, but I did not quite believe it.'

(6) Suggestive Psychology A 20-year-old male student wrote: 'Wearing a certain kind of jewelry implies that the wearer's current situation, such as suggesting the progress of making friends with the opposite sex, etc., I really appreciate this kind of' consonance ' . 'A 14-year-old female student wrote:' My character is like a copy cartier ring gold boy, I like to make friends with my classmates, and I wear a necklace just to get the look and feel of the opposite sex. '

(7) Follow the Wind replica cartier ring gold Psychology An 18-year-old female student wrote: 'Wearing jewelry is handed down for thousands of years in China. I wear necklaces, bracelets and bracelets and feel good about myself.' An 18-year-old The girl students wrote: 'In ancient times, people put on their necks and the like and hung around their necks. I think that wearing jewelry is not frivolous, but a custom that is common to all ethnic groups in the world.'

(8) Looking Comparing Psychology An 18-year-old male student said: 'I did not intend to wear a necklace, but I saw the class wearing a necklace, I wear it.' A 17-year-old female student said: 'The teacher told students not to wear necklaces and other pink diamond fake ring cartier accessories, but I see some classmates wearing a ring teacher regardless of class, I also secretly wear it.'

(9) Do not wear white without psychology A 14-year-old female student said: 'The necklace is worn, there are necklaces to keep doing, but I dare not wear at school, but at home.' A 13-year-old The girl student wrote: 'I think, since my mother bought me, why not wear, put it is placed in the white.'

Middle school students are minors. A magazine published a survey by the United States that minors wear jewelry. The incidence of contact dermatitis is as high as 37%, which is 16% more than that of adults wearing jewelry. Minors wear jewelry mostly 'fake', with harmful ingredients. Especially summer wear jewelry, due to the increase in human sweat, jewelry, the dissolution of harmful ingredients, can easily cause itchy skin, burning, blisters and red spots and other diseases, and even lead to secondary infection. China's 'secondary school students daily code of conduct,' Article 2: '... ... do not make-up, do not wear jewelry, do not wear high heels.' Why high school students wear jewelry is still showing an upward trend? This is both parenting and social impact of parents side, there are schools, teachers relax the education side. It is precisely the golden age of adolescents who have long bodies and long knowledge. Wearing accessories, to some extent, will distract and affect learning. High school students wear jewelry, should cause widespread concern parents, schools and the community, especially parents to persuade their children not to wear jewelry. Relevant departments should be targeted at the psychological characteristics of secondary school students wearing jewelry, do a good job propaganda and education and guidance to enable them to recognize the harmful effects of minors wearing jewelry, education, students will focus their energy on learning, morality, wisdom, body and beauty All aspects of healthy development.
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    Broke the jade bracelet tourists video apology not to evade but to go by boat

    'Fainted woman's body has no problem, and we are negotiating cartier ring gold replica the issue of compensation.' According to Lin Wei introduced merchants, about 10 o'clock in the morning, the store staff to give a bracelet for packaging, bracelets on the counter, the Try wearing a bracelet on your hand as the woman walks. 'As a result, she accidentally dropped the bracelet and broke it into two sections.'

    Lin Wei told reporters that in the knowledge that was broken bracelet price of 300,000, middle-aged woman looked very nervous. Lin Wei said, then the woman fainted, 120 came to the ambulance came to the hospital for treatment 'There is no alarm, things have happened, we can accept less than the cost price of compensation, but do not let us lose too much. Lin Wei said that due to the other party's compensation is poor, the two sides are negotiating a reasonable compensation price after the incident, how to properly watch, buy emerald also led to a new round of discussion users. Emerald business nearly 10 years of Wang Yuying said Emerald merchants in the selection of jade goods, there is a jargon called 'jade hands.' 'Man touch the emerald, it will lead to its surface is not smooth and can not determine the true and false of jade. In addition Jade cartier leve ring knock off is a fragile product, once dropped in the delivery is difficult to define who made mistakes, especially imitation cartier leve ring when the amount is large, the compensation is not only difficult to distinguish, but also hurt the feelings. Wang Yuying told reporters, usually when viewing the jade bracelet can not be placed on the palm imitation cartier ring gold of your hand, with the index finger, middle finger firmly hold the bracelet, and then press the thumb back is the correct posture to watch emerald bracelets Tourists try 300,000 bracelets Fragile spot fainted on the spot: purchase price of more than 10 million

