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Broken bracelet

Women try 300,000 bracelets smashed on the spot stunned businesses: 500,000 jade is also directly

Today, a video online heat pass, a female tourist in Ruili City, Yunnan Province, see the bracelet Jade City Jurisprudence, accidentally dropped a 300,000 bracelet fell to the ground on the spot fainted try bracelet broken fainted June 27 , Chengdu Business Daily, a client correspondent in Jade City, Ruili City, told reporters jade trading businesses, the other said it did, 'This thing spread in the circle, the incident happened to be opposite my shop, but At that time I was not at the scene. At present the business is also very depressed, he opened shop for more than 10 years. 'Each other revealed that the price of 300,000 bracelets in the local and not expensive,' the price of gold jade priceless, only in the local Can be mid-range, millions, tens of millions of jade have, but a few million are in the VIP room, will not put it this way.

In fact, jade lovers, Ruili City, sister of Jade City is also famous in the country. Sister told Jade City known as one of the four major jewelry distribution center is also one of the country's largest and oldest jade trading market, engaged in jade trading business more than hundreds of insiders suggested that customers must be careful when watching, 'Sometimes businesses will be mildly Remind customers, but customers will be more disgusted. '

Also in the sister told jade jade trading buy another business also said that in the local market are good, poor jade, 300,000 are mid-range prices, 'even if 500,000 jade is so directly placed' Yunnan Ruili Jade market, the world's richest street! Here is not a tourist attraction, here is jade wholesale and retail market!

Did not see the tour guide, indicating that this is not a mandatory travel group!

300,000 items placed on the desktop, all go out fake love bracelet pink gold and walk, this gold, jewelry, jade, exchange market is very common thing!

Tell the price in advance, that is not good to hear, this is a sucker idea, do not say gold jewelry like that, say you go to buy clothes, you do not ask the price, businesses will not tell you ahead of time, afraid you say businesses Despise you, joke you!

Jade culture, is our Chinese traditional culture, jade, belong to non-renewable items! Since ancient times, jade is noble existence!

And noble white diamonds incomparable, diamonds can be made by hand, buy diamonds are sucker!

Broke people's things to compensation, so compensation, you can negotiate, you can also take the legal approach!

For now, businesses are not vexatious, poor? Does not mean that reasonable!

Running is running, travel companies have ID records, such things can be handled for a long time delay, the court is also the law, so probably no months to solve the problem six months to break something is sure, the problem is how much to lose The problem that the woman travel to bring more than 1 million in the body, should not be poor, the court can investigate, not that she can no less money to lose less now is the time, that is, how much to lose 2 questions, we do not anxious! It is not urgent at all

Another important thing is that if the lady lost money is very small, then the jade market impact on the big go, may produce jade market wholesale market turmoil, trivial, that the boss will not mix this industry

This incident, I estimate that businesses are now anxious to find the aunt consultations to solve, after all, impossible for the two or three million jade into the real cost of the industry out, as well as tax evasion to tax behavior, which is the wholesale market , Getting goods is basically directly from the production plant into the factory into the process, and then the main customer is other businesses, if in this part of the money once ate, other downstream businesses how to make money? Therefore, the purchase price of this bracelet will be far less than the three hundred thousand, as the replica cartier love bracelt identification of the appraisal agencies in Yunnan is also the sale price, really is not the real purchase price. After the incident estimated jade crafts will plunge, and may be clearly marked price, the price is unknown on the basic no one dared to come in read, you mark the price, the insiders can bargain, do not understand nor Know how much the price cut in the end, or else cut down how much the price cut too love bracelet low businesses do not sell on the business out of the bracelet purchase receipts, said Ms. Fei taking into account the economic love braclet status of the valuation can be based on On the reduction of 10,000 yuan, Ms. Fei compensation 150,000. However, Ms Feifei did not admit that she could only pay 30,000 yuan after several consultations, the two sides did not reach a consensus. The owner Mr. Lin even told the media that Ms. Feifei took a moment to make them feel less than sincere. The cover of a news reporter tried to contact Ms Feifei about her attitude, but she failed to succeed. According to other media reports, Ms Feifei is also willing to be resolved through judicial channels.
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    Hangzhou Leifeng Tower underground palace treasure