    Today, a video online heat transfer, a female tourist in Ruili City, Yunnan Province, see a bracelet Jade City Jurisprudence, accidentally dropped a 300,000 bracelet fell to the ground on the scene fainted June 27, Chengdu Commercial News client correspondent Contact the business people in Jade City, Jurong Jade City, jade trading company, the other said it did, 'This thing spread in the circle, the incident happened to be in the opposite of my shop, but I was not at the scene. Business himself is also very depressed, he opened shop for more than 10 years. 'Each other revealed that the price of 300,000 bracelets in the local and not expensive,' the price of gold is priceless in the local can only be mid-range, millions, There are tens of millions of jade articles, only a few million are in the VIP room and will not be put on like this. '
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    The death of her mother gave her brother and sister a gold bracelet

    My husband and I have been married for five years, the relationship has been very stable, with a daughter, already three years old because my mama is the county seat, and my husband and I have been working in the county, so when we get married, In the county bought a house. After marriage, we also have a husband who lives there. The second year after our marriage, my uncle was married. My siblings were from rural areas and were close to my husband's family. Therefore, since my father died in an accident three years ago, his father-in-law lives in a self-owned house built after marriage. Only her mother-in-law lives alone. At that time, because my younger brother and sister were about to be produced soon, my mother-in-law stayed in rural areas for help with her children. However, in the past two years, her mother-in-law became physically weaker and worse. Once we go back to see her mother-in-law and her husband brought. cartier diamond necklace price knock off My husband filial piety, I can not see my mom suffer, I would like to put my mother received the county where I live, but I have no opinion. Although my mother-in-law did not give me too much in these years, I did not feel sad at least. I did not think my younger brother and sister knock off cartier diamond pendant necklace were unhappy. My husband said her mother did not move well, let her find a solution. Sister and sister cry again is trouble, saying that we bully her mother saw the chaos at home, feeling please, saying she did not go, at home to help her younger brother with children. This sibling quiet, and then angrily go upstairs to her husband simmering gas, siblings go take the little brother scolded a bloody head. He said her husband must be taken away, the elderly poor health, but also her with children, really not something! Let the younger brother get his wife to get the next day, we will take her mother to the county, and do not know how to do the younger brother siblings thought work since her mother to us, my husband and I are good for her, do not let her Work, is to let her go out more. The child has been my mother in helping with the housework I and my mom will do, is to let her mother keep her mother body is also good, when nothing will replica love pendant do to help housework, anyway, cartier diamond necklace replica family life is very harmonious mother only The body has not seen a turn for the better, then go to the hospital that breast cancer is late, how many days her mother would not mind her mother took out a gold bracelet, said to be ancestral, gave siblings, siblings crying on the spot her mother and took out an old cloth Bags, said to be hand-sewn, a piece of mind, I hope I do not mind giving up, I did not say anything. However, the more I think after returning home, the more I feel. Although I really do not greed the money of the elderly, but my husband so her, my siblings and her like that, who is good or bad Is the elderly still do not mind the number?

    After helping my mother-in-law deal with the funeral, I took out the old cloth to my husband and told him that the unhappy husband smiled and said, I know my mom is not a bad guy, you look at that cloth bag There is nothing to listen to her husband say so, I just think of it to open the cloth to see. Sure enough, I found a piece of paper in a hidden compartment of a cloth bag and a bank card saying: 'I know you are a good daughter-in-law and I have 200,000 calories, Burden.
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    Summer Activity Bracelet Huaxing Moon show property

    Three kinds copy cartier mens necklace of bracelets in the protection of the 13 cartier love necklace price fake drill, the equipment display skills will have a chance to trigger a positive state for 12 seconds; can be eliminated. Days: Physical damage when using the chance to trigger, hit and skill status hit force increased 215

    To: use spell damage skills when the copy cartier love necklace white gold probability of triggering, hit and skill status hits increased 215

    Person: the use of all skills when the probability of triggering, the maximum life increased 420, 420 points every 3 seconds to restore the value of life in the prefectural Jiyu open stupid fairy consumption of 5 saint coins to buy a falling moon hammer, , Can make it become a Huaxing Moon wish. In the six 爻 Hong Menglv Department of the use of two Huaxing Moon wish + a Huaxing Moon Cuff, you can get a new cartier diamond necklace price copy property Huaxing Moon Curtain popular point that is, two Huaxing Moon wish you can wash a bracelet of course, the type of bracelet wash is Fixed, days wash out or days, people wash out or people, to wash out or to.
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    Which type of jade bracelet you are wearing?

    Blessing bracelet is one of the most common and classic jade bracelets, blessing bracelet is a round section, the inner and outer rings are circular round frame, giving a full round feeling. This blessing bracelet simple, but generous, most suitable for mature and stable woman.

    Women wearing blessing bracelets look more generous and generous, wearing such a jade will give people a solid and reliable feeling, you can give the wearer a lot of points. And blessing bracelets pendant cartier fake carry the best wishes, a woman wearing a bracelet will bring a lifetime of good luck.

    The so-called square bracelet, bracelet bracelet heart is round, but the bracelet bracelet knock off gold love necklace is square, different from the bracelet circular round box, square bracelet is a square frame, square bracelet is similar to the rectangular bar. This jade bracelet fashion atmosphere, with a strong sense of modernity, suitable for those dignified appearance of natural women.

    There is no doubt that the woman wearing a bracelet looks dignified manner, but also in line with the fashion trend, although the appearance is not pleasing, but the woman wearing a bracelet dignified yet personality, fashion and unconventional, wear this Jade bracelets more attractive.

    As the name suggests, Royal bracelet is the original bracelet of Yang Royal, Royal bracelet has a unique oblate shape, the inner diameter also presents an oval shape, wearing such a jade bracelet looks more slender wrist, more suitable for the southern Yangtze River Shuilu lady.

    Royal bracelet can be fixed in the wrist position, the perfect show the beauty of women, whether it is plump body, or slim and light, wear such a bracelet will make people look more imitation pendant cartier slim, more spiritual, the perfect embodiment of the woman's gentle come out.

    Peace bracelet inside and outside the circle are round, stick the inner circle is a gentle arc, while the outer circle is more generous, it is also known as flat bangle. This jade bracelet looks not only fresh and natural, but also does not appear to grind the phenomenon.

    Peace bracelet bracelets because of the more fresh and elegant style, so more wild, suitable for a wide variety of temperament of replica pendant cartier the woman, but such a fresh style, of course, is the perfect match with the most natural women. Wear such jade bracelets, greatly enhance their natural elegance, but also look more spiritual.
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    Europe travel 2 Paris Louvre

    Take the metro to the Louvre early in the morning. Today I have to act alone, Miss Xu had to accompany her boyfriend. The weather in Paris is still very strange, the morning when the cold, until it is evening, when it suddenly sunny, the sun and the sky is long lost, take the subway to the Louvre, but fortunately not the peak season, almost ten o'clock When queued people are not many, and the Louvre opens at nine o'clock every day. The world museum, which is said to take seven days to be read, is now hiding underfoot. Heavy stone hard, my feet so light shoes, so jump can not cause it's slight tremor. Renaissance, the memory of ancient Europe, the Louvre will undoubtedly make the world's attention Many people advise me not to go to the Louvre in Paris, those elegant stuff simply do not understand, even a bunch back, but also Just a pile of stone on the photo. But if I want to say is to gain insight or understanding of culture and history, I believe everyone will laugh at me, even I do not believe. But still have to look at this place, even if really do not understand, when the right is an appreciation. Set aside as a museum of the world, it is itself a historic royal palace. Although many parts of the museum are covered by modern design and technology, its own ancient European art is even more powerful. copy cartier chain However, the European culture often admire countless beauty, which is admirable, but why the Louvre unite the world culture and the beauty of Europe in various periods of the Louvre is not explained in Chinese every day, I can not wait for the day with Chinese to explain Had to barely listen to English, but many times still quite understandable. This time really need to be accompanied by Miss Xu, her French really romantic into the Louvre, I spent 3 euros to buy an interpreter, the English version, which gathered all the Louvre museum culture. I heard that under the age of 25, including 25 years old can be free of charge, this refers to Europeans or Chinese residents who study or work in Europe. But at that time, I went to the stone sculpture hall with a passport for such vague situation and said to the woman who quipped the ticket: '25 free?'