    Leifeng Pagoda built in the Northern Song Dynasty Taiping rejuvenation two years where to buy cartier bracelet (997), is the king of Yue buy cartier love bracelet online Wu Guoqian peace and prosperity made for the prayers. Wu Yue Guo is a small country among the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. Its dominant territory is mainly along the southeast coast of Zhejiang Province of China. When the founding of the founding of the founding of the founding of the founding of the Wuyue Chuanmiao, Miao Miao, had been helped by Buddhism thanks to the help of the Zumen Buddhist Temple in the eastern part of Zhejiang Province during the fall of Lin Mu, Zhejiang Province, he cherished a heart of gratitude for Buddhism. After the establishment of Wu Yueguo, he was in the country Daxing Buddhism, this habit of learning Buddhism from the money has been spread to the last king Qianlian. At that time, the UAE Emirates saw Leifeng Pagoda, they suspected that there was Ming army ambush tower, so ordered the tower set fire. The arson, resulting in the outer Paifeng wooden corridor corridor was burned, and finally only the brick tower (heart). Before long, the top of the tower was also destroyed, overgrown with weeds and nesting of birds. At this point, the archaeological team decided to implement a closed excavation to ensure the safety of the site. A beautiful bronze Buddha also will be unearthed, about 6070 cm high, a total of two base, a dragon on the seat, there is a lotus throne, belonging to the national level 22 after the protection of cultural relics, more artifacts in the Excavated from the excavation have been unearthed, a total of about 34 pieces. One of the belt buckle and replica cartier bangle belt piece by the fake gold plated love bracelet experts inferred that it should belong to the Wu Yue period with a decorative cortical belt on the parts. Belt buckle thickness of about 10 cm, while the belt piece is hollow, can be used as clothing worn over as a decoration. In addition, there are four pieces of jade, including a bracelet iron letter bulky, accounting for 2/3 of the area underground palace, but also because the bottom of the mud was buried, so take the iron letter work has become very difficult. Archeologists first carefully peeled open the soil around the iron letters and introduced them with bronze mirrors wrapped in silk and paper products. But outside the package has been unbearable, which is not unrelated to the water inside the cave. However, we can still see the above printed designs from the paper products and the decorations on the arm of the ancients. The protection of unearthed cultural relics is the most important temperature and humidity stability, so relics, especially organic matter should first be wrapped with a wet towel placed in a dedicated container, and then sent to the laboratory for preservation. It is speculated that there should be a copper letter in the iron letter, and there will be a silver coffin inside the copper letter, which contains a relic filled with small glass bottles. In fact, the optical iron itself is already quite valuable artifacts, more than 100 kilograms of iron was carefully removed by the archaeologists, followed by iron works on the surface rust. As for the opening of the iron letter needs to be carried out after the next study of the iron letter to start, forcibly opened up is likely to undermine the iron and iron possession of the treasure to be archaeologists carefully remove the iron letter, found under the iron letter Even padded with about 4 cm high copper, there are a lot of silk fabrics. As a result, the entire palace of light copper coins nearly thousands of the next morning at 3:00, the archeological work of the Pagoda Pagoda finally come to an end. The unearthed artifacts all sent to the Zhejiang Provincial Museum storehouse preservation. Only iron has not yet opened, so the mystery of the underground palace has not yet solved all the mysteries of the final unsolved