    'Yes!' She said, glanced at the passport and let me pass. Before this encounter, the three Chinese girls seemed to be distressed because they did not have a ticket at the ticket gate. When I told them that they could come in with a passport as long as they were under 25, I realized that I was actually 'lucky enough' to pass. Chinese tourists who travel in Paris have to buy tickets. I am grateful to the lady who checked the ticket. The Louvre was great, but most of the tourists ran to the oil painting hall first. They were going to see the Mona Lisa, and the legendary smile made everyone admire it. The 'Mona Lisa Smile', one of the three main Louvre museums, is a major factor in attracting tourists. Therefore, stone curiosity people curl, caretaker's staff is a handsome man, he was a black suit, white shirt, navy blue tie, the whole person looks very gentleman. However, he did not seem concerned with the number of people visiting the Stone Museum. He was sitting and occasionally got up and walked two steps without speaking. (Each pavilion has one or two or three staff guards, both men and women.)

    Most of the stone museum display pottery, pottery from the art piece, or a small team of soldiers, each one is very fine and serious. These ancient art, both masters and ordinary artisans, possess the significance and development of an era. However, I can see only with the eyes to appreciate, unable to understand the heart, did not experience the years, no matter how good it is only through the eyes to express. If one day to explore the identity of a scientist or scholar, perhaps you can really understand each museum is similar, convenient and at the same time like a maze. Large but not accurate direction, I walked inside, had to allow art and history to lead or through. Impressed most probably is the ancient Egyptian pavilion has been attracted by the Egyptian Pharaohs curse and magic, a 'mummy' let me have a deeper yearning for ancient Egypt. Deserts, camels, the mysterious pyramids, the human body, the Sphinx, and the cursory and curious old curse. If Mona Lisa is the first factor that most people come into the Louvre, the mummy painting, which is entirely embedded in the wall, is more attractive to me. This is my favorite wall painting in the Louvre . It is very 'tall', the whole picture is dull, which is very consistent with the mystery of ancient Egypt. A mummy wrapped around the canvas lay down at the bottom of the painting, with a darkness above it, as if there were countless sand dumped slowly. I do not know if this painting was an antiquity or a later one, but it was extremely shocking and attractive. Many antiquities in the ancient Egyptian period were displayed, such as door figures, statues, stone carvings, columns, sarcophagi, wooden coffins, (Ornaments), stone carvings, musical instruments, etc., all from temples or tombs, and some even antiquities of 2600 BC. As each of the precious antiquities sweeps through the eyes, a heavy cause silences the whole person, tracing its origins and decay, for fear that everything here can not be fully told. But I still bring the picture in the movie into the sight of this. Especially when you see the wooden coffin, the scenes of the movie that bind the living people into the wooden coffin jumped out all of a sudden, especially real, it is scary. Poisonous snakes, scorpions, rats, and the black insects crowded with blood and meat, and then trapped living only in the pain and struggle to die. This is the most terrible and vicious death penalty for prisoners in ancient Egypt. It seems that every one who made the ancient Egyptian chain cartier imitation law died in this way. However, the curse about it is real and mysterious. Many tourists took a group photo in the wooden coffin. However, I did not dare. I was afraid that one of the wooden coffins was still wrapped around the evil spirit or innocent death curse. In order to allow myself to forget such a 'shadow', I quickly out of the ancient Egyptian Museum, which is like a love necklace gold copy child watching ghost film mood - want to see and dare to look at the former French royal palace now is like a maze, Very often I do not know if I am underground or on the ground, only through the window of the world to identify. However, underground art collection is often more attractive to me. Although many people say I am a girl, less gentle woman, more men strong, but for women's jewelry, my heart is still a ripple, or even curiosity. Compared with the ancient Chinese women's accessories, the ancient European aristocracy with the opposite accessories, whether it is modeling or temperament, each have their own beauty and charm, I was first attracted by the diamond crown first it is hidden in Tibet In a very classical palace, carved walls, exquisite murals, the typical European temperament, if the museum is just the royal collection of tableware and accessories such as crown, necklace, then this is a classic museum must Louvre or the palace of a palace, its temperament and noble indescribable. Therefore, the furnishings here are all look fine, prosperous and brilliant. Especially a certain crown in the glass, it almost attracted the attention of all tourists, it is no wonder it is the finale appeared instantly stunning the entire palace than the amazing, a specialized gold jewelry and a jewelry box The pavilion is more attractive to most women. Probably everyone, like me, does not want to see and then slow down or even stop, these beautiful artwork is really intoxicating. Can not help but jealous of the beauty of these ornaments before the owner, from earrings to rings, from necklaces to bracelets, as well as pin-like accessories, each one is golden, even after hundreds of years, when unearthed that Moment of time, they are still glittering, it seems even more dazzling Mona Lisa Oil Painting Museum, I was the last to go around, but also my last residence in the Louvre museum. If you say a lot of tourists, then I do not want to go. However, when I walked into Mona Lisa step by step in the appreciation of the Oil Painting Museum, there were fewer visitors than I thought. I did not know if I had not met the peak season yet, in short, there was no overcrowding in the painting hall The space gives a broader view of each precious painting, but as many as it quickly becomes eye-catching, many tourists sit down, preferring to chat more than enjoying them In sharing experiences, mostly foreign tourists. Chinese tourists I have not seen a few encountered are also free exercise, but Selfie is cartier pendant fake very dazzling. This is not intentional criticism, only that we should learn to sit down and share the scenery you see, often we see the same picture is often a different color I fear most is 'looked equal to not see', very Afraid of returning home, a friend asked me 'How's the Louvre?' And I said nothing except 'Good,' but when I saw 'Mona Lisa's smile,' I was stunned, So small a picture actually attracted tourists from all over the world, everyone wants to see her style, her charm is really just the initial smile? Think about the entire oil painting museum, in addition to the 'Mona Lisa smile' before the painting full of people, leaving the rest of the space left a lot of space, but most of the tourists came in the direction are also to Mona Lisa. Visible her charm is not a smile, but the world-famous popularity Sure enough, most tourists not for her smile, but her popularity. Do not know Leonardo da Vinci If you know today's people crazy pursuit of his picture is happy or sad? Mona Lisa I saw did not smile, almost no one cares about painting a woman's true identity, no one about her various versions of anyone cares. As for the mysterious smile that innocently dumped by innumerable people in the end, it is rare for tourists to pay attention to it. According to research, Mona Lisa's smile contains 83% happy, 9% disgusted, 6% Fear, 2% fury. In front of the bustling surging crowd of these people, in addition to filming her is a photo with her. In the crowd, only a gray-haired lady let my camera no longer hold, so after I took a shot, she never took the lens to enjoy Mona Lisa's smile A small, bloated figure was squeezed like a spring, but she always remained in her original position, looking intently at Mona Lisa's smile, her concentration and tenderness. Tourists come and go, for numerous strange faces, only she has been standing there.
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    Bead vintage cartier bracelet bracelets how to collect