    On March 15, this mysterious iron letter was eventually opened with the joint efforts and testimony of all the staff of the Archeological team of the Pagoda in Pagoda. Open the work more smoothly in the counterparts after the process of rust and other processing, the lid on the iron letter was raised to the side of the vertical translation, which appeared in a corner of the silver 鎏 Jintao, very beautiful 鎏 Jintao 鎏 gold and silver, Tower height of 35 cm, 12.6 centimeters long side of the square base, surrounded by the tower also engraved with Buddhist stories as the bas-relief. Four corners of the tower there are four mountain flower banana leaves, the middle of the tower stands decorated with a five-phase wheel. The integrity of this tower is rare in our country, reflecting the highest level of Wu Yue technology. From the hollowed out part of it, you can see the golden container with buddha hair in the tower. According to the relevant literature analysis, the Golden Casket should be worshiped in the king of Wu Yue Qian Luo hair addition to the jinkupa, there are iron within the bronze mirror, gold and silver box and other six pieces of artifacts in the underground space was actually digging Out of so many precious relics: bronze mirrors, bronze wishful moire jewelry, bronze lotus Buddha statues, Luo, jade, agate, glass, iron letter nearly 60 pieces of precious relics, as well as nearly a thousand
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    Women's bracelet is best not to wear on the left hand

    Some people say that a beautiful woman is born as a stunner, a beautiful and tender woman is a stunner. Her tender feelings, such as a breeze blowing, it is refreshing; she charming charming, like a plum blossom, it is pleasing to the eye. However, beautiful women also need accessories to dress up and embellishment, without expensive gold diamond ornaments, and sometimes just a special bracelet will suffice. Hao Hao fiber wrist has attracted people's attention, if only with a small and exquisite bracelet is more attractive. Waving between the wrist of the elegant flavor is now, the whole body endless style also come from models.

    Chinese medicine, there is a man's left wrist called Shenmen acupuncture points, hand movement of the tendons are from this point through, and then fine bracelets or bracelets will make the wrist involvement, the most injured is the tendon in the wrist tube and Ligaments, severe but also cause muscle atrophy, tendon strain, and even developed into 'carpal tunnel syndrome.' This may be why we often use the right hand subconscious, while the left hand is basically idle, in fact, is to protect the Shenmen point.

    Due to the long-term needs of love bracelet yellow gold fake the modern keyboard typing, Shenmen long-term oppressed, leading to more, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation.

    Our right wrist, on the other hand, has a number of neurons that are suitable for friction massage. Long-term wearing of bracelets can greatly relieve physical fatigue.

    Today, the charm of jade bracelets has become more and more to win the love of women, as white Fu Mei and workplace good bracelets love people in the essential accessories accessories. Wear buy cartier love bracelet online the bracelet to follow the 'male left female right' principle, worn the love bracelet cartier copy on the right hand, beautiful bracelets have more opportunities to show.

    Since ancient times, our ancestors have always followed the principle of male left female right, here are actually a lot of profound truth

    Therefore, the woman's left wrist best not to wear anything, beautiful jade bracelet or change to the right wrist wear appropriate.
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    The manifestations and harms of rickets

    The baby has rickets disease performance is love bracelet pink gold copy multifaceted, such as sweating and more, especially when the head or sweating to sleep more, due to friction occipital hair loss area, medically known as pillow bald; sleep is not practical, easy to wake up , Usually fidgety love crying, and sometimes dull expression, loss of the child should be lively; there are low muscle tone, abdominal bulging, ligament laxity, mild anemia, hepatosplenomegaly and easy to recur disease and other skeletal deformities are rickets The main performance, the head of a small baby can be seen increasing the skull, cranial suture widened, softer edge, softening of the skull (with your buy cartier love bracelet fingers gently press the head like a touch-ping-like feeling) . Chest rib epiphyseal swelling abacus beads, medicine known as beaded ribs. Marginal rib margin retraction, the formation of groove-shaped, medically known as Hao trench. At the same time there may be rib valgus, sternal handle, forming the so-called chicken breast. Some infants can also appear funnel chest. Children with rickets, such as sedentary, can cause back bending and scoliosis. Some children shorten the anteroposterior diameter of the pelvis. Such as wrists, ankle swelling, the formation of the so-called medical 'bracelets', 'anklets.' As the limbs soften bone, there may be 'O-shaped legs', 'X-shaped legs.' Severe rickets in children prone to pathological fracture Rickets, although rarely directly endanger life, but because of its slow onset and not be taken seriously, once the obvious copy yellow gold love bracelet symptoms, the body resistance has been very low, easy to complicated by pneumonia, diarrhea. Rickets patients such as concurrent diarrhea, pneumonia, the serious illness, longer duration, high mortality. In particular, changes in the bones of the chest, greatly affected the child's cardiopulmonary function. Changes in the growth of the girl's pelvis will appear dystocia severe dystocia disease will affect the development of motor function, such as sitting, standing, walking and so on. Exercise can be fake gold plated love bracelet postponed development time, or have the action due to the disease and activity decreased. Therefore, the impact of rickets on the baby's physical and mental health is great.
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    Fantasy Westward Journey 2 how to choose spiritual attributes