    [Abstract] Jade bracelets and jade bracelets originated very early, Neolithic has been produced, this jade ornaments have been produced and used in the calendar, reached its peak during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. A variety of imperial concubine accessories Eighteen child string selection of materials are jade, crystal, coral, incense wood, tourmaline, gold, beeswax and other production, of which Eighteen Cui bracelets, fine jade is the raw material system Into the jade bracelets and jade bracelets origin are very early, the Neolithic has been produced, this jade ornaments have been produced and used in the calendar, the peak of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Jade bracelets usually consists of multiple beads, tubes and other strings Decorated with silk rope into a week, for wearing. Hand string and number of beads was originally a man of good men and monks and nuns read the Buddha count the number of tools, and later due to pay attention to quality materials, color or carving, and evolved into the average person to play the collection of accessories. Hand string from 18 beads through string, it said 18; beads from 108 beads through the string, but there are also less than or more than the number of these Remarks: There are many types of beads. In terms of their use, there are usually three types:

    1, holding beads hand twist pinch or hold the Buddha beads. Holding beads, used to record the number of chanting Buddha or incantation 2, Peizhu beads worn on the wrist or arm. Peizhu, commonly known as hand-string, with 18 sub-beads are the most common, and more expensive materials or bright colors for whom 3, pearl hanging beads hanging on the neck. Beads, and more use of emerald, crystal, agate, coral, wax, turquoise and other precious materials made of sub-beads must be uniform in color, require the use of little change in color between each other, delicate warm, smooth and crystal clear good material . At the same time, the diameter of sub-beads also requires about one centimeter, can not have a big error. At the time of conjuncturing, a septum is inserted between every 27th seed beads, and a 'buddha head' made of beautifully knit Chinese jade, jadeite, emerald and other pendants is also arranged below the mother beads. At an important Dharma or Buddhist priest incense sticks, this 'Buddha head spike' can play a certain balance, so as to ensure that throughout the Buddhist activities in the solemn noble metal jewelry there is a soft bracelet, gold Woven from silk, soft and hard degrees ranging from bracelets and bracelets, from the appearance of a very exquisite bracelet, but this is only suitable for ordinary jewelry, jewelry and jade can not be made of soft bracelets Imperial Concubine Is a Buddha, the Buddha, the palace after the palace there are many Buddhist temples, they recite the Buddha to calculate spent lonely life of the court. In ancient China, the mother and the child were extraordinarily expensive, especially in the palace. Therefore, the Empress Dowager also referred to each of Tsui-chu as a son, hoping to get the favor of the emperor and making progress. A variety of imperial concubine accessories Eighteen child string selection of materials are jade, crystal, coral, incense wood, tourmaline, gold, beeswax and other production, of which Eighteen Cui bracelets, fine jade is the raw material system Initially derived from the string into the prayer beads, so most of today's bracelets are to maintain eighteen wear habit. Some bracelets are also made more Buddhism, each string of 18 beads were carved above the different shapes of 18 arhats, each string except eighteen beads, there are four beads, a total of twenty-two . Fashion style jade bracelet is a change of traditional style, as long as wearing good-looking, the number of beaded is not a problem, ranging from twelve to eighteen string of a bunch, mainly based on the size of the beads for the buyer tailored Custom, you need a few pieces on the few, but also seldom used beads, and occasionally only wear a rope knot at the Department of a mother of pearl, and below the beads in pairs fall about ten disciples beads, which Just simply for aesthetic considerations, and no longer talk about the moral meaning of Buddhism Take the popular beads bracelets and fashion jade bracelets there are some new variants. Each bead of the bracelet gold bangle cartier fake is no longer a pigment-free or carved Luo Han head (carving eighteen different Lohan head carving costs are high, so in addition cartier bracelet new fake to the general quality of raw materials and ink Tsui, rarely use Eighteen Lohan Head carving way), but will make each bead exactly the same little fat image, as well as cartoon version, vivid. Then according to the meaning of fat pig arch named 'fortune beads' string, although the cost is not high, but won the young people's favorite, it can be said that this is the beginning of the form of hand chain jewelry people unexpected Mother beads, commonly known as 'three links' or 'Buddha head.' Usually only one, but there are two, to a different number of sub-beads attributed to one place, but also can cartier new bracelet replica play the role of connecting disciples beads, remember to stay and some ornaments or tassel beads, also known as 'Beads' or 'take a few.' Used to divide the beads evenly. In general, every bead should be slightly larger than the beads, the number can be used from one to three, such as the 108 beads and 54 beads, you need every 27 seeds Beads with a bead; twenty-seven, eighteen beads, every nine beads with a bead. Disciples beads smaller than the size of sub-beads, usually ten or twenty, mostly at the other end of the multi-series string beads to ten as a small string, the same as the abacus, using decimal, used to calculate the pinch Number of Twists The number of twisters is the number of beads or accessories attached to the end of each string of disciples. You can also use the rope to form a 'Chinese knot' to replace the purpose is to prevent the disciples beads fall.
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    Battle of the world basic knowledge of war world novice entry Raiders

    Battle of the world is C recently a replica cartier love bracelet size new RPG mobile shelves, quite the call of the demon style, but he is more complex than the call of the devil, copy gold bangle cartier so novice how to get started? Look at the following novice knowledge Explain, you may be a little clue 1, equipment and gems

    Each star has 5 colors (white, green, blue and violet), but I have not seen the purple equipment, may not. . Because the white with a hole, green with 2 holes, blue with 3 holes, orange with 4 holes, so there may be no purple equipment, let's take a look at it haha ​​play so little dare to launch Raiders I am enough

    Star the same basic equipment value is the same:

    Weapon parts of a variety of weapons are fixed attack;

    Armor parts of a variety of armor are fixed defense value;

    Jewelry parts more complex, as I have seen a ring acceleration fixed / retry, bracelet plus crit rate, magic book plus explosion, statue plus try

    Different colors, the cartier bracelet new fake initial number of different properties:

    White / green equipment: a property such as weapons only attack a fixed value;

    Blue (/ purple if there is.) Equipment: two properties;

    Orange Equipment: 3 (Max) Equipment Each fortified twice random attribute, when the three attributes (Max), it will randomly strengthen one, so the orange equipment is the best, such as 6-star whiteboard affirmative ratio Not on the 5-star orange equipment. 5 kinds of shapes, 3 colors for each shape, different colors correspond to different attributes, new cartier bracelet copy a total of 15 kinds of attributes, not enumerated and then the same three kinds of the same shape gem can be synthesized with a high level of the same shape gemstones, including rainbow gem Synthetic stones and gear that can be used in any shape can be taken off, but low-end equipment that requires money should not be disassembled, but lower gems may be considered for demolition, because they are not expensive and gems can be upgraded.
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    Public panic where placed

    Recently, a 'nanny arson case' occurred in a high-end residential area in Hangzhou aroused great concern in the media. Some people say that 'the hell is empty, the devil is in the world,' and some people say 'the world's most poisonous is not Hedwig, but the heart!'

    The initiator of the tragedy, nanny Mo Moujing, was arrested and arrested by the Hangzhou People's Procuratorate on July 1 according to law and will be subject to severe sanctions under the law.

    However, in the face of many chaos in the domestic industry and in the face of the property that shirk its responsibility and evade its core issues, how can these negative emotions ease and digest the public's anger, anxiety and even fear?

    9 days after arson

    Almost daily, there have been some new developments in the 'nanny arson case' being exposed, again and again affecting the public's heart:

    On June 22, news reports of a mansion fire in Hangzhou and the death of 4 mothers and children, the nanny was suspected of arson - public opinion was shocked.

    June 23, there are media reports, the hostess of trouble and nannies usually good relationship, but also to 100,000 yuan to buy it. Upon inquiry by the police, the nanny admitted having stolen the hostess's watch and children's bracelet - the public outrage, denounced the nanny staged 'farmer and snake'!

    On June 24, the man-in-law mourned his family in the newly-opened Weibo bracelet love to mourn for 'children, I would like to see you again' - a situation where countless users are heartbroken and have great sympathy from the media.

    On June 25, the male owner embarked on the road to safeguarding human rights. He questioned the quality of housing and asked whether the rescue measures for the residential copy love bracelet pink gold property were in place - public opinion and solidarity. Seeking Truth and Seeking Justice for Justice are all heard.

    On June 26, the media visited nanny hometown to expose its indulgent gambling. It was dismissed by domestic companies as a result of unclean hands and geeks in the circle of friends.

    June 27, the deceased 'the first seven' lead to the collective memory of users. Users continue to expose residential property 'tampering with fire records, some fire hydrant replacement fire extinguisher' evidence - public opinion continued attention.

    June 28, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau on the arson arson, theft two charges to the Hangzhou City Procuratorate for arrest suspects Mo Moujing - public opinion clap cheek.

    June 29, the accident community service Greentown Property Group responded, security guards later changed the inspection records, the company the love bracelet by cartier copy management will be fully reflective, self-rectification - the media questioned, 'throw pot to the yellow gold love bracelet fake security?'