    Department of Physics: DT, LBC, force WZ, ST The main attribute of the ring is the injury and defense, the two for the physics department, or hurt the effect of some better, of course, copy love bracelet screwdriver in fact, the physics department, the defensive attributes are also compared Important, can only say that 2 for the addition of the property, the damage is better. Additional attributes suggest: to hurt the main speed, crit level as the main attribute of the earrings is spell damage and spell defense, 2 For the physics department, or spell defense is even more important, after all, because it is a physics department, spell damage and no effect

    Additional attributes suggest: with the ring as the main attribute of accessories only speed, so no choice, it must be speed

    Additional attributes suggest:

    Terran (DT): the first choice of blood attributes, followed by the choice of defensive attributes, and finally you can choose the magic defense or anti-seal hit rating

    Sentry (force WZ + LBC): the first choice of blood attributes, followed by the choice of defensive attributes, and finally you can choose the magic defense or anti-seal hit rating

    Mozu (ST): the first choice of blood attributes, followed by the second is not recommended to choose the defensive attributes, after all, ST is not very important for the defense, personally think that anti-seal hit rating more important, why? Because Xiaobian think a strong ST is often the subject of the attack was attacked when the ST can be shot when the seal is often preferred, DF is also the most like ST to kill a small death, because ST than other physics to That resistance is poor, more likely to die, so the use of anti-seal spirit to resist the death or being a small seal, to ensure his shot. Due to the main attribute of the bracelet is the seal hit rating and anti-seal hit rating, 2 for the physics department, or anti-seal hit rating is more important Some additional attributes Recommended: with accessories Law: SML, LG, magic TG, MW ring The main attribute is the injury and defense, 2 for copy love bracelets for couples the legal system, or defensive effect is better

    Additional attributes suggested priority speed or spell damage or spell damage results, if you have to choose the most important, Xiaobian that speed, after all, have the opportunity to speed shots, and sometimes law between the order of shots is often the decision of a Field PK key points. Another point is that the spell crit, Xiaobian think crit is a chance thing, MW has been crit, but MW has not strong why? No stable output crit, is not reliable, Xiao Bian here for an example, suppose we can 100 blood, bring law injury equipment we can 120 blood, and if we have a chance to crit equipment There is a round of playing 200 cases, but the probability of appearance fake cartier love bracelet new is very low, you will choose that? Because the main attribute of the earring is spell damage and spell defense, the two are more effective for the legal system, or spell damage, after all, because of the higher spiritual power of the legal system, relatively speaking, their own spell defense has been very high Additional attributes suggest: with the ring as the main attribute of accessories only speed, so no choice, it must be speed

    Additional attributes suggest:

    Terran (SML): the first choice of blood attributes, the second choice of defensive attributes, and finally you can choose anti-seal hit rating copy cartier new love bracelet or anti-physical crit rating and other cents (magic TG + LG): priority blood property, Attribute, and finally can choose anti-seal hit rating or anti-physical crit rating such as Mozu (MW): the preferred choice of defense attributes, followed by the proposed choice of blood attributes, and finally can choose anti-seal hit rating or anti-physical crit rating.
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    People's Primary School to move childhood games into the campus students catch loach harvest pastoral fun

    Xinhua Chongqing Education Channel on May 27 Mo loach, Ji water gun, childhood these games in your memory is clear? Clay clay sculpture, fan painting, paper dyeing art, these ancient arts do you still have the impression?