    Four vivid life fleeting, temporary, nanny Mo Moujing was scolded by many users.
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    Man vent into the mall from the vent stolen 15 pounds of gold jewelry to avoid the camera walking the river

    Early morning of June 22, Zhang steal gold jewelry valued at RMB2.65 million in a shopping mall in Weihai City. The mode of committing the crime is comparable to that of a movie agent. With professional tools, the protective rebar is cut in from the exhaust hole to escape Is all the way to avoid monitoring probes, or even walk into the mountains along the river, and then return to Weihai mountains. Back to the residence, Zhang has been uneasy, when aware of police looking for a door, simply take the initiative to open the door. At present, Zhang Xing has been arrested Xing Zhang from here to get into

    Zhang Tsui Tsui Tsui district is located in the western suburbs of Weihai, Jiayue Shopping Plaza is in the bustling Zhangcun section, in addition to shopping malls, supermarkets, there are many gold shop on the first floor of the southwest corner June 22 morning, the China Gold counters Ms. Yu first rushed to the mall to go to work, although the mall lights have not yet opened, but she still noticed the strange, 'the red cloth on the counter motion,' and in peacetime, the red cloth will be tiled to cover the following jewelry. Ms. hurried to the counter view and found the counter inside the door open, some jewelry was moved to the location, and some large weight of the jewelry missing Zhang stolen golden jewelry 7,481 grams of gold jewelry stolen, the case value of 2,650,000 yuan

    Ms. Liu hurriedly found fake love bracelet yellow gold the head of the mall Mr. Liu, until Mr. Liu turned on the lights, the two eventually confirmed the love bracelet yellow gold fake gold shop into a thief - a number of jewelry counter door was prized open, the jewelry disappeared. After statistics, a total of three gold shop stolen, stolen are all bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and other heavy weight gold jewelry Huancui Public Security Bureau criminal investigation brigade site to determine the route thieves out of the gold shop - From the shopping mall on the third floor of a building adjacent to the window turn out, along the iron pipe climbed the roof of the shopping plaza, find the exhaust port, the screw off, drill through the exhaust vent to the second floor location . love bracelet yellow gold replica The thieves use the crowbar to pry open the roller shutter between the supermarket on the second floor and the mall and enter the mall. Then they went to the ground floor to see the footprints in the gold shop and only found traces of glove wear, a glove scarf and no other discovery . Although the shopping mall and the gold shop area monitoring probe is dense, but the light is dark, only when the thief brighten the flashlight or go to the front of the fire emergency lights, the monitor can take a vague figure of the theft of gold stores the loss of the situation quickly statistics Out, lost bracelets, pendants, necklaces and other types of gold jewelry weighing a total of 7481 grams, worth about 2.65 million yuan to go into the mountains, across the mountains to go home

    The only thing that can be confirmed by surveillance video is that the thieves entered the mall at 1:30 on the very day and left fake love bracelet pink gold at 03:09. Search for the whereabouts of the thieves from the surrounding road surveillance video and become the only hope of solving the case. While continuing to visit and investigate, a large number of police officers were deployed to the monitoring and control center to access surveillance videos of the burglars. In the early hours of Zhangcun Town, Empty over. A suspicious figure first appeared on the Changhua Road south of Jiayue Plaza, a man of about 1.75 meters in height and carrying a bag in his back with a backpack. The man was taken along the roadside greenery, apparently by the trees and leaves blocking the camera. After going for a kilometer, he began to take the path and walked toward Zhangcun Bridge on Zhangcun River. With the gradual sparseness of monitoring, Zhang Mubiao and other men jumped into Hanoi. Later, police combined with surveillance video and suspicious men walked through the track, tracking track, only to find Zhangcun River water level is low, water and grass mixed, but both sides of the river cement blocks and grass for suspicious men to move forward suspicious When the man disappeared in the last monitoring, he was at 4:50 on the 22nd. At this time the sky was already bright, but the fog was on the hill that day, and the suspicious man wears the mask. The police still can not confirm the identity of the suspicious man. He has been walking along the Zhangcun River for 34 kilometers to enter the mountains of Lankou Mountain. Where did he go? Here from the city's straight line distance of two or three kilometers away, the middle is heavy mountainous 叠 overlapping police analysis, the suspicious man is to steal the gold shop suspects into the mountains and still dodge the monitoring probe. He is most likely to climb the mountains out of the mountains, from the side of the city near the mountain road down into the urban police trial finally found evidence that a ring around the village of Tamura area again photographed a suspicious man, this time is At 9:30 on the 22nd Xu, he still carrying a backpack, but apparently has changed a suit of clothes. Into the urban areas, monitoring probes are covered, suspicious men never escaped the visual scope of monitoring, the man eventually entered the Nguyen Temple District.
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