    Today, at the Celebration of 'June 1' Carnival celebrated by fake cartier love bracelet new Chongqing People's Primary School, these joyful games with their children's childhood reproduce on campus. Primary schoolchildren release textbooks, walk out of classrooms, participate in activities and experience games, accompanied by snacks and snacks , Happy to greet their own holiday, a happy face filled with happiness 'Pond full of water, the fish stopped, the sky is full of mud in the loach.' Experience activities in the school area - Touch loach venues Fifty-six students are sitting around the inflatable pool, waiting for 'prey' to appear. Suddenly, a loach loafers swimming in the water to instantly attract their attention. They immediately crouched, rolled up their clothes, extended their hands and gently caught loach students around the inflatable love bracelet with screwdriver replica pool to catch loach. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    Sixth grade (12) class Wang Yi Chao entered the venue, the action is very agile. He carried his bag in one hand and the other hand directly into the pool, moving quietly under the water, ready for 'opportunistic action.' Sure enough, no less than ten seconds, he successfully grabbed a loach. Over time, he quickly arrested a dozen or so, attracted the envy of students around the eyes of Wang Yi Chao said grasping the trick is to loach fast, accurate and relentless, in the smaller wave of water, 'sit back and wait' and loach Appear, quickly pinch the head, and then control its body, firmly grasp. He said that this year's Children's Day there are many fun items, very happy in the gaming experience, enjoy the Walk of Fame show dressed in red copy cartier love bracelet new carpet

    Role-playing personality interpretation of 'Happy Childhood'

    Dancing flower Fairies, sprouting da forest elf strange shape COSPLAY, as well as the mysterious and full of terror of the 'devil girl.' People everywhere in the primary school campus, 'walk' with a group of fancy dress Art Festival fashion show. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    It turned out that they play the role of class and class in accordance with grade 1 2 grade, 3-4 grade play Chinese and foreign myths, fairy tale characters, grade 5 and grade 6 respectively play the role of famous Chinese and foreign, animation COSPLAY. Wearing a variety of role-playing clothes, interpretation of the contents of anime or mythology, take the red carpet show, Xinguangxiu photographed every corner of the campus, but also set up several independent stage, both 'magnificent' painted tire show, theme Creation of painting exhibition, also with clay clay sculpture, bracelet production, fan painting, paper art and other artistic handmade experience area, so that students with different hobbies have experienced the fun fans experience fan painting. replica the love bracelet cartier Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    At People's Primary School's 'Top Ten Award Ceremony and June 1 Celebration Ceremony,' leaders of school schools presented awards to individuals who won the 'Glory Awards,' 'Top Ten Students,' 'Top Ten Parents,' and 'City-Level Awards.' However, Students also brought the festival fashion show, Sichuan Opera art face change, Latin dance show and other wonderful programs People primary school principal Yang Langlang message students, have a happy childhood. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    Sichuan Opera artist face-to-face interaction with students. Xinhuanet (Deng Hongya photo)

    Yang Langlang, principal of Chongqing People's Primary School, said that compared with his own childhood, more people are now facing the stage, paying attention to individuality and paying attention to the development of every child. He hopes that children will always maintain one world, Life's curiosity, always happy and innovative. (Deng Hongya)
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    Very practical knot knot

    Flat knot is one of the oldest, most popular and most practical knot. 'Equal' have the same level, comparable meaning, at the same time, there are conquered and stable meaning, such as calm, calm. In fact, Ping Jie gives the feeling is smooth. Contains many of the auspicious words flat, such as Yanshou Ping, Ping Fukai life, wealth and peace, peace and order of allusions, such as a lot of flat knot, also known as square knot, fake eternal love bracelet fishermen prefer to call it a flat knot. Flat knot in the English name REEFKNOT is originated in the early sailing, sailing in the wind when the wind, the sailor put the sail put away part of the rope tied to reduce the sails area, which winding the mast tied sail Knot, that is called REEFKNOT. The shape of the finished knot is very flat, so called 'flat knot' knot is very versatile, in addition to the same thickness can be used to connect the rope, but also can be dozens of flat knot compiled into a bracelet, necklace, curtain, or Compilation of animal motifs, such as the body part of the dragonfly Related pictures on this topic are as follows:

    Ancient coins and the country's history, culture, politics and economy are closely related, both ancient and modern are considered treasures. The Chinese's perception of coins is not entirely tinged with stinky tones, as seen in the auspicious words and motifs cast on many ancient coins. Money in China not only represents the value of a currency, but also auspicious auspicious treasures, every Chinese New Year's Eve, children can receive the so-called 'lucky replica love bracelet yellow gold money', so coins for the Chinese people, there is the moral of removing evil monster and evil Double money knot, also known as money knot or double gold knot, that is named after the connection of two bronze coins, a symbol of 'good things in pairs.' Ancient money, also known as the spring, and the 'all' the same, may mean 'double' This is often used in the production of necklaces, belts and other accessories, and the use of several double money knot combination, but also constitute a beautiful pattern , Such as clouds, ten full knot. The '10,000' symbolizes large and numerous numbers, such as 'good news' and 'extraordinary wealth', but also represents absolute meaning. For example, 'foolproof' and 'ten thousand' are often written as ''. 'Formerly Sanskrit, a common pictorial symbol of the holy sites of Buddhism, was adopted as replica the love bracelet cartier a Chinese character for two years in Empress Wu Zetian, and was read as' Wan 'during that period. It was regarded as auspicious meaning of Wanfu; Chain as a variety of patterns, which means that the eternal continuous, which is called 'the word Kam' Benjie knot like 'word named, its shape and Sorrel similar, it is also known as' Oxalis Knot ', at the same time there is a name of' Japanese-style mast knot. ' 'Mizuki knot' is often used as knot ornament embellishment, such as the preparation of auspicious ornaments can be used in large quantities to 'all the best', replica the love bracelet by cartier 'Fushoushan generations'
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    There should not be only one Disney world in the world to change the global theme park pattern

    Disney has formed the foundation of its own victory around the world copy cartier love bracelet new and has built a viable culture that will continue to grow and develop. Open the Disney product catalog, you can see its business covers all areas of entertainment and cultural industries: hardware, entertainment film studio, consumer products production department, network groups, television groups, theme parks; software meters Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, 101 Dalmatians, The Lion King, Pearl Harbor ...

    'It all started with a mouse!' This is what Walt Disney said in his lifetime, a mouse created the entire Disney Kingdom! Now, in China, there is a team and a film that is challenging Disney. The 9th China International Animation Festival held in Hangzhou recently attracted the widespread attention and participation of domestic and foreign animation companies. Among them, a 3D animated movie 'Geocentric hero' has aroused many people's interest. This is the first Jinman Lake culture into animation film production, investment of nearly 50 million yuan to create the original masterpiece, 'Europe and the United States fan, you can shoulder Hollywood.' This is the 'Earth's Heroes' debut after the most evaluation. CCTV animation channel, animation derivatives developers and overseas investors have expressed great enthusiasm for this movie and have thrown cooperation in the olive branch. 'Children's growth, lack of love, understanding and tolerance, courage and self-confidence, faith and life, a new center of the world, the protection of urban civilization and the marvelous journey of travel ......' The film director Yu Qian explained the 'geocentric hero' The story is extremely fantastic color, adventure around the Earth boy Kaka unfolds. Kaka is a Jinhua boy, leaving her with a bracelet after her mother died. One night, the bracelet brought Kaka to the world of Doras. In the fantastic world of Doras, he met many geocentric partners and all kinds of incredible pets, of course, as well as evil pets to supervise Renault.

    'Adventures, journey, bravery, wisdom, it has a unique cartoon image, but also humane story.' Jin Man Lake Cultural Development Co., Ltd. Art Director and original screenwriter Fu war preparations said that 'the screenplay from embryonic to forming and then To maturity after a dozen years, but fortunately, due to the strong backing of capital, our film from the independent original, character design, theme architecture, as well as the film's post-business model are standing at the international level to operate '

    Although Geocentric Heroes will be released by the end of the year, for the 'ambitious' Lake Kinmen, the operation of the cultural industry is obviously not his and hers love bracelets replica limited to cinema. '

    Reporter access to the Internet access to relevant information in the 'geocentric' related to the TV series, the most notable when the Hollywood film 'geocentric adventure', however, it does not have any geocentric and geocentric system. Apply Zhang Sambo's words, that is: 'We have not played in Hollywood have played, vision determines the direction of innovation determines vitality.'

    In order to make a big cultural industry, Kim Man-Lake has started the development of the mobile phone game with the same name as the animated movie. This game, in addition to the adventures of real reproduction, more of a fantasy world of the Earth's core. Reporter was informed that, due to the unique advantages of the theme, a domestic leading smart phone brands have been eyeing the game. In a few months, everyone can download the game through the APP platform sounds very exciting. What is even more anticipated is that the replica the love bracelet by cartier upcoming theme park in GeumYi Metropolitan New District - Geocentric World - will be the world's first all-encompassing recreational center of realistic geocentric system. 'The theme park focuses on participatory and entertaining , We want to build, is China's 'Disney.' 'Zhang Sambo is very confident. Online play, offline experience, the future of paradise, Jinhua boys, geocentric partners, exotic pets and other elements of the heart of the anime paradise 'In addition,' geocentric hero 'series of derivatives has begun a strategic plan,' Zhang Finally, Sambo said, 'In the near future, everyone will be able to witness a huge cultural geocentric empire.'

    Jin Man Lake culture is a young army of cultural manufacturing. Ni Jiandong, general manager of Jinhua, in recent years, he has with partners in Anhui, Shandong and other places to build love bracelet screwdriver fake cultural and creative park. Appears in Ni Jian Dong, Zhejiang and cultural tourism is very blank, but in the country, the cultural and creative industries are thriving. At that time, he had an idea to come back. Why choose a new area? Ni Jiandong said that the geographical position is good, convenient traffic conditions, coupled with good policy conditions, so in 2011, to discuss the settlement last November 1, Jin Man Lake Cultural and Creative Park project was officially signed, the entire project plans a total investment of 1.6 billion yuan. How to develop its industry in the future? 'The core of Creative Park is the geocentric world. We are guided by the Hollywood model, creating a unique culture with independent creativity as its core and developing derivative industries, which in turn drive the development of the entire cultural industry,' Ni said.
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    Sichuan online

    December 31, 2011, Zigong City Rongxian County deputy secretary of the county, Rong county, county Party committee, secretary of the Politics and Law Committee Feng Yongzhi county safety supervision and other departments responsible for the pre-holiday safety inspection 2011 12 31) Harmony New Yeongju Endeavourers Twelfth Five-year Welfare Ceremony Held New Year's Day Gala

    Sichuan online Zigong channel news (Huang Jing Jiang Bing Li Chenghong) Laughter song of old age, bright colors welcome New Year. On the evening of December 29, Shouyi Plaza was filled with a happy and festive atmosphere. The opening ceremony of the 2nd Cultural and Art Festival of Rongxian County and the 2012 New Year's Celebration Gala were held here (2011.12.31). Fitness long-distance activities

    Sichuan Zigong Channel News (Reporter Xie Hong) In the morning of December 30, copy cartier 18k gold bracelet 2011, Zigong Rongxian Shouyi Square bunting, full of people, everywhere presents a festive lively festive atmosphere, Rong County New Year's Day 2012 'Barr Spring Festival Cup' fitness long-distance running activities Held here

    '' '' '' '' Unless '' '' Being '' 'Other Integrated Modu Modu Conventions designed GE GEOTOTOTOTOTOTOT GEOTOTOT GEOTOTOTOTOTOTOT GEASTIOTOT7070 GEOTOTOTOT cartier diamond love bracelet GEOTOTOT GE GE GE GEOTOT' GE GE GE GE GEO GEO

    Sichuan Zigong channel news (Jiang Bing) bracelets are mushrooms, skirts are celery, the necklace is a small cabbage ... ... December 27, a cartier gold bracelet copy unique fashion show, to the first 'honor' Brand literary performance activities eye-catching. County leaders Zou Chongxia, Dai Shaoshu, Guo Lian, and Chen Ting awarded five famous gourmet shops, five famous specialty shops, two hotpot famous shops and two snack shops (2011-12-31). Strengthen cultural brand building Culture Rongxian great development and prosperity

    Sichuan Zigong channel news (Huang Jing) In order to quickly implement the Zigong municipal government to speed up the construction of cultural Zigong work conference, Rong County immediately action, and actively involved in cultural construction (20111230). Dust

    In order to create a clean, beautiful and harmonious environment for the general public, in recent days, Rongxian sanitation office has responded to the call of the county party committee and county government on water conservation and used the Xu River water to clean the roads, Dust on the key sections of the city (20111230). Send love to send blessings Zigong City start 'warm salt are' consolation month

    Sichuan Zigong channel news (Jiang Bing Luo Timuang) December 29 morning, although it is winter, but Shishuijing Jintai Village is warm surging, voices, this morning, in 2012 Zigong City, 'warm salt All 'condolences month and' three countryside 'activity launching ceremony was held here (2011 12 29) to ensure the safety of Rongxian leadership team check health comprehensive situation

    December 28, on the New Year's Day, the Spring Festival approaching, Vice Mayor Rongxian Rongxian County Health Bureau, County Health Law Enforcement Supervision Brigade responsible person to the county water company, the county women and children Health care centers, shopping centers and other Thistle department stores 'two' before the comprehensive health check (2011 12 28). Zigong Rongxian to participate in urban residents Medicare reimbursement outpatient costs 100 yuan

    Sichuan online Zigong channel news (Jiang Xiumei Jiang Bing) 'The doctor told me that from today onwards, with the medical guarantee and the card, the maximum single medical treatment can be sold for 50 yuan.' 26, Zhang Metro in the Metro Hospital clinic smiled Said. '

    (2011-12-28). Service to the masses of hearts Sanjiao ancient town to send pennant thanked the construction of rural power network

    Sichuan Zigong channel news (Zhou Yi Zeng Yuchuan) Recently, the ancient town of Rongxian party committee will be 'serving the people concerned about agriculture, rural areas and farmers,' the pennant to the State Grid Zigong Rongxian power company, thanks to Rongxian Power Company for the town Maojiaba Village, pine Dam village and Tao Guoji Village delivered a reliable electricity (2011 12 27). A total investment of 46 million yuan Rongxian domestic waste treatment project started construction

    Sichuan Zigong channel news (Jiang Xiumei Jiang Bing) 'I announced that the Zigong Rong County urban garbage disposal project officially started.' December 26, accompanied by Rong County county party secretary Zhang Bangju start orders, more than 10 engineering vehicles issued fake cartier gold bracelet men a 'rumbling '(2011-12-27) New Year's Day starting Rongxian Buddhist tourist area fare adjustment of 60 yuan / person

    Achieve Mutual Benefit and Win - win Cooperation to Build Buddhist Culture and Tourism Boutique Line

    Recently, Emeishan - Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area Party Committee Secretary Qin Furong and his party to visit Zigong Rongxian County Tourism, county party committee secretary Gong Huankai, county leaders Song Chengwen, Zheng Xiaoqing introduced to the guests Rongxian tourism development (2011 12 27) .2.95 million yuan granted Rongxian 78 livelihood projects ahead of schedule 'ending'

    Sichuan Online Zigong channel news (Huang Jing) 'Never had thought before I can shop as a boss, and now the national policy is good, I applied for a small business venture discount loans to start a business, life need not worry ... ...' In Zigong Rongcheng old city open stitch owner Zhang Shuying not finished, is a string of hearty laughter (2011-12-26). Drought can flood rowing town 9.48 million yuan construction of farmland water conservancy project

    Recently, I saw in the town of Zigong Luojiachong Village, Zigong City, 18 groups saw a piece of ripe fruit to the orange tree bent over the waist, a winding winding canal around the orchard
